• Show Date: 15/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Marie-ann Smith Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chihuahua Club Of South Wales

Chihuahua Club of South Wales  

15th July 2018 


I would like to thank the society for the invitation to judge at your lovely friendly and very well run open show.  


I would like to apologies for the long delay in submitting your critique.  


Thank you also for the help of my lovely stewards.  


Thank you very much to everyone who gave a very good entry and given the opportunity to go over a wonderful group of dogs.  


Chihuahua Longcoat  

Thank you to all the exhibitors for your entries. All the dogs that were present were well groomed and in excellent condition 

Minor Puppy Dog (1 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Graham’s Donami Jenson Button, This boy has big expressive round eye. Large well placed coears. His dentition is correct. Lovely topline which is showed well when tail is used correctly  

Puppy Dog (3 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Minton’s Donami Dazzel Me cream Excellent dentition, Large flaring ears well place on a good head with beautiful large round eyes. Level Topline with a very well set tail held correctly. This boy has wonderfully dark pigment which along with large eyes and smaller finer proportions gave him the edge over 2nd . 

2 – Culverhouse’s Baby Boom Mano Efektas with Lykath (IMP LTU) I have watched this boy from outside the ring on many occasion. Slightly larger in proportion to 1st his mouth is perfect as would be expected of an import. Ears are large and flaring at the base however eyes could be slightly bigger. His muzzle is a little heavy for me. He has an excellent tail set and carriage which gives a wonderful topline. This boy can move! 

Junior Dog (1 entries,1 abs) 

1 – Lee’s Chilier Skylark of Ridgehawk  15mth this boy is just so happy with life and his enjoyment of showing made me smile. His pigment is excellent as is his dentition. A level topline and well set tail carried very well albeit constantly on the move. Thank you for making me smile. 

Special Yearling Dog (2 entries,1 abs) 

1 – Stangoe’s Zoya’s Kingdom Fifth Element at Stanghurst Red Dog. Fine & petite with lovely large eye. Correct sickle tail set carried well on the move. 

Post Graduate Dog (0 entry, 0 abs) 

1 – 

Limit Dog (1 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Lee’s Ridgehawk Freds Legacy Love love this boy! He caught my eye instantly! Such a lovely showman today. He is not overcoated and is in excellent condition well muscled with good body condition. He has exceptional dark pigment which only enhances his beautiful expression with large round eyes super large flaring ears set perfectly on a great apple domed head. He held a level topline both on the stand and on the move although I would like to see more daylight between his back and tail this is the only thing I could say I would change on him today. His movement both away and back showed his conformation to be excellent. BD BOB & BIS 

Open Dog (2 entries, 0 abs) 

1 – Rooney’s Zoya’s Kingdom Gorgeous at Yorone ,Cream  Lovely head with large expressive eyes. Good large flaring ears used to good effect. This boy can move! RBD 

2 – Alarion’s Louis Vultton De Llisle Au Vert cream nice boy that has a slightly smaller eye than 1st but has excellent pigment. His mouth is excellent and his topline is good held well on the move and on the stand. 

Veteran Dog/Bitch (2 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Austin’s CH Mairichis Blossom I have watched this little girl many times flying around the ring. She is in excellent body condition with level topline and excellent tail carriage. Longer in muzzle to what I prefer but she has an excellent stop with beautiful large round eyes her dentition is what sets her apart from the rest I believe. Although as would be expected of a 10yr old she has a few missing incisors her bite is perfect and there would have been a full set. She moves better than some half her age. BVB & BVOB 

2 – Austin’s Salero Laura Rose Mit Mairichis A lovely girl that has a lovely head with good eyes and ears. Moved exceptionally well however preferred 1st overall. 


Minor Puppy Bitch (5 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Rooney’s Sweet Melody Scavo at Yorone, Exceptionally Beautiful head with well defined stop appropriately length of muzzle. Lovely round eyes. Perfect correct dentition. Moved exceptionally well with excellent topline held perfectly on the move and on the stand. BPIB & RBPIS 

2 – Fothergill’s Cwitchi The Thrill Of It All what a stunning head this girl has. Good well placed large flaring ears. Pigment is very good too and great level topline. 

Puppy Bitch (2 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Dover’s Justenuf Yin Yang  this little girl creates a beautiful outline and this draws your attention. Her tail set and carriage is excellent. She has correct dentition and lovely pigment.  

2 – Foley’s Tamilay Devil in Disguise  a beautiful girl that moves well however 1st is more refined today. 

Junior Bitch (4 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Graham’s Chihgra Pearly Button  this young lady has a very well made body that oozes quality. Her mouth is correct, she has a lovely large round eye. Her tail is carried correctly and her topline is perfect.  

2 – Minton’s Sunny Lion Vafelka Donami (IMP UKR) a lovely bitch with good mouth, a slightly smaller eye than 1st. she moved very well around the ring.  

Special Yearling Bitch (3 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Minton’s Sunny Lion Varvara Donami (IMP UKR) Lovely dark pigment which gives this girl a great expression. She has excellent dentition however her tail is too tight for me. She won this class on her excellent movement. 

2 – Edwards’s Ahau Casa Grande Moon Magic (IMP UKR) lovely head on this girl with correct mouth and lovely large round eyes again as with 1st tail is too tight for me. 

Post Graduate Bitch (4 entry, 0 abs) 

1 – Edwards’s Ahau Casa Grande in My Love Tinasjoy (IMP UKR) what a fun little girl! She exudes personality! She is very pretty with a lovely head, would prefer a slightly larger eye but everything else about her is great. Her mouth is perfect!BB 

2 – Graham’s Chihgra Spiced Gold I really liked this girl she has a great topline with really good movement.  

Limit Bitch (2 entries,0 abs) 

1 – Hannay’s Wynadexx Tequi Sunrise  A very pretty girl who’s expression melted my heart. Level bite. Really good dark pigment and excellent level topline.  

2 – Austin’s Mairichis Charlie’s Rose as with all this exhibitors dogs this girl is the personification of happiness. She has a good mouth and lovely big eyes. 

Open Bitch (2 entries, 0 abs) 

1 – Graham’s Chihgra Toya  well this girl has the type of head I love with the added bonus of a perfect mouth. She moves well around the ring and she has a sickle tail. Topline could be better.RBB 

2 – Stangoe’s Monalisa Ot Vanilnoy Luny at Stanghurst lovely girl with a perfect mouth, lovely large round eyes and moved well. Sadly was not totally sound today.  


Mrs Marie-Ann Smith (Gabrielbelle)