• Show Date: 21/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Kirkintilloch Lenzie & District Canine Society

   Kirkintilloch, Lenzie & District Canine Society Open Show 


Judge: Mrs L Ratter (Seafar) 

Pug Grad 7 (1) 1st Ashton Rosewitch Another Excuse with Zobear (TAF) 11 month old bitch correct profile ideal size feminine head large open nostrils well-muscled sound and steady mover 2nd Reid Portlycharm Raffles for Huggieboogie  mature male large masculine head with a most typical expression  small ears well arched neck cobby body well set tail moved steadily 3rd Ferguson Tartanmops Diamonds N Coal 

Pug Open 6 (1) 1st BOB & GP4 Hume, Pike & Saffer Ch Ragemma Dream On Eivisah JW a bitch of beautiful type and quality her profile standing and on the move is outstanding well-proportioned feminine head large round eye with typical expression large open nostrils gentle arch to her neck broad chest well developed body fine coat in super hard condition at one with her handler 2nd Mulholland Karanaster Sir Eat Alot Marillium male super happy personality large masculine head round eyes super bone and feet strong short body with obvious fore-chest he is well muscled throughout   3rd Reid Gramatti Laird Of The Ring Hugieboogie 

Miniature Pinscher Grad 2 (0) 10 month old litter mates who I am sure will change places on a regular basis1st & BOB Allan Allanabru Rose Tico red bitch slightly more mature than her brother loved her profile classic head with excellent small ears dark eyes typical expression strong neck excellent shoulder angulation good top-line and tail set moved with the desired hackney action 2nd Allan Allanabru Kylo Ren black & tan male fully of himself today and a little uncoordinated on the move  giving his handler a work out masculine head strong muzzle correct dentition good ear set strong neck super feet medium bone balanced angulation body still developing as you would expect at this stage 

Miniature Pinscher Open 2 (0) Two super bitches 1st Allan Allanabru Strictly Tangoed red bitch I have always admired from the ringside she is so full of type and spirit super head proportions so balanced with length and strength small ears full dentition dark eyes square body which is well-developed with correct depth totally sound on the move with the desired hackey action 2nd Allan Allanabru Prancing’N Prada a well-marked black & tan bitch of super breed type so soundly constructed she moved out displaying excellent reach and drive I just preferred the slightly higher ear set of the winner  

Chihuahua LC Grad 3 (1) 1st Silverstein Ruby Rose Secret of Angels at Silverchi (IMP SVK) red bitch of excellent type feminine head with a well-rounded skull and large well-placed ears firm well developed body level back correct tail set moved soundly with typical action 2nd Symon Bramerita Here’s Trouble at Charabri tri puppy excellent type with a super head correct ear placement typical expression and large dark eyes still developing in body excellent coat texture moved well  

Chihuahua LC Open 5 (2) 1st BOB & GP3 Chalmers Bonni Lasi Irs (IMP KAZ) larger sable male excelling in head large round eye with a typical expression well set ears correct dentition super shoulder his body is well developed with a good depth of brisket level top-line good tail set he excels in movement demonstrating super reach and drive   2ND Watson Coltham Kindhearted with Lynruce bitch of ideal size with a beautiful outline typical head with a well-rounded skull short muzzle and a large expressive eyes level top-line well- turned stifle animated on the move  3rd  Silverstein Keep on Rocking Secret Of Angels at Silverstein JW (IMP SVK) 

Chihuahua SC Grad 3 (0) 1st & BOB Clack Chinzaes Hes Bonzer quality youngster with a beautiful head excellent skull correct stop short muzzle full dentition typical expression well set large ears good reach of neck level top-line which he retained on the move high set tail just needs a little more strength in hindquarters 2nd Black Chinzaes Shes Ripper litter sister of the winner very similar remarks apply super head with a definite ‘saucy’ expression well- constructed she needs more time to develop in body full of personality and shows to advantage very alert and responsive to her handler 3rd Silverstein Queenie Secret Of Angels at Silverchi (IMP SVK) 

Chihuahua SC Open 2 (0) 1st Black Chinzaes Counting Stars larger bitch dam of the first and second in the previous class she has certainly passed on her excellent head properties definite stop typical expression ears well placed nice arch to neck good shoulder placement deep chest firm level top-line which she retained on the move 2nd Silverstein Silverchi In The Mood bitch I thought she would be the winner super outline in profile ideal size and excellent breed type beautiful skull and muzzle dark eye large well-set ears gentle arch to neck well-constructed very responsive to handler today she was moving close behind 

CKCS Open 7 (2) 1st & BOB Campbell Kinvaar’s Cloud Burst Over Avaleric male a well broken Blenheim of lovely type and quality ideal size appealing head with large dark eyes gentle arch to neck well laid shoulder nice spring of rib super top-line sound free mover well- presented coat silky and well feathered  2nd Slack Willowheart Louis typical head correct ear set and length well-developed short-coupled body strong level top-line very soundly constructed  his movement is excellent 3rd Slack Kinvaar Jumping Jack Flash at Eversbabes 

Chinese Crested Grad 2 (0) 1st Moyes & Hunter Bryelis Voodo Woman stunning 11 month old bitch deer type with fine bone excellent head proportions lean cheeks beautiful dark almond shaped eyes giving an alert expression large low set ears super neck well laid shoulder strong top-line excellent reach and drive on the move  well-presented     2nd Frame Elfallons Crazy Moon quality 2yr old bitch with many positive virtues large well set ears correct eye colour and shape I would prefer a slightly leaner cheek good dentition super neck well laid shoulder not the rear angulation of the winner  

