• Show Date: 06/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Merseyside Toydog Club

Japanese Chin Puppy 1st & BP Robinson Usagi Tsukino De Imperium Auri at Midorchi ARAF NAF bitch a delightful 6 month old enjoying herself in the ring promising head properties dark eyes with correct amount of white to give a super expression compact body firm level top line well set tail and already a confident stylish mover  

Japanese Chin Jun 1st Robinson Midorchi Anastasia bitch puppy most typical feminine head and correct expression fine bone elegant outline body needs to develop and perhaps a little longer in loin at the moment moved soundly 2nd Blore Dalehouse Kalua for Movalian male of ideal size very compact fine bone super head type on entering the ring I thought he would be the winner however on the move he continually roached his back hopefully just a temporary issue 

Japanese Chin PG 1st Blore Dalehouse Kalua for Movalian as 2nd in previous class 

Japanese Chin Limit 1st Robinson Midorchi Make Believe bitch outgoing and shows to advantage such an attractive head and expression just the correct amount of white dark eyes elegant neck well developed body level top-line well set tail just missing her coat today  

Japanese Chin Open 1st & BOB Robinson Suzume Uccellino De Imperium Auri at Midorchi JW SH CM (Imp Russ) male of excellent breed type now fully mature I particularly liked his outline standing and on the move he retained a level back good tail set a super coat of correct texture which was well presented   2nd Meadows Javalcy Starship Trooper at Shamead male red and white super type broad skull short muzzle dark eyes but lacking any white compact body today not retaining his top-line on the move 

Coton de Tulear Puppy lovely class three most promising youngsters1st & BP Watson & Disney Happypaws Fancy Nancy 11 month old bitch so typical I really would not change anything at this this stage feminine head with a lovely dark eye and an intelligent expression correct shoulder angulation well developed body excellent top-line super coat texture and presentation 2nd Watson & Disney Happypaws Going My Way 8 month old male less forward than the winner in head and body development however he is of excellent breed type with an obviously happy lively character which was evident in his super free movement beautifully presented coat  3rd Watson & Disney Happypaws Going In Style  

Coton de Tulear Jun 1st Peckett Cotonkiss Petite Power at Cottontop bitch maturing well very feminine excellent skull minimal stop dark eye good pigment typical expression super top-line and tail set she retained her profile on the move in fabulous coat which was well presented 

Coton de Tulear PG 1st Nicholls Cotonkiss Thunder Flash at Frenick mature male masculine but not overdone typical head correct eye and well-set ears scissor bite well developed ribcage super muscled hindquarters beautifully presented and conditioned coat of super texture 

Coton de Tulear Open 1st & BOB Watson & Disney Happypaws Be-Dazzled absolutely loved this beautiful bitch her profile is stunning correct muzzle to skull ratios typical expression dark eye super pigmentation scissor bite obvious depth of body correct top-line and tail set sound free mover excellent presentation and conditioning at one with her handler 2nd Peckett Cotonkiss French Floozie at Cotontop bitch today lacking coat and condition typical feminine head and expression well-constructed body moved freely 3rd Nicholls Cotonkiss Snoochie Boochie at Frenick 

Lowchen Jun 1st BOB Brown Jadechar Pride of The Hero male in profile and on the move so typical happy and outgoing typical head and expression large dark eyes with excellent pigmentation arched neck good bone correct small feet he is well angulated with a short strong body super top-line and tail-set presented and handled to advantage 

Lowchen Open 1st Brown Ch Broevans Legend of The Hero a mature masculine dog lovely breed type excellent head broad skull correct stop super expression dark eye good pigmentation arched neck strong well-developed body short loin loved his profile which he retained on the move well-presented coat 2nd Foster Goldbourne Dreamed A Deam pretty feminine bitch of lovely size today she was lacking the finish and furnishings of the winner however she has a most typical head eye and expression correct dentition good body moved soundly