• Show Date: 21/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Louise Cunningham Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Southampton & District Canine Association

Southampton & District Canine Association 22nd July 2018 

Wonderful show set in the most exquisite grounds. Exhibits and exhibitors coped remarkably well in the heat and were all very sporting. Was nice to hear clapping and positive support for one another today. Thank you for coming. Great emergency steward who was efficient and fun. 

Southampton Committee worked so hard to run a great show in extreme conditions. Thank you for having me. 


Puppy 1of 1 

1. Pinkowska’s Liebre Monica Ronnie. Pretty young bitch of good size and proportions. Yet to mature in body and muscle, moves correctly with a moderate gait. Not exaggerated at all. BP 

Junior 2 of 3 

1. Freeman’s Testwood TrIgger (AI) All male and in good proportions. Pleasing to handle and stood on a sturdy frame of good muscle and bone. Steady on the move, a pleasing shape. 

2. Hunter’s Huntthorn Galaxy of Dreams.  Young feminine nicely made. Good shape and pleasing proportions. Moves well but not the purpose of one today. 

Post graduate 3 of 4 

1. James’s Rosco’s Masterpiece By Em Striking young male. Excels in head and eye and a lovely sturdy shape and size. Loved his curves and his demeanour. Moved with steady sound gait and holds himself well.  Felt he was of the best size and condition today. Scores in head and overall balance. BOB and Group 4 

2. Burnby & Hopcraft’s Odinschild Warrior Queen At Burncraft.  Lovely girl, nice size and good shape, moves well and has a pleasing side profile, sound on the move. No exaggerations here beaten on overall balance and carriage today. 

3. Pinkowska’s Liebre Monica Give Me A Kiss. 

Open 1 of 1 

1. Freemans Rosco’s Moondance By Em Testwood JW A Good shape with lovely strong curves. Pleasing in head and a pretty eye, moderate through, balanced length and height. Steady on the move.   


Puppy 3 of 3  

1.Howard Riddle Shydally Wish Upon A Star. Scores in head, feminine yet broad and strong. Makes a nice shape of good proportions. Good front and rear angles and muscling well. Moves freely with a pleasing flowing gait. Correct tail. Still the baby but shows promise. BP PG2 

2. Howard Shydally Brightest Star. Litter sister. Another pleasing puppy.  Balanced outline with a feminine head, she too shows promise, and was a little less settled in movement.  Still lots to appreciate on this liver girl.  


Junior 2 of 2. 

1. Howard Riddle Shydally Wish Upon A Star. 

2. Howard Shydally Brightest Star 


Post Graduate 3 of 4 

1. Sophtspot Hocus Pocus At Dalticino . Super bitch with a pleasing outline. Strong and fit condition but feminine with it. Loved her head and eye and she has moderate and correct angles.  Flows on the move with a sound and purposeful gait. Has real grace in her deportment. BOB &GP 3  

2. Hill Nospars Shaded Cristal another nicely made bitch, sturdy and muscular. Balanced in head and proportions.  Soundly moving, just not as polished as 1. 

3. Steventon Missus Tuppeny. 

Open 2 of 4  

 1. Thorne’s Spotiray Billy Elliot Of Castletop. Dalmatian Male. Stacks himself into a tidy shape. Clean lines and no exaggeration.  Good spread and size of spots and his head is moderately broad and masculine but not coarse. Lovely bright correct eye. Strong and muscular on those lovely correct sprung pasterns. Movement a little erratic and unsettled today. Did enough to win  the class. 

2. Blissett’s Another really mature and well made dog. Really liked his shape and depth and had a lovely free gait and balanced topline on the move. In great condition and good with a different handler on the move. Handsome head and eye, juts preferred the overall look of the head on 1. 


French Bulldogs  

Junior 6 of 6 

1. Hau’s Celticlibrid Stop’N S’Dare Compact bitch in balanced proportions, just correct for size and type. Loved her head and she has a fabulous shape and is yet feminine. Everything in proportion and just maturing nicely. Has a lovely topline and really moves freely but with importance.  

