• Show Date: 31/03/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Loraine Ratter Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Pekin Palace Dog Association

Pekin Palace Dog Association Open Show 


Judge: Loraine Ratter (Seafar) 

Thanks to the officers and committee for inviting me as the replacement judge. I enjoyed judging this small entry of quality dogs including some outstanding exhibits congratulations to their clever breeder/owners. 

MPD no entries 

PD no entries 

JD 1 (0) 1st & RBD Easdon & Martin Klerkshof Desert Star at Yakee superb masculine youngster with the most beautiful head that is free from exaggeration super expression flat skull dark eye wide short muzzle and strong underjaw soundly constructed front heavy bone large feet strong pasterns his body and chest are short and deep and still developing excellent top-line and tail set really well muscled hindquarters his movement is sound with evident rolling gait in front not excessively coated presented and handled to advantage  

ND no entries  

PGD 3 (2) 1st Mac Hin Diva Haven Royal Dream at Barpeke mature with a typical head lovely eye his ears are well placed with good fringing short well-developed body, super substance and broad chest good top-line and tail-set obvious waist moved soundly well-presented coat  

LD 3 (1) 1st Patterson & Murray Bratilda Starboy quality young dog of excellent breed type and typical Peke personality ideal size lovely head and eye correct underjaw heavily boned well-constructed front wide chest well developed body excellent rib super condition well-muscled rear super fringing and coat texture 2nd Fleming Brogansian Battlestar mature and in full coat ideal size compact with broad chest, level top-line and well set tail a little less masculine than the winner 

OD 4 (1) 1st , BD & BIS Klerks-Delucchi Klerkshof Desert Sky litter brother of the junior winner I was splitting hairs to separate them similar head properties but this lad has a little more maturity in body with solid bone and substance picked up heavy I am sure they will change places many times first class presentation and conditioning  2nd Easdon & Martin Yakee Lost Legend less mature than the winner solid and well balanced classic outline promising head with a typical expression very fit and well-muscled which was reflected in his sound movement well-conditioned and presented coat  3rd Lenton Mezrab Royal Sovereign at Clashda 

VD 1 (0) 1st MacHin Kayshei James lovely lad still retaining his outline and tail set on the move broad wide skull typic al expression obviously enjoying himself his tail never stopped wagging! 

MPB 1 (0) 1st & BPIS Bratilda Maddison quality puppy full of character and personality self-assured and confident on the move small with solid bone picked up well typical head with a fabulous expression super outline, top-line and tail-set very promising 

PB no entries 

JB 2 (1) 1st & BB & RBIS Yakee Mary Poppins quality through and through strong breed type wide shallow head dark eye typical expression beautifully constructed forehand her hind movement was outstanding super for size solid bone level top-line well carried tail coat of correct texture   

NB no entries 

PGB 1 (1) 

LB 1 (0) 1st & RBB Easdon & Martin Yakee Stood in Snow black youngster of superior quality stunning head with such a beautiful expression from her round dark eye heavy bone large feet broad chest good ribcage super top-line and tail set obvious waist well-muscled hindquarters correct coat texture  

OB 3 (1) 1st Klerks-Delucchi Klershof Cassandra fawn with a fabulous head beautiful expression dark eye well placed nose firm underjaw level back thick neck wide chest super ribs solid bone large feet level back high tail set moved soundly excellent coat and fringing  2nd Blakeway Goldpeke Tapestry of Life at Bellablake mature and in full coat  which was of good texture and well presented appealing head and most typical expression lovely size with a compact body super ribcage solid bone moved well 

VB no entries