• Show Date: 24/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Luke Johnston Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Newark & District Canine Society

Newark and District Canine Society 24th February 2018 Afghan Hound Junior No entries Afghan Hound Post Graduate (2,1) 1. Lancashire's Drishaun In Black Velvet. Black and Tan bitch. Up to size but still retaining good proportions and balance. Beautiful head. Scores in pin bones and ring tail. Balanced in angulation. Covers the ground on the move but was clearly not happy in the venue today which was a shame. Afghan Hound Open (6,4) 1. Lancashire & O'Donnell's Ch Shimalma Mango Sunrise over Drishaun JW ShCM. Really lovely self red bitch. Good size and ultra feminine. Super construction throughout with totally balanced angulation. Covered the ground with great stride and carriage. Ring tail with correct carriage. BOB. 2. Lancashire's Drishaun It Ain't Over. Learned that she has been made up between entires and the show, what a pleasure to judge two lovely Champions! This black masked gold was taller than 1. Preferred her head and expression to 1 but lost out on width throughout the body and carriage on the move. RBOB. Saluki Junior (3) 1. Freegard's Jazelle Athena for Mumtaz. Black fringed fawn. Feminine and a lovely size. Liked her outline, particularly her rise of the loin. Attractive head and expression. Balanced angulation. Strong quarters. Strong loin. Sound bone and feet. Sound and light on the move covering plenty ground. Good coat and condition. RBOB. 2. Fortnum's Ariane Luzia. Deer grizzle dog. Not as mature as 1 but still masculine and of good proportions. Well proportioned head of correct strength, held on a long neck. Moved well with particularly good width coming and going. Saluki Post Graduate (2) 1. Smith's Yasmin Silver Veil. Dark cream. Mature bitch of good proportions and size. Very well developed; good fill or fore chest, depth of chest and spring of rib. Good shoulders but could do with more return of upper arm. Would prefer tightly feet. Moved well. 2. Taylor's Swift Igi of Lanark. Deer grizzle dog. Masculine head and strong neck. Although he could do with more fill or fore chest and depth of chest, this dog was of good height to length proportions and in superb muscular condition. Couldn't match 1 on the move. Saluki Open (7,3a) 1. Davies & Harrison's Charrioak Sheerzam JW. I have judged this cream bitch a few times before and awarded her the highest honour every time. Her correct construction, sound & light movement and pure breed type meant that she could not be denied it again today. Her movement was a delight with correct tail carriage. BOB. 2. Walton-Haddon's Amal Hayati Ohdebar El Azizi Fuadi of Ilsham JW. Masculine dog while still retaining a curvaceous outline. Masculine head, strong neck, good shoulders and upper arm. Rise of the loin and curvy underline. Strong and balanced hindquarters. Moved soundly but could not match the stride and fluidity of 1 and Junior for RBOB. Luke Johnston