• Show Date: 01/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Mansfield & District Canine Society

Japanese Chin PG 1 (0) 1st & BOB Potts Holmchin Out of The Blue to Adreeam SH CM black and white male of lovely quality typical head large dark eye showing the correct amount of white super expression he is elegant and stylish has a super outline standing and, on the move, I particularly enjoyed watching his sound true movement level top line and high tail set well presented 

Dogue De Bordeaux PG 1 (0) 1st & BOB McEnaney & Oldman Bravadogue Lord Claude a young male of excellent breed type, size and substance masculine head broad skull short muzzle typical expression strong neck well boned legs good feet broad chest super well laid shoulder moved adequately in the small ring  

Dobermann P 1 (0) 1st & BP Frost Zeegeez Walks In Beauty bitch just 6 months very confident and outgoing feminine head dark almond shaped eye typical expression correct dentition well developed bone and cat like feet good depth of body straight top-line which was retained on the move well handled 

Dobermann PG 1 (0) 1st & BOB Hemmings & Radford Luftez Astronomy male eye-catching youngster medium size typical outline masculine head correct eye and expression neat ear scissor bite long muscular neck round bone well angulated shoulder obvious fore-chest short back strong well-developed hindquarters moved with drive sympathetically handled  

Dobermann O 1 (0) 1st & RBOB Frost Otago Angel Dreamz for Zeegeez bitch standing she has a typical outline super neck and correct top-line balanced angulation moved adequately however today she was knuckling over excessively today   

AVNSC P 2 (1) 1st, Best AVNSC Puppy & PG1 Springthorpe Millthorpe Mr Rochester (Newfoundland) as this is my own breed I can confidently say only superlatives about this puppy I would not change anything about him at this stage type, size, bone and substance in abundance his expression is gentle and endearing his personality so typical of the breed a free mover already demonstrating the correct reach and drive huge coat skilfully presented and handled to advantage 

AVNSC J 1 (0) 1ST Stewart & Terry Athena Echodream (Giant Schnauzer) a mature black bitch with a square profile well-proportioned head dark oval eye neat ears correct dentition nicely laid shoulder musclular body well sprung rib she moved adequately a bigger ring would have suited her better well presented  

AVNSC O 1 (0) 1st, Best AVNSC & GP1 Lindley Sensitivity Bliss Nikita at Lindgreave SH CM (Imp Pol) mature black bitch of excellent size, bone and substance feminine head with the most gentle expression and correct dentition strong muscular neck well laid shoulder her body is well developed broad fore chest level top line long tail today she moved adequately but I feel hampered by the small ring would like to see her outside well presented in good coat and condition  

Working Group 1st Newfoundland 2nd Alaskan Malamute 3rd Dobermann 4th BMD 

Working Puppy Group 1st Newfoundland 2nd Alaskan Malamute 3rd Siberian Husky 4th DDB 

Polish Lowland Sheepdog P 1 (0) 1st, RBOB & BP Bransby Mybeards Lexa bitch puppy promising but not making the best of herself today well-proportioned head broad skull good stop nice eye and expression I liked her outline and well angulated hindquarters a bit more training required to get the best out of her 

Polish Lowland Sheepdog O 3 (1) 1st & BOB Johnson Lindgreave Special Recipe young male not yet fully mature on first look he appears cobby and of an ideal size hands on this is confirmed typical head well shaped and set ears correct expression strong neck deep well-developed brisket good spring of rib broad loin maintained his outline and correct tail carriage on the move profuse coat  2nd Johnston Lindgreave Pon Ryhthm mature masculine male super head properties strong muscular neck well angulated shoulder body well developed a size larger than the first and today I preferred the tail carriage of the winner beautiful coat and condition 

