• Show Date: 18/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Martyn J Rees Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Mid Western Gundog Society


My thanks to the officers and committee for their kind invitation to judge at this show. I was thrilled with the size and quality of my entry. Thank you to Richard Morris - my steward for keeping my ring in order and to everybody for bringing their dogs along for my consideration. I had a most enjoyable day.

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

O (2, 1)

1st Morris - Penrose Incredible. Well balanced dog of just over a year. Masculine head with strong muzzle and correct, clean and full dentition. Strong neck leading to well placed shoulders and deep wide chest. Correct ribcage and strong loin leading to well muscled hindquarters with good width of second thigh. Excellent bone and feet. Moved out well with drive. His coat was of the correct oily texture. Although he stood alone he was well worthy of his BOB.

Field Spaniels

P (2)  

1st Osborn - Elgert Gold Dust. I thought this puppy was absolutely cracking. Beautifully balanced with the correct height to length ratio. Exquisite head, correctly chiselled beneath the eyes and soft expression. Correct and clean dentition. Clean neck leading to well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. Good depth of chest. Correct rib to loin ratio. Well made hindquarters with plenty of bone and tight feet. Shown in excellent coat and condition. Moved well - unhurried but with plenty of rear drive. BP and RBOB.

2nd Shipton - Winterbourne True Love Mishules (Imp Swe) Slightly larger and longer cast than my winner. Pleasing head and expression. Good shoulder. Moved well. Just preferred the overall balance of the winner.

J (3)

1st Elgert Gold Dust

2nd Griffiths - Sonnetend Too Funky. Black dog of 13 months. Correct height to length ratio. Pleasing head and expression with good ear set and correct dentition. Good shoulder and depth of chest. Well made hindquarters. Not quite the accuracy of front movement as my winner today

3rd Johnson - Sonnetend Fast Love

PG (1)

1st Harding - Kingsmist Lady In Black. Well balanced with good head and correct eye and expression. Correct and clean dentition. Clean neck leading to well laid shoulder. Rib to loin proportion correct - I would have preferred a little less tuck up. Well made hindquarters with good bone and feet. Moved well on an even stride.

O (5, 1)

1st Griffiths - Sh Ch Sonnetend Tic Tac Toe. This 5 year old dog presented a lovely picture both stacked and moving. Excellent head shape with a kind and noble expression. Correct and clean dentition. Strong neck leading through to good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Deep chest with elbows close to brisket. Correct rib to loin proportions. Strong well made hindquarters. Well boned with good tight feet. In excellent coat and condition. His movement was just as the standard calls for - unhurried but with great drive. BOB - delighted to hear later he also won the Champion Stakes.

2nd Osborn - Elgert Lady Sta’dust JW. Very well balanced with true head and expression. Correct shoulder and upper arm placement. Deep chest and correct topline and tailset. Not quite the positive rear movement of the winner today

3rd Harris - Kingmist Panther

Irish Water Spaniels

P (1)

1st Smith - Foulby Niamh at Leonardston (AI). I thought this was a truly lovely puppy. Beautifully balanced with the correct compact square outline. Her head is so true to type, large with a high dome, good length of muzzle and well chiselled beneath the eyes. Correct and clean dentition. Strong, well arched neck leading to good lay of shoulder. Correctly placed elbows with well barrelled ribcage and short lion. Strong, well muscled hindquarters with long stifles and well let down hocks. Coat of excellent texture with crisp ringlets. Moved well on a long stride showing a good roll from her ribcage. BP and BOB.

O (1,1)

Sussex Spaniels

P (5, 1) A lovely class to judge

1st Davey’s Eald Village Scandal. At 8 months old this puppy already shows like a true pro! Well balanced all through. Excels in head with broad skull and well defined stop. Correct dentition with strong jaw. Well arched neck leading through to correct shoulder and upper arm placement. Deep chest with long ribcage. Level topline and correct tailset. Well made hindquarters with strong hocks. Well off for bone with well padded feet. Excellent coat colour and texture. Moved well with good drive. BP

2nd Smith - Pindari Twist of Gold. Another top quality puppy. Superb head shape with well defined stop, strong muzzle and good width between the ears. Correct layback of shoulder and return of upper arm. Level topline and correct tailset. Well made hindquarters with excellent bone and feet. Gave his handler a hard time on the move but once settled moved with drive and purpose. I am sure these two puppies will change places many times and have a very bright future.  

3rd Matthews - Deanway Dolly Mixture.

Junior (2)

1st Deanway Dolly Mixture. 3rd in strong puppy class. Well balanced all through. Good head shape with soft expression. I would prefer a slightly tidier bite. Strong neck leading to correct forequarters and good length of ribcage. Moved very well. In good coat and condition.

2nd Crook - Marquell As You Like It at Highnam

Well balanced all through. Not the finish of the winner and currently at the rather gangly stage. Well shaped head. Good length of ribcage and correct tail set. Moved out well on a steady stride.

PG (1)

1st Davey - Eald Village Gossip. The dam of my BP. Good overall balance. Pleasing head and expression. Strong neck and well laid shoulder. Good length of rib and strong, well made hindquarters. Well boned. Excellent coat colour and texture. Moved well.

O (5, 2)

1st Smith - Ch Pindari Myrtle. I thought that both she and my second placed bitch were outstanding examples of the breed with very little to separate them. My winner has excellent breed type. Her head is of the correct proportions with a good stop, centre indentation and that lovely frowning expression. Strong neck leading to well laid back shoulders and equal length of upper arm. She has a good length of body with no sign of waistiness. Strong, very well muscled hindquarters and large hocks. Excellent movement both fore and aft and in profile. BOB

2nd Davey - Sh Ch Norriss Northern Charm At Eald ShCM. Another great favourite to whom I recently awarded a group and she pushed the winner very hard today. She has the correct breed outline. True head with frowning expression. Strong well arched neck. Correct shoulder with deep chest of good width. Long ribcage. Strong well muscled hindquarters. In excellent coat and condition. Moved well with drive. I considered it a great honour to have the opportunity of comparing two such outstanding bitches and it was a very close call. RBOB

3rd Hipgrave - Bethryn Night On The Tiles