• Show Date: 05/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Louise Harrison Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Devon & Cornwall Cocker Spaniel Club

Devon and Cornwall Cocker Spaniel Club Open Show

Saturday 5th May 2018

Judge – Louise Harrison (Lourisma)

Any Colour Veteran (3)

1. King’s Jineska Toffee Apple

Black and tan dog shown in excellent condition. Short coupled presenting a pleasing square outline. Balanced head with tight, dark eye. Strong muscular neck set into fine sloping shoulders. Well angulated rear which he used to drive around the ring. Gentle nature and very well presented.BV

2. Noriss’ Manchela Likley Story For Brooknor

Attractive well grown blue dog, legs well boned, thickly padded feet, I just preferred the movement of 1.

3. Smith’s Shirlannor Zimtoti Dreamer At Shenjela

Any Colour Minor Puppy (4, 1a)

1. Masters & Dott’s Manchela Sarabi

Very promising blue bitch with so much to like. Square muzzle with dark tight eye, gentle expression, skull well developed for age. Straight well-boned legs and small neat feet. Chest well developed. Balanced compact body with big ribs. Well angulated front and rear which presented a lovely outline and superb movement. Should have a bright future.

2. Smith’s Meakwood East N’Rose

Another promising puppy similar in type to 1 with many of the same attributes, I was interested to learn later that they share the same sire. Not as mature as 1 but has time on her side.

3. Parkhouse’s Shivani Summer Breeze

Any Colour Puppy (10, 3a)

1. Hillier’s Coedcernyw Calendar Girl

This gold bitch headed a lovely class of promising puppies. Lovely balanced outline both standing and on the move. Feminine head and gentle expression, square muzzle, tight dark eye. Moderate neck, good lay of shoulder. Compact muscular body with good depth of chest. In good condition. BPIS

2. Shapland’s Deracor Distinction

Very impressive black dog, masculine head. Well boned legs, tight neat feet. Ribs well sprung and chest deep. Well angulated front and rear. Preferred the compactness and typical bustling movement of 1.

3. Thomas’ Abiwrose Cleansweep at Whisperwood.

Solid Graduate (4, 1a)

1. Bard’s Withiflor Fairy Tale

Square outline with best of legs and feet. Loved her exuberant merry nature with ever-wagging tail showing typical bustling movement which is so lacking in some exhibits. Level topline both standing and on the move. Just would like a shorter loin with slightly bigger rib and more width all through but she has time for this to come with maturity.

2. Parkhouse’s Sandluga Magic Spell for Shivani

Good lay of shoulder and well angulated hindquarters, shorter coupled than 1 but just lost her topline on the move.

3. Moutrey’s Sunzo Songstar

Solid Open (1)

1. Kew’s Lujesa Starman at Wylyeview

Confident outgoing black dog of good breed type. Square muzzle, dark eye and gentle expression. Good reach of neck. Well angulated front and hindquarters. Good bone, neat feet. Would prefer a silkier coat texture.

Any Other Colour Graduate (1)

1. Dicker’s Dykere Meant To Be

Top quality black and white bitch, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, excellent front and rear angulation, straight well boned legs into small neat feet, a picture standing just lacking drive today and ring presence which cost her in the final line up.

Any Other Colour Open (2)

1. Dewhurst’s Glowhill Hammer Time at Lapidary ShCM

Very impressive blue dog who really does have to be handled to be appreciated. He presents a lovely balanced outline which is disguised by his unfortunate markings and a lot can be learnt from handling him. He has a lovely masculine head yet gentle pleasing expression. Tight dark eye. Well off for bone, straight legs and neat feet. Short compact body, well angulated front and hindquarters, good width of second thigh. Moved well but just lost his topline in the challenge. Excellent presentation.

2. Ratcliff’s Withiflor Blubeau

Well boned masculine blue dog. Correct merry temperament, straight silky coat texture, good spring of rib and well bodied, well presented.

