• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mandy Romeo-Dieste Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North West Canine Association

Cocker Spaniel
Puppy (12) Thank you for a lovely entry. In this puppy class I was spoilt for choice.
1st Wildman, Gerrard & Spenser’s Manlinson Painted Lady Very sweet blue roan bitch of 10mths. She has a feminine, well chiselled head with good eye colour. I liked her overall compact profile. Her shoulders are gently sloping in to a level topline. Her rib is deep and leads to a short loin. She is well feathered and her coat is in gleaming condition. Movement was accurate and covered the ground with a happy tail action. BP & BOB. Pleased to see her go G3 and win the Puppy Group.
2nd Morris’ Jennabar A Touch of Magic Another blue bitch with a lot to like, but just needs time to settle on the move. Another good head, with a nice expression. Good shoulders and length of body with correct loin. She has a good turn of stifle and has short hocks. She moved well.
3rd Hatton’s Royaldean Stricktly Legacy
Junior (2)
1st Tracz’s Kyna Holding Hands With Acregate Blue dog, at almost 18mths. Good head and eye. He has nice length front angulation with a compact, deep ribbed body. He rear angulation is balanced with his front with a correctly set tail. He won this class on his more accurate movement.
2nd Mason’s Sandlauga Soul Man Giving away some in age this golden dog took a little time to settle and this was reflected in his movement. He has well laid shoulders leading to a level topline and correct tail set. His rear is well angulated and he has excellent bone and feet.
Post Graduate (2,1abs)
1st McBribe’s Topday Ringo Star This boy is slightly stronger in head and I would prefer a tighter eye. He has a good length of neck and nicely placed shoulders. His rib is deep and he is mature through the body. He has a good bend of stifle and has short hocks. His tail was carried nicely on the move and he went true forward and back.
Open (4) 1st McBride’s Topday Hugo Boss JW A very difficult choice between the first two. Blue dog, with good head and expression. He has lightly sloping shoulders down to his firm topline and correctly set tail. He has good length and return to his upper arm, which I preferred over the 2nd place. He is deep in his rib and has a good bend of stifle which gives him a balanced profile. He was happy on the move and went with driving action.
2nd Wildman & Spenser’s ES/PT/IB Ch Serenade De Andaba Xey ES/IB JNR CH This black bitch was of a different type but has lots to like. Her head is feminine and well proportioned. Her chest is well developed with correct width. Her loin is short and strong with well turned stifle and short hocks. She has enough bone for her size and correct feet. She was very happy on the move with typical Cocker attitude.
3rd Morris’ Riondel Murphy’s Law

English Setter
Puppy (2)
1st Roberts’ Wansleydale Frangelico For Mirkwood Pretty Tri bitch who just needs a little more confidence in the ring. She is of medium size and presents a balanced outline for a puppy. She has a slightly arched neck to well laid shoulders and good topline. Her rib is deep and well sprung. Her first thigh is well developed and her stilfe is well turned. She moved steadily with good tail action. BP
2nd Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Grey Upstanding Tri dog who is going through a difficult stage. Attractive head with good eye shape and colour. His shoulders are well set back and he has good length to his upper arm. His neck is strong and clean. He has enough depth of rib and strong loin. He moved well but I would like to see him in a bigger ring.
Junior (3)
1st Roberts’ Wansleydale Frangelico For Mirkwood
2nd Lawson’s Wansleydale Dorian Grey
3rd Owens & Walker’s Sunrush Secret Love
Post Graduate (1,1abs)
Open (3,1abs)
1st Loynd’s Crimbledale Seaing Stars JW I have admired this orange bitch from the ringside. Her head is so feminine with lovely proportions. Her neck is strong and slightly arched, which leads to her well placed shoulders. Her topline is level and flows in to her correctly set tail. She has maturity through her body and a lovely coat with full furnishings. On the move she covered the ground well, using her tail. BOB
2nd Owen’s Sunrush Moonlight Sonata I really liked the outline this veteran presented, but she was lacking enthusiasm on the move, possibly due to the heat. Her head properties are so well balanced with good wide nostrils and oval eye. Her clean neck and well shoulders lead to a firm topline. Her rib is well sprung and has good depth. She was also in full coat with plenty of feathering.

Irish Setter
Puppy (2) These 2 puppies where of a very different type.
1st Smith’s Shelindar The Red Scuderia A substantial dog puppy of almost 12mths who would benefit from some ring craft. I would like a little more refinement to his head, but he has good eye shape and colour. He has good angulation both front and rear with a deep rib which are well sprung. His movement was a little un coordinated but should settle with training and maturity. BP
2nd Walker’s Thendara Soul Sister This bitch was much finer than the dog with a more elegant head. She was narrow in front and had the required straight legs and free elbows. She has tight feet with well arched toes. Her angulation was balanced both ends. She moved on a steady stride.
Junior (4) 1st Hart’s Gwendarriff In The Limelight With Gilliegrae 14mths dog has a lovely head with good defined stop and darks eyes. He has a clean neck and well placed shoulders gently leading to a slightly slopping topline and correctly set tail. He has good heart room and a pronounced brisket. His rear is well turned with short hocks. His movement was a little erratic in the small ring. Another I would like to see with move room to get going.
2nd Corless’ Swiftlark Second Nature A pretty bitch of almost 18mths with balanced angulation front and rear. Her chest was deep enough and and topline was level. Her neck was of good length. She has enough bone for her size and has good tight well arched feet. Moved ok.
3rd Smith’s Shelindar The Red Scuderia
Post Graduate (3)
1st French’s Diervilla Zen Power Masculine head and kind expression. Straight topline leading to well set tail. He is deep in rib with good elbows. He has good strength and length of loin with well turned stifle and straight hocks. In profile he covered the ground well using his tail, but was a little close behind.
2nd Jepson’s Two Acres Lucky Charm Another feminine bitch, she has well placed shoulders and a slightly slopping topline. She is not as deep as the 1st and is racier all through. She is moderately angulated all through with good feet. Moved ok
3rd Corless’ Swiftlark First Edition
Open (5,1abs)
1st Corless’ Swiftlark First Knight Lovely head with correct stop and good expression. He has a nice clean neck which flows to a straight and slopping toplone leading straight in his well set tail. His rib is deep and well sprung with a pronounced brisket. His rear angulation matches his front, being well turned and short in hock. On the moved he went with drive and used his tail well. I hope he re gains his confidence, he’s a lovely boy. BOB
2nd Jepson’s Two Acres Lucky Charm
3rd French’s Balintyne Just You And Me

English Springer Spaniel
Puppy (1,abs)
Junior (1,1abs)
Post Graduate (2,2abs)
Open (3,2abs)
1st Tracz’s Melverley Desert Strike Over Acregate JW ShCM Standing alone but more than worthy of his BOB. Typcial head and expression. He has a strong neck which leads to his nicely sloping shoulders. He has excellent bone and compact feet. He has good length to his well developed rib and a strong loin. His rear is moderately angulated and I found him in hard condition. An easy mover who maintained his topline. BOB.

AVNSC Gundog
Puppy (5,2abs) 1st Dawson’s Beskerby Luminescent I really liked this Clumber bitch with her happy outlook. Her head is feminine with good eye shape and colour. She is well boned and stands on large round feet. Her rib to loin proportions are good and she has good width to her thigh. She moved so well for a baby, on a good even stride. Best AVNSC Puppy & PG4
2nd Hart’s Ianbro Mystic Quartz Shines at Gillegrae Sweet IRWS bitch with typical head on a clean, slightly arched neck. Her shoulders are well placed and she has good length and return to her upper arm. She has good deep, well sprung ribs and her rear is moderately angulated. She moved on a good stride, moving true fore and aft.
3rd Hargreaves’ Ianbro Kamino Sapphire To Forgeway
Junior (1,1abs)
Post Graduate (3,1abs)
1st Jones’ Ewtor Crazy Kinda Love at Pennybeck A Field Spaniel with a feminine head, which is well chiselled. Well developed rib and correct length of loin. She has moderately bent stifles and has good tail carriage. She moved steadily with drive.
2nd Roberts’ Birchgarth Be Bop For Mirkwood This Gordon Setter has a nice masculine head with good lay of shoulder. I would like a better topline and his chest could be deeper. He has good bone and and tight round feet. He is nicely angulated at both ends and moved steadily.
Open (5,3abs)
1st Hart’s Gilliegrae Swift N’Chic This IRWS presented a very balanced, typical outline. She is feminine in head and has the correct eye colour. Her shoulders are well laid and she held a level topline. Her front angulation matches her rear giving her balance. She is short in the loin and her tail is correctly set. On the move she went with drive from her muscular quarters. Best AVNSC
2nd Smith’s Ewtor Affinity For Flyenpyg JW ShCM This Field was close up to the 1st who was just in better coat. Her outline is mature and well balanced. She has good shoulders slowing in to her lovel topline and correct tailset. She has lovely length and return of upper arm and good bone with tight feet. Her rear is moderately angulation and she moved with purpose.
Mandy Romeo-Dieste (Judge)