• Show Date: 03/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mandy Romeo-Dieste Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Romsey & District Canine Society

AVNSC Gundog
Puppy (2,1abs)
1st Rose’s Braccorions Meant To Be With Piccorino
Just 6 mths this young lady is very much a baby just as she should be for her age. Pretty head with good chiselling under her eye with closely lying ears. She has a strong neck to good shoulders and the required topline. She has a well developed rear and correct tailset. On the move she took a little time to settle but once she got it together she was true and covered plenty of ground. Best AVNSC Puppy Gundog Puppy Group 1. I was delighted that she finished BPIS. I wish you luck with her.
Special Yearling (4,1abs)
1st Tollerfield’s Geasten Top Tinker
This young Lagotto dog was a little distracted but once he concentrated he presented a good outline. Moderately broad head with a slight stop. He is compact in body with good depth of rib. His coat is of good texture with a thick undercoat. On the move he was steady with good tail carriage. Res BAVNSC Gundog
2nd Robertson & Watson’s Kyuna Dream of Magic At Moonglade Gordon Setter bitch who at 14 mths still has some developing to do. Good head properties but would like a little more width to her muzzle. Her neck is clean and slightly arched leading to her level topline and correctly set tail. She is deep enough in her body with close elbows. Her feet are tight and she is nicely boned. She moved steadily.
3rd Paterson & Heath’s Fullforge Fine & Dandy
Post Graduate (1)
1st Paterson & Heath’s Fullforge Fine & Dandy
A cheeky Lagotto who has is owner wrapped around his paw. Nice head and expression with good length of neck. Quality bone and good coat texture. He moved well when he got going but would benefit from some ringcraft.
Open (3)
1st Bartholomew’s Owlspoint Trouble Shooter For Bartholeys
Attractive Bracco. Deep chest with a good topline. Well set tail with good carriage on the move. He has good bone down to tight. His angulation is balanced both ends and he moves true on a good stride. Best AVNSC Gundog
2nd Woods Nunneyswood Evening Snow Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
Good head and eye colour, Good length to her strong neck with good tail set. Nicely angulated and balanced through the body. Moved ok. 3rd Paterson & Heath’s Fullforge Fine & Dandy

AV Gundog Puppy (7,5abs) 2 very nice puppies who I liked very much
1st Russell’s Rosinante Mirabelle
Sweet Golden bitch with a pretty head and kind eye. She is very balanced for a baby and has good body proportions. She was very together on the move and went with drive maintaining a good topline. Best AV Gundog Puppy
2nd Drake’s Fleurfield Moonflower With Clamerkin
Lovely Pointer bitch at just the right stage of development. Good head with wide nostrils. Good length and strength of neck to well laid shoulders. Her well angulated front is matched with her rear. The 1st was move settled on the move, but that was all that separated them today.
Special Yearling (7, 2abs)
1st Wallace’s Tiaja Love In The Sun Yellow
Labrador who is just out of puppy. She has good shoulders and well angulated front. She is deep in the body and has a short loin. Her head is balanced with good ear set. She moved well with good reach and drive.
2nd Rimmer & Phillips’ Tivalake You’re The Top
This NSDTR appealed in head. He has a level topline and a well turned stifle with good width to his thigh. He is correct in rib, with quality bone and tight feet. When asked to move something spooked him but I saw enough on the initial go round to place him.
3rd Hocking’s Kaspurgold Rizzini
Post Graduate (4)
1st Rimmer & Phillips’ Tivalake You’re The Top
I’m glad this dog came in to this class as he was much more settled and enjoyed his showing.
2nd Cardiff’s Prosperity Girl Scout
Pointer bitch. I liked her balanced head and overall balance. She is deep in the rib with quality bone and super feet. Her rear is nicely angulated and her tail is correctly set. She moved steadily.
3rd Hocking’s Kaspurgold Rizzini
Open (4,1abs)
1st Vaughn’s Teisgol I Am What I Am at Phlynnies
Lovely Pointer bitch. Good reach of neck to well placed shoulders. She is mature through her body and had good angulation front and rear. Her tail is correctly set. She moved with purpose. Best AV Gundog.
2nd Paterson & Heath’s Fullforge Fine & Dandy
Special Veteran 7-9 Years (7, 1abs) These were 2 classes of great veterans. Thank you.
1st Burchell’s Tivalake Jingle Bell Rock ShCM
NSDTR of good balance. He has a good head with slight wedge shape. He has good shoulders with nice length and return of upper arm and his stifle is well angulated. He is correct in loin. He is in good coat and condition. He moved well. Pleased to give him Best Gundog Veteran.
2nd Drake’s Ansona Queen of Hearts at Clamerkin ShCM Pointer.
I liked her head and dark eye. She has good shoulder placement with a slightly sloping topline. She is deep enough in the rib and has a correct loin. Her rear is moderately angulated. Moved well.
Special Veteran 10+ Years (3,1abs)
1st Cardiff’s Prosperity Sheer Elegance
Pointer bitch with a typey head. She is balanced through the body with good depth of rib. Nicely angulated all through. She moved well.
2nd Rose’s Azteca April Quest JW
Golden Retriever. Happy boy who was really enjoying himself. Good head and lay of shoulder. Deep body and tight elbows. He is well angulated and has a good tail set. In full coat. Moved steadily.

Gundog Group
1st Hall’s Glennara Cilleigne Dervla JW (IKC)
This Irish Setter appealed for her overall type and balance. She has a beautiful head with a good eye shape and colour. Her necks flows in to well placed shoulders and a good topline. She has a well made front with deep chest and well sprung ribs. Her rear is matched with her front enabling her to move with purpose. She is in lovely coat and condition.
2nd Davey’s Clanfield Bounty
A very enthusiastic Labrador who presents a balanced outline. I liked his head and earset. He is mature through the body with a short loin, good topline and correct tail set. He moved well.
3rd Burchell’s Make ‘Em Laugh JW NSDTR
4th Bartholomew’s Owlspoint Trouble Shooter For Bartholeys Bracco

Gundog Puppy Group
1st Rose’s Braccorions Meant To Be With Piccorino
Very pleased she finished BPIS. Congratulations!
2nd Russell’s Rosinante Crystal Clear
Golden Retriever bitch. Very balanced for her age. She has lovely front angulation with good length of upper arm. Her body is deep and her stifle is moderately turned. She moved well on a good stride.
3rd Drake’s Fleurfield Moonflower with Clamerkin
4th Barnes’ Challowdown Day Tripper

Mandy Romeo-Dieste (Judge)