• Show Date: 14/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Of Scotland Sheepdog Club

North of Scotland Sheepdog Club Open Show  

Thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me to judge BIS and Border Collies at this well organised show in such a picturesque place. The quality of the dogs on show today was excellent which made for some difficult decisions. 


Judge: L Ratter (Seafar) 

Border Collie MP 2 (1) 1st & BP Kempton Yonder Oaks Nevaeh at Borderbrook NAF bitch six months very confident promising head dark oval eyes typical expression correct dentition balanced angulation broad chest excellent bone and feet long tail excellent profile moved very freely keen and responsive to her handler  

Border Collie P 1 (0) 1st Strathmore & Walker Dalguise Justify My Love bitch eleven months up to size feminine head with dark expressive eyes at this stage I felt her slightly longer in muzzle than ideal scissor bite correct feet and bone she was carrying a bit of excess weight today which affected her movement  

Border Collie SY 5 (2) 1st & BB MacDonald & Turner Locheil Love Heart quality bitch of excellent type loved her profile stacked and on the move feminine head of correct proportions well set ears dark eyes strong neck well developed body super coat texture good muscle tone and condition moved effortlessly showing super reach and drive 2nd Heggie Anscott Take A Chance On Me a strong masculine male strong bone very typical keen expression muscular neck well angulated shoulder deep chest body well developed sound mover  3rd Turner Duke Prince Of Golden Carinthia at Locheil 

Border Collie N 3 (2) 1st Heggie Wizaland Celtic Connection male up to size and carrying a little too much weight today which impacted on his movement attractive and most typical head and expression good ear set nice feet strong bone muscular neck well laid shoulder  

Border Collie GD 1 (0) 1st Turner Duke Prince Of Golden Carinthia at Locheil 3rd in the strong SY class tri male youngster of excellent type and balance good skull and muzzle a little full in eye correct dentition good profile movement good bone, feet and pasterns  

Boder Collie LD 2 (0) 1st Heggie Janbell One Step Beyond appealing mature lad very masculine with classic markings balanced head super expression soundly constructed body correct tail set and carriage in excellent coat well-conditioned body 2nd Walker & Large Wizaland Whiskey In The Jar good type with excellent feet and bone today carrying too much weight which affected his movement and outline  

Border Collie OD 3 (0) 1st BD & BOB Rettie Bordaquest Blawin A Hoolie With Glenfound I have judged this lad before now in his prime and on top form today he never put a foot wrong very keen and responsive to his handler his head is well proportioned correct eye shape and typical expression excellent dentition classic outline his angulation is harmonious which allows him to move so freely excellent coat condition and muscle tone a credit to his owner  2nd Heggie Janbell Rudeboy different type to the winner but typical broad skull short muzzle eye a bit round well set ears strong neck good depth of chest super bone and feet  3rd Kempton Legend Of Braveheart Earendil Edge Of Heaven Von Borderbrook (Imp Ger) 

Border Collie GB 1 (0) 1st Kempton Companions Tri n Stop Me at Borderbrook (Imp USA) tri-colour impressive youngster well-proportioned and balanced feminine head keen expression muscular neck well angulated fore and rear correct tail set  

Border Collie LB 2 (1) 1st Durie Syanne Gifted Edition with Tribboch quality bitch of ideal size super head oval eye intelligent keen expression using her well set ears balanced outline deep chest straight top-line long well-set tail in excellent coat and condition 

Border Collie OB 4 (0) 1st Rettie & Alcorn Dalguise Forever Special on top form today she immediately caught my eye on entering the ring standing her outline is well balanced she moves freely with minimal foot lift feminine head with a well-defined stop dark eye well placed ears and a keen expression 2nd MacDonald Locheil Just Cruisin I have judged this beautiful bitch several times before today and have not changed my opinion she is now a veteran I find it hard to believe she is not a show champion! beaten today by a younger bitch on top form 3rd Kempton Borderbrook Blue Heaven JW 

Border Collie V 6 (0) This was the most difficult class of the day six veterans all in super coat and condition a credit to the owners 1st Walker Ravenskirk Ms Independence SH CM 8yr old bitch no doubting her keenness so bright, alert and responsive to her handler feminine head dark oval eye well placed ears scissor bite muscular neck of a decent length she powered round the ring and won this competitive class with her effortless movement 2nd Heggie Ir Ch Locheil Great Expectations 7yr old masculine male super type well-proportioned with plenty of bone and substance typical head broad skull strong muzzle strong neck well laid shoulder excellent top-line and tail set  well presented and conditioned  3rd Donald Locheil Violets Are Blue 

BIS Nixon Japaro It’s All About Me (Shetland Sheepdog) this sable bitch of super type and quality could not be denied today I would not change anything about her at this stage beautiful proportioned head with a most typical expression fabulous outline standing an effortless mover beautifully presented and handled to advantage 

RBIS Rettie Bordaquest Blawin A Hoolie With Glenfound (Border Collie) as above 

BPIS Gill & Hosie Malandex French Xpectation For Gillaber (Bearded Collie) 7 month old slate bitch of excellent type not completely cooperative with her patient handler today appealing head and expression flat skull large dark eyes well set ears of correct shape scissor bite well laid shoulder moved soundly with a good length of stride coat well presented  

BVIS Nixon Ch Japaro Designed In Dream (Shetland Sheepdog) sable bitch a very beautiful veteran from the same kennel as the BIS winner a most worthy champion who could obvious still win at the highest level a pleasure to go over age has not coarsened her graceful and refined with effortless movement