• Show Date: 29/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lloyd Cross Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Buckinghamshire Canine Society

Buckinghamshire Canine Society – Open Show – 29th September 2018

Hounds & Hound Group – Judge: Lloyd Cross (Loggeta)

Many thanks to the committee for the kind invitation to judge the hounds & hound group at this very friendly and well run show at the Berkshire College of Agriculture. A nice entry even although a few other hound breed open shows in the vicinity seemed to have affected numbers - I thank the exhibitors for their support – some cracking dogs on show. I prefer to see exhibits moved a lot as I feel the construction of all hound breeds become much more apparent on the move as opposed to in the stack. Thanks to all exhibitors for their great handling and good sportsmanship.


Junior (2,0)

1st Sutton’s Rossut Rosemay  

Lovely 7 month lemon/white bitch of correct and balanced proportions. Lovely head, dark pigmentation and correctly shaped dark eye. Lovely construction all through. Great balance for a puppy and moved with purpose from well angulated hind quarters. I am sure one to follow for the future. Best Puppy & Puppy Group 2 in a strong line up although she wasn’t as interested in the puppy group unfortunately.

2nd Sutton’s Rossut Tricia  

Another super puppy, tri – coloured, it was hard to decide between these two lovely dogs and they could easily swap places – on the day I just preferred the shoulders & overall maturity of the winner.

Post Graduate (5,2)

1st Roberts & Spearing Linkenlees Laurina

2 year old tri bitch super outline on the stack. She is typical in outline and sound in overall construction. Feminine but with substance. Classic head with sweet expression, lovely depth of chest and strong forechest. Nice tight feet. Firm level topline and short coupled.  Moved with style and drive from correctly angulated hindquarters.

2nd Sutton’s Rossut Octave

Another lovely exhibit from this kennel. Only a young junior of great outline and super hind quarters. Well laid shoulders and lovely level topline. On the move was not as settled coming and going as my winner although held a beautiful outline in profile at all times.

Open (4,1)

1st Wenman’s Wenannou Scirocco

A lovely tri dog of 2 years. Correct outline and sufficient substance for a male. Well made hound in hard condition with a great front and very correct hind angulation. Stood on nice tight feet and correct straight legs. and loved watching his lovely outline on the move and in free sand. Typical head with soft expression, well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and spring of rib , excellent bone and well turned stifles, strong quarters. An athletic hound that moved soundly and with drive. BOB & Hound Group 3.


Puppy (1,0)

1st Nunnely’s Kelsmonk Kind of Magic

Beautifully balanced elegant dog puppy, nothing exaggerated, long and lean head, nice strong jawline, dark pigment and oval eye, super long muscular neck nicely arched, good well laid back shoulders, good bone and straight front with correct width.

Deep chest and nice top and underline – super graceful arch over loin. Needs to settle on the move but once settled moved with drive and quite assuredly for a puppy of only 6 months. Lovely well let down hocks. Covered the ground well moving straight in front and behind. Well presented and handled BPIB & Hound Puppy Group Winner

Open (1,0)

1st Nunnely’s Veredon Vanilla Sunset

Nice Faun & White dog of correct size although on the day carrying too much weight. Good outline nice head, would prefer stronger underjaw. Moved true fore and aft and won BOB on his maturity. Hound Group 4


Junior (1,0)

1st Knowles Reggaedog Frodo (Imp Svk)

A young dog of good size, correct head with a dark eye and good bite, well set ears, long and fine. Good neck, leading into correct lay of shoulder, well boned with good feet, deep long body with moderate rear angulation, tail well set, profuse hard coat, a little reluctant in his movement but sound.

Post Graduate (1,0)

1st Knowles Anya Hindmarch Avec Braillement

Lovely bitch, enjoying her day and of great temperament. Good head with nice expression dark eye and good bite. Nice lay of shoulder, strong bone and good feet, deep in body with good ribbing, firm topline well muscled loin of correct length. Nicely angulated rear, strong hocks, moved very soundly fore and aft. Correct tail set, I felt she excelled on the move and held a super outline in profile with great free movement, good reach and easy ground covering strong hind drive. Very pleased to award her BOB and Hound Group 2 behind an excellent Std Wire Dachshund.

