• Show Date: 29/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Maureen Mitchell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Falkirk & District Canine Society

FALKIRK & DISTRICT CANINE SOCIETY OPEN SHOW - 29TH APRIL 2018 Thank you to the Officers and Committee for this invitation, I had some lovely dogs to judge. GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER – GRADUATE (2) 1ST KNOWLES & GLEN’S WILHOLME HAD A LOVELY TIME WITH BESSALONE Upstanding young dog of good proportions, clean balanced head, dark eye, ears set close, strong neck set cleanly into muscular shoulders, good forequarters and deep chest, firm topline and good width to hindquarters, well muscled, he’s a bit of a fidget, but good movement once he settled! 2nd GIBBON’S KAVACANNE CHEEKY VIMTO AT FAUBOURG Nice bitch with gentle expression, good shape to head with kind dark eye, good front and feet, clean firm topline with good tailset and rear angulation GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER - OPEN (2) 1ST STEWART & CURRIE’S WINTERWELL DOMINIQUE AT LEVAGRAD Lovely compact bitch of good balance and correct headshape, nice dark eye, ears set on high, forelegs straight with compact arched feet, chest of good depth with spring of rib, strong firm topline and muscular well angled rear quarters ensured smooth action on the move BOB 2nd MARTIN’S RIGHTIG RACKATEER AT LORABAR Dog with good clean cut head and pleasing expression, neck of good length placed well into layback of shoulder, firm short back and strong rear quarters, just preferred the front of 1 HUNGARIAN VIZSLA - OPEN (6) 1ST CLUBB, MASON & FINDLAY’S OROSHAZA CHUKAR Very eye-catching dog both stood and on the go round. Stands over his ground so well with lovely outline. Handsome lean head with good eye shape and pigmentation, width to skull with visible median line, square muzzle, ears of good length and shape, neck strong and clean nicely arched, set into good layback of shoulder, forelegs straight and true with lovely arched feet, deep chest and good body proportions with firm topline and tail set on well, well muscled hindquarters with enough angulation to give good ground covering action BOB & Gundog Group 2. 2nd LEGG & SCOTT’S RHAPSODY IN BLUE JW ShCM A bitch of good type and shape, well angled all through, with lovely head and eye, good straight foreleg with arched compact feet, clean neck of good length and arch, fitting cleanly into nice layback, short and strong level back running smoothly to good tailset, moved true off good rear angulation 3rd MCDONALD & ROE’S KERRICASTELLI CZAR BY PIROSPONT ITALIAN SPINONE - OPEN (6,1) 1ST KNOWLES & GLEN’S AFTERGLOW HASHTAG SCANDAL AT BESSALONE JW ShCM CW16 Upstanding well constructed dog, who stands over good ground, well boned. Head of equal proportions with good stop and defined median line, with depth to muzzle, good ear carriage, strong arched well muscled neck, fitting well into shoulders, forelegs strong and straight on good feet, chest deep, correct from withers to croup, muscular with good tail, hindquarters strong and muscular with good bend of stifle, free flowing movement BOB & Gundog Group 4 2nd CIELSIELSKI’S JAVAL VALENTINO Solid squarely built dog of lovely type, appealing head and soft expressive kind eye of good shape, oval skull with median furrow, pronounced occipital bone, with firm muscular neck and clean strong shoulders, straight foreleg of good bone, correct topline and tailset with angulated rear quarters he moved with ease 3rd CIELSIELSKI’S JAVAL ROSSI POINTER - OPEN (4,2) 1ST TIBB’S SHARNPHILLY ESCADA AT RAIGMORE Lovely young bitch with flowing outline, not overdone in any way, so feminine with well proportioned head, with chiselling under dark eye of correct shape and size, pronounced occiput, arched neck of good length, cleanly set into good layback of shoulder, straight foreleg with tight feet and slight slope to pastern, lovely topline with gradual fall to lovely tail set of correct length and shape, with good rear angulation she moved well BOB 2nd TIBB’S RAIGMORE PURE GOLD Baby with lovely head and expression, with dark expressive eye, good head planes and lovely ear carriage, clean arched neck flowing into good shoulders. Lovely front and feet with flowing topline and excellent tailset, well developed hindquarters used on the moved BP WEIMARANER - GRADUATE (4,1) 1st DOW & CAIRN’S WHINNEY LASS