• Show Date: 07/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Marina Scott Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Royal Cornwall Agricultural Association

DOBERMANN – G 1 BP & RBOB Edyveane’s Jojavik Victor Rizzi at Kateamead. Top size, in hard condition, pleasing head, well placed eyes, balanced profile, correct depth of chest, tight elbows, strong topline which he held on the move, rear could be stronger. 2 Pilgrim’s Nerak Dolly Daydream at Woodbriar. Nice quality bitch with good front and rear angulation, feminine head with keen expression, slight tuck up, correct bend of stifle, tight compact feet, let herself down on the move where she was unsettled and crabbing. OD – 1 & BOB Pilgrim’s Woodbriar Fix Up Look Sharp JW ShCM. Elegant male and built solidly on classical lines, excellent head, keen expression, laid back shoulder, good spring of rib, firm slightly sloping topline, super rear angulation allowing him to power around the ring covering the ground with an easy action, pleased to see he won the group. 

NEWFOUNDLAND – G 1 & RBOB Mayhew’s Merrybear Jolly Roger. In excellent coat and condition, masculine appealing head in proportion to body, strong muzzle, good width of head, low set ears, excellent forechest and depth of chest, good spring of rib, substantial bone throughout, topline could be better, moved well in hot conditions and with typical slight roll. 2 Kopec’s Rose Aka Viola D’Amore Tender Ebony. Very well presented black, a splash of white on chest and toes, good width of front, straight forelegs, clean head with well shaped eyes and excellent pigmentation, moved well with low head and tail carriage. 3 Coupe’s Wellington. O 1 & BOB Carter’s Bearhugs Courage. Good size, balanced male with an appealing head with melting expression, very powerful and true on the move dropping head and tail to move with reach and drive, excellent firm topline, strong rear quarters, beautifully presented. He went on to take group 2. 2 Rose Aka Viola D’Amore Tender Ebony. 3 Wellington.

ROTTWEILER – G 1 BP & BOB Mahoney & Maker’s Jaegerot Smooth Criminal. Very well handled and presented, appealing head with good breadth and width, high set small ears, strong muzzle, dark pigmentation, still needs to strengthen in front, good bone, good reach of neck, nice length of upper arm, well laid back shoulders, excellent strong topline, good rear angulation, solid mover in all directions. 2 Dodkin’s Rockstarotts Mini Equinox. Very masculine and built on strong lines, a little narrower between the chest and loose in pasterns but liked his proportions and muscle condition, well off for bone, firm topline, not as accurate as 1 on the move. O – 1 & RBOB Marker’s Sundrifter’s Tiffany Aching. Head could be stronger, but in proportion to body, excellent length of neck and well off for forechest, a touch upright in shoulder, strong forelegs, correct spring of rib, a little long in back but firm topline which she held on the move, she’s got bags of enthusiasm for an old girl.

SIBERIAN HUSKY – OD 1 & BOB Raby’s Zaltana Cruise Control at Trewonnal ShCM. Could be bigger for a male but he was in proportion, attractive fox-like head with good sized ears, almond shaped eyes, strong straight forelegs with good width, tight elbows, firm topline, ok rear angulation, well set tail, carried high on the move, solid and sound mover in all directions and handled well. OB 1 & RBOB Raby’s Seasight Flying High at Trewonnal. Preferred her head and expression over her kennel mate as she had higher ear carriage and obliquely set eyes that gave that typical foxy expression, good width of front, well laid back shoulders, much longer in the back, good turn of stifle, just too short on the leg to give a balanced profile, lacks upper arm so couldn’t reach out on the move.

AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD – G 1 & RBOB Scanlan’s Allmark Fairy Tales of Franmar. Beautifully presented and handled flashy tri with excellent bone, type and quality, appealing head with medium brown almond shape eyes, ears could be better placed, really powerful mover and accurate in all directions, just would like more of her especially in length of leg. 2 Richards’ Birkcross Secret Agent with Accra. Cracking quality puppy who is already in proportion, good bone, firm topline, good front and rear angulation, very pretty head, good length of muzzle and attractive markings, just comes towards a little narrow at the moment but I’m sure that’ll get better with age. 3 Gladwell’s Jotars No Limits. O – 1 & BP & BOB Gladwell’s Shimmering Desire. Very mature 11 month pup, won this class for breed type, very good construction and showmanship, unmistakably masculine, the best of heads with excellent breadth of skull, medium stop, well placed eyes and intelligent expression, straight front, good width, well placed shoulders, good length of upper arm, good depth of chest, strong topline and rear quarters, really powered around the ring and later took PG2 behind a stunning Tervueren. 2 Richard’s Accra Mystical Man. Really liked this one but he was slightly nervous so wasn’t using his ears, moved well in all directions when he got more confidence, extremely well presented, good coat, medium bone, chest reaching to elbow, good length of ribs, short in the loin, medium bend of stifle, stood firmly on well padded compact feet. 3 Haddock’s Jotars Follow Your Heart.

