• Show Date: 21/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lorraine Rollin Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society

 Staffordshire Bull Terriers . Judge Lorraine Rollin ( Seenworstaff )

I would like to thank the committee of the Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society for their invitation to judge , my ring stewards Mrs Maureen Ward and Mrs Janet Higgins who did a great job , last but not least all the exhibitors who supported the Society and myself with their entries .

I was delighted (despite the extreme hot weather ) that so many attended and allowed me the privilege of accessing their Stafford’s , who may I say all coped very well considering there was no shade and the temperature was very high .

No area of concern was found with the dentition of any of the exhibits so I will not mention teeth in my critique.

Puppy ...3 (2)

1st , Dr Hemstock , Mr Sanjesh & Miss Hemstock ...BLAZEN STAFFS OVER THE TOP JOLIHEM..... Red /White Male with a good head for his age and a bit of a wicked expression , dark round eye , strong muzzle and underjaw . Solid tapered neck leading to good front with proportionate width to chest / leg ratio . Good balanced angulation to all quarters ample brisket for his age with good length and spring of rib . Close in coupling with well muscled rear leg . Overall a tidy well balanced pup with everything in the right place . Moved well holding his topline once settled ..... Best Puppy In Breed

Junior ...5 (1)

1st , Miss Harrison & Mrs Roper ...TRAWDEN SOLITAIRE ...Red /White bitch with a beautiful feminine attentive expression , darkest of round eye and clean strong blocky muzzle . Developing nicely for her age with a balanced clean outline , good front and depth to brisket , well sprung rib set back . Short coat , close coupled and a well muscled rear leg with good bend of stifle , that all makes for a pleasing picture . Shown in fit firm condition and moved well with drive holding her topline .

2nd ,Dr Hemstock , Mr Sanjesh & Miss Hemstock ...BLAZEN STAFFS OVER THE TOP JOLIHEM.....As above , pushed hard , 1 just wanted my attention more today .

3rd , Mr Kirk ...Jordanzac Fireball Red .

Post Graduate ....8 (2)

1st , Miss Fox ...JOLIHEM STAND BY ME ....White male , HONEST , SOUND and of good type with many virtues . Head muzzle and underjaw strong very clean and proportionate , well placed neat rose ears , dark round eye and well developed masseters. Strong tapered neck leading onto a good front with that all important width of chest . In profile he displays balanced angulation on all quarters with good depth of brisket , well sprung rib with good length and close coupling . Hams are deep and solid , rear quarters wide well defined and muscular with a good bend of stifle . He moves true and clean both for and aft effortlessly with ease and drive holding his topline both on the move and stack , his pump handle tail being carried in the correct position throughout . Pleased to award him Best of Breed and one who in my opinion is worthy of high awards .

2nd , Miss Roper & Mr Hook ....TRAWDEN ICE COOL ....Red / White male with strong clean head deep through another of good type , well placed rose ears with dark round eye and strong blocky clean muzzle . Good width to his chest with balance leg ratio , rib well sprung and set well back toward his close coupling . Coat short and close with his rear quarters well muscled and good bend of stifle . Shown if fit hard condition moved ok holding his topline , lost out to 1 on front movement .


 Limit ...4 (0)

1st , Mr Fallows ....CAYMENSTAFFS STITCHI MI BOY ....Black Brindle Male strong well chiselled head of good proportions , dark eye and well placed rose ears , muzzle strong with defined stop . Good front with balanced angulation on all quarters , his brisket showing ample depth with rib well sprung and of good length , close coupled and light in loin . Good bend of stifle and although rear quarters have ample width their tone and definition could be improved . Moved well with purpose and drive holding his topline throughout .Pleased to award him Res Best Of Breed . Lost out to BOB on overall tone and condition and the effortless movement of my BOB.

2nd , Miss Fox ...JOLIHEM HONEY BUNCH ....Red with white chest . Bitch with strong feminine head and fabulous pigmentation around her dark round eyes and strong blocky clean muzzle . Good front and width of chest with shoulder well laid back . Good depth to brisket and length of rib which is well sprung defining her light loin .Rear quarters of good width , well muscled defined and in firm condition . Moved well once settled holding her topline , lost out to 1 as just felt he went better and had that bit more about him today .


Open ....6 (0)

1st , Mr Farrows .... CAYMENSTAFFS STITCHI MI BOY . As above

2nd , Mr Evans ....HAMMYSTAFF FIRE BLADE ....Red with white chest . Male with good head well placed ears , strong clean muzzle and underjaw with fabulous black masking . Tapered firm neck onto good front with balanced angulation on all quarters , ample brisket with good spring and length to his rib , slightly longer in coupling than 1 with well cut loin , well muscled and defined rear quarters . Moved well holding his topline throughout . Lost out to 1 as he had the edge on movement .

3rd , Miss Fox ....JOLIHEM SOLID GROUND 

Lorraine Rollin