Upstanding bitch with good head planes of equal length, depth to muzzle, defined occipital bone, clean strong neck of good length, deep chest, firm level topline, with good angles to front and rear 2nd MCMAHON’S SILVERKELVIN JUPITER Puppy of good proportions with lovely head, neck set on cleanly into shoulders, depth of chest, firm topline and good angulation, a little loose on the move, but nice puppy BP 3RD GORDON’S SILVERKELVIN SHINING STAR WEIMARANER - OPEN (2) 1ST YOUNG’S SILVERKELVIN LUNAR ECLIPSE OVER NOREASTER ShCM Lovely dog built on clean lines and balanced all through with good muscletone, good balanced head of equal length, nice eye, depth of flew and good nose, ears long set high, nice length of neck set on cleanly into shoulders with good forequarters, deep chest, firm level topline and well muscled hindquarters, he moved well BOB 2ND WHITE & SCOUGILL’S SILVERKELVIN RISING STAR Lovely bitch with balanced outline in good condition, head of moderate length with good headplanes, kind eye of good colour and shape, ears long of good shape and carried well, clean neck with good reach, firm topline, with good balance to fore and hindquarters, she moved well SPANIEL (COCKER) - JUNIOR (7,1) 1ST EWAN’S CRAIGDEAN HOLBY CITY Made his presence felt when he entered the ring and did not disappoint on going over him. He has a classic distinctive head of equal length, with good shape to skull, correct amount of stop and expressive eye, ears set on low, clean neck set into good shoulders, forelegs straight with good bone and feet, compact strong body and deep ribs, topline level and firm to loin and lovely set on of tail, good strong hindquarters used on the move, straight and true BPIB & Gundog Puppy Group 2 2ND TODD & RAHMAN’S CHATAWAY HI JACKED Another lovely puppy with appealing head with the correct amount of stop, with good eye and ear carriage, clean neck into lovely shoulders, short compact body and deep brisket, and complimenting front and rear angles, moved soundly 3RD COLTART’S BARTONHOLM CROSS STITICH FOR BRANNIFFMHOR SPANIEL (COCKER) - POST GRADUATE (7,1) 1ST NUTTALL’S TANGLOW ROYALE OF ROSECOURT Appealing head in proportion with good stop and skull, square muzzle, kind eye, clean neck fitting well, compact body with firm level topline and gentle slope over loin to good tailset, good mover off short strong hocks 2ND TODD & RAHMAN’S MARQUELL MIJAS BREEZE Sweet little bitch with good head planes and correct amount of stop, lovely eye shape with gentle expression, ears low set, neck set on well with clean, firm level topline to good tailset, well shaped hindquarters and short hocks, moved well 3RD GARRETT’S CREELSHAUGH KAOS SPANIEL (COCKER) - OPEN (7,2) 1ST TODD & RAHMAN’S GLENNTREE TRADITION Two lovely dogs headed this class, my first being very handsome with well developed head with planes of equal length, square muzzle, lovely dark eye and low ear set, neck set cleanly into good layback of shoulder, forelegs straight with lovely feet, compact body with firm level topline to good tailset, strong hindquarters, well muscled with hocks short giving him a true cocker action BOB & Group 3 2ND CARPENTER’S BEL/LUX CH LYNWATER BELGIAN CHOCOLATE JW ShCM BW15 Another lovely stylish dog of good type and shape, well balanced throughout, he stands on strong legs and good feet, compact body with deep rib, firm topline and good set on of tail, rear quarters are muscular, with good bend of stifle, short hocks allowing him free movement 3RD MADIGAN’S MISPERROS KISSES OF FIRE SPANIEL (WELSH SPRINGER) - POST GRADUATE (2,1) 1st DYER’S ISLANZA ROYALE AMONG TYLWTH Appealing head and expression with lovely eye, straight forelegs with neat round feet, neck of good length with slight crest, fitting smoothly into shoulders, good depth of chest, firm topline to gentle arched loin and good tail set, well muscled hindquarters with gentle sweep of stifle, short hocks used on the move BOB SPANIEL (WELSH SPRINGER) - OPEN (3,2) 1ST MOLE & KNOX’S TAMMANO CRAWHALL AT EDINCRAW Compact, well balanced with good head and defined stop, kind dark eye, ear well placed hanging close, straight forelegs with neat firm feet, body in proportion with firm topline and good hindquarters, nice smooth action on the move RETRIEVER (FLAT COATED) - POST GRADUATE (2) 1ST REID’S ORKHATOS ELEKTRA Appealing head of good length, with well placed dark eye, neck with good