• Show Date: 02/12/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley McCourt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Burton On Trent Kennel Association

Burton-on-Trent Kennel Association 2nd December 2018

Thank you to the officers and committee for my invitation to judge today, I enjoyed the day very much. Thanks also to the exhibitors for presenting your lovely dogs for my opinion, and taking my decisions with good grace.

Spaniel Cocker

Junior 3 (2) 1 Wheatley Amaroanne Aphrodite At Melandroy Naughty puppy alert! but nice to see a baby being a baby. Just 6 months old this B/R girl is just right for size, she has a balanced head, decent length of neck. her front is well angled, good body for her age, level topline, short coupled, decent hind quarters, I did manage to see a few steps when she moved to assure me that her movement was good. Nice Cobby baby. BP Post Graduate 2 1 Beckwith Troverothway Jack The Lad at Balaambeck 4 years B/T dog, Masculine head, could be cleaner in throat, good length to neck, nicely angled at the front, well boned, good depth of body, he's just a little longer than I would like however, he has decent rear quarters with good muscle tone. Moved out well. RBOB 2 Saunders Moonstryder Eliza Taylor at Oxfordogs Pretty 3 years B/R B, femine head, just lacks a little length in neck for me, but she has a nice cobby body being well ribbed and short coupled, decent angles front and rear, her tail set is on the low side, she moved out happily and true. Open 3 (1) 1 Sewell Wintonia Hidden Gem at Q\uattrozampe Really pretty 2 yrs B/R bitch, femine head, with dark eye, she makes a nice shape standing, decent front with ample forechest, good depth to chest, short coupled, decent rear quarters with moderately bent stifle, to be picky, I'd like a bit more of her all through, she was a little sluggish on the move in the class, but upped the anti in the challenge where she moved out happy and true to take BOB. 2 Wheatley Wilmerella Keep Dancing with Melandroy Its nice to see the veterans out and about. This 8 year old B/R male enjoyed his time in the ring today. Masculine head, with dark eye, little stuffy in neck for me, but has a lovely cobby body, which was well ribbed, he has a tendency to slope his topline, nicely rounded rear quarters with good bone. He was happy and moved true on the move.

Spaniel Welsh Springer

Junior 2 1 Harrison Glenbrows This Is Me Super 8 month Male with lots to like about him. He's spot on for age, with a lovely head, dark eye and soft expression. He makes a good shape standing, with good length to neck well angled front, with forechest developing. Straight front with good bone and neat feet. His body is developing nicely with good rear angulation and moderately bent stifle. He moved well in profile covering the ground with ease, still a little loose in front but that will soon tighten up. BP RBOB and so pleased to see him go on to PG1 and RBPIS well done. 2 Harrison Glenbrows Benoveor She Loves You 8 month bitch, not as forward as 1 at the moment, femine head straight front and good bone for her age, she is balanced with good depth and rear quarters. On the move she was a little erratic, and needing to tighten up in front, but time is on her side. Open 4 1 Oliver Glenrows Royal Dragon I was really taken with this young man, super head, with dark eye, good length of neck into well laid shoulders, straight front with good bone and feet. He has ample depth of brisket and is well ribbed. Well developed rear quarters with good width of thigh and moderately bent stifle. He moved really well in profile and both coming and going. Presentation was excellent, his rich red and white coat, just gleamed. BOB & G3 2 Harrison Glenbrows Temptress Pretty 8 month old baby, litter sister to my BP and such a shame that today's classification meant she found herself in Open, however, she did not let herself down at all. Nicely balanced with femine head, good reach of neck into well angled forequarters, with forelegs right under her. She has decent depth with body developing nicely. Good rear angulation with moderately bent stifle, and like her brother her movement was free and easy with just some tightening in front to do. 3 Hepworth Glenbrows Rebel With A Cause

Retriever Golden

My first appointment at this level of this lovely breed.

Junior 4 (1) 1 List Haydengold Rumour Has it I really liked this young lady, pretty head of correct proportions, clean in outline, her strong neck was of good length. Her front is well angled, with forelegs well under body. Well ribbed up, with good depth of chest. Rear quarters strong and muscular, with good width of thigh and well bent stifle, she moved out well both in profile and fore and aft. RBOB 2 Booth Rocamoka Wind Dreamer Pale bitch with a pretty head, she was carrying a little weight over her shoulder today which spoilt her outline. She is well bodied, with strong rear quarters, good bone and feet. She moved well in profile but was a little close behind. 3 Robinson Cremonacasa Shoji BP Post Graduate 6 (2) I was torn between my first and second in this class, but I found the winner to be just a little more of the finished article. 1 Loverock Riera Empress of Lovissa (Imp Rus) Pretty pale bitch of 3 years, she was correctly balanced, with lovely feminine head, dark eye and soft expression. Excellent forequarters, strong deep body, level topline which she held on the move, strong through loin into well rounded rear quarters, excellent width of thigh, with stifle well bent, she has good bone and tidy feet. She move well showing reach and drive. BOB 2 List Haydengold Rumour Has it 3 Smith Goldtinkred Moon River at Rocamoka Open 5 (1) 1 Loverock & Waldron-Smith Lovissa Space Dust Upstanding male, masculine all though. Lovely head with dark eye, decent length of neck, not quite the front of my other winners today, but he does have a lovely deep strong body, with good rear quarters, which are strong and muscular, he is well off for bone and has neat feet. He moved well but was a little proud of his tail today, 2 Smith Rocamoka Harbour Lights Feminine bitch with balanced head dark eye and sweet expression. Enough neck, decent front. Level topline, with deep chest and strong loin. Decent rear quarters, although I would prefer a better bend to stifle. She moved well in all directions. 3 Stainiland Terra Flora Vlanti Delmar (Imp Rus)

Lesley McCourt