2. Sully Highgarden’s Dark Knight. Cracking young male, still a puppy in hard condition and another with that lovely cobby shape. Masculine against 1 as he should be and yet to grow up. Moves soundly. BP & PG4 

3. Timms Eastonite Lady Leia. 

Post Graduate 2 of 2 

1. Timms Eastonite Lady leia pretty fawn bitch who I liked from junior. Good size and nicely made. Moderate top line and sturdy and well made front assembly. Just not moving as well as she could, whilst perfectly able was being stubborn and wouldn’t play ball.  

2. Timms Izumis Eye Of The Tiger. Nicely made boy, exuberant on the move and in proportion, nicely made. Feel there was bit too much of him for me overall. 

Open 2 of 5 

1. Timms Eastonite Maui JW .Impressive fawn dog showing everyone how to do it today . Has real presence and style. Easy angles and a lovely cobby outline, deep and correct front assembly, good cut up and clean lines. Masculine and important in head and eye and wonderful ears well set. Loved his gait and he carries himself around soundly. BOB   

2. Cutter’s Dappledan Avec La Qualite. 7 year old male. Sweet boy with a handsome head. Nice proportions and in good condition. Moves well and obviously loves to be out showing. 


Open dog 2 of 2 

1. Dearman Keesridge Faithrustnpixiedust At Szaryk (Imp USA) Taf sturdy and compact bitch in good sense coat, loved her feminine head and eye with correct ears. Lovely wedge shape to the head and pleasing markings. Strong muscle condition yet every inch a bitch. Stood on good feet and pleasing angles. A lovely correct gait even in the heat.  Alert and confident BOB 

2. Andrews Neradmik Help The Hero At Maldine. Male of good shape and size, handsome head and eye and loved his markings.  In excellent condition and wealth of coat. Sturdy quarters and deep in chest. Correct sound and brisk gait.  

Lhasa Apso 

Post Graduate 1 of 1 

1. Langford’s Quaytown Daffodil. What a beautiful girl really pretty eye and expression, good head and skull set on a sturdy and strong neck and correct front assembly. She has good depth and length of rib and yetball in balance with her femininity. Lovely lay of shoulder, strong loin and muscled rear end angles. Clean feet on the move and carries herself with real importance. Effortless and true on the move and just so elegant. Wonderful coat but not exaggerated or too much at all. Loved her BOB GP 2 

Open 3 of 3 

1. Torrance Sinyul Do You Love Me. Masculine boy, in excellent condition. Really liked his shape and his make. All male but not too much of him. In a wealth of coat. Excels in front assembly and rear angles, moves with elegance and drive, carried himself well, the heat got to him in the challenge and he wasn’t as free and flowing as the PGB. 

2. Langford’s Quaytown What A Wish.  Like this girl a lot too. Pretty head and eye and correct angles through. She is more diminutive then 1 and whilst she carries herself and holds her topline, today not as enthused.  

3. Ward’s Alamiks Dare To Dream ShCM. 

Miniature Schnauzers 

Post Graduate 2 of 2 

1. Harvey-Miller Andix It's A Wonderful Life   Nicely made and feminine.  Smart angles and correct front and head.  Pretty eye and a good skull shape. Steady on the move and held her topline. Would like a bit more rear action from the side profile but perhaps the heat was not helpful today. 

2. Goundry’s  The Ebony Princess  black bitch of finer proportions than 1. Very pretty head and eye and nicely balanced ratios and angles. Not the bone of 1 and not as animated on the move.  

Open 3 of 3 

1. Dixon’s Andix Forever Vera, ring presence from the minute she arrived. Just loved her head and eye and very alert expression. Good ears and brows on a clean moderate skull and muzzle. Wonderful angles on a sturdy body. In excellent coat and body condition . Moves with little effort and is a picture in profile, she could probably move all day long. Presented immaculately BOB & GRP 1. Surely has a bright future.  