reach, cleanly set into good shoulders, free flowing into topline, deep chest with good ribbing, with good angles to front and rear 2nd MCCONNELL’S KAZVAL LUGANO AT TORRWEAVING Lovely puppy of 9 months, with nice head of good shape, skull flat, dark kind eye, good ear placement, lovely front and feet, decent length of neck, leading gently into shoulder, deep chest, firm topline and good tailset, moved off good hocks RETRIEVER (FLAT COATED) - OPEN (2) 1ST CULLEN’S ORKHATOS LUCAS AT AUCHINBRECK ShCM Litter brother to my Post grad winner, again with appealing head and nice dark eye of good shape, skull flat, neck of good length, cleanly set into well placed shoulders, front assembly good with forelegs straight and well arched feet, deep chest well ribbed, hindquarters well muscled and of good length, nice sweep of stifle, short hocks, free movement BOB 2nd MCCONNELL’S FELDKIRK FEARGHAL AT TORRWEAVING Good overall shape and balance, well proportioned head, dark eye of nice shape and size , ears set on well, clean neck of moderate length fitting smoothly into back, firm and strong; good angles to front and rear, but just preferred the rear action of 1 RETRIEVER (LABRADOR) - PUPPY 1ST MCGILLIVRAY’S ANTONINE CHARLEY BARLEY (2,1) Lovely solid pup, strongly built, with such a pleasing disposition, lovely clean head with broad skull, kind, dark eye, ears set back hanging close to head; strong neck set cleanly into good shoulder and upper arm, forelegs of good bone and super compact feet, good depth to chest with spring of rib, short coupled, firm level topline, good otter tail which never stopped wagging; hindquarters strong and hocks well let down, smart mover BPIB & Gundog Puppy Group 3 RETRIEVER (LABRADOR) - JUNIOR (2) 1ST MCGILLIVRAY’S ANTONINE CHARLEY BARLEY 2ND MEEK’S WINTERSTAR LEMINISCATUS AT JONDINE (IMP POL) Attractive bitch of good proportions, with nice head with defined stop, eye of good colour and shape, good front and feet, depth of chest, level firm topline and correct tailset, well developed hindquarters, moved well, just preferred to overall balance of 1 RETRIEVER (LABRADOR) - POST GRADUATE (2) 1ST MEEK’S JONDINE LEMON PUNCH 2 litter sisters of similar type; Lovely head and expression with good eye and ear carriage, strong neck into good lay of shoulder, forelegs straight with lovely arched feet, chest deep and ribs well sprung, short coupled, good strong topline and wide loins to correct tail, another happy dog moving true off short strong hocks BOB 2ND MEEK’S JONDINE BANANA PUNCH Similar remarks as 1 with lovely angles fore and aft, good head with broad skull and good stop, kind expressive eye, forelegs straight and strong, good body with clean level topline, moved well RETRIEVER (LABRADOR) - OPEN (2,1) 1ST MEEK’S JONDINE OLYMPIC STAR 4 year old bitch nicely balanced with clean well proportioned head, dark eye, good ear carriage, strong neck, good forehand and compact feet, deep chest, short coupled body and nice rear assembly, distinctive otter tail which she used on the move RETRIEVER (GOLDEN) - PUPPY (3,2) 1ST WEBSTER’S TASHSHEEN PEPPERMINT Handsome 7 month old well off for bone, balanced and sound, with lovely balanced head broad in skull without coarseness, kind eye, deep muzzle, clean neck of good length, correct forehand, short coupled body, deep chest with spring of rib, level topline to good tailset, happy mover BPIB RETRIEVER (GOLDEN) - JUNIOR (2,1) 1ST BRADLEY’S CEILCAESAR CALENDAR GIRL Lovely well balanced bitch with appealing head and eye, lovely front and tight round feet, correct neck of good length and well angled forequarters, deep well sprung ribs, lovely level topline, well muscled hindquarters and good bend of stifles used to advantage on the move RETRIEVER (GOLDEN) - POST GRADUATE (4,2) 1ST CULLEN’S LARENA ORMSARY AT AUCHINBRECK Handsome dog well balanced with good bone, pleasing head and eye of good colour and shape, straight forelegs with lovely arched feet, clean muscular neck of good length fitting cleanly, level topline, forequarters of equal length, short coupled body and good tailset, with muscular hindquarters and short hocks he moved well 2ND BRADLEY’S KELLYWILLOW LADY MARY AT CEILCAESAR Pretty bitch with balanced outline, head planes of equal proportions, dark eye, good forehand and rear angulation, compact body, deep rib and firm topline, preferred movement of 1 RETRIEVER (GOLDEN) - OPEN (3,2) 1ST O’NEILL’S GLENLEWIS CONSTELLATION Such a pretty bitch, well balanced with appealing head of equal length, attractive eye in colour and shape, she stands on good bone with lovely neat round feet, lovely clean lines with neck of good length, set into well placed shoulders and upper arm of equal length, short coupled body, deep chest and firm level topline and correct tail carried well, her well developed hindquarters gave her easy true movement with good drive BOB ANY VARIETY GUNDOG NOT SEP. CLASSIFIED OPEN (5,2) Three lovely specimens of their respective breeds. 