Open (4,2)

1st O’Day’s Ch. Silvamoon Sweet Sapphire ShCM

Beautiful almost 10 year old bitch still holding her own and not lacking in enthusiasm. Super outline, correct shoulder placement, good topline, strong sound front, good head and eye, nice expression, in the challenge just preferred the easy free flowing movement of the graduate winner. Well handled.

2nd Knowles Speedy Danda Bohemia Avec Braillement (Imp Pol)

Larger taller type who I felt a little unbalance in the height to length ratio – stong front and sound shoulders. Good depth of chest and nice ribbing. Preferred the hind angulation of the winner and on the day wasn’t overly interested in moving around the ring with any drive.

A.V.N.S.C. Hound

Puppy (1,0)

1st Sweeney’s Sunsong Almond Biscotti (Std W/H Dachshund)

Wild boar dog of 7 months. Well balance and well proportioned. A little upright in shoulder but moved soundly and held quite a good outline on the move. Well angulated behind at this early age just running up behind a little but lots of promise. Best Puppy AVNSC Hound & Puppy Group 3.

Junior (3,0)

Tough class to judge as I was splitting hairs on 1st & 2nd and both were worthy winners

1st Helps Beardswood Unique Gem (Deerhound)

Lovely bitch of super flowing lines and curves. Super head and neck, good eye and expression neck flows into super shoulders well laid and not too far apart and on into a super flowing topline. Lovely deep chest and super arch over the loin flowing into well angulated hindquarters. Well knuckled feet. Moved well fore and aft holding a lovely elegant outline at all times. Really covered the ground with a good long stride pushed the super Std wire dachshund hard in the challenge.

2nd Boydell’s Nightwind You Cant Stop the Beat (Imp) (Afghan)

A lovely exhibit super solid black dog of stylish lines and correct proportions. Great correctly shaped head and good expression into lovely neck held proudly at all times, well laid back shoulders into a lovely level topline again held in the stack and on the move. Super ring tail set on correctly and nicely angulated rear quarters. My decision like most came in movement when I just preferred the balance of the winner on the day. A lovely dog that should have a very good future.

3rd Sunsong Almond Biscotti

Post Graduate (4,1)

1st Skinners Skyswift Moonlite Tango (Greyhound)

Beautiful brindle dog just over 2 years and very sound all through, lovely long head flat skull and powerful jawline. Nice dark oval eye. Well placed ears. Good straight front with nice tight elbows. Good bone and substance all through. Moved really well with a powerful drive from well muscled loin and powerful hindquarters. Lovely straight low reaching stride catching the eye.


2nd Nightwind You Cant Stop The Beat

3rd Kerrijoy The Scorpion King at Kashiba

Open (2,0)

1st Rowe’s Boloria’s Trick or Treat JW (Std Wire Haired Dachshund)

A super correctly sized bitch of great balance and style. Today was on absolute top form. Superb outline on the stack, correctly angulated and laid-back shoulders. Good bone and substance nice straight front tight elbows. Good strong jaw and nice conical head. Lovely reach of neck into flowing level topline. Super well angulated hindquarters nice hard condition and a great harsh coat. On the move was an absolute pleasure to watch easy flowing ground covering movement true fore and aft. I am sure that this bitch will gain her title in the not too distant future. Top handling job. Delighted to award her Best ANNSC & Hound Group 1

2nd Wilenczyc’s Dreamlight Northern Dancer at Kashiba

4 year old Borzoi of correct size and nice outline. Good long and lean head, string jaw and nice dark almond shaped eye. Good alert expression. Nicely arched neck. Strong front and well angulated hindquarters. Good oval shaped ribcage with great depth of brisket down to elbows. Nice gracefully curved topline with good tuck up. Well set tail. On the day disappointed on the more fore and aft but maybe needed a bigger ring to get going.

A.V. Hound


1st Rossut Octave

2nd Rossut Tricia

Hound Group

1.      Rowe’s Bolaria’s Trick or Treat (Std Wire Haired Dachshund)

2.      Knowles Anya Hindmarch Avec Braillement (Basset Griffon Vendeen -Grand)

3.      Wenmans Wenannou Scirocco (Beagle)

4.      Nunneley’s Veredon Vanilla Sunset (Whippet)

Hound Puppy Group

1.     Nunneley’s Kelsmonk Kind Of Magic (Whippet)

2.     Sutton’s Rossut Rosemay (Beagle)

3.     Sweeney’s Sunsong Almond Biscotti (Std Wire Haired Dachshund)

Lloyd Cross