• Show Date: 08/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: lucinda rhodes Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Kington Horse Show And Agricultural Society

Judge: Miss Lucinda Rhodes (Calonlan)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge and for all those who entered under me. I had a very enjoyable morning and a wonderful steward who was a pleasure to work with. I was pleased to have some lovely exhibits to go over.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Junior (5/3)

1st Hughes’ Evydal Jonquill, just over 14 month old blenheim bitch, very soft pretty head with large dark eyes, correct dentition and a wonderful feminine expression. A little upset by the bumpy floor and wet conditions, but once settled moved with a level topline which she also maintained on the stand. Straight front with good width of chest and well filled out, good rear angles also which meant she strode out with parallel movement both front and rear. Excellent pigment with rich chestnut markings and completed with a good tail set and carriage.

2nd Williams’ Anickily Anna Rose Sancana, just 13 month old b/t bitch, beautiful head with large dark eye and another soft feminine expression. Level topline on the move with a glossy raven black coat which really shone. Very good ear set used expressively, with correct dentition. Parallel moving both towards and away with good turn of stifle and a straight front. Just slightly less mature than 1st but a promising youngster.

Open (6/3)

1st Williams & Boardman’s Jonsville Crystella Sancana JW ShCM, 4 year old blenheim bitch, was on her toes and showing from the moment she entered the ring. Soft head with large dark eyes and correct dentition. Excellent front with good width of chest and excellent rear conformation. Perfect amount of feathering with rich chestnut markings well broken up. Lovely personality and showed exuberantly throughout, she caught my eye immediately and flowed around the ring with an excellent topline throughout. Pleased to award BOB and watch go Group 1.

2nd Hopkins’ Droleus That’s M’Awesome Girl at Gwawr, nearly 4 year old tri bitch, lovely expression with large dark eye. Well marked with glossy tri colour markings in the correct places. Slightly heavier coated, which could give the impression of being overweight - but the table showed that she was not and instead had a lovely front, with excellent width of chest, short coupling and good turn of stifle. Good tail set and carriage and when she got her head up moved with a lovely profile around the ring.

3rd Hughes’ Evydal Sante

Chihuahua S/C

Junior (1/0)
1st Lewis’ You’ll Never Walk Alone of European Friendship at Tyssul, 16 month old male, exuberant and spirited personality, showed with style throughout. Stood alone but still a worthy winner. Excellent topline with correct dentition and correct apple dome head with a moderate muzzle. Level topline throughout with sickle tail carriage. Had a straight front with muscular well let down hocks and good turn of stifle. Moved briskly with good reach and parallel movement. BOB. 

Chihuahua L/C

Post Graduate (4/0)
1st Berrington’s Ellochi Crazy Nights for Pappersley, nearly 18 month old male, lovely head with large round eye set well apart and correct dentition. Good neck leading to a lovely straight front with well laid shoulders and well sprung ribs. Very expressive and excitable but moved well when settled with level topline, parallel movement both towards and away and a brisk, light action. Excellent feathering overall with soft texture and a flashy appearance as he strode around the ring. Pleased to award BOB. 

2nd Lewis’ Tyssul Special Mr Fudge, just over 2 year old male, very close 2nd. A beautiful head; large round eyes, well set apart, correct dentition and a moderate muzzle. Good front with forelegs well set under and deep brisket with well sprung ribs. Beautiful texture to soft coat. Well schooled and stood and moved perfectly with a level topline throughout. 

3rd Baranzeck’s Capevidles Skyfall 

Res Hughes’ Trefnanney Piper 

Open (4/0)

1st Baranzeck’s Capevidles Licence to Thrill, 3 year old bitch, very nice head with apple domed skull, large round eyes and correct dentition. Excellent angles all over with straight front well set under and good turn of stifle and well let down hocks. Covered the ground very well with a brisk, forceful action showing her excellent reach. Lovely tail carriage and excellent feathering all over. She stood out in the class from the beginning and showed with style and spirit throughout. Pushed very close for BOB.

2nd Hughes’ Trefnanny Leo, nearly 2 year old male, another very nice head, large round eyes, correct dentition, moderate muzzle and beautiful expression. Straight front and good rear angles with well sprung ribs. Lovely feathering all over with soft textured coat. Maintained a level topline throughout and moved parallel with spirit.

3rd Lewis’ Titmouse’s Summerbreeze at Tyssul (IMP)

Res Berrington & Green’s Ellochi’s Audacity JW