BRIARD – O 1 & BOB Haddock’s Gilcoru Moulin D’Brie. Good size male well furnished and in good coat condition, dark pigmentation, strong muzzle, correct width of head, strong neck, firm topine, slightly sloping croup, medium bend of stifle, moved well in all directions, head carried proudly and tail long and low with an upward hook.

BEARDED COLLIE - G 1 Forbes’ Karmeliann Sea Spirit. Beautifully presented boy who really came into his own on the move with super ground covering easy gait with reach and drive and low head and tail carriage. Gorgeous head with friendly almost cheeky expression, excellent pigmentation, good length of muzzle, strong topline, slightly sloping croup into low set tail of good length. 2 & BP Tippett’s Potterdale Fernando at Snowtip. What a cracking pup of balanced proportions, good bone, excellent coat and topped off with a balanced head with well set eyes and low set ears. Another that moved in classic Beardie fashion with good reach and drive and low head and tail carriage. At his first show and taking the heat and busy conditions into his stride. 3 Hawkins’ Thingamebob Hes All That. OD – 1 & BOB O’Brien’s Gwencaro Poem Man. Excellent coat and condition on this masculine mature dog who has a friendly and intelligent expression under the abundance of coat, good proportions in profile, long, low set tail, medium bend of stifle, moved well and accurately in all directions. 2 K Sea Spirit. OB 1 & RBOB Martin’s Lilethmoon I’ll Say She Is. Pretty girl with plenty of coat, straight front and elegant lines and flowed around the ring with typical long stride and low head and tail carriage, nothing was exaggerated on her and handled well. 2 Carter’s Dychix Queen of Hearts For Devonsky. Attractively marked but a little heavy in coat for me and carrying a little too much weight for a working dog, nevertheless she covered the ground with a long and low stride and held her topline on the move. 3 Mcallister’s Chyanully’s Joy’s Second Hope.

BSD GRONENDAEL – G 1 & BOB Barnardo’s Nimrod Sardonyx Du Bois Du Tot. Exhuberant male of good type and plenty of substance, excellent jacket, appealing head with keen expression, well set ears, dark eye, strong muzzle, good body proportions, strong back, well angulated rear, long low set tail but carried a little high on the move.

BSD TERVUEREN – G 1, BP, BOB G2 & PG1 Lester, Smith & Mackie’s Domburg Made By Hawksflight. The star of the day and one I would have liked to take home, exudes breed type from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail, in excellent jacket, so in proportion for still a puppy, she has a beautiful head, excellent shape, correct length of muzzle to skull, well placed ears and pricked ears set high on the head, a real show girl, continuously giving the correct alert expression, good spring of rib, firm loins, strong rear quarters, her footfall is so accurate from all sides and had no hesitation in awarding her BOB in a quality entry. So excited to see that she took RBPIS behind a very nice Stafford. 2 Pilgrim’s Domburg By Appointment at Woodbriar. Litter brother to 1 and just a masculine version but not holding his shape as well in the freestand, super coat and condition, medium bone, very well handled, another with a stunning head and keen expression and another with a lot of promise. OD 1 Rennie’s Hawksflight Secretariat. The first two were very close, but preferred 1 on the stand but 2’s sound accurate movement. 1 had a super straight front with good width and excellent head and expression. 2 Hesketh & Mackie’s Hawksflight The Hustler. Shown really well and can really move and cover the ground with correct free flowing action, not quite bend of stifle as 1. 3 Simpson & Mackie’s Hawksflight The Phoenix. OB What a fabulous trio of girls, two veterans and one almost a veteran! 1 Mackie & Lester’s Ch Hawksflight Sea You Love Me. I see dam to the stunning puppy in the graduate class, liked her for size and substance, another with a cracking Terv head, excellent coat and condition, handler showed her off to advantage. 2 Mackie’s Ch Hawksflight Royal Raven. Very good mover and balanced throughout, medium bone, straight front, good spring of rib, low set tail carried low on the move. 3 Snell’s Ch & Sp Ch Hawksflight Made You Smile ShCM.

FINNISH LAPPHUNDS. O – 1 & BOB Cooper’s Pavoskas Aly Arttu JW ShCM. Really masculine boy in full coat and of excellent proportions, stunning head with a keen and alert expression, strong neck leading into well placed shoulders, strong body with good ribbing and depth of chest, tail set high and carried well over back, very positive mover in all directions and worked hard to win a G4 in a big group. 2 & RBOB Treasure’s Infindigo Riemu Emmi ShCM. Lovely body shape on this feminine girl with excellent length of neck into laid back shoulders, holds a firm topline and well off for bone, straight forelegs and good width to front, her rear is not as strong as her front but moved steadily covering plenty of ground with an easy stride. 3 Treasure’s Lapinlumon Pilvipouta For Infindigo.

GSD – O 1 & BOB Southcott’s Astradine Kind of Magic. Almost three years old, nice forehand, balanced head with well set prick ears, eyes medium brown, good length of foreface, straight front, good bone, firm backline, moderate rear angulation, sloping croup, long, low set tail and carried low on the move, in hard condition.

