• Show Date: 29/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Ord Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Morecambe & Heysham Canine Association

Morecambe & Heysham Canine Ass Open Show 29/4/2018

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge this pleasant show and my stewards who are well experienced and kept things running smoothly. I found the majority of dogs in good condition but was disappointed that a couple of the coated breeds were not so well groomed underneath. My line up for B.I.S. was most pleasing and for B.I.S. I chose the flat coated retriever. Ross’s Go With The Flow In Harmony At Qlocontral J.W. young male who has lovely balance on the stack & moves with ease & purpose. he has the correct flat sell & well set eye, good long neck leading to good shoulders, in good body & strong quarters, tail well set & carried, has excellent feet and in good coat & muscular condition ; R.B.I.S. & B. Puppy in Show the Border Terrier Gilpin’s Otterbobs Duchess, very young but outshone the older dogs today & could not be denied top honours, typical in head, nice body for her age, easy to span rib & loose thick pelt, in excellent double coat of correct texture, nice neat feet & correct shaped tail & carriage, her front is her fortune. R.B. Puppy In Show went to the Whippet Bray’s Cyangrange My Cuppa Tea, just 6 month b, lovely head balance & eye, well set ears, body developing well for age, good bone & neat feet, scores well when she moves, lovely reach in front & drive from the rear, tail well set & carried.

The scheduled judge for G.S.P. did not turn up so I stood in for this breed. Jun (2) : 1 B. Puppy & B.O.B. Hurst’s Winterwell Hyperion, young male who clearly enjoys showing himself, has a well proportioned head & clean neck, good rib & slight arch of loin, good strong quarters, nice rounded feet, tapering tail which is well set on, liked his shoulder & upper arm proportions, in good coat and well muscled ; 2 Pearson’s Ladyhawke Dizzy Miss Lizzy, another quality youngster who has a nice feminine outline on stack she is well balanced & has a nice head, body developing well for young age, good feet & tail. P. Grad (1) Baine’s Sparowbridge Crazy Diamond, young b, in good body condition & has a nice clean front, deep chest & good ribbing, tail well set, moved better in front than from rear today. Open (4-1abs) 1 Pearson’s Ladyhawke Sultan, mature male of good overall balance, has a nice outline and moved out well fore & aft, head is well proportioned and good neck, has strong thighs & neat feet, tail tapering & well carried, nice male but lost out to youth today. Just thought B.O.B. moved more freely today ; 2 Malin’s Keigame Murphlette at Benrae ; younger than 1, this b has a well shaped head & soft expression, well set ears, good shoulder & nice body, another in good hard muscular condition, well set tail ; 3 Brown’s Newlines Pass To Montalba.

Staff Bull T. P. Grad (3) 1, B.O.B. & G 3 Brady’s Calazde Black Hawk War J.W. young male, in excellent coat & hard muscular condition, liked his broad skull & has a distinct stop, strong & short neck, nice body & strong top line, moved out well, lovely coat which was gleaming, good medium sized feet ; 2 Hardley’s Joemikeste Amor Dei, another male , has a good head & well proportioned in body, good hard condition, correct feet & tail set, 1 more together on the move & settled on stack ; 3 Howard’s Pendlestaff Fire Cracker. Open (2) 1 Wilson & Rodger’s Ozzies Red Rascal, mature b, could not match B.O.B. in head department but has a nice body & moved out well, short neck & good top line, neat feet & low set tapering tail ; 2 P Fire C, heavier male than the others, has a good head & liked his body, not as settled on the move today, good coat & in hard condition, 

A.V. N. S. C. Terrier. Jun (4) : A good quality class. 1, B.N.S.C. & G 2 Parker’s Tweedsmuir Feebee Mine (Skye T), young b who has confidence and shows herself well, can be a fidget on stack but all comes together when she moves. Scores well in head with good eye & ear placement, body developing well for her age, good top line & strong in quarters, tail well carried & set on, coming into good double coat of correct texture & well presented, most promising ; 2 Hardman’s Red Lucifer At Bonosue (Irish T), another youngster with good potential, all male, liked his head & neck, good strong jaw & well set eye & ears. deep in chest & fair spring of rib, good loin & nice strong quarters, in excellent coat & full of himself ; 3 Smith’s Hjarta The Glen Ranger To Glendandy (Dandie Dismount T). Open (3) : 1 Hardman”s Bonosue Painted Lady (Irish T) feminine b, well balanced, has a good front & top line, moved steadily fore & aft, nice neat feet & good pads, double coat, well presented & hard condition ; 2 Bamber”s Dentate Mutuca Indicolite (Dandie Dinmot T) good skull & strong jaw, has a good front & corresponding rear when moving, strong in neck & good outline on stack, correct feet & thick pads, tail well set & carried, just needs to loose a small amount of weight to his advantage ; 3 Smith’s Glendandy Twinkle Star (Dandie Dinmot T).

A.V. Terrier Puppy (3-1abs) 1 O Duchess ; 2 Hardman’s Caldbeckjack Mighty Ziva At Bonosue (J.R.T.) feminine, good head & eye set, ears well carried, good neck, double coated of correct textures, raw but body developing ok, tail well set on.

