• Show Date: 16/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Marie Whyte Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Taunton & District Canine Association


Thank you to the committee of Taunton & District Canine Association for the invitation to judge whippets at their 2 day open show. I had a very enjoyable day. Thank you also to the exhibitors that entered their dogs for me to judge. 

Puppy dog (3,0) 

1. Andrew’s Railfield Rainoir at Sharmus, nice start to the day, 9 month old fawn, although up to size he is full of quality and presented in excellent condition, ideal front & rear angulation, correct feet & good spring in pastern, moved accurately. BPIB PG3 one to watch. 

2. Livsey’s Palmik Ace of Spades brindle/white just 6 months. He was giving away a lot in age today but I liked him for size and type. Lovely coat and condition, a little unsettled on the move. 

3. Grasampa Bewitching Boysie

Special Yearling Dog (2,0) 

Bennett’s Alamayn Endevern 15months fawn a curvy boy who is up to size. He has quite an appealing shape, just a bit on the thin side today. Lovely head and expression, correct feet and spring in pastern. Good top&underline. Held his topline on the move. 

Kirtland’s Jupiter Juno 13months fawn very different shape to 1. Taller on the leg and just a bit less mature. Nice head with correct bite. Well ribbed back. Shown in good condition. 

Graduate Dog (3,0)

Trouton’s Runnel Run for Fun 2 year old quality fawn dog i have admired ringside. Ideal size. Correct front and rear angles and excellent top&underline. Moved correct in profile holding his topline. In tip-top condition. He was a contender in final line up.

Sutton’s Palmik Hearts on Fire 3 yr brindle, stronger dog than 1, in good condition. Nice head and expression with correct ear shape. Just a touch wide coming towards. Strong hind quarters and well let down hocks. 

Willakyme Golden Didier 

Limit Dog (3,0)

Hawker’s Mollytop Dream Maker JW 2 year fawn , lovely outline on the stack and presented in top condition, correct flat muscle. Very sound on the move. Flattened slightly in profile. RBD 

Bennett’s Alamayn Solstice Sun 4 yrs brindle. Lovely head and expression with neat ears. Just a bit heavier through than 1. Liked his shape, deep chest and definite tuck up. Good width of thigh. Preferred movement of 1. 

Freehamlet Perfick Peter shcm 

Open Dog (2,1) 

Tope’s Falconcrag Class Act for Dewerstone JW Shcm 2yr fawn dog of lovely quality. He is masculine yet elegant, beautiful head and expression, lovely long neck into well laid shoulders. Correct topline and underline leading to strong hindquarters. Good width of thigh. He was making his handler work today, did enough to be my BD. In the challenge the bitch was just moving more accurately today. 

Puppy bitch (1,0)

Prowse’s Crosscop One Step Closer to Freehamlet 11months fawn with beautiful coat and skin. Lovely head with correct ear. Very smooth to go over. Shown in lovely condition. Good for size. Needs to develop in topline. Steady on the move. 

Special Yearling Bitch (4,2)

Baulch’s Erinnis Mignonette 19months fawn/white trim. Lovely shiny coat and skin. Very smooth to run hands over. Nice head and expression with correct ear. Good angles front and rear, correct underline with definite tuck up. Moved well in profile.

Bennett’s Alamayn Elegance 12months brindle/white parti. Taller than 1 and not as settled on the move today. Correct topline & underline. Strong hindquarters. In good condition.

Graduate Bitch (4,1)

Hoare’s Tormor Manyclouds fawn of ideal size. Presented in immaculate condition. Beautiful head & expression, lovely long neck into well laid shoulders. Correct feet & spring in pasterns. Absolutely sound coming and going, moves exceptionally well in profile. Didnt put a foot wrong. BB, BOB, HG1.

Baulch’s Whisterfield Je Ne Sais Quoi fawn nearly 2 years. She is feminine in head and has correct rose shaped ear. Stands on good feet and has correct spring in pastern. Couldnt match 1 in movement today. 

Freehamlet Perfick Portia 

Limit Bitch (3,2)

Prowse’s Supeta’s Ice Ice Baby of Freehamlet brindle who is up to size but really liked her shapely outline. Correct front and rear angulation with good muscle tone. Well ribbed back. Good width of thigh. Shown in lovely condition. Just moving a touch wide behind today otherwise a lovely bitch. RBB. 

Open Bitch (2,0)

Hunt’s Lavinia Love of Grasampa black, very smooth and in lovely condition, nice outline on the stack and held shape on the move. Correct front and rear assembly. I wouldn't want her any taller. 

Hawker’s Mollytop Dreamy Night fawn/br lovely head and expression, well laid shoulders, correct feet and spring of pastern. It was a close decision but i just preferred the top & underline on 1. Moved out well. 

Marie Whyte