• Show Date: 04/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Marina Scott Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Association





PG – 1 & RBOB Wilenczyc’s Kerrijoy The Scorpion King at Kashiba, striking and well balanced mature gold boy presented well with abundant long coat, pleasing head and expression, dark eye, framed by low set ears covered with plenty of hair, good pigmentation, strong neck, excellent rear angulation, tail of good length and with a characteristic curve to the end. A little lethargic on the move and his handler did her best to get him going on the slippy floor.

O – 1, BOB & G4 Virgo & Hicks’ Am Ch Suni Asia Wish Upon A Star By Sumahari ShCM (Imp). Upstanding, good size brindle male presented in excellent silky coat, refined head with pleasing expression, straight front, good reach of neck into well laid back shoulders, holding a firm topline and correct bend of stifle and strong hocks, would prefer more of a ring on the tail but he was simply outstanding on the move, with a powerful stride that was springy and totally effortless and very accurate coming towards and going away. He had real showmanship and was really at one with his excellent handler.

2 Heritage’s Jazzmenah Ice Blonde. Feminine head on this gold bitch with typical ‘roman’ curve to the muzzle, and pronounced occiput, strong neck leading into laid back shoulders, good depth of chest and ribbing, just a little soft in her topline, correct fall away over the group and long tail with excellent ring, could have moved with a little more spring in her step and a little more length of coat would’ve finished the picture. 3 Keates’ Affietar Glen Maragan JW.


O – 1 & BOB Murphy’s Ch Amahle Mpho at Lusapho ShCM. Aparently there was a club show on the same day but I was very grateful to have the pleasure of going over this exhibit. Unmistakably masculine, rich red five year old with good bone throughout, in hard muscular condition, pleasing head with moderate stop and strong muzzle, excellent pigmentation, ears set high and medium in size, clean long neck, good lay back of shoulders with fair length of upper arm, tight compact feet, would prefer his chest to be a little deeper but with good spring of rib, level back, very good rear angles, on the move he was accurate in all directions but lacking a little reach and drive, possibly due to the slippy surface, would love to see how he can move outside or on grass.


Thank you to all exhibitors for this excellent entry of 34, thoroughly enjoyed assessing your dogs.

P – 1, BP & PG2 Mycroft & Brown’s Shiny Sensations Wish Upon A Star with Supeta (Imp). Impressive fawn brindle puppy who was handled expertly to present his virtues, kind and alert expression, straight front, liked his overall balance, very nice rear angulation, long and low set tail carried low on the move, stood very square on oval well arched toes, really glided around the ring with super reach drive. 2 Goff’s Pargarni’s Imitation Game, very pretty red fawn, with attractive black markings on the face, another very elegant puppy of good size who had a little more maturity on 1, I liked very much in the stack, flat skull, tapering muzzle, clean long neck, moderate tuck up, another with very nice rear and compact feet, just tended to roach a little on the move. 3 Newton’s Nevedith Ace High. J – 1 Osborne’s Florancy Above And Beyond Derohan. Brindle with flashy white markings, appealing head with well-placed oval shaped dark eyes giving bright expression, made a very nice balanced shape in profile, good width to front, deep chest, moderate tuck up, sloping croup into long, low set tail, held herself together on the move with a very efficient and smooth stride with good rear drive. 2 Chappell’s Jemalsheva Golden Fleece Into Blueflight. Fawn, with good pigmentation and small fine ears, enough neck, straight front, strong in the loin, stood on well arched toes, not as positive in front movement as 1 and a touch underweight for me, handled very well. 3 Johnson’s Cyangrange Serendipi Tea. PG 1 & RBOB Lindley’s Cobyco Charming Ways of Jazzellie. Bred in the purple and really came into her own on the move where she freely and efficiently strode round the ring, covering the ground with reach and drive and holding a pleasing low tail carriage, you have to get your hands on her to appreciate her lovely angles and flowing lines, topped off with an attractive head piece with keen and bright expression, just didn’t have that extra ring presence or showmanship on the day to take BOB. 2 F Above and Beyond Derohan. 2nd in junior. 3 Pitcher’s Lolani Tennessee Fire at Amphoras. OD 1 Bellamy’s Kandalama Royale. Very much liked this mature and masculine brindle and white boy on the stand, pleasing head, long and strong neck leading into well placed shoulders, good length of upper arm, elbows tight, excellent deep chest, strong in the loin, nice bend of stifle, strong hocks, not moving out so positive on the day. 2 Lindley’s Jenaul Apple Scumpy of Jazzellie. Top size fawn and white, of correct weight and presented in good condition, good front angulation, distinct tuck up, not quite the reach and drive of 1. 3 Chappell’s Blueflight Tiger Mist. OB 1, BOB, G1 and RBIS under a different judge Morris, Waddell & Mycroft’s Crosscop Let It Shine For Supeta JW. A dream to go over this fawn and clear winner in this class with super front and rear assembly, feminine and elegant in side profile with a very appealing pretty head with well set eyes, good pigmentation, small rose ears that were alert, on the move - she was very accurate to and fro and then moved out with a free and efficient gait and propelled herself round with strong rear drive. I see her dam is one I have admired for a long time and she has many of the same qualities. Her handler pulled out all the stops to top a very good hound group and she motored around the BIS ring to take RBIS in an excellent line-up. Well done! 2 Franklin’s Haccasbrook Madam Gigi. Another beautiful Whippet (blue brindle) who appealed for her balance and flowing lines, standing on tight oval feet, carrying the correct amount of weight for her frame, and handled to advantage, she was another very good mover, just a touch close behind. 3 Fisher’s Marleben Dream Mover.

