• Show Date: 19/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Mandy Romeo-Dieste Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wickford Basildon & District Canine Society

AVNSC Gundog
Puppy (4) This was a lovely class and I felt there was much to like about all 4 puppies
1st Beasley’s Wansleydale Amaretto
Very pretty tricolour English Setter who is very balanced for her age. She is very well made at both ends with good depth of rib and correct loin. Her tail is nicely set which she used on the move. In lovely coat with furnishings and when asked to move she did so with ease. Best AVNSC Gundog Puppy and Puppy Group 2.
2nd Sandiford’s Hernwood Buffy Sumers Another baby who, at 6.5mths, is very together for her age. I preferred the head of the English which is all that separated them. She has good shoulder placement and has good depth of body and clean elbows. She has good bone and tight feet. Her rear is moderately angulated and which enables her to move with plenty of drive.
3rd Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki Born To Move
Junior (2,1abs)
1st Thrasivoulou’s Skilaki Born To Move Weimeraner with a lovely head with medium sized eye and kind expression. Clean neck to well placed should and good topline. Her rib is deep and her loin is deep and strong. She has a nicely turned stifle and correctly set tail. She was more settled in this class which enabled her to move on a better stride. 3rd in the quality puppy class.
Graduate (8,3abs)
1st Osbourne’s Petranella Exclusive With Braego ESS dog, clean neck to good shoulder and a level topline. He is deep enough in rib with quality bone and feet. His rear is nicely angulated and his tail is well set. I would like a little more animation on the moved, but he covered the ground well.
2nd Payne’s Lovenjoel Price Charming IRWS. Lovely head with good proportions. Balanced through the body with good angulation front and rear. He was in good coat with enough feathering. He was giving his handler a hard time standing and on the move.
3rd Yates’ Melanitta Milk and Honey NDTR
Open (10, 6abs) 1st McDonald’s Roanjora Castelao JW ShCM IRWS with a clean, balanced head on slightly arched neck set in well placed shoulders to a good topline. He is moderately angulated front and matching rear, with enough bone and tight feet. When moving he went on an easy stride with reach and drive. Best AVNSC Gundog
2nd Weller’s Hannahdene Danny Boy With Juldeane JW Orange English Setter. Super head and well placed ears. This boy has a strong topline and his tail is correctly set. His rib is deep but I would prefer more angulation to his upper arm. Moved well. Res Best AVNSC Gundog
3rd Kerr's Fanchon Lawdy Miss Clawdy Taffi (Imp NDL) English Setter

Gundog Group
1st Scutcher’s Winsleywood Wild Anise JW Quality yellow Labrador bitch who appealed for her overall breed type. Typical head with a naughty expression. Strong neck in to well laid back shoulder and good topline. She is deep through her body and she has good rear angulation. On the move she covered the ground well.
2nd Ellis & Pilkington’s Shannara Total Eclipse WSS
3rd Fannin & Roper’s Catnnels Inside Story for Brensham Golden Retriever
4th Gisby’s Sutereseett King of Hearts JW Irish Setter

Gundog Puppy Group
1st Revill & Taylor’s Julita Rhubette Pretty WWS bitch of 10mths. Pretty head with good chiselling beneath her dark eyes. Her angulation is balanced front and rear with enabled her to move with drive and precision. She has well sprung ribs of the correct length.
2nd Beasley’s Wansleydale Amaretto English Setter
3rd Wilson’s Anbrook Fair Maid of Kent by Winhampton Clumber Spaniel
4th Bavin & Austin’s Eastonbavent I Have A Dream Cocker Spaniel

Mandy Romeo-Dieste (Judge)