2. Harvey-Miller Kariwright Mr Blue Sky pleasing handsome male. Nice shape and size in good proportions. Good depth of chest and rib. Nicely muscled through. Sound and free on the move not as composed as 1. 

3. Goundry Buffingham Lady Pippa. 


AVNSC Utility  

Puppy 1 of 1.             

1. Rodways  Maranns Ermintrude At Demorace  super smart puppy. Of characteristic shape and size. Loved her alert expression and correct ears set on a balanced skull. Short bsck deep ribbed and lovely straight footed gait. Holds her topline and is full of character. Should mature nicely BP and PGP3 

Post Graduate 2 of 2 

1. Pill’s Imasu Aurra Sing. Another smart shaped Boston terrier. Liked this girl on the move, short and smooth and gentile. Handles well on the table and has a lovely body and shape. In excellent condition.  

2. Silsbury’s Jadoremy My Thunder Bolt Zeus. Shih Tzu male 4 years for type he scores in head and eye, and has strong muscles and correct front angles. Moves soundly and did well in the heat with the wealth of coat he has. Well handled to get the best from him. 

Open 4 of 5 

1. Bull & Warren Zaralee Hussell and Bussell With Starferry (Imp Ire) lovely young shar pei bitch In excellent condition. Really loved her head and eye, a lovely front assembly with tight elbows and good depth and all in balance. Muscled rear end and on the move she is fluid in profile and drives from the rear and straight on from the front. Really rosy future. BOB 

2. Stedham Albionspitz Tanzanite  Erasure bitch  really well made , she sparkles like a gemstone, she has excellent front assembly and good ratios. Liked her head and eye and she moves effortlessly carries herself on strong muscles and in great condition did very well in the heat. 

3. Roadway's Maranns Roxette At Demorace. Boston terrier. 


AV Utility 

 Puppy  1 of 4 

1. Timms Eastonite Moana.  Gorgeous little bitch that wasn’t in the breed classes.  Really pretty in head and expression. Loved her ear set and dark eyes. Moderate all the way through but sturdy and compact. A treat on the move she comes alive and moves off with purpose. Should have a bright future. 

 Junior 2 of 7 

1. Erskine-Jones Unohoo Lala Land very attractive young TT bitch.  Liked her head and eye, placed on a good ne k and square body good size and well furnished angles. She has a lovely rib and is in the best of condition and muscle tone. On the move she is free and easy, effortless strides and carries herself well, should really mature nicely. 

2. Foundry's The Ebony Princess Min Sch. 


Post Graduate 2 of 7 

1. Salisbury Jadoremy Thunder Bolt Zeus ShCM Shih Tzu 

2. Steventon s Missus Tuppenny. Dalmatian bitch of good proportions, and nicely muscled. Steady on the move, makes a good picture stacked. Pretty head.  


Open 2 of 5 

1. Stedhams Albionspitz Tanzanite -Eurasier 

2. Goundry BUffingham Lady Pippa. Min sch.  Black bitch. Well made front assemble and rear assembly. Pretty In head. Move ok, but not co operative today in the heat. 

Utility Group.  

1. Dixons Andrix Forever Vera   -Min Sch 

2. Langfords Quaytown Daffidil Lhasa Apso 

3. Finch & Bonner Sophtspot Hocus Pocus At Dalticino Dalmatian 

4. James Roscos Masterpiece By Em Bulldog 

Utility Puppy Group

1. Vincent's Khyzahra Khal Drogo. Std Poodle. Handsome and upstanding young male. Scores in hesd and eye with a really lovely expression. In good body and a pleasing depth of rib and good forechest. He is squarely built on a correct front assembly and muscular angled rear . Excellent tail set and carriage and moves soundly and effortlessly even in the heat and a long day. Bright future indeed.  

2. Howard Riddles Shydally Wish Upon A Star.  Dalmatian 

3. Rodaways Maranns Ermintrude At Demorace  Boston Terrier 

4. Sulleys Highgarden Dark Knight -French Bulldog. 

Louise Cunningham.