• Show Date: 29/11/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lisa Tyler Jackson Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Horsham & District Canine Society

Horsham & District CS 29 November 2018 


A lovely friendly society; thank you to my hard working steward and to the exhibitors who brought along some very high class hounds. 




P (3) 1, BP & RBOB, Bird’s Blandings Eyes on the Prize, f/br, feminine head with pleasing eye and ear and strong jaw, super well-filled front, strong rear with good turn of stifle, clean out and back; elegant, very sound, scopy and typical. Forward for her 8 months, both mentally and physically, and went on to PG2 in a nice Group; 2, Bass & Hall’s Shalfleet Zante Star at Silverfrith, another high quality puppy, petite and very typy, lovely shoulder and front, correct topline flowing into shapely rear, especially liked her free profile movement; at 7 months she is very much a baby but one for the future, two very promising puppies. 3, Allansson Runesson & Macdonald’s Jasarat Salted Caramel of Macallodon. 


J (4, 1 abs) 1, B Eyes on the Prize; 2, Osborne’s Florancy Above and Beyond Derohan, silver br/w, pleasing head, good make and shape, good front angulation, moved very well all round, looked better on the move than stacked as she was feeling the cold and roaching her topline; 3, Knowles’ Lelani Storm Rider. 


UG (4) 1, F Above and Beyond D, had settled in topline much better by this class; 2, L Storm Rider, shaded fawn, good for size, decent front, plenty of depth and well ribbed up, moved OK in profile but needs to tighten up going away; 3, Meads’ Ringmore Gigi at Jasbri. 


PG (3) 1, Byron’s Padstian Pip in New York, upstanding masculine fawn; in excellent fit condition, really good muscle definition and this showed in his movement, much the best in the class. Plenty of scope and substance without being coarse. Front set a little further forward than I would like; 2, Tresh & Wilson’s Hamiltonhill Minnie da Minx, fawn with a pleasing outline, very nice feminine head, well balanced and constructed. Not settling well on the move, too onward bound and rather fond of her tail; 3, Meads’ Rockanor Silver Sapphire at Jasbri. 


O (1) 1, Shepherd’s Citycroft Sundae with Oxana JW ShCM, this boy is one I have done well before and it is good to see him maturing into such a top class Whippet. Overall so well balanced with everything fitting together in harmony, fills the eye. Well ribbed up and stands over a lot of ground, clean daisy cutting action, no exaggerations anywhere, good for size. Elegance and masculinity combined. BOB & G3. 


AVNSC Hound 


P (6, 2) A lovely class. 1, Richardson & Wood’s Basenji, Mombatonga Empresseugenie of Cooperland ShCM, high class tri bitch, excellent head shape and wrinkle with high set small ears though would prefer her eye a touch less full. Short back, correct angulation both ends with lots of shelf and high tailset, plenty of leg, refined but with sufficient substance. At 11 months much the most mature of these and it showed in her movement, strong driving action behind, really striding out in profile with precise footfall and clean in front. One with a very bright future; BP, G2 & PG1; 2, RBOB, Parker’s Rhodesian Ridgeback, Kiromol As You Like It with Azuli, I really liked this lovely 8 months puppy, feminine typical head, the sort of front you want to keep going over because it is just so correct. Level topline kept on the move, good angulation behind, good tailset and carriage, correct ridge, so well-balanced and sympathetically handled. Of course she has quite a bit of developing and tightening to do but she moved very nicely for such a baby. 3, Lewis’ Otterhound, Olphae Charman. 


J (1) 1, Hicks’ Rhodesian Ridgeback, Nuthouse Queen of Clubs, pleasing head, very good front and fill, super feet, lots of scope and she had a correct ridge and crowns.  Yet to finish growing and hasn’t quite come to herself yet, but she moved soundly enough and might have benefited from a bigger ring to allow her to settle in her work; promising youngster. 


PG & O (Abs) 


AV Hound 


P (12, 8 abs) 1, O Charman, 8 months, super houndy head, with good furnishings and pleasing expression, harsh coat, balanced moderate angulation, made the most of himself on the move with sound, active strides; 2, N Queen of Clubs; 3, S Zante Star at S. 


J (3) 1, Faircloth’s Deerhound, Beardswood Uther, I was very taken with this dignified young hound, quite lovely head and outlook, sound all through and stands over lots of ground, all gentle curves; topline falls gently to powerful quarters with good turn of stifle, moves with great precision and lightness, suffice to say I liked him a lot; 2, N Queen of Clubs; 3, McCarthy’s ML Dachshund, Nagshall Love to Be. 


PG (3,2) 1, P Pip in New York. 


O (2) 1, Roberts & Spearing’s Beagle, Linkenlees Laurina, lovely feminine head with soft expression, well made all through, sound as a bell on the move, good topline and stern carriage, plenty of substance. Impressed with how this little lady has matured, she has really filled out and is developing into a high class bitch; 2, Wilson’s Whippet, Demerlay First Kiss for Hamiltonhill, 9 years, in excellent condition, a lovely type with a superb front, well ribbed up, shapely body and rear, plenty of scope, clean coming on, just showing her age a little in her hind movement. 


Hound Group 


G1,  Roberts & Spearing’s Beagle, Linkenlees Lyric ShCM, such a typy and well balanced hound, lovely head with soft expression and strong jaw, free active movement with precise footfall, firm loin, well ribbed up, super front and feet, this young bitch is really fulfilling her early promise and handily won this strong Group today. G2, Basenji, M Empresseugenie of C; G3, Whippet, C Sundae with O; G4, Reed’s MS Dachshund, Deercroft Daybreak, delightful feminine little person, lovely typical head with characterful expression, unexaggerated well balanced proportions, moved very well with plenty of activity and freedom. 


PG1 Basenji, M Empresseugenie of C; PG2 Whippet, B Eyes on the Prize; PG3, Holder’s Irish Wofhound, Sade Araya Mascotts, eye-filling youngster of lovely type, impressed with her sound and clean movement, very together for such a tall hound at such a tender age, one to watch; PG4, Wands’ Smooth Dachshund, Wanderhund Let’s Celebrate for Hayvenhund, lovely shape and outline, correct topline held on the move, clean and precise movement, very nice. 


Lisa Tyler Jackson