• Show Date: 10/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Mancunian Boxer Club



Credit to the committee and exhibitors. This is a lesson on what a Breed Club Open Show should be. I know nothing can be done about the English weather but they fully deserved the lovely sunny day to compliment everything else. Lovely venue, warm Northern hospitality, multiple chances to compete under different judges brought together a large collection of exhibitors with good quality, well conditioned and healthy dogs with a strong competitive spirit yet an abundance of good sportsmanship. You should all congratulate yourselves and a massive thank you from me for being part of it. The first two classes gave me a great challenge. The vast difference in age and maturity coupled with being mixed sex made me think much more than normal. 

PUPPY (14)

1st Berwynfa Oh La La

Lovely young 7 month old bitch full of quality and promise. Clean outline and balanced front and rear, which was moderate to give good powerful movement for her age. Lovely clean head of good proportions, good eye and expression. Good neck and topline very raw but had enough substance and elegance. 

2nd Lorossa Shine Like a Diamond

Loved her arched neck, shoulder and topline with defined withers, exc feet and bone. Moved really well. Preferred rear on 1st as a little more moderate and head on 1st is at a better stage of development for age. Overall lovely clean outline standing and moving 

3rd Susancar Blaise A’Trail 

Liked this bitch a lot for her balance and structure but she just packed in at the end on the move. 


1st Newlaithe Diddle On

Young junior dog with a good combination of substance and elegance. Head is nicely developed for age with good eye, expression and ears. He is moderate in balance with lovely arched neck topline and strong rear. Could drop into his front a little but is young still and has a bit of maturing to do but had a lovely clean outline. 

2nd Lanfrese Suits Newlaithe

Square solid outline with no coarseness. I loved her balance and structure in profile and was easily the most collected and powerful mover in the class. Preferred head and expression on 1st but very little separated the first 3 in the class  

3rd Sunvalley Careless Heart at Jeddhi

OPEN (10)

1st Castlemates Gandalf

What a pleasure to get to judge such a high quality dog. His balance and masculinity with no coarseness and nobility stood away. Square sturdy and compact with exc arched neck, defined withers and topline, coupled with a beautifully balanced front and rear allowed him to move with powerful and excellent precise footfall. Liked his head and expression which fitted his body. A pleasure to judge 

2nd Newlaithe The Fugitive 

Very balanced moderate medium sized dog. A lot of comments of 1st apply to him also but just preferred the cleaness of outline through the neck and shoulder of 1st 

3rd Highcrest Coco Chanel at Berwynfa