AV HOUND – V. 1 Heritage’s Jazzmeenah Ariel ShCM. Afghan, gold with dark mask, upstanding and with a very attractive masculine head with well-placed eyes and superb dark pigmentation, excellent tight ring to the tail, in superb coat condition and presented and handled very well, moved with plenty of spring in his step and moved very well in all directions, thought he looked super in BVIS. 2 Picolo’s Kaymark Attraction ShCM, dark Brindle Whippet in very good nick for her 10 years, making a very pleasing balanced side profile, good neck and shoulders strong back and strong rear, clean underline and good tuck up, moved soundly.

AV HOUND NSC – P 1, BP, RBNSC and PG3 Sanders Parker Classicus Antiigone, Saluki, quality baby who is full of breed type and femininity, attractive head with oriental expression framed by long fine ears covered with hair, superb balanced body shape, straight forelegs and carrying correct amount of weight with sufficient rear angulation, tail set on low and reaching to hock, free and tireless action on the move and although a little proud of her tail sometimes, she really is an excellent exhibit who I will watch with interest. 2 Robinson’s Wratthembray Timmy Tiptoes, Basset Fauve de Bretagne. Love the name! Excellent coat texture and condition on this youngster, good back skull and breadth, nice length of leg, correct front assembly, plenty of substance, moved out happily holding a strong topline, just needs to tighten up in front and a touch close behind. 3 Johnson’s Olphae Cadence with Wildan, Otterhound. J – 1 Stewart’s Kingwanas Vincent Van Boof of Jenbasi (Imp), Basenji. Masculine Basenji full of breed type, flat, well-chiselled head with pointed erect ears, good length of neck with typical crest, strong body with level topline and leading to high set tail with tight curl, very efficient mover, covering the ground with good rear drive. 2 Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy, Beagle, a real quality Beagle open tri bitch who is balanced in profile and with a pretty expression, long and low set leathers, clean in neck and strong front assembly, level topline, moderate bend of stifle and high set tail of good length with correct brush, sadly really struggled to co-ordinate efficiently on the move so lacked reach and drive and her tail carriage was lower than I’d like. 3 Stoddard’s Poppyville First Edition, Beagle. PG – 1 Stoddard’s Poppyville First Dance, Beagle. Head in proportion to body, large eyes, well set but could be more almond shaped, sufficient neck, shoulders well laid back, tight elbows, deep chest, slight tuck up, strong topline, tail set on well, tight compact feet, just tended to jump the lines on the ground but saw enough reach and drive to award her the class and I understand her last JW point, well done. 2 Blockley-Spurr’s Gradcru Pierro For Suttonelms (Imp). Upstanding masculine Greyhound who was handled well, nice head, strong neck, good length of upper arm, deep chest, strong rear angulation, long low set tail which was carried a little high on occasions, but real fantastic mover, just a touch underweight for my preference. 3 B Lucy, Beagle, 2nd in J. O 1, BAVNSC and G3 Hardy & Hallam’s Tokaji Klassic Trinity JW, Basenji. Real flashy black tri with extremely attractive markings, super front assembly, short in the back, tremendous side gait, very nice rear angles allowing her to move round the ring with plenty of drive, presented in superb condition and handled so well, just crabs a little on the up and down. 2 Wilenczyc’s Dreamlight Northern Dancer at Kashiba, Borzoi, full of breed type and very impressed at how well this top size boy coped with the ring conditions, sound as a pound and moving with power and with spring, really nice to get your hands on and presented in excellent coat and condition. 3 Johnson’s Skyrose Sea of Papavas at Viridis, Borzoi.

HOUND GROUP, a very good group where just small preferences separated them all. 1 Whippet, who took RBIS. 2 Cowper’s Norwegian Elkhound Ch Kestos Nimrod of Rothenberg. A real lovely specimen of the breed to have the pleasure of going over, appeals in head using his ears well and with keen and alert expression, short compact body and stood foursquare on tight feet, with excellent tight curl to the tail and in superb coat and condition, moved very well in all directions. 3 Basenji. 4 Afghan. HOUND PUPPY GROUP – three super promising puppies who all have to have fantastic futures ahead of them! 1 Mortimer’s Laakso Canute, Norwegian Elkhound. Wow, just fell in love with this gorgeous baby who was in super coat and condition was so compact and well made, straight front and strong rear with tightly curled well-furnished tail. 2 Whippet. 3 Saluki.