• Show Date: 04/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lorraine Priestley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Bloodhound Club

The Bloodhound Club Autumn Open show

4th November 2018.

Thank you to the Bloodhound club for inviting me to judge, it is always a pleasure and an honour to do a breed open show.

Unfortunately the weather was not kind and we had that fine drizzle that seems to make you very wet.

Thank you to the exhibitors for entering and turning out, hope you didn’t mind the outside judging, as we all know, hounds really do like to be shown outdoors and it was only raining after all. At least no one slipped in the ring and the hounds didn’t seem to mind the wet too much.

Puppy Dog – No entries

Junior Dog – 1 Entry

Mckenzie’s - Tessidez Bullen of Moorlander.

1st) 15 month old Blanket Black dog. Nice feet, correct bite, good eyes and ear set, good length to leathers, little board in the head but that is not out of place with his general appearance and stature. Good strong top line, standing over plenty of ground. Nicely well boned and muscled giving a good strong standing outline. Moved with power and drive, covering a lot of ground in a straight line.. Good tail carriage, coat in excellent condition, with a good lustre to it . A lovely happy hound in the ring, Best Dog and Best in show.

Novice Dog – No entries

Post graduate – No entries

Limit Dog – No entries

Open Dog – 1 Entry.

Shaw- Browne’s Kingshart Middleman.

1st) 4 year old black and tan, Nice length to ears, with a pleasing shaped head, clean eyes , correct bite. Good length to back with good top line, standing firm over a good amount of ground. Little light in condition, has lost weight recently and unfortunately this showed today. Did need to settle when moving, but moved with drive covering a lot of ground, when he did so. Reserve Best Dog.

Puppy Bitch – No entries.

Junior Bitch 3 Entries.

1st ) Williams’ Sanft Paisley

- one year old Black and tan bitch. Lovely clean clear eyes, nicely shaped head, lovely long leathers, all giving a very pleasing expression correct bite . Nice tight feet, good top line, can see the beginnings of muscle development, giving a strong outline, , hopefully will not fill out too much more as may lose the femininity that a bitch should have. Moved confidently in a straight line, soundly with a purposeful drive, and seemed to be enjoying her time in the ring, which is so nice to see. Hopefully she will be shown more, as one to watch for the future.

2nd) Watts’ Maplemead Doris

14 months old Liver and tan, correct bite, good clean eyes nice length to leathers. Pleasing feminine expression and over all appearance. Nice feet, stood well giving a good outline, when settled, as a little bit fidgety to start off with, but got better as time went on. Moved well, but not with the confidence of 1 . Would like to see a little more muscle developing , but there is time to get this together., this would help with the movement too. A good start to their showing journey.

3rd ) Alford’s Maplemead Mosaic

- 14 month old liver and tan, stunning looking bitch the colour just grabs your attention. Good eyes, leathers and correct bite, Settled well in the ring, nice feminine appearance, like litter sister (2nd) . Nice top line, but seemed to lose confidence on the move, and did not seem happy doing so. Hopefully this can be worked on as would be stunning prospect.

Novice – 1 entry

1st) Watts Maplemead Doris- As 2nd place Junior bitch

 Post Graduate Bitch – no entries.

Limit Bitch – 2 Entries.

1st) Gore’s Edenhill The Loyalist Soonipi (imp)

Lovely feminine black and tan 16 month old hound Took a little time to be of easy in the ring today . Good feet, correct bite, clean eyes, Good ear set and length to leathers, produces a lovely outline when standing. Coat in lovely condition. Even moved with a feminine gentle gait, nothing hurried about her, a good pace covering ground. Very pleasing to watch. Maybe a little on the small side, (which was extenuated by 2nd who was a little too large for a bitch), but no lesser quality hound for it, Reserve best bitch

2nd Mckenzie’s Ardorandus Prudence TAF.

As already said above, unfortunately this bitch is rather too large for a bitch, which is a terrible shame. Nice Black and tan 3 year old stood confidently in the ring, producing a good out line. Nice clean eyes and length to ears. Correct bite. Moved well, had a good positive air whilst in the ring.

Open Bitch- 2 Entries 1 absent.

1st ) Shaw- Browne’s Aspencade Fennel of Kinghart.

5 year old red hound, nice feminine face but not overly fine. Good clean clear eyes, nicely shaped head, good length to leathers giving a regal expression. Nice tight feet, good strong top line and length to back, standing over a lot of ground producing a pleasing profile when standing. Nicely muscled, could do with being a little lighter in frame, but used this well on the moved covered lots of ground moving positively in a straight line. Another one that is a pleasure to watch on the move. Best Bitch Reserve best in show.

Special Beginners Dog or Bitch – 1 entry.

1st) Watts Maplemead Doris. As for Junior Bitch

Lorraine Priestley (Quikotic)