• Show Date: 21/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Swigciski Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Isle Of Man Canine Society

Junior Handling, 6 – 11 years (3, 1 abs).

1.     Miss Grayse Fletcher Merryweather (age 10).  This handler worked constantly to keep her dog’s attention and maintain the dog’s outline while standing.  She moved the dog well at a good pace, working to please the judge.

2.    Miss Lilee Fletcher-Merryweather (age 7).  This young handler coped well with a lively dog.  She was especially good at showing the teeth of the dog on a table which was high for her.  Moved at correct pace, but needs to listen to the judge.

Well done – two good handlers of the future.

Junior Handling, 12 – 16 (2).

1.     Jake Phair (age 16).  Very good handler at one with his dog.  Aware of the judge at all times yet keeping his dog’s attention.  Moved well keeping sight of the judge throughout.  Best Junior Handler.

2.    Owen Qualtrough (age 15).  This handler had difficulty with the dog who wanted to exit the ring.  It rather spoilt his chances today.  However he moved it well, being aware of the position of the judge.

Shetland Sheepdog Open (2).

1.    Hogg’s Keycharm Heaven Knows of Milesend.  Nicely made dog with good head, nice expression and good wedge.  Shown in good jacket.  Moved out well showing drive.

2.    Hayes and McCourt’s Conorvean Tonkin.  Nice type in good coat, longer on the leg than winner and not quite as good head, moved well.

Shetland Sheepdog Veteran (3).

1.    McCourt’s Conorvean Tecca. BOB.  Nice bitch of 7 yrs, good head and expression, good proportions, well jacketed, moved well. Best of Breed and I was pleased to make her Best Veteran in Show.

2.    Hayes’ Conorvean Cazier.  Another nice type with good head and coat, well ribbed, good feet.  Moved well.

3.    Hogg’s Chalmoor The Astronaut.

AVNSC Pastoral Puppy (1)

1.    Cowley’s Chrisvale Born To Love at Thiehelder. BSD Groenendael.  7 mth old with alert expression and good temperament.  Good front, and rear quarters, well ribbed body with deep chest.  Moved well when settled.

AVNSC Pastoral Limit (2, 1 abs.)

1.    Cowley’s Thiehelder Violet Hill. BSD Groenendael. Best AVNSC Pastoral.  Nice type with good head and eyes.  Well boned, correct feet, well made body with good ribbing, correct rear angles.  Moved well. Best AVNSC Pastoral.

AVNSC Pastoral Open (1).

1.    Cowley’s Thiehelder Charlie Brown. BSD Groenendael.  Litter brother to previous winner and consequently larger all through.  Very similar in construction, sharing same attributes.  Just preferred body lines of sister.

AVNSC Pastoral Veteran (1).

1.    Cowley’s Vanistica Golden Eye.  BSD Groenendael.  12 yrs old and certainly not showing her age.  Good head, body, bone and feet.  Moved well but a little wide in front.

Labrador Puppy (4).

1.    Druggan’s Balladoole Tell Tale.  9 mth old with good coat, pleasing head, good bone, level topline, good rear quarters, well ribbed body.  Moved best of the class.

2.    Druggan’s A Sense of Pleasure Get Lucky.  Black of good type but still very much a baby, good strong bone, well constructed.  Just needs time.

3.    Crellin’s New Horizons Music Man.

Labrador Junior (3)

1.    Druggan’s Mafia Labs Taboo Webster at Balladoole. 11 mth old with good head and expression,  deep chest, strong bone and good round feet, level topline .

2.    Crellin’s Yankee Goodwill Tirimisu TAF.  Lots to like about this youngster, good bone and feet, correct topline and rear assembly.  Just preferred head of winner and needs to tighten all through.

3.    Pretorius’ Meadowline Moscate.

Labrador Post Graduate (3, 2 abs.)

1.    Druggan’s A Sense of Pleasure El Toro.  Young black dog with good head, neck and shoulders, strong rear, level topline.  Happy disposition.  Little close in front movement.