Chinese Crested Open 2 (0) 1st & Bob Moyes & Hunter Bryelis Dancing Queen powderpuff bitch feminine well-proportioned head  correct skull and stop typical expression long neck good depth and width of chest she excels in construction which was demonstrated in her movement super reach and drive beautifully presented coat 2nd Frame Myvallo Inclined To Dance @ Elfallons mature bitch pretty feminine head with a typical expression large well set ears good length of neck well laid shoulder deep well-developed body she was not completely happy on the move today which affected her top-line  

ETT Open 1st & BOB Inch Edalene Grace And Danger confident mature and masculine superior breed type with a well balance head compact body super top-line and tail set in hard muscular condition moved with drive 2nd Bennett Witchstone Place Your Bets at Capledrae most promising 6 month old male he excels in breed type with beautiful head and expression correct profile moved with confidence and drive I am sure he has an excellent future ahead of him 3rd Inch Edalene Never Let Me Go 

Jap Chin Grad 6 (4) 1st Swanston Pamojill Pop Star male of excellent type compact and cobby with a large masculine head dark eye and small well set ears super top-line and tail set moved soundly profusely silky coat  2nd Lindsay Anjuli McHaggis male of ideal size broad skull large eye with a typical expression correct neck and tail set he is finely boned and in super coat and condition 

Jap Chin Open 9 (5) Lovely class 1st BOB & GP1 Lindsay Ch Sleepyhollow Mavis at Anjuli on top form today and showing to advantage I have never seen her so animated super breed type feminine heady typical expression lovely cobby body with correct width of chest fine bone straight coat of excellent texture she could not be denied top spot today  2nd Lindsay Anjuli Beryl JW younger bitch tall and rangy compared to her kennel mate at the moment however she has all the essentials in abundance and with a little more development in body will trouble the best elegant with a stunning profile on the move and beautiful length and texture of coat 3rd Grogan, Lindsay & O’Herlihy Sleephollow Baroque at Anjuli ShCm  

Papillion Grad 3 (1) 1st & BOB Breen Zolotto Skyla at Kylecroft tri bitch dainty little butterfly loved her size beautifully balanced feminine head with correct stop large mobile ears long fringes super profile animated free mover 2nd MacGregor Sweetbriar The Poser (TAF) male puppy a bit unsettled on the move today pleasing head and expression excellent ears large and mobile fringing developing well he has a level top-line and correct high set tail 

Papillon Open 4 (0) 1st Mandelson Maridova Victorias Dream In Honruki (IKC) JW ShCm a bitch I have had the pleasure of judging and placing highly several times in the past she is now fully mature a lovely breed type and so well constructed today I felt she was carrying a little excess weight 2nd Breen Grinsdales Chrystal at Kylecroft bitch dainty and finely boned pretty head correct stop mobile ears typical expression well-constructed positive mover super silky coat beautifully presented 3rd Patrick Volpecula The Early Bird 

Pomeranian PG 6 (1) 1st Ogilvie Pakovs Midnight Gift beautiful dainty black bitch compact and short-coupled with a foxy head small ears darkest of eyes full of character finely boned excellent depth of chest harmonious angulation small compact feet she free mover full of confidence beautifully presented 2nd Adamson Darade Paco Rabanne For Sylvids male quality youngster super profile masculine head fine muzzle scissor bite small neat ears short compact body high-set tail sound free mover with a super coat which was well presented 3rd McDowall Pinch Of Snuff for Carberry 

Pomeranian Open 5 (1) 1st & BOB Ogilvie Ch Pakovs I’m a Celebrity JW a male I have judged several times now a veteran he has not lost any of the qualities I admired on previous occasions correct breed type he is obviously masculine but refined and without the exaggerations now creeping into this breed a credit to his owner his coat texture and presentation are text book 2nd Nixons Pakovs Silver Lady a daughter of the BOB she excels in breed type super outline correct head proportions well laid shoulder excellent well developed body deep chest her delightful personality shone through a free sound mover very responsive and alert to her handler super coat and condition 3rd McDowall Carberry Count On Me 

A.V Toy NSC Open 7 (1) A class of quality 1st & GP2 Bayne & Smith Manoir’s Mr Moonlight (Bichon) impressive young dog with an outgoing personality scores highly on overall balance breed type and size masculine head soft expression dark eye scissor bite excellent profile level top-line fee mover beautifully presented and handled to advantage 2nd Craig Cottonkiss Moonrock (CDT) ShCm mature male in his prime fantastic example of this charming breed correct profile masculine head with a strong muzzle excellent pigmentation dark round eyes well angulated shoulder correct top-line and tail-set super mover coat texture and presentation was superb 3rd Craig Cottonkiss Juicy Lucy (CDT) 

A.V Toy SMP 9 (2) Lovely class 1st Stuart & Gibb-Stuart Over The Moon De Los Ursidos Kodiak (CKCS) very promising blenheim bitch puppy with a beautiful head and sweet gentle expression ideal for size with correct bone her body is already well developed with well sprung ribs and a strong level top-line moved freely silky coat which was beautifully presented   2nd Breen Amicae Highland Glen (Papillion) tri male super head good ear set dark eye beautiful expression elegant neck well placed shoulder deep chest level top-line which he retained on the move coat developing well 3rd Bennett Witchstone Place Your Bets at Capledrae (ETT) 

A.V Toy SP 12 (6) 1st Ashton Rosewitch Another Excuse with Zobear (TAF) see Pug Grad 2nd Moyes & Hunter Bryelis Voodo Woman see (CC) Grad 3rd Allan Allanabru Rose Tico (MP)