• Show Date: 24/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Maud Leather Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Derbyshire Agricultural & Horticultural Society

Derbyshire County Show

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge this show in spectacular surroundings, to my steward and the exhibitors for their sportsmanship. The rings were set out in the continental style with gazebos over each judges table and the weather was fine and sunny - perfect.

English Setters

Junior 1 (0):

1 - Taylors Wansleydale Quicksilver - 12 month old blue belton and tan dog with lean head, oval eye and good square flews. Lengthy neck into good well laid shoulders. Currently at that ‘leggy’ stage but would like to see him again when he matures.

Post Graduate6 (1a):

1 - Jarvis’ Hawklawn Summer Breeze- Beautifully balanced blue belton and tan bitch with elegant head and dark eyes giving a melting expression. Pronounced forechest, level topline and balanced angles which gave her this class on her forward reach and driving movement.  RBOB

2 - Williamson’s Hawklawn Kaleidoscope - Blue belton and tan bitch with well developed body properties, level topline and balanced angles. Preferred the eye colour of 1.

3 - Ridsdill’s Tattersett Burnt Sugar

Res - Hopper’s Bramstorm Forest Sprite

VHC - Brown’s Mariglen Top Gear at Yendorlech

Open7 (1a)

1 - Taylor’s Wansleydale Margarita - Orange bitch in good firm condition who is maturing beautifully which showed over her broad loins and croup. Sweet lean head with oval eyes. Compactly made but balanced throughout she won this class on her overall balance and movement. BOB

2 - Withdrawn

3 - Hopper’s Bramstorm Forest Sprite

Res - Koolunga Maggie May

VHC - Brown’s Mariglen Top Gear at Yendorloch

Gordon Setters

Post Graduate 3(2a)

1 Wrigley’s Kattandale Canterbury (AI) Balanced dog in good condition. Classic head with a dark eye giving gentle expression. Neck long, lean and arched into well laid shoulders and excellent depth of body. Correct topline and well set on tail. Pronounced forechest and good length and return of upper arm. Moved with drive. BOB


Kattandale Black Fern (AI) - Pretty bitch in good condition. Lovely head but preferred her brother’s construction overall. RBOB

Irish Red and White Setters

Junior 2(0)

1 - Hart’s Ianbro Mystic Quartz Shines at Gilliegrae - Lovely headed bitch with darker eye giving a soft expression, well laid shoulder, pronounced forechest excellent topline, good length of stifle with neat feet. Her overall balance gave her this class on her movement. I would just like a little more of her.  BP.

2 - Ball & Harrison’s Laoirebay She’s Leaving Home to Soirrudh - Made in a bigger mould but did not have the balance of 1, however she has a good topline and length and return of upper arm. Was rather untidy on the move today - possibly due to the heat.

Post Graduate 1(0)

1 - Gardner’s Alanea Game Reserve with Danwish - Loved this dog - so balanced and it showed in his movement. Reachy neck into well laid shoulders, excellent forechest and depth of chest. Oval in bone, tail well set on and lovely length and bend of stifle. BOB

Open 3(1a)

1 - Ball & Harrison’s Corranroo Commitment to Siorrudh - Mature male, balanced in outline but would prefer more forechest, reasonable length and return of upper arm. Pleasant head and eye colour, good depth of body, tail well set on. RBOB

2 - Hart’s Gilliegrae Swift N Chic - Mature bitch but not as balanced as 1. Excelled in her rear construction and has pronounced forechest. I would prefer tighter feet.  

Irish Setter

Puppy 2(0)

1 - Anthony & Hopewell’s Staratlantas Out a Time - Mature puppy dog just short of 12 months in glorious coat with a beautiful head.  Good bone, moderate forechest, excellent topline and tailset. Super body properties - won this class on his driving movement. BP.

2 - Shepherd’s Cashared Rory O’Connor - Attractive headed puppy with correct eye colour and shape. Well off for bone and deep in body. Would prefer tighter feet.

Junior 4(1a)

1 - Hart’s Gwendariff In the Limelight with Gilliegrae - Best mover in this class with excellent forward reach and driven from behind. Long and lean in head and coat a gleaming colour. Well laid shoulders gently sloping topline and tail well set on. Good length and return of upper arm and tight neat elbows.

2 - Gardner’s Danwish Nessarose - Shorter coupled than (1), well laid shoulders and gently sloping topline, deep in chest and lovely neat feet.

3 - Fitzmaurice’s Harreds Trooper

Post Graduate 7(1a)

1 - Steven’s  Follybrook Manhatten Star - What a stylish girl - this bitch is so balanced which showed in her movement. In gleaming condition with super lean head with low set ears, moderately long neck into good shoulders and firm straight topline and tailset. BOB

2 - Jarvis’ Lowden Sleepy Time -  Lovely headed bitch with correct almond shaped eyes. Firm straight topline gently sloping from the withers. Slighly lower tailset then 1. Lovely neat feet.  

3 - Steven’s Follybrook Millenium Star

Res - Shepherd’s Casachared Rose O Sally Ann

VHC - Savage’s Brabrook Masterpiece at Firefall

Open5 (2a)

1 - Savage’s Gwendariff The Ringmaster at Firefall.  Immaculately presented male with handsome refined head. Quite short coupled but moderately long muscular neck. Balanced angles fore and aft. Moved well. RBOB.

2 - Fox’s Millcroft Bubbling Moon - Pretty headed bitch with good front assembly matched by her rear construction. Gently sloping topline and small neat feet.

3 - Jarvis’ Lowden Toby Larone

Maud Leather