Labrador Limit (3, 2 abs.)

1.    Crellin’s Aalin Carrey Spooky. Yellow dog of almost two years.  Well made body, good deep chest and brisket, well boned with good quarters.  Tight feet.  Moved well.

Labrador Open (3, 1 abs.)

1.    Druggan’s Balladoole Mr Selfridge. BOB  Mature yellow dog who looks the part.  Good head, neck and shoulders.  Well boned with good feet, level topline and good tailset, deep body, moved well. BOB.

2.    Crellin’s Aalin Carrey Summer Majic.  Another nice constructed yellow, well ribbed, level topline, deep chest.  Moved well but preferred head of winner.

Labrador Veteran (1)

1.     Crellin’s Oakhouse Oz Clarke.  11 yrs old, very mature and a little heavy now.  Good well ribbed body, strong bone, good quarters, moved well.

AVNSC Gundog Puppy (3, 2 abs.)

1.    Qualtrough’s Helenwood Trade Secret.  Cocker Spaniel.  Black cocker of good type and quality, good head and eyes, well made body with good ribs, correct angles.  Moved well.  Pleased to make him BPIS.

2.    McKeith’s Noblemoon Born To Be Wild.  Golden Retriever who needs a little more ring training.  Nice sort with friendly temperament, good bone, good topline and tailset.  Moved soundly.

AVNSC Gundog Limit (4, 2 abs.)

1.    McCourt’s Kanix Ophir. Pointer. Best AVNSC Gundog.  Good quality and breed type, good head and eye, showing slight dish, good neck and well laid shoulders, good bone, short coupled body and strong rear quarters.  Showed well.

2.    Kelly’s Ghilgrange Crusader Prince. F/C Retriever.  Typical of the breed, well made, strong dog, with well moulded head and dark eyes.  Moved well with handler.

AVNSC Gundog Open (4, 1 abs.)

1.     Qualtrough’s Helenwood Blue Flame. Cocker Spaniel. Nice dog with typical head and expression, deep chest, good shoulders, level topline and good tailset.  Moved well.

2.    McCourt’s Kanix Izzy. Pointer. Good head and eye, well made body, good bone and feet, moved soundly.

3.    G. Crusader Prince.

AVNSC Terrier Puppy (1).

1.    Williamson’s Caldbeck Jack Dryszanne. JRT.  Shown with a lively attitude and Joie de vivre.  Nice head and expression, correct length of body, strong hind quarters.  Moved well once settled.

AVNSC Terrier Limit (2, 1 abs.)

1.     Gribbin’s Dajast Tarot. SBT. Best AVNSC Terrier.  Great temperament, short and deep through head with broad skull, straight legs, deep brisket, moved well.

AVNSC Open (1)

1.    D. Tarot.

AVNSC Toy Limit (3, 2 abs.)

1.    Green’s Cabbyleyr Zeus. CKCS.  Nice head and expression, level topline,  good spring of rib, moved well.

AVNSC Toy Open (6, 1 abs.)

1.    Fletcher & Merryweather’s Multi Ch. Myrtan’s Topnotch. Chinese Crested. Best AVNSC Toy.  Showing very good quality all through.  Graceful head and alert expression,  good straight legs, good hare feet, deep chest, well angulated rear.  Moved well with good drive.

2.    Kewly’s Graycaz Chill Your Boots. Papillon. Another quality exhibit.  Good head and ears, good front assembly, well coated, moved well with sound motion.

3.    Ballard’s Kiss For Bajalon Corsairey Casch. Griffon Bruxellois.

AVNSC Toy Veteran (2, 1 abs.)

1.    Green’s Tingamar Elegance. CKCS.  11 yr old with pretty head and expressive eyes, good front and body, moved well and soundly for her age.

AVNSC Hound Puppy (2).

1.    Keeling’s Dabka’s Valentino. Saluki.  Elegant puppy, showing much dignity.  Long, narrow head, deep chest, straight forelegs, good feet, good length of loin.  Moved with drive.

