• Show Date: 20/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Louise Tope Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Penzance & District Canine Society

Penzance & District Canine Society limited show

Sunday 20th May 2018

My sincere thanks to the officers and committee of Penzance & DCS for inviting me to judge at their member's limited show. I have exhibited here on many occasions and judged previously; always a warm welcome from such a friendly committee. I was very impressed with my final line up, especially the puppies who all showed such great promise. Thank you to all the exhibitors who brought their dogs under me, it was a very enjoyable day.

Best in Show, Tibetan Terrier, Harrison's Araki Boshay Barney

Flashy gold and white showman of great quality, presenting a lovely square outline. Of sturdy build but without any coarseness. Super head with soft, dark eye and good pigment. Strong neck into excellent shoulders. Good depth of brisket and well filled in front. Well sprung ribs carried well back, short and strong through the loin and with a good set on of tail. Strong and well muscled quarters, well defined second thigh and short hocks. Coat presented in immaculate condition and of correct texture. This chap really came into his own on the move, his correct structure allowing him to power effortlessly around the ring with an easy stride. Covering the ground well, holding a level topline with good reach in front and drive from behind. Beautifully presented and well handled. He put on a great show to take the top spot in great company. 

Reserve Best in Show, Airedale Terrier, Webber's Sherifs Red Hot ShCM

This boy simply demands your attention and could not be ignored in this line up. Noble in stature, your eyes are drawn towards him. Long skull with strong jaws. Well set ears. Strong neck into clean shoulder placement. Well proportioned body, ribbed well back with short loin. Correct tail set. Muscular rear quarters. Moved with style, precise and with drive. All finished with a good hard jacket.

Best Puppy in Show, Labrador Retriever, Hicks', Jubiwell Good as Gold

Absolutely loved this 11 month old yellow bitch. Beautifully feminine, pleasing in outline and so well balanced. Such a kind eye, the softest of expressions and excellent pigment. Well defined stop, correctly set ears. Strong neck into well anglulated front with good depth and fill. Excellent spring of rib, strong loin. Well set tail. Correct rear angles, firm with strong second thigh. Standing on excellent legs and feet. Really came into her own on the move. Sound as a pound up and down and very steady on the go 'round, covering the ground well and holding her topline.

Reserve Best Puppy in Show, Rottweiler, Brooks', Tiesto Paloma Faith

Super 6 months baby girl. Balanced in outline without exaggeration. Pretty, feminine head with kind eye and melting expression. Super front, good bone and feet. Well proportioned with good length of ribbing, strong loin and nicely angulated rear. Still such a baby, but so sound and positive on the move, effortless and precise. Could not be denied her place in this lovely line up of babies.

Best Veteran in Show, Millard's Hurstfield Time for a Tale at Karmore.

Swedish Vallhund bitch who carries her 12.5 years lightly. Presenting a pleasing outline of sturdy build but with femininity. Loved her head, alert eye and great expression, using her ears well. Super front angles, good depth of chest and plenty of spring of rib. Strong loin. Well set on tail. In fit condition all through, super on the move with good drive, holding her topline. Great energetic performance which won her BVIS over the classy Irish Setter.

Reserve Best Veteran in Show, Beresford's Polmennor Funtime ShCM

8.5 year old Irish Setter male. Loved his overall outline, beautifully balanced and in super coat and condition. Fabulous head with kind expression. Good neck into well angulated shoulders. Good depth of brisket, well ribbed back. Firm loin, well muscled rear. Moved well in a small ring.

AV Import Register (1, 1 abs)

Irish Setter Graduate (4, 1 abs)

1st Coleman's Devacott Rose Creek

15 months bitch. Super head with soft expression. Elegant neck. Correct angles front and rear. Well filled front with good depth of chest. Strong over loin and into rear quarters. Moved well.

2nd Watts' Polmennor Tom Bawcock

3rd Hawkes's Lynwood Laced with Love

Irish Setter Open (3, 1 abs)

1st, BOB & G2 Roberts & Cormack's Sangarah Shared Romance with Polmennor

Upstanding mature male presenting a balanced, racy outline. Quality head piece. Long neck flowing into good shoulders. Good depth of brisket, well sprung ribs. Gently sloping topline, strong loin. Strong rear quarters with sweeping stifle. Moved with style, driving off his hocks, holding his topline. Close up to group winner.

2nd Beresford's Polmennor Funtime ShCM

3rd Coleman's Devacott Jingles Belle

English Setter Open (1, 1 abs)

Labrador Retriever Open (5, 1 abs)

1st, BOB & G3, Kennet's Magnavalleys Cornishman

Very masculine black, solid all through without exaggeration. Good head with broad skull. Kind eye with soft expression. Well set ears. Strong neck into well placed shoulders. Excellent depth and fill, well sprung ribs. Level topline, well muscled loin and correct set on of tail. Firm, well angulated rear quarters. Very exuberant, giving his handler a challenge at times, but when settled, moved sound and true.

2nd, BPIB, PG1 & BPIS, Hicks' Jubiwell Good as Gold

3rd Lally's Trewinnard Pimlico

Golden Retriever Junior (1)

1st Sandbach's Goldsand Lavender Blue

Medium gold bitch, just 12 months. Very feminine in head with sweet expression. Good neck into well placed shoulders. Enough depth for her age, good ribbing and strong loin. Nicely angulated rear. Good bone and neat feet. Moved soundly and with purpose, pushed the BOB winner hard

Golden Retriever Graduate (2, 1 abs)

1st Bissell's Warrentor Tribute for Bisskids

Mature, rich gold boy presenting a super outline. Masculine head with well defined stop and well set on ears. Correct angles front and rear. Well sprung ribs, strong loin into well set tail. Moved well holding a correct topline.