Rough Collie P 2 (0) 1st Cook & Watkins & BP Whatacoo Blaze of Glory merle bitch with an appealing head and expression from her almond shaped eye not carrying her ears well today but she has time on her side for them to settle correct dentition good length to height ratio round bone adequate movement with decent length of stride plenty of puppy coat which would benefit from more presentation   2nd Pryor Aqualite Fifty Shades Darka tri male a tall puppy who looked unbalanced today he was rather overwhelmed and not really happy to be fully assessed however he is typical and has lovely round bone and excellent feet I am sure he will have better days 

Rough Collie PG 2 (0) 1st & RBOB Scott Aniesh Touch Of Black tri male mature and well balanced today in super coat, well-muscled and in hard condition which was reflected and evident in his sound movement and gave him the advantage masculine head flat skull sweet expression well placed and used ears   2nd Biggs Aqualita Isidessa at Spirecroft sable bitch typical outline appealing head with the sweetest expression good neck nice bone moved reasonably well but a little close behind  

Rough Collie O 2 (1) 1st & BOB Cook & Watkins Aniesh Rorever Blue with Whatacoo mature merle bitch feminine head liked her eye and ear set strong under-jaw correct size with decent bone deep chest retained her outline on the move in excellent coat which was well presentation 

Australian Shepherd P 1 (0) 1st & BP Fuller Ones Passionate Affair Della Terra Del Falco among Jacanshe (Imp Ita) bitch quality youngster liked her balance and super head well laid shoulder strong neck excellent top-line oval feet and strong bone today she was not co-operating fully with her handler but moved soundly 

Australian Shepherd PG 1 (0) 1st & RBOB Fullers Fantasy And Passion Toffe Della Terra Del Falco merle bitch feminine typical head with a sweet gentle expression well developed body good depth of brisket moved soundly retaining her top-line in excellent condition 

Australian Shepherd O 1 (0) 1st & BOB Fullers Allmark Willy Wonka with Jacanshe tri male a balanced medium sized lad of excellent type broad skull alert expression and good ear set strong neck well laid shoulder well developed body lovely profile standing and, on the move, so well presented and conditioned 

AVNSC P 4 (0) 1st, BAVNSC, PG1, GP1 & BPIS Collinson Nikara Secret Love by Norjack (Samoyed) a biscuit coloured bitch puppy of outstanding quality and type immediately caught my eye on entering the ring I was not disappointed going over her alert and full of personality wedge shaped head correct ear set dark almond shaped eye scissor bite well laid shoulder deep chest her body is already muscular and well developed beautifully presented her movement was a joy to watch  2nd Forman Suzdans Severus Over Blue (GSD) promising upper size male of good type and harmonious proportions masculine outlook alert expression head and skull developing well correct dentition strong oval bone excellent feet and pasterns 3rd Woodhead Nikara Secret Wish With Pashka (Samoyed) 

AVNSC Open 4 (0) 1st & RBAVNSC Forman Suzdans Christmas Cracker (GSD) feminine mature bitch typical outline sound construction without exaggeration alert and self-assured typical head correct dentition strong neck good depth of brisket firm pasterns movement impeded by the small ring but sound  2nd Thomas Zeelukzak Om Shanti SH CM (Samoyed) quality bitch of strong breed type well balanced outline feminine head flat skull typical expression scissor bite deep ribs would prefer a shorter loin free mover well-presented 3rd Barnes& Mullard Kintaro Catalonia (GSD) 

AVNSC Veteran 4 (2) 1st Canty Bargemon En Vogue SH CM (Bearded Collie) 11yr old grey and white bitch in fantastic coat and general condition pleasing head with a most typical soft expression correct body to height ratios excellent length of stride and effortless movement a credit to her owner  2nd Scott Aniesh Portrait in Blue SH CM (Rough Collie) 9yr old merle male good head properties flat skull blunt wedge well set eye typical expression alert and using his ears well angulated shoulder good bone and feet he moved soundly in full coat which was well presented 

Pastoral Group 1st Samoyed 2nd Bearded Collie 3rd Polish Lowland Sheepdog 4th Australian Shepherd 

Pastoral Puppy Group 1st Samoyed 2nd Bearded Collie 3rd Australian Shepherd 4th Rough Collie