HUNGARIAN PULI – O 1 & BOB Szczepanski & Crowther’s Ch Catsun Sinnibar at Tremodeus. 5 year old bitch in excellent coat and condition, long even cording, balanced head, dark pigmentation, good length of ribcage, strong short loin, firm topline, high tail set and carriage, truly glided around the ring with typical breed action.

OES 1 & BOB Noyce’s Kerjalee Cutest Moments at Lammorick. Very well presented and attractively marked, head of good size and shape, eyes well placed, strong underjaw, good length of muzzle, neck of good length and well placed into shoulders, good depth of chest and spring of rib, strong rear angulation, could be a little taller on leg. 2 & RBOB Wileman’s Jeddep Remi Martell to Lindisfarm. A junior dog with plenty of maturing to do, has good bone, correct coat texture, well groomed, good pigmentation, good width and breadth of head, strong firm front legs, balanced in profile, just didn’t look so sound in his rear on the day.

PYRENEAN MOUNTAIN DOG – O 1 & BOB & G3 Spier’s Ch Belshannish Yellow River. Outstanding 4 year old PMD and it doesn’t surprise me that he’s a Champion, full of breed type, double dewclaws, superb shape in profile with good front and rear assembly, excellent texture of coat and groomed through, very appealing head with good breadth and width, moderate stop and strong foreface with dark pigmentation, moves positively in all directions and with excellent footfall. 2 & RBOB Cubello’s Night Owl. Another very nice Pyrenean who gives a lot away on age but is strongly built with strong bone, good width of front, elbows tight and strong straight forelegs, chest reaching to elbow, firm topline, moderate bend of stifle, long and thick tail carried acceptable high above back in a circle.

SAMOYED – OD 1 & BOB Spong’s Icemount Ky Kyrsta Bleu. Good size and shape with plenty of coat, high set tail, medium bone, appealing head with typical smiling expression, dark pigmentation on eyes and nose, when moved at the correct pace was accurate going away and coming towards, beat his mother for BOB I see. 2 Kucher’s Ralph. Very well presented male of good size and with an attractive head, he was on his toes in the stand but sadly could not get into his stride without hopping or pacing after several attempts. OB 1 & RBOB Spong’s Kokanski Kheltic Khefina at Icemount. Full of breed type and very pretty girl, gorgeous head with smiling expression, well off for bone, good lay back of shoulder, strong back, high set tail carriage, she hopped or paced all the way around the ring so was difficult to assess her movement, coat needs more attention. 2 Parker’s Icemount Ky Luck Be A Lady. Head could be bigger to match her frame, lighter in bone, good width to front, strong in the hock, chest reaching to below elbow, strong topline. Another who bounced and hopped around the ring!

AV NSC PASTORAL O 1 & BAVNSC Hackney’s Starvon Bring It On, Swedish Valhund. 1 & 2 both very nice male valhunds who stood strong on tight feet, good front and rear assembly, both moved very well round around the ring with good reach and drive. Just preferred showmanship of 1. 2 Hackney’s Starvon All About Me, Swedish Valhund. 3 Rennie’s Goldmalli No Limit to Hawksflight, BSD Malinois.

AV PASTORAL VETERAN 1 Szczepanski’s Ch Catsun Coraleclipse. Hungarian Puli, what a cracking class and this Puli was simply outstanding, so much ring presence and did not surprise me to later find out he was a champion but in such fantastic condition and with excellent cording, simply glided around the ring with attitude, so pleased to see him go onto win Best Veteran In Show. 2 Jacob’s Hawksflight Made You Wish. Tervueren. This Terv was really close up to 1, superb breed type, coat and condition, stands so square and strong on tight feet, moves with typical breed action, stunning head with alert expression. 3 Cooper’s Elbereth Apina a Pavoskas ShCM.

AV PASTORAL BRACE 1 Eldred’s Team of Shelties. Allwere very unified and had excellent ear set and tipped ears, matching sizes and almost moved in complete unison – a very impressive team. 2 Robinson’s Team of Shelties. Another very nice team of dogs who the breeder should be very proud of, show and handled very well.

AV PASTORAL OPEN STAKES 1 Robinson’s Lavika Lucky Star JW, Sheltie. Very nice Sheltie who used her ears to advantage, medium stop, good length of foreface, well laid back shoulders, good spring of rib, firm topline, long and low tail set and carried low. Very well handled and presented. 2 K Sea Spirit, Beardie. 3 Night Owl, PMD.

PASTORAL GROUP – 1 Lampier’s Tonkory I’m All Right Jack. Super masculine male in excellent coat and condition with dark face markings which only adds to his appeal, excellent high set ears that were constantly moving, good length of neck, shoulders well laid back, good length of upper arm, level topline which he held on the move, moderate rear angulation and low set long tail, he moved with the correct action with plenty of reach and drive and dropping his head and tail and got better and better. Absolutely delighted to see him go BIS. 2 BSD Tervueren puppy. 3 PMD. 4 Finnish Lapphund.

PASTORAL PUPPY GROUP – 1 BSD Terv. 2 Australian Shepherd. 3 Sheltie. 4 Beardie.