• Show Date: 18/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Manuel Fernandez Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Midland Counties Airedale Terrier Club


I would like to thank the committee for making me feel so welcome and at ease. I felt truly honoured to be given the opportunity to judge at this show. I would also like to thank the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their dogs. I really enjoyed the day.

Special Beginners Dogs or Bitch (No Entries)

Puppy Dog (1)

1st Purchons' JOKYL DRAW THE LINE: This puppy took my eye the moment he came into the ring. 9 month old dog, short coupled, displaying a beautiful outline. Balanced head of good length with dark eye. Well set ears. Nice front. Good spring and depth of rib for one so young. Well set tail. Crisp coat. Moved well when he got into his stride. Very alert at all times. RBIS, BPIS, BD, BPD.

Junior Dog (No Entries)

Maiden Dog (No Entries)

Novice Dog (No Entries)

Post Graduate Dog (1, 1A)

Limit Dog (No Entries)

Open Dog (1)

1st Moules' DORAEMI BUFFALO SOLDIER: 2 year old masculine dog maturing nicely. Long lean head with small dark eye. Good length to neck leading to well laid shoulder. Straight front. Nice topline. Well set tail. Moved well. Coat of good texture. I just preferred the outline of the winner of puppy dog. RBD. 

Veteran Dog or Bitch (1)

1st Fury's SAREDON LORELLY (B): 8 year old bitch in great condition. Clean head with dark eye. Good Shoulders. Short level back. Well angulated rear. Well muscled. Moved well. BVIS.

Puppy Bitch (No Entries)

Junior Bitch (1)

1st Hampton & Hall's MULIEBRITY SUN KISSED: 13 month old bitch maturing nicely with a pleasing outline. Long well balanced head. Good shoulder. Nice topline. Well ribbed for age. Lovely rear movement due to good angulation. She seemed to lack a bit of confidence today which I'm sure will come.

Maiden Bitch (No Entries)

Novice Bitch (No Entries)

Post Graduate Bitch (2)

1st Hampton & Hall's MULIEBRITY ENCHANTED BAY: This quality, balanced bitch demanded attention, a real show off. The best of heads, long, lean with great proportions. Lovely eye with super expression. Well set ears that she used well. Strong neck. Good shoulder. Short level back that she maintained on the move. Well muscled. Lovely rear and well set tail. Quality coat. Moved well. BIS, BB. 

2nd Edwards' SAREDON SIMPLY SUSAN AT SMOCKALLEY: Lovely bitch although not the head of 1. Well set ears that she uses well. Nice front. Lovely topline with well set tail. Nice rear well angulated. Moved well.

Limit Bitch (1)

1st Hacker & Jenkins' CRILLEE WHAT A CARRY ON AT SHERIFS: Very feminine and alert bitch. Lovely head of good length and balance. Lovely expression. Good bone. Shoulders well laid back. Short coupled. Nice rear angulation. She can get a bit over-excited on the move, but when settled moves well.

Open Bitch (3, 1A)

1st Browns' JOKYL NOBLE PRINCESS FOR OCEANAIRE: Quality bitch with a beautiful outline. Excellent head with great expression. Strong neck into well laid shoulders. Lovely topline. Well sprung ribs. Short level back. Well angulated. Beautifully presented. Another bitch that showed herself off superbly, I just preferred the tail set and rear movement of the BB. RBB.

2nd Purchons' JOKYL TRUE ROMANCE AT ELLWOODKINGS: Feminine bitch. Good length to balanced head, flat skull. Well set ears. Nice front. Ribs well sprung with good depth. Short coupled with level back. She moved well although she didn't seem to put her all in today.

Judge: Manuel Fernandez (BLAKFIRE)