• Show Date: 19/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lesley Layland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Wickford Basildon & District Canine