2.    Rowson’s Vencharno Sex On The Beach. PBGV.  Lots to like about him, good head and expressive eyes, level topline with slight arch at rear, well boned legs.  Needs to settle in movement  but a real extrovert.

AVNSC Hound Limit (5, 2 abs.)

1.    Fletcher & Merryweather’s Reedly Road Rochlyn to Ynchtreenoo. Pharoah Hound.  Pharoah Hound with good head and expression, good straight forelegs, deep brisket, well sprung ribs, well made hindquarters.  Moved out well , covering the ground.

2.    Taylor’s Teyora Ronco. Cirneco Dell Etna.  Very attractive dog , well made all through, good head with good ear placement, strong neck and good lay of shoulders, straight topline with sloping croup, well knuckled feet.

3.    Waggett & Wilkinson’s Saxonmill Kiss Bang Bang Clenagh. Afghan.

AVNSC Hound Open (7, 3 abs.).

1.     Fletcher, Merryweather & Hall’s Vaskurs Queen L Qiwidotter to Ynchreenoo.  Pharoah Hound. Best AVNSC Hound.  Another quality one and fitted just what I was looking for today.  Well constructed throughout with correct angles, good bone and feet.  Moved well.  Only 13 months old so a star of the future.  Close decision but pleased to award her Best AVNSC Hound and eventually BIS.

2.    Taylor’s Teyora Nara. Cirneco Dell Etna.  Another good youngster,  well made, good head and expression, square in outline, good body showing slight tuck up.  Moved well.

3.    Waggett’s Just For You De Koulanger At Clenagh. JW.  Afghan.

AVNSC Utility Limit (2, 1 abs.)

1.    Jolly’s Chifido Ready To Shine For Doolish. Shar Pei.  Good head and expression, strong legs with good bone, strong neck with good shoulders.  Well made body showing good outline.  Good mover.

AVNSC Utility Open (3, 2abs.)

1.    Quayle’s Millbelle Kicking Horse At Cubalibre. Dalmatian. Best AVNSC Utility.  Very impressed with this quality dog.  Very typical with good head, neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs and level back, straight, strong bone, good turn of stifle, moved well.

2.    C. Ready To Shine For D.

AVNSC Working Puppy (1).

1.    Murphy’s Impressive Lily S Ozera Razliv.  Russian Black Terrier.  8 mth old and still very much a baby.  Strongly made all through and of good size.  Moved soundly.  Needs time to mature.

AVNSC Working Limit (2).

1.     Tyrer’s Jantonely Rio Passinho.  Leonberger.  Well made with good happy temperament.  Good front, correct height to length ration, good head, well boned.  Moved well.

2.    Charmer’s Northmeadow Gin And Tonic. Bernese Mountain Dog.  Strong, sturdy dog with good bone and compact feet.  Didn’t want to co-operate with his handler when moving today.

AVNSC Working Open (3, 1 abs.)

1.     Tyrer’s Euphrosin Andjety.  Leonberger. Best AVNSC Working. Mature dog with good front assembly and strong bone, correct rear angles.  Moved soundly.

2.    N. Gin And Tonic.

AVNSC Working Veteran (2, 1 abs.).

1.    N. Gin And Tonic.

AV Open Dog (3, 1 abs.)

1.    T. Charlie Brown.

2.    C. Ready To Shine For Doolish.

AV Open Bitch (8, 3 abs.)

1.     Just For You De Koulanger At C.  Previously 3rd in a very tough class,  good expression and head carriage, good construction all through, moved well.  Unlucky to meet winners in previous class.

2.    T. Violet Hill.

3.    D. Tarot.

AV Bred On The Island Open (4, 1 abs.)

1.    T. Violet Hill.

2.    T. Charlie Hill.

3.    Clucas’ Feena Fairmaiden. Pug.

Brace (4, 1 abs.)

1.    Taylor’s Brace of Cirneco Dell Etnas.

2.    Cowley’s Brace of BSD Groenendaels.

3.    3. Hogg’s Brace of Shetland Sheepdogs.