• Show Date: 17/06/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Liesel Thorner Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Chepstow & District Canine Society

Chepstow and District Canine Society Open Show

     17th June 2018


Open (9,1)

A class of varying ages and development with some tighter than desirable tails and a couple of exhibits showing signs of respiratory unsoundness.

1st. Crothers’ Avaword Lottie. A red unexaggerated 18-month-old bitch, being a little stubborn for her handler when trying to stack, but when she cooperated presented a good front, with enough bone in straight legs down to nice feet, although forefeet nails needed a little attention. Broad and sloping shoulders and deep chest. Nice head. Muzzle of required ratios not too short and nose roll not overdone. Mouth ok, with no tongue or teeth protrusion and open nostrils on black nose. Good dark eye. Short body well ribbed up and good tuck up. Muscular rear with well let down hocks and good tail and set. Moved with quick short stepping action. BOB.

2nd. Mayo’s Dajomi Fair Young Maid At Gasholi. Splitting hairs between 1st and 2nd. Much of the same can be said for this 17-month-old bitch. Front a shade wider and rise over loin a little more pronounced, but more nose roll and slightly tighter tail but neither affecting the health of the bitch. More alert and interested than one. Movement ok. RBOB

3rd. Haines’ Justafiabull Tristana.

BP. Not placed in the class. Nicholson’s Melafella Cool and Cocky. First show for this 6-month young man in awe of every moment. Very raw baby with much maturing to do, but basics are there. Affectionate demeanour.

Chow Chow

Open (2,2)

1st. Martin’s Foillan Fu-Ni ShCM. 4-year-old alert Red with clean dark oval eye. Nice bite and complete correct colouring on roof of mouth, flews and tongue. Skull flat and broad with small thick ears that could be carried more alertly. Balanced outline with deep chest and well sprung ribs. Nice slope to shoulders and carrying good bone. Slightly longer coupling and a tad more angle in the stifle than currently desired for this breed, giving more length to the body and allowing less of a pendulum action on the move but still sound and free in every way. Good tail set and carriage. BOB and G4

2nd. Martin’s Jdlindchow Fuyuan At Foillan. Seven-and-a-half-month Black bitch. Another baby a little in awe of the proceedings today. Much maturing to do but has a lovely dark clean eye. Flat skull with good ear set. Plenty of ruff currently with puppy coat still abundant. Balanced with required angulation, good bone and nice feet. Shorter coupled than 1st and slightly straighter stifle allowing a good pendulous action more typical of the breed. BP

Minature Schnauzer

Graduate (2,2)

1st. Ilott’s Leecurt Stole Our Heart, Rising 8-month Salt and Pepper bitch and quite the showgirl already. Good head with well-placed and carried ears. Enough stop to accentuate the eyebrows and aiding her alert expression. Almost square, balanced with fairly long neck into well laid shoulders. Straight forelegs with good bone and feet with black nails. Nice forechest and good depth with well sprung ribs. Strong though back to croup with good tail set. Required angles in hind legs, nicely muscled without being overdone. Moved purposely with balance throughout and good reach and drive. A very promising puppy, I liked her very much and couldn’t deny her BOB. BPIB. Went on to take G3 and PG2.

2nd. Thomas’s Eronels Red Red Wine. 7-month black bitch. A finer puppy all through. Alert expressive dark eye, good ear set and carriage with adequate head furnishings. Slightly longer in body but balanced. Deep chest but needs a little more spring to rib, but this could come as she matures. Moved ok.

Open (2,2)

1st Prevett, Thomas and Mainwaring’s Raileve My Fair Lady. 16-month Black and Silver. Good length and shape to head on this bitch, with well set and carried ears. Dark eye and good stop accentuating silver eyebrows. Long enough neck into well laid shoulder flat to body with good muscle tone. Strong bone to straight legs. Nice forechest. Good spring of rib. Correct topline, nicely muscled thighs with good rear angles which provided drive on the move. Moved well with balance and maintaining her topline. Pipped to BOB by the puppy, but still a nice example of the breed. RBOB.

2nd. Ilot’s Leecurt Simply Dynamite. 2-year-old Cobbier black bitch. Nicely balanced head with well-placed ears, dark eye and good furnishings. Shorter neck into moderate shoulder placement. Deep chest with well sprung ribs, nice forechest. Strong bone in legs to nice feet. I would prefer a little more length to back to balance and she would still be almost square. Moved ok.

Poodle (Toy)

Graduate (2,2)

Both exhibits were very hesitant here today and I gather it was their first show outing in some time.

1st Dunn’s Valetta Spoilt For Choice. 2-year-old Apricot male of nice size. Attractive head with lovely dark almond shaped eye and black points. Chiselled foreface, tight lips and required bite. Long neck into moderate lay of shoulder and good topline. Balanced in angles front and rear. Oval feet with nicely arched toes. Movement was hard to assess as he was a little erratic but saw enough to give him the class.

2nd Dunn’s Valetta The Choice is Yours. Litter sister to 1st. Well balanced bitch with short back and muscled loin. Straight legs from the shoulder down to oval feet with arched toes. Feminine head with good eye and alert expression when focused on handler. Another erratic mover as she was not happy with the floor.

Open (2,2)

1st Dunn’s Valetta All About Love. 2-year-old black male, happy in the ring. Alert expression, nice masculine head with dark eye and strong foreface. Well balanced with adequate fore and depth of chest with good spring of rib. Enough bone for masculinity and good feet. Good muscle tone throughout. Moved well. BOB

2nd. Dunn’s Valetta Little Sunshine. Much the same can be said of this cream litter brother to 1st but put together on a slightly smaller finer frame. Another one with an alert interested expression coming from a dark eye and chiselled foreface. Good dentition. Balanced front and rear moved fairly well but was stepping a little high in front. RBOB

Tibetan Spaniel

Graduate. (3,1)

1st. Quest and Kalske Chenrezi Back to Black. 7-and-a-half-month bitch. Alert baby enjoying her time in the ring. Still developing but showing promising attributes. Head slightly domed with good width and length. Nicely placed ears carried well. Shoulder well laid, enough bone in legs with required slight bow. Good hare foot. Balanced rear angles and nicely carried tail. Promising movement just needs to firm in front. BP and RBOB.

Open (3,2)

I was really splitting hairs over this dog and bitch. Both lovely examples to go over.

1st Quest’s Lililean Louis Vuitton. Love this boy’s head and expression. Masculine without being overdone. Dark eye and nicely placed ears and carriage framing his face and aiding his alert, yet aloof demeanour. Moderate neck on good front assembly and carrying adequate mane. Well balanced moderate angles providing his effortless gait. A tad close behind going away, but not enough to detract from the rest of his attributes. Good coming toward. BOB

2nd Rice’s Ricox Somebody To Love JW. Very feminine attractive bitch. Lovely shaped head with dark eye. Nice angles front and rear with required length to height ratios. Well laid shoulder, ribs well sprung and level back. Another with free moving gait, not quite as tidy coming toward as she was going away, but still a good mover. Was disappointed that despite being called looked for, the exhibit was not present to challenge for RBOB.

Liesel Thorner