Golden Retriever Open (4, 3 abs)

1st & BOB Bissell's Warrentor Wesley for Bisskids

Deep gold veteran boy who outmoved the youngsters to take BOB. Super type presenting a symmetrical outline, beautifully balanced all through. Kind eye, masculine head. Good neck into well placed shoulders. Well sprung ribs, deep in brisket and well filled in front. Strong loin. Well angled rear quarters. Excelled on the move, with a sound and easy stride, looked like he could go all day.

Flat Coated Retriever Open (2, 2 abs)

English Springer Spaniel Graduate (1)

1st & BOB McLean's Teignvalley Tula at Carnmarth

Loved this L/W bitch for her overall type, so typical in outline. Beautifully feminine head with super expression, ears well set on with good feathering. Enough length of neck into super shoulders, although slightly obscured due to carrying a touch too much weight all through. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, strong over the loin and well angulated rear quarters. Good bone and neat feet. Super on the move, holding her topline in profile. True up and down and really driving off her hocks.

English Springer Spaniel Open (2)

1st Hosking's Teignvalley Revo

Another super moving bitch with a feminine head and kind eye. L/W. Slightly racier in build and not the neck and shoulders of the BOB. Good depth and fill of brisket, well sprung ribs. Correct rear angles. Moved well in profile holding her topline.

2nd McLean's Carnmarth Conquest

Welsh Springer Spaniel Graduate (1)

1st Attwood's Kylowen Quillets

Grand old lady of 10.5 years, so very feminine presenting a typical outline without exaggeration. Sweet head with kind eye. Good length of neck into super shoulders. Well developed brisket with correct fill in front. Well sprung ribs carried well back. Strong over the loin. Good legs and feet, well angulated rear. Very stylish on the move covering the ground well.

Welsh Springer Spaniel Open (2)

1st, BOB & G1, McIlwaine & Reynolds' Glenbrows Van Gogh for Benoveor

Very exciting young male of obvious quality. Balanced in outline with undeniable masculinity. Super head with well set ears. Long, strong neck into beautifully angulated front. Deep brisket, well filled in front. Good spring of rib, muscular loin with slight arch giving correct topline. Strong and muscular rear quarters. Giving his handler a tough time on the move, but when settled he absolutely nailed it; true away and back and effortless in profile, covering the ground with style and ease. Put down in first class coat and condition. Pushed hard later in the day for top honours, when fully matured should trouble the best.

2nd Attwood's Kylowen Demelza

Cocker Spaniel Open (2, 2 abs)

Spanish Water Dog Open (2)

1st & BOB Napier's Josalyn Manolito in Stasmoke

Mature brown male in full coat. Strong head with correctly set eyes giving a kind expression. Ears well set. Muscular neck into well placed shoulders. Good spring of rib, deep brisket and strong loin. Well set tail. Correct rear angles, well muscled. Sound on the move with good drive from hocks. Liked both these boys for their overall type, preferred topline of my winner.

2nd Sweet's Bondadosa Beach ShCM

Large Munsterlander Open (1, 1 abs)

AV Gundog Puppy (1)

1st Phillips' Waterton Remember Me (Pointer)

7 months bitch, white and liver. Very much a baby, but much to like. Balanced in overall outline. Well shaped typical head, feminine with sweet expression. Long neck into flowing shoulders. Enough depth and fill for her age. Good length of ribbing, slightly arched over the loin with well set on tail. Correctly angulated rear quarters. Steady on the move with good tail action.

AVNSC Gundog Graduate (2, 1 abs)

1st, BAVNSC Puppy & PG2 Phillips' Waterton Remember Me (Pointer)

(as AV Gundog Puppy)

AVNSC Gundog Open (1)

1st, BAVNSC & G4 Edens' Esrews Black Tuxedo at Dalens JW ShCM (Pointer)

Upstanding black and white veteran male with typical outline. Athletic in build. Super head with well defined stop and slightly dished appearance. Long slightly arched neck flowing cleanly into well agulated shoulders. Gently sloping topline, muscular over the loin. Good depth of brisket, well ribbed back and good tuck up. Sweeping rear quarters. Moved well in a small ring, stylish and covering the ground well.

AV Good Citizens Dog Scheme Stakes (9, 5 abs)

1st Forbes' Karmeliann Sea Spirit (Bearded Collie)

Well proportioned male presenting a well balanced outline with daylight underneath. Nice head with strong muzzle. Kind eye and expression. Good length of ribbing, level topline. Good bone , standing on neat feet. Good angles fore and aft,. Coat of correct texture. Moved soundly away and back and in profile.

2nd Luckman's Tawvale Winton ShCM (Japanese Spitz)

3rd Potts' Erylan Artemis le Chercheur (PBGV)

AV Penzance Junior Stakes (7, 3 abs)

1st McIlwaine & Reynolds' Glenbrows Van Gogh for Benoveor (WSS) (as Gundog G1)

2nd Luckman's Fleur Lally Moonbeam (Japanese Spitz)

3rd Coleman's Devacott Rose Creek (Irish Setter)

AV Penzance Open Stakes (12, 6 abs)

1st Penny's Ferncott Rave On ShCM (Tibetan Spaniel)

This boy entered the ring and completely owned it! Super outline, balanced all through. Beautiful head with arrogant expression Strong neck into well angulated front. Well proportioned body, level topline and well set on tail. Strong rear quarters which he used so well on the move, holding his topline and demanding attention. Beautifully presented, in super coat and condition.

2nd Eldred's Dippersmore Star Struck at Belthorne ShCM (Shetland Sheepdog)

3rd Luckman's Tawvale Winton ShCM (Japanese Spitz)

Louise Tope (judge)