• Show Date: 24/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Linda Chambers Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

North Of England Spaniel Club

North of England Spaniel Club Open Show

24th June 2018

Thank you to the exhibitors for your entries and bringing your dogs to show under me. I am also grateful to the Society for the judging appointment and hospitality, I enjoyed the show very much.

Junior 1. Mycalleys Daniel 14 months buff dog with much to like about him. Balanced head, with good pigmentation and appealing expression. He is a substantial male with good forechest and deep, well sprung ribs. Good overall shape. He moved really well, covering the ground with driving rear movement, maintaining a correct outline with good topline and tailset. Lovely outgoing temperament. Reserve BOB.

2. Ashclares Kiss Me Quick by Mycalleys Close decision between 2 and 3, and they could easily change places. 13 months black and tan bitch with a really pretty head and lovely appealing expression. She moved really well, keeping a good outline. Another with a delightful temperament.

3. Mycalleys Finoula


1. Nasaillen Witchcraft with Mycalleys This black bitch has a really good body; she is short coupled and has substance with good rib. Very good coat and condition. She kept a really good outline on the move, and moved really well.

Open 1. Mycalleys Kennedy I judged this dog about two years ago as a junior and was impressed by him then; maturity has certainly completed the picture. He has a balanced head with dark eyes and an appealing expression. A well-made dog with substance; good depth of fore chest, deep and well sprung ribs, short coupled and with strong, well angulated hindquarters. He moves so well – covering the ground smoothly and effortlessly, keeping his shape at all times. He is in perfect body condition; in beautiful coat and, as usual, he was presented in first class order. I sincerely hope his third CC is not too far away. BOB and I was delighted to see him go BIS. Well done.

2. Mycalleys Denisse Sharnambar I could not believe this girl is 8 years old, she certainly did not look it. Very nice balanced head. She is compact with good rib. Really good topline and correct tailset. She moved so well with ground covering action, maintaining a correct outline. Best veteran. Linda Chambers (Judge)