• Show Date: 22/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lynn Bailey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Carluke & District Canine Society

Carluke & District Canine Society 

Thank you to the society and their hard working committee for my invitation to judge this well run, friendly show. I found all exhibits to have wonderful temperaments and thank their owners for accepting my decisions in a gracious manner.

Hound Group 

Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petite) Open (4,2 abs)

1st Wyllie’s Tangaer Calvera Avec Callydena 

Lovely natured 2 year old girl, who moved out freely. Liked her shape and size, and for me she excelled in head. She has a skull of moderate length and a well defined stop with dark, oval eyes. A super showgirl who was presented in good condition. Pleased to award her BOB.

2nd Allen’s Afterglow Cinnamon Buns

Another 2 year old sweet girl with a pleasant nature. She has a rough unexaggerated coat with the correct thick undercoat. Her neck is strong and long. On the move she carried her tail correctly, however was not as true in front as 1.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Junior (5)

1st Shaw’s Negasi Celebrian

Loved the clean outline on this 17 month old bitch. She was shown in hard condition and handled well. Her ridge is clearly defined and symmetrical on her powerful back. She has a flat skull of fair length and a powerful muzzle, whilst remaining feminine which I found to be the best head in the class. Her front is clean and her shoulders sloping and clean. She was a joy to watch on the move. Should have a bright future.

2nd Scanlon’s Kinabula’s All About the Bass

Smaller bitch than 1, who also has a pleasing and clean outline. Super feminine with a good nature. She was in great condition and her coat was short, dense and sleek. I liked her head, with her skull being flat and free from wrinkle. She was sympathetically handled but did give her handler a hard time. Just preferred the rear of 1.

3rd Bulgin’s Rocksham Knight of Glastery

Rhodesian Ridgeback Post Graduate (4)

1st Buchanan’s Nehando’s Excalibur

Powerful 2 year old male who has a strong presence. He is a deep red wheaten with a good temperament. Another with the correct desired ridge and strong neck. He has a handsome, masculine head, with dark round eyes and correct ears. His chest is deep and capacious and he stands on compact feet.

2nd Bulgin’s Rocksham Knight of Glastery

I really liked this 9 month old boy who stood 3rd in Junior. He settled in this class to show off his virtues and I’m sure he will have a bright future when he matures. Even at this age he is well balanced and has a pleasing temperament. His chest is deep and his ribs moderately sprung leading to a strong loin. Love his topline with it’s slight arch. He presented a very nice outline and was handled well.

3rd Cunningham’s Walamadengie Mademoiselle

Rhodesian Ridgeback Open (5,2 abs)

1st McKinlay’s Azali Jamaa Azizi Tiberius ShCM (IMP)

This impressive 4 year old male took my eye as soon as he entered the ring. For me, he was the complete package of power, quality and balance, coming in to his own on the move where he was a joy to watch. His head is masculine with sparkling eyes, his muzzle is deep and powerful and his flat skull complimented with the correct ear shape. He has the cleaneast of outlines, a perfect topline with such a powerful, slightly arched back. He stands on good, compact feet using his lovely forequarters and well muscled hindquarters. His stifles are well bent and his hocks well let down. His stride was free with good drive. I was in no hesitation to award him BOB and Group 2.

2nd Cunningham’s Walamadengie Coco Chanelle

A sweet youngster of only 15 months who needed time to settle in the class. She was shy and needs to gain confidence to fulfil her potential. Due to her shyness, her movement was fairly erratic however she was a nice type, with a feminine and correct head, deep capacious chest, strong loin and well bent stifles. Shame she just wasn’t feeling it today.

3rd Scanlon’s Sharufa Dream Maker ShCM

Basset Hound Open (2,1 abs)

1st Grace & Twaddle’s Sasilasy Fire and Ice

I really liked this quality red and white bitch. Just a youngster of 17 months and a bit of a fidget, however she oozes quality and is a lovely shape and size. She is feminine but has considerable substance with a pleasing head framed by low set, long ears. She has well laid back shoulders, rounded and well sprung ribs and a broad, level back. I felt myself smile whenever she set off around the ring due to her smooth and effortless striding action and proudly carried stern. She was presented in super condition and has a smooth and short coat. BOB - It was a shame that she was unhappy in the challenge and would not carry her tail. I am sure on the right day this sweet girl will really shine.

Borzoi Open (3,1 abs)

A difficult decision between these 2 beautifully presented girls. I found 2nd to have the more appealing topline and better balance, however preferred the head of 1st and on the move she was a picture, moving out more true and in a powerful yet effortless manner.

1st Dollan’s Donskoi Zanoza at Scotach ShCM

An elegant, 3 year old lemon and white bitch who has a cheeky expression and glint to her dark eye. I loved her head which was feminine, long and lean and framed with small, delicate ears. Her jaw is strong with the correct bite. She has a long, muscular and slightly arched neck which displays no throatiness and is set on at the correct angle. Her shoulders are clean and slope well back. Her beautiful movement was complimented with a correctly carried, graceful tail. BOB - I would have loved to see her sparkle as much in the group as she did in this class.