Whippet : Puppy (5) :1 C My Cuppa T ; 2 Wilkinson’s Citycroft Star Fall, well balaced b who I thought would be my class winner but can not match 1 on the move. Lovely head shape & good eye & rose ears, clean in outline & good rib & loin, tail well set, neat feet, moved steady, lovely coat texture & well presented ; 3 Webber’s Whilloer The Tame Racer. Jun (3) : 1 Brown’s Collooney Why Eye Man At Tamalden, liked the size of this male, has a well proportioned skull & force, strong dentition, clean neck & good front, in good body with correct ribbing, strong loin, moved true fore & aft, his quarters are well set & tail also, lovely coat in gleaming condition ; 2 C My Cuppa T ; 3 Warth’s Shardbeck Aristocrat. P. Grad (5) 1 Langcake & Short’s Langshor The Midas Touch, this male won this class on his balanced outline, good size & shape, nice head proportions, in good hard condition & well presented coat, tail well set, moved soundly ; 2 Clark”s Coynachie Crazy Desire, another male just not as settled or relaxed on the stack or when moving today, good head with nice eye & ears, well bodied, good neat feet, in good hard condition ; 3 Wilson’s Langshor Who's That Girl At Willowash. Open (6) : 1, B.O.B. & G2 Langcake & Short’s Langshor Groovy Kind Of Love, lovely balanced bitch presents a pleasing picture on stack & moves with ease. Most lovely head & expression, good shaped eye & well set ears, elegant neck leading to good shoulder & upper arm, good depth of chest & front not too wide, strong loin & well set quarters, good neat feet, lovely textured coat & in good hard condition ; 2 Brown”s Oakbark Magic Touch, another nice b just not the reach of movement of 1 today, good head & neck, depth of chest & good ribbing, strong in loin, tail of good length & well set, nice shaped feet ; 3 Clark”s Whillower Wait On Me.

Min L/H Dachshund : Grad (1) : 1 Hutton”s Natali Victory Asmik To Dachalune, very raw young male, has a well balanced skull & fore-face, nice body for young age, a little unsettled to begin but got better, has good front & feet, good coat. Open (1) 1 & B.O.B. Barely”s Metadale Baris Avec Xanadex, only young but more settled to win today, has a good skull & fore face, clean outline & moved out well uses front to advantage, good neck & ribbing, tail carried correctly.

L/H Dachshund : Grad (3) 1, B.O.B. & G 3, Boyle & Wren”s Zarcrest Ava Gardner, feminine & well balanced on stack, has the long conical head & well set eyes, giving a good expression, strong neck & good front, liked her feet , well sprung in rib & good oval chest, well rounded in rump, in good coat & well muscled, 2 Hutton”s Abbilis Theoden By Dachalune , male of good quality but a little unsettled when moved, has a good head & nice eye, good rib & loin, strong quarters & in good coat, tail well set ; 3 Hutton”s Dachalune Abella. Open (3) 1 Brearley”s Labbadax Eyecatchin Shadow At Xanadax, mature male of well balanced proportions, has a good depth of chest & well ribbed, strong quarters, little unsettled when on stack & not showing his outline to advantage, in good coat ; 2 Hutton”s River Rumpus Through Dachalune, another mature male, nice head, good top line but again unsettled when on stack & dropping his rear, correct in rib & loin, good front, low tail set : 3 Hutton”s Dachalune Araxia.

A.V. Hound N. S. C Open (6) : 1 & B. N.S. C. & G 1, Hall’s Afilador Pandemonium (Ibizan H) quality young b, well balanced skull & force, strong jaw, well arched neck leading to good front, correct flat rib & well tucked up waist, good feet, strong quarters, tail well set & carried, a little unsettled but gained confidence and moved correctly with ease, lovely smooth coat & in excellent hard condition ; 2 Smith”s Hadrensis Traviata (Cirnico D. Etna), very nice head with good eye & ear set, strong neck & in good body, nice neat feet, moved well fore & aft with ease, a little bit of a fidget on stack, most lovely coat & hard muscular condition ; 3 Carter”s Ambiesque Appointee (W/H Dachshund).

V. Veteran Stakes (24-10abs) 1 Macmanus”s Luneville Strawberry Moon (Pointer) in excellent hard condition, most lovely outline on stack & moved with ease & purpose, has a good shaped head & expression, strong neck & good front, excellent bone & correct substance, good top line & in good body ; 2 Ayrton’s Bradabrook Forget Me Not At Aobih (Beardie), well balanced b with good outline & in excellent coat which was well presented, nice head & neck, moved well, good tail & carriage, liked her size & clean outline, coat & muscle can go together & she proves this point ; 3 Hardman’s Spanwise Absinthe (Border T).

A.V. Puppy Stakes (13-5abs) : 1 W Hyperion : 2 Adshead”s Afaonbach Dance With Dragons (Novia S.D.T.Retriever), feminine young b who when settled moved true fore & aft, has a typical head & good body proportions, excellent front & good quarters, in good coat & hard condition, good feet & tail well set, : 3 N Victory A To D.

A.V. Junior Stakes (8-4abs) 1Entwistles”s Dorentys Royal Albert (S/C Chihuahua), correct size male with a good skull & defined stop, well set eyes & large ears, sloping shoulders & in good body condition, good strong hocks which he uses well : 2 Z Ava G ; 3 Adshead”s Afonbach Dance With Dragons (Nova S.D.T. Retriever).

A.V. Stakes P. Grad (11-2abs) : 1 Newton-Obrien”s Chizzmic What A Carry On (Dalmatian), liver spotted b, good head proportions with well set ears, strong neck & good rib & loin, in good body & strong well set hocks, moved well fore & aft : 2 Mason”s Freebreeze Curtain Call (Pointer), sound mover & of good overall balance, has good rib & strong in loin, neat feet & tail well set : 3 Savage”s Willowthorn Kobalt Star By Savataurus (S. Sheepdog)

V. Open Stakes (19-6abs) : 1 A Pandemonium : 2 Searle”s Quick Silver Hes The One For Whipsearle (Whippet), male of correct size, well shaped head, good neck, deep chest, good feet & tail well set & carried correctly ; 3 Bryan”s Bigglesmere In Private (Lowchen).

MArk Ord (Judge)