Any Colour Maiden (7, 3a)

1. Craig’s Alisma Anniversary Rose

Lovely honest bitch just out of puppy. I loved her for her typical short compact body with big ribs and plenty of substance. Well boned legs, neat feet, well angulated. Correct merry temperament, lovely mover. I felt she was slightly over handled which spoilt the outline of her beautiful head when standing. Looking forward to watching her mature.

2. Norie-Miller’s Popocatepetl Déjà Vu

This black and white girl really put on a show today, handled and moved well. Just needs to develop in stop but has time on her side.

3. Lymbury’s U La La Modus Vivendi

Any Colour Novice (3, 1a)

1. Craig’s Alisma Anniversary Rose


2. Norie-Miller’s Popocatepetl Déjà Vu


Any Colour Junior (6)

1. Masters & Dott’s Manchela Lady Million

Wow, just 14 months old and everything in the right place. Lovely square muzzle, typical gentle expression, short in loin, tight elbows and deep well developed ribcage. Well boned, straight legs with neat thickly padded feet. Super coat which completed a beautiful picture. Moved with purpose and drive. Delighted to award her BIS and could easily have taken her home! BIS

2. Bard’s Withiflor Fairy Tale


3. Share-Jones’ Sharemead Andromeda

Any Colour Yearling (2, 1a)

1. Dicker’s Dykere Meant To Be


Any Colour Beginners (8, 5a)

1. Jarman’s Acquelin Double Fara Flare

Masculine well boned dog, well angulated front and hindquarters, good return of upper arm. Try not to stack him too wide in front as it gives the illusion that he is out at elbow which he isn’t. Shoulders well laid back. Moved well which won him the class.

2. Pearn’s Fonesse Fingibson in Gwbert.

I really liked this black dog he presents a very pleasing outline but unfortunately today he didn’t move as well as 1. Good depth of chest but would like more spring of rib, well angulated in good coat.

3. Ratcliff’s Withiflor Blubeau.

Any Colour Undergraduate (4)

1. Masters & Bott’s Manchela Lady Million.


2. Herd’s Danton Dark Star at Quintavia

Plain looking dog presenting a balanced outline which was evident on the move. Short coupled, well presented. Moved confidently.

3. Share-Jones’ Sharemead Andromeda.

Any Colour Post Graduate No entries

Any Colour Special Open – Bred By Exhibitor (1)

1. Moutrey’s Sunzo Sonatina

Lovely happy black bitch, balanced outline, feminine head, tight dark eye, good neck into well laid shoulders, well angulated. Just a little longer in loin than I would like but this didn’t detract from the overall picture both standing and on the move.

Any Colour Special Open – Not Bred By Exhibitor (4)

1. Pearn’s Fonesse Fingibson in Gwbert


2. Bard’s Withiflor Fairy Tale


3. Shapland’s Cassom Allegra at Deracor.

Any Colour Open Dog (3)

1. Herd’s Quintavia When In Rome JW.

I loved this young dog, just over 3 and coming into his own, really deserves to be shown more as he is worthy of top awards. Super neck into well laid back shoulders, near perfect angulation, not too steep and not over-angulated which is evident on the move. Small neat feet, good bone, masculine head and lovely expression. Square muzzle. Short coupled with big ribs. Free effortless movement covering the ground well with excellent reach and drive. Just felt he was a little over handled today which really isn’t necessary as he can win on his own merit. RBIS

2. Shapland’s Deracor Di Nozzo JW

A very good dog in poor condition, what a shame as he has lots to like about him but met his match today, lovely balanced outline and moved well. Excels in bone and substance, masculine head, well angulated with big ribs. Moved OK.

3. Ratcliff’s Withiflor Blubeau

Any Colour Open Bitch (3, 1a)

1. Bard’s Withiflor Fairy Tale.


2. Meaker’s Meakwood Precious Moments

Well angulated blue bitch, good return of upper arm, good bend of stifle, straight front and ribs well sprung. Moved well. I would just like a better lay of shoulder.

Louise Harrison (Lourisma)