• Show Date: 22/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Leominster Canine Society

Leominster Canine Society 


Judge: L Ratter (Seafar) 

AVNSC Working Jun 3 (1) 1st  BAVNSC, GP2, PG1 & RBPIS Rushton Starrytown Pestadizze for Nereides (Newfoundland) a quality brown bitch puppy of strong breed type typical puppy outline feminine head I would prefer smaller ears fair bone and substance I hope this continues to develop won this class on her composed free movement 2nd Slater Nereides Piece of Cake (Newfoundland) black male a well grown puppy of good size and general substance strong bone well shaped feet skull and muzzle developing as you would expect at this at this stage he has a kind gentle typical expression moved fairly well in front he is close behind super straight double coat which was well presented  

Working Group 1st Lateagain Heart of Gold (Dobermann) 2nd Starrytown Pestadizze for Nereides (Newfoundland)  3rd Mia Von Der Alten Festung at Vickangels (Imp HRV) JW SH CM (Rottweiler) 4th Lapema Garoto Rude JW (Alaskan Malamute) 

Working Puppy Group 1st Starrytown Pestadizze for Nereides (Newfoundland) as above 2nd Ava Von Der Alten Festung at Vickangels (Imp HRV) Rottweiler bitch excellent head proportions correct eye shape and stop small well-placed ears well defined tan most typical expression well laid shoulder strong neck, top-line and hocks free mover well handled 

CKCS Puppy 1 (0) 1st BP & PG3 Newell Corbieanne Precious Magic a well-marked tricolour bitch puppy enjoying herself in the ring her happy outgoing personality shone through ideal size with a typical outline and expression well laid shoulder good top-line and tail-set sound free mover  

CKCS PG 2 (0) 1st & BOB Jones Boatswain Azure at Droleus (Imp ITA) blenheim bitch very typical, small, well-balanced and ultra-feminine super head, ears long and well set dark eyes beautiful gentle expression she won this class on her positive movement well-handled and presented she was very responsive to her handler 2nd Newell Corbieanne Charlottes Girl tricolour larger and less feminine than the winner good outline and well laid shoulder however today she was also moving a little close behind long coat with a huge amount of feathering  

CKCS Open 3 (0) 1st & RBOB Spencer Jamesbonny Spencer Tracy blenheim male balanced outline masculine head large dark eyes well set ears good dentition correct length of neck adequate bone moved soundly I would prefer a little more drive well-presented and conditioned 2nd Newell Corbieanne Charlottes Boy a mature male good type with typical head and expression super large dark eyes body well developed good spring of rib moved adequately 3rd Hopkins Droleus That’s M’Awesome Girl at Gwawr 

Pomeranian Jun 1 (0) 1st BOB & BP Baranzeck Villenelle’s Cream Crush a promising but raw six-month-old bitch puppy delightful outgoing personality she was confident on the table and moved soundly body compact and already well developed deep chest high set tail her head needs time good coat texture well presented 

Papillon Jun 2 (0) 1st & RBOB Morley Jorgealin Indian Magic tricolour bitch eye-catching and finely boned youngster correct outline typical head excellent expression well placed mobile ears of good size level top-line free mover silky coat which was well presented 2nd Lewis Panspayon Fortune Teller male puppy very hesitant and obvious overwhelmed today not possible to assess him properly unhappy on the table and on the move however he has a typical head and expression  

Papillon PG 1 (0) 1st & RBOB Morley Jorgealin Indian Magic (as junior) 

Papillon Open 2 (0) 1st BOB & GP4 Morley & Hitchcock Elfuago Bombastic quality tricolour male dainty and finely boned super head proportions dark eye large well-placed ears scissor bite level top-line high set tail moved effortlessly beautifully presented silky coat 2nd Lewis Panspayon Fortune Teller (as junior class) 

Chinese Crested Grad 3 (0) 1st & RBOB Kirk Ajatiazas Sqeeze Me Quick junior male scored on outline long neck well laid shoulder good wide of chest firm level topline sound mover demonstrating reach and drive 2nd Mc Guigan & Blackwell Doucai’s Heir Of Desdark at Annamac glamourous looking male unhappy today and not settled standing or on the move but he is clearly of good type I am sure he will have better days 3rd & BP Vernall Pufflepaws Aslan The Brave 

Chinese Crested Open 1st BOB & GP3 McGuigan & Blackwell Doucai’s Too Cute To Scare at Annamac super bitch shown to advantage excellent balance and proportions typical head dark eye large well fringed ears scissor bite long elegant neck correct feet and pasterns she retained her level top-line on the move 2nd Kirk Brisville Ruby Tuesday larger bitch typical head dark eye super ears long neck on the move she was roaching which spoiled her movement 

AVNSC Toy Jun 6 (2) quality class 1st RBAVNSC & PG1 Rutter & Wheeler Chrisford Golden Showers (Italian Greyhound) stunning bitch puppy of the highest quality I thought her outstanding ideal size beautiful outline correct long skull minimal stop long neck deep chest fine bone strong pasterns moved so free with correct high stepping action   2nd Salsbury Bamtybo Hocus Pocus (Miniature Pincher) bitch with the typical self-confidence and assurance so desired in this breed super breed type she immediately impresses with her balanced compact outline and correct action on the move very typical head and expression  high set small ears handled and presented so well 3rd Twigg Bamtybo Dark Lord 

AVNSC Toy PG 3 (1) 1st Rutter & Bryan Chrisford Trumpet Trousers (Italian Greyhound) litter brother of the previous class winner excellent breed type he is masculine and extremely well-constructed excelling in movement super coat and skin 2nd Frances & Blatchford Witchstone Queen of Wands for Peopleton (ETT) feminine young bitch excellent head type alert expression typical curvy outline low set tail fine bone well marked well handled 

AVNSC Toy Open 5 (2) 1st RBIS, GP 1 & BAVNSC Francis & Blatchford Ch Witchstone Not Apache On Me for Peopleton (ETT) quality male of excellent breed type so responsive to his handler and presented in top form long head flat skull super ears and small dark eyes giving him the correct expression finely boned adequate length of neck good depth of body lovely profile on the move sound and well-muscled  Bryan 2nd Ranveli Blue Peter (Italian Greyhound) a mature elegant male of excellent type good length to head neat ears dark eyes and super expression finely boned hare feet and good pasterns good reach of neck well angulated rear sound on the move  3rd Salsbury & Ralph Dobenar Sorcerer at Monarkle (Miniature Pinscher) 

AV Toy Puppy 1st Vernall Pufflepaws Aslan The Brave (CC) male just six months promising head excellent dentition typical outline high tail set he is a little short on foreleg length at the moment moved soundly 

AV Toy PG 1st Baranzeck Capevidles Skyfall (LCC) cream bitch with lots to commend very typical head and expression body well developed with well sprung ribs level top-line purposeful mover 

AV Toy Open 1st Baranzeck Capevidle Licence to Thrill (LCC) super bitch full of breed type correct skull and stop large well-set ears soundly constructed super feet and pasterns level top-line sickle tail moved soundly demonstrating good reach and drive well handled 


Toy Group 1st Francis & Blatchford Ch Witchstone Not Apache On Me for Peopleton (ETT) 2nd Potbelli In Your Dreams JW SH CM (Pug) 3rd Doucai’s Too Cute To Scare at Annamac (Chinese Crested) 4th Elfuago Bombastic (Papillon) 

Toy Puppy Group 1st Chrisford Golden Showers (Italian Greyhound) 2nd Sephina Made You Look (Pug) 3rd Corbieanne Precious Magic 4th Villenelle’s Cream Crush (Pomeranian)