1ST MCANDREW’S IR SH CH GUNSYN SESTO ELEMENTO WITH BRACKENMIST JW ShCM AM7 (Bracco Italiano) I last judged her as a 6 month old baby and she has now developed into a beautiful young lady, she possesses a classic head with planes of equal length and foreface of good width, appealing eye, giving a soft expression, deep muzzle, ears of correct shape and length, lying close, pronounced occipital bone and lovely neck of moderate length set into well angulated forequarters, her topline flows from withers to slightly arched croup, loins strong and wide and correct tailset, with long muscular hindquarters and good bend of stifle. The free flowing easy movement of a Bracco is unmistakeable, powerful and true and she has it! Best AVGNSC and Gundog Group 1 in very good company 2ND MADIGAN’S BLACK & BUFF’S TARNERA (IMP SWED) American Cocker Spaniel Eye catching bitch with stunning profile, with the most appealing head and eye, well developed skull, with clearly defined stop and raised brow, chiselling under dark expressive eye, deep muzzle, lovely ear carriage, arched muscular neck of good length, lovely forequarters and strong forelegs, firm compact feet, good depth and width of chest with spring of rib, short coupled in body with strong back, to good tailset, she moves smoothly with ease, straight and true off strong well developed and angled hindquarters covering plenty of ground. Best AVGNSC Puppy and Gundog Puppy Group 1 3RD SPENCE’S SONNETEND DOT TO DOT TO CABHARAN (Field Spaniel) GUNDOG GROUP 1 – MCANDREW’S IR SH CH GUNSYN SESTO ELEMENTO WITH BRACKENMIST JW ShCM AM7 (Bracco Italiano) 2 – CLUBB, MASON & FINDLAY’S OROSHAZA CHUKAR (Hungarian Vizsla) 3 – TODD & RAHMAN’S GLENNTREE TRADITION (Cocker Spaniel) 4 – KNOWLES AND GLEN’S SH/IR SH CH AFTERGLOW HASHTAG SCANDAL AT BESSALONE ShCM JW CW16 (Italian Spinone) GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP 1 – MADIGAN’S BLACK & BUFF’S TARNERA (IMP SWED) (American Cocker Spaniel) 2 – EWAN’S CRAIGDEAN HOLBY CITY (Cocker Spaniel) 3 – MCGILLIVRAY’S ANTONINE CHARLEY BARLEY (Labrador Retriever) 4 – HUNTER & BROWN’S BRAIDMOUNT IN MY LIFE (Irish Setter) AV GUNDOG MINOR PUPPY (13,7) 1ST TODD & RAHMAN’S CHATAWAY HI JACKED – Cocker Spaniel 2ND GREEN’S BRAIDMOUNT DREAMED A DREAM FOR GLENCARRON – Irish Setter Pretty bitch of 6 months with appealing head and expression, head long and lean, defined stop and occipital bone, dark well shaped eye, arched neck into gentle sloping topline nice angles to front and rear, still quite a baby and just needs time to come together to complete a lovely picture 3RD MCMAHON’S SILVERKELVIN JUPITER – Weimaraner AV GUNDOG PUPPY (10,6) 1ST COLLART’S BARTONHOLM CROSS STITCH FOR BRANNIFMHOR (Cocker Spaniel) Attractive bitch with good head and sweet expression, good eye shape and ears carried well, neck and shoulders fitting cleanly together with good forehand, topline and set on of tail. Moved well off good hocks 2ND SMITH’S PEAKIM POLEMON AT LUANSHYA (Cocker Spaniel) Sturdy and compact with appealing head, nice amount of stop, deep muzzle, good front and feet, clean strong topline and good rear angles 3RD MCMAHON’S SILVERKELVIN JUPITER (Weimaraner) AV GUNDOG OPEN (1) 1ST CIELSIELSKI’S JAVAL VALENTINO AV GUNDOG SPECIAL VETERAN (9,5) 1ST WHITE & SCOUGILL’S SILVERKELVIN RISING STAR (Weimaraner) 2ND STEWART & CURRIE’S WINTERWELL MUSCOVY AT LEGARD IR VET CH GVW17 (GSP) Lovely smart bitch of 9½ years young, in outline she is compact and stands over her ground well, good in head with appealing expression, gradual rise to nasal bone, good turn of lip, muscular arched neck, deep chest and firm topline, with good forequarters and well developed hindquarters to match she moved well. Two lovely dogs belying their years. 3RD SMITH’S CRAIGDEAN CALLIMAKOKR AT LUANSHYA ShCM (Cocker Spaniel) MAUREEN MITCHELL (JUDGE)