2nd Dollan’s Ryazan Julianna at Scotach ShCM

This 4 year old red and white bitch was a picture stacked and has a pleasing head. Her coat is beautifully silky and she was presented impeccably. She has a nice head with a dark and alert eye, small delicate ears and a large black nose. Loved the graceful curve to her topline and the great depth of her brisket. Not as true on the move as 1.

Afghan Hound Graduate (7,1 abs)

A difficult class to assess which consisted of varying degrees of maturity with the oldest in the class being 21 months, compared to the youngest of 9 months which made all the difference. Some hounds appeared lethargic and lacked the desired spring to their step on the move.

1st French’s Sitana Bijali Toofan at Zalmeerah

21 month old black masked gold boy. By far the most mature in the class and presented the most complete package. He has a handsome head with a dark eye, strong jaw and low set ears. His neck is long and strong, leading on to long sloping shoulders. I loved his balanced outline and thought he was a picture on the move, using his powerful hindquarters to move smoothly and elegantly around the ring. Best mover in the class.

2nd McCormack’s Tulak Never Been Kissed

Self masked gold bitch of 14 months with lots to like about her. She is feminine and has a good expression. Her eye is dark and triangular and her foreface long with a slight stop. She has a well balanced skull with a strong jaw. I found her neck to be strong but would prefer a shade more length to complete a more balanced picture. Moved out well.

3rd Ashton’s Brigitte Bardot Gandamak (IMP) TAF

Afghan Hound Open (7,1 abs)

1st Langer’s Khamis Huckleberry

3 years old blue & cream domino male who presents a very appealing and balanced outline. Loved his long, strong neck. He has an attractive head with a dark triangular eye, strong jaw and long skull. His shoulders slope into a well muscled back giving a correct topline with prominent wide hipbones. He stands on large, strong feet which were thickly coated. His stifles are well bent and there is a great length between hock and hip. Moved out in a smooth and dignified manner with a spring to his step. His coat is beautifully presented and he was extremely well handled. Pleased to award him BOB and Group 3.

2nd Langer’s Khamis Pacific Tiger ShCM

More masculine male than 1, from the same kennel who was also presented impeccably. He is a brindle of 5 years with a pleasing head. His jaw is strong, muzzle long and he has a dark eye. His ears hang low and are set well back. He has straight well boned forelegs and a good length of upper arm. Preferred the topline and movement of 1.

3rd McCormack’s Tulak Never Been Kissed

Whippet Puppy (1)

1st Cuthbert’s Marvidara Be My Baby at Lunaire

Sweet fawn and white trimmed boy of 7 months. He has a beautiful balance, clean outline and is a lovely shape. He has a sweet disposition and I found lots to like about him. His head is long and lean and his eyes the correct oval shape. His jaw is strong with a perfect scissor bite. He has good shoulders, feet and correct moderate bone. I loved his oval feet which had well arched knuckles. His tail is long and was carried correctly on the move. Very much a baby on the move but an interesting prospect.

Whippet Post Graduate (6,3 abs)

1st Muir’s Citycroft Firenze for Loualba JW

Fawn bitch with white trim of 23 months. I loved the size and shape of this girl. Her outline is very clean and she is so incredibly balanced. Her head is feminine with an oval, dark eye framed with small fine ears. She has a muscular, long elegant neck leading to well laid back shoulders and flat muscles. Her pasterns are strong and have a slight spring to them. She has plenty of heart room and has a firm muscular back with a nice arch over her loin. Her tail was carried in a delicate curve when she moved out freely and with purpose. A very nice exhibit who was handled to perfection.

2nd Uytman & McKinstry’s Cornstalk Springtime

This 4 year old fawn parti bitch was a similar pleasing shape and size to 1, but I felt she carried a little more weight which made her outline not as appealing. Another girl with a pretty feminine head of correct proportions. Her neck was strong with an elegant arch and she has a well filled in front with a deep brisket. Her coat is short and fine and she was presented in beautiful condition. On the move she had a tendency to move toeing in slightly and her backend could be stronger.

3rd Brook’s Rushden Tam’s Still Game

Whippet Open (9,2 abs)

A lovely class of whippets.

1st Armstrong & McFarlane’s Cornstalk Super Model

This quality 3 year old exhibit caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring. She oozes elegance and everything about her was graceful and correct. I loved her gentle and sweet disposition which this breed is renowned for. Her head is so feminine and clean cut with a bright, oval shaped eye and her ears are small, fine and a good shape. She has a beautiful outline which accentuates her long, strong neck, muscular back and graceful arch over her loin. She stands on good oval feet and has the perfect amount of bone for her build. I could have watched her move all day long in the effortless and free way that she does. For me, her tailset and carriage was perfect. Her fawn and white coat was fine and short and she was presented in beautiful condition. She was everything I was looking for and I was not hesitant in awarding her BOB and Hound Group 1.

