• Show Date: 25/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Ord Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Minehead & District Canine Society

Minehead & D. C. S. Open Show 25/07/18

Thank you to the committee for this invite to judge at this lovely well run show in relaxed atmosphere. The weather conditions were difficult for some dogs in this extreme heat & the ground was very dry & uneven which some dogs did not like moving on particularly the spike grass.

Terrier Group : 1 Pile’s Tarkaswells Sr Zhivago At Moleschamber SHCM (BorderT) impressive male, in excellent double jacket of correct texture, good head & well set ears, easy to span rib & correct ribbing, good strong quarters, neat feet & well set tail of correct length, moved out well fore & aft, well handled & presented to perfection ; 2 France’s Miss Sophie Di Luna Capresse At Torbrae (IMP) (Dandie D. T.) young b, nice outline on stack & moved with ease, good skull & clean neck, correct body lines, nice feet, has correct coat textures to her mustard coat, well set tail carried correctly & of good shape & length ; 3 Waycott’s Waybully Andromeda JW SHCM (Bull T) upstanding male who never stopped showing, has a nice head shape, good eye & ear set, strong neck leading to a good front, in good body & nice coat & hard muscular condition, he has good feet & stands firm ; 4 Ash’s Hillcloud Sleet (W.H.W.T.) young b who pleased me in head & body, has a nice outline on stack, good front & correct top line, well shaped & correctly set tail, enough evidence of correct coat, well presented & handled to advantage.

Terrier Puppy Group : 1 Pile”s Heading For Home At Molecharmer, very mature for age, nice size male in excellent coat & thick pelt, easy to span rib, lovely head & expression, good ear set & size, excellent body for young age, good tight feet, sound movement fore & aft, I see from catalogue is sired by my group winner today ; 2 J Sugar S ; 3 H Sleet ; 4 F Tudor Q.

Staffordshire Bull T : Grad (3) 1, & B.O.B. Corti”s Bigglewick Billy No Mates, up to size male, lovely rich red colouring to his good coat condition, in nice hard muscular condition, liked his head shape & well set ears, strong neck & has a good strong front, well proportioned in body & he moved soundly both ways ; 2 B. Puppy & R.B.O.B. Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Tudor Queen, liked the shape of this young b , has a good head & well set eye & ears, good rib & loin, correct feet & tail set & shape, in good coat & hard condition, moved well & think will have a bright future, just found 1 more settled on stack today ; 3 Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Staff Sergeant.

Open (2) : 1 Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Jack Frost SHCM nice size male who won class on more positive movement today, has a good front & well bodied, good coat & well muscled quarters, tail of good length & well set on ; 2 Marshallsay’s Fergustaff Valkerie Queen, nice shaped head & strong neck, in good bod condition, correct rib & loin, was not settled on the move today.

W.H.W.T. Grad (6-2abs) 1& B.O.B. H Sleet ; 2 Domachowska’s Domedna Little Minx well named young b, liked on entering the class & on the stack, played handler up a little on the move but when settled moved soundly fore & aft, liked her head & has good ear set & eye shape, in excellent double coat, good body shape, nice tail ; 3 Jasper”s Clavelshay Carry On Clio.

Bull T Open (3-2abs) 1 & B.O.B. W Andromeda.

Manchester T Open (1) : 1 & B.O.B. Heller”s Limoncello Cecilia Beaux SHCM 3 yr old b, typical expression & well shaped skull & foreface, good front & ok in body, scores for size & has good feet, well set tail & carried correctly, good coat & in hard condition with enough muscle tone, moved ok but lacked enthusiasm today.

A.V.N.S.C. Terrier Grad (10-2abs) 1 & G 2 Miss Sophie Di L C At T ; 2 Southcott’s Jobanker Sugar Sugar (Bedlington T) young & most promising b, has a lovely head shape & scores well in neck & front, body developing well for age, has good feet, nice arch of loin & good quarters, well set tail, correct linty coat, moved out well in front & drives well behind ; 3 Rayner”s Reidswire Border Battlecry To Rubegud. (Dandie D T. )

Open (6-3abs) 1 & R.B.N.S.C. Southcott’s Jobanker Chit Chat (Bedlington T) only young b but showed herself to best advantage in this class, good head & well set correctly shaped ears, good eye & expression, has a good body, nice rib & arch over loin, correct feet, well set tail & nicely set hocks which she certainly uses well on the move, good coat & well presented ; 2 Evans”s Eskwyre Red Mist To Raphia (Lakeland T) liked the size & shape of this b, good skull & fore face, good rib & loin, in excellent harsh coat with undercoat, well set tail, presented well in hard condition, prefer front movement to rear ; 3 Cleaver’s Jobanker Virtuos Veronica (Bedlington T)

A.V. Terrier Veteran (3-1abs) 1 Martin’s Bortino High Society (Border T) nice size male, has a typical head good front & preferred his overall balance on stack to 2nd, in good double coat & condition, rib not to bad for his 9 yrs, well set tail, moved soundly & with ease ; 2 Taylor”s Lutrabeck Layla (Border T) slightly older than 1 but not the overall balance on stack, feminine & of good size, typical in head & expression, good v shaped well set ears, coat ok.

Hound Group : 1 Pinkerton & Sarman”s Korsakov Radost Power Of Love Menigma, (Borzoi) loved the first siting of this most elegant male, lovely head with nice chiselling, strong jaw & has a lcorrect eye & rose ears well set, elegant reach of neck leading to excellent shoulder & upper arm, good bone, correct depth of chest & strong well shaped loin, his quarters are excellent, well set hocks which are parallel, in excellent coat of lovely texture, presented and handled to perfection, his lovely sound movement was effortless as it should be, worthy winner in a strongly contested group ; 2 Carter & Hozempa’s Ch. Asante Runnin On Jamaican Time JW SHCM (Ibizan H), mature male who certainly moves like a youngster, scores highly for his lovely head with well set eye & ears, very alert at all time, in excellent body shape & condition, good front & sound rear to correspond, correct tail well set & good feet, in excellent coat & hard muscular condition, moved & showed himself at all times ; 3 Ruskin”s Keydax Layla For Dynastydax (Min S/H Dachshund), this young lady can hold her own for her young age, most lovely head & good jaw, lovely neck & front, in excellent body, strong quarters which she uses to drive as well as her good reach in front, in excellent coat & condition, good feet & tail length, set & carriage ; 4 Buttle’s Gilari Redwood Earl At Zarankhan JW, impressive male, well balanced skull & fore face, correct expression from well shaped eye, clean neck to good front, excellent top line & good rib & loin, well presented silky coat & correct saddle, lovely big feet & nice ringed tail, moved out well fore & aft.

Hound Puppy Group : 1 K Layla For D ; 2 Howgate & Hull’s Palmik King Of Clubs (Whippet), loved the size & outline of this male, most lovely head & well set rose ears, good eye & expression, clean neck to excellent front, good depth of chest & body developing perfectly for age, very strong quarters, tail well set, lovely reach in front & strong driving action from the rear, excellent coat & condition, most promising ; 3 Anthony’s Ospreagle Bone Idol (Beagle), raw male who was a handful for his handler today, masculine in head & good size & shape on stack even if he was a fidget, good front & well bodied, deep chest & firm strong loin, good feet, in good coat & hard muscular condition, tail of good length & well set on, needs to be more in harmony with his handler; 4 Whitlock's Rumaruti Rather Hopeful At Khamioka (R. Ridgeback) ultra famine but not fine, has a nice head & good eye, clean in outline on stack, scores well in front & body developing at this point, in good coat & correct ridge on her back, correct feet & good shaped bone, tail well set & carried, today moving better in front than from her rear.

Min S/H. Dachshund Open (4-2abs) 1 & B.O.B. Rudkin”s K Layla For D ; 2 & R.B.O.B. Rudkin”s Dynastydax Periwinkle JW, red bitch who pushed 1 hard today, 2 quality bitches from same kennel, loved her head & expression, good eye & ear, clean outline & good in front proportions, excellent top line, in correct body condition, good tail set & length, excellent coat & condition, I was really splitting hairs just on finale stack prefer underline of 1, could change places on another day.

Min W/H Dachshund Grad (4-3abs) 1 & B.O.B. Westerman”s Palsuz Fire Diamond, young male, has a nice shaped head & strong jaw, clean neck & good depth of chest, scores in top line, a bit at the teenage gawky stage at moment & was a little timid on returning to judge when moved, just enough evidence of harsh coat coming through.

Standard L/H. Dachshund (2) 1, & B.O.B. Pankhurst & Sealy’s Marshwick Red Prince, male nice red coat well presented, he has a nice shaped head & good jaw, good front & correct in rib, holding his top line well on stack & when moving, good rear angles, tail carried correctly, well shaped feet & good hard muscular condition ; 2 Rees”s Abydachs Kookiburra, prefer head & jaw of 1 & also cleaner in outline, in good body. good feet, strong rib & loin, well set quarters, in heavy coat & has well set tail.

Standard W/H Dachshund Open (1) 1 & B.O.B. Will’s Cicelane Magnus, 2 yr old male, liked his skull & fore face proportions, strong jaw, nice eye & expression, strong neck & has a good top line at all times, in good body, not the best of coats today but evidence of a harsh top coat, good tail set & shape, a little erratic on move but when settled went well, good muscle tone.

Borzoi Grad (2-1abs) 1 Kniescchke’s Ul An Kalinow At Datcha (Imp) 4 yr old male, has a good strong jaw & good length of skull, nice eye & expression, good neck & front, good depth of chest & nice rib shape, in good coat & hard muscular condition, strong quarters & well set tail of good length, has good feet. 

Open (3-1abs) 1 & B.O.B. K Radost P Of Love ; 2 & R.B.O.B.Pinkerton’s Coverdales Volcanus At Menigma (Imp) good head shape & eye, correct ear set & shape, in good body & hard muscular condition, more mature than 1 & feeling the heat more on move today than 1, of nice size & in good mature coat of silky texture, correct feet, good tail length & carried correctly.

Basset H Grad (2) 1& B.O.B. Cumming’s Barrenger Humouresque At Hollysend, 3 yr old b, good head shape, strong jaw, well set ears of good shape & size, prefer outline & size over 2, good front & has correct body shape, driving action from the rear, moves with ease & purpose, good tail set ; 2 & R.B.O.B. Wilding”s Nelgus Wild Jasmine, typical in head & expression, good ear, nice front, a little heavy in body which spoils her top line, good feet & strong quarters, in good coat & condition if only lost a little more weight.

Ibizan Hound Open D (4-2abs) 1 & B.O.B. Ch A Runnin On J Time ; 2 Carter & Cannon’s Afilador Moonlight Shadow SHCM, wire haired coat of good texture, more mature than 1 & not the spring in his step today, smaller all through than 1 but of nice overall balance, has depth of chest & correct loin, strong muscular quarters, good tail set & carried correctly.

Open B (3) 1 & R.B.O.B. Carter’s Afilador Roomon the broom SHCM, feminine & of nice size & shape, more tucked up than 2 & 3 & certainly more settled on the move, has a good strong jaw & well shaped skull with well set ears & eye, good depth of chest, nice springy movement, tail well set on & carried correctly, in hard muscular condition & excellent coat ; 2 Carter’s Amahtes Bewitched (Imp) mature b, lovely head & has good body proportions, thought would be my winner but was not as relaxed as 1 today either on stack or moving, good depth of chest & strong in loin, well set quarters & good tail set, nice feet ; 3 Carter”sAfilidar A Hint Of Jasmine.

Beagle Grad (4) : 1, & R. B.O.B. Roberts & Spearing”s Linkenlees Laurina, loved the size & balance of this b & she does not disappoint on the move, typical in expression & has a good shaped head with nice ear set & shape, correct neck & lovely body shape, neat feet & well set tail, in excellent coat & hard muscular condition, stood out on entering class ; 2 O Bone I ; 3 Robets & Spearing”s Linkenlees Lucas.

Open (2-1abs) 1 & B.O.B. Roberts & Spearing”s Linkenlees Lyric SHCM my notes say very similar comments to last class winner & then was told were litter sisters. another of correct size & lovely outline, moving soundly front & back, in excellent coat & condition, in challenge thought she had more reach in front than sister.

A.V.N.S.C. Hound Grad (3-1abs) 1 R Rather Hepoful At K ; 2 Cross’s Kinabulas Lalique With Pedara (C. Dell E) 2 yr old b, typical in head & well set ears, of nice feminine size, moved hesitantly on the prickly grass today, good body & correct feet, well set tail & good length, in good coat & nicely presented in good condition.

Open (4-1abs) 1 & B.N.S.C. G Redwood E At Z ; 2 Eaves-paull’s Grasilva Erics Gift (N. Elkhound) 3 yr old male, liked his head, strong jaw & well set ears, very good body proportions, good front & strong rear, moved positively front & back, in excellent coat & hard condition, tail well set on & lovely neat feet, needs to relax a little on stack & when being gone over ; 3 Goss’s Classicus Baryshinokov (Saluki).

A.V. Hound Puppy (3-1abs) 1 Manley’s Grasampa Turn On The Light (Whippet) raw male but of nice overall shape, good skull & force, well set ears of rose shape, clean outline & good bone shape, strong well set quarters, good feet, nicely presented coat & handled well ; 2 R Rather H At K.

Grad (2-1abs) 1 C Magnus.

Open (3-2abs) 1 White’s Truelove Love In A Mist At Iscaglades (Whippet), feminine, of nice size, well balanced in head & good eye, clean in neck & good depth of chest, good rib & arch of loin, quarters well set, neat feet, tail well set of good length, moved ok.

Veteran (9-5abs) 1 Howgate & Hull’s Ch Palmik Magical Whispers JW (Whippet) over 9 yr old b, but could hold her own in any competition, stood out a mile, most lovely head & on stack her outline is so well balanced, good shoulder & upper arm, correct in depth of chest & strong in loin, perfectly set quarters with strength, in excellent coat & hard muscular condition, still has neat feet, so sound in movement both front 7 back, superb bitch ; 2 A Moonlight S ; 3 Prowse’s Freehamlet Perfick Portia (Whippet).

Mark Ord (Judge)