2nd Grace & Twaddle’s Wrennalla Silver Knight Style at Sasilasy

Brindle boy of 4 years who really needs to be gone over to be appreciated. He has a kind, masculine head with a melting expression. I loved his size and shape and he was another with a beautiful elegant outline. His neck is so long and strong and leads to a muscular firm back with a perfect graceful arch over his loin. His chest is deep, allowing plenty of heart room. He has strong rear quarters and good second thigh. His stifles are well bent and his hocks well let down. He moved out well with an easy stride. There was so much to like about this handsome, well presented boy.

3rd Green & Place’s Collooney Hells Angel of Brochinbelle JW

AV Hound NCS Graduate (6,4 abs)

1st Hill’s Divinebrae Coming Soon at Dapperdawg

18 month old tan and white Beagle who was well off for bone and substance. He has a gentle expression and pleasing head which was framed with long, low set leathers. His topline is level both when stacked and moving, which he did freely and with good driving action from his well muscled quarters. He has the correct tailset and carries his tail well on the move. His coat is short and dense and he was presented in gleaming condition. Best NSC and Group 4.

2nd Kirkwood’s Helydon Magical Mika

Miniature Wire haired Dachshund of 16 months. Sweet girl of good nature. She was unexaggerated and compact with a well muscled body. Correct almond shaped eyes and high set ears. She has a clean long neck which lead to long, broad shoulder blades. She was a picture on the move with her long free stride. I particularly loved her parallel movement which is often lacking in this breed. Unlucky to meet 1 in such fine form.

AV Hound NSC Open (7,3 abs)

1st Crawford & Poole’s Stonestorm Fraoch From Marlaw

An 18 month Irish Wolfhound who had the most beautiful easy gait. He had such a gentle nature and was handled in a sympathetic manner to really get the best from him. His head is long and his muzzle pointed. His dark eyes added to a soft and gentle expression and his outline balanced.

2nd Jardine’s Woodella Hot Rod

Red & White Basenji of 4 years. This alert and keen boy was presented and handled well. He is schooled to perfection and really gave his all for his handler. He moves out well and has a long stride with his well muscled quarters helping him drive around the ring. His tail is high set and carried correctly. I found him to be thicker through that I would have preferred.

3rd Playfair’s Habiba Ra Harmachis at Saqqare ShCM

AV Hound Special Minor Puppy (7,3 abs)

1st Burgess’ Rosroden Hell She’s a Goodun

Tricolour Beagle girl of just 7 months. She caught my eye upon entering the ring and screams breed type. I was not disappointed when going over her and found her to be a lovely shape and size with just the right amount of weight. She has a nice outline and is very balanced. Her head has the desired melting expression you would hope for on a Beagle, with dark pigment and a nicely shaped dark eye. She has good depth of chest, excellent ribs and a nice short loin. On the move she was sound and free in stride using her powerful back end to really drive her around the ring. This little girl will be one to watch. A real credit to her owner. Best Special Hound Puppy.

2nd Hill’s Dapperdawg Spritzen

Another tricolour Beagle girl of 8 months. Longer and lower than 1 so not giving as much of a balanced outline. Still plenty to like about her and her merry disposition cannot go unmentioned! She has a soft head with long low set ears though her eye is rounder than I would prefer. She has an excellent neck which is complimented by a full white collar.

She has good bone, excellent compact feet and a good bend of stifle with great second thigh. She moves well when she decides to cooperate, but she is a Beagle puppy!

3rd Thomson’s Rottzridge Top O The Class

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy who filled the eye and was full of quality. He was considerably more settled in this class than in his breed and just needs some confidence to allow his full potential to be reached.

AV Hound Special Puppy (6,3 abs)

1st Ashton’s Brigitte Bardot Gandamak (IMP) TAF

Flashy black bitch who puts in an outstanding performance for her handler. She looks a picture free stacked and is presented in excellent condition. She has a beautifully feminine head, with dark pigment and a lovely eye shape. Her neck is long and strong and she holds her head proudly. She covers the ground smoothly on the move and carries her tail nicely.

2nd Hill’s Dapperdawg Spritzen

3rd Thomson’s Rottzridge Top O The Class

AV Hound Veteran (7,3 abs)

1st Watson & Fallon’s Newlin Anchor Chief AW(S)

This tan & white Beagle boy has done well under me in the past and I was delighted to have the opportunity to get my hands on him again. He defies his 10 years of age, particularly on the move where he moves out with effortless free striding action which is a joy to watch. His outline is so balanced and clean and demonstrates the super condition he is in. His soft, gentle head with dark pigment gives the most appealing expression. He has a wonderful arched neck, level topline and strong hind quarters. For me, he remains a fine example of the breed.

2nd Scanlon’s Sharufa Dream Maker ShCM

Feminine Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch of 7 years. She is strong, muscular and presents a beautiful outline. Her head is feminine and appealing with a nicely shaped skull. She has a strong neck, nicely sloping shoulders which are clean and muscular. I particularly liked her deep, capacious chest and muscular, slightly arched topline. A credit to her owner.

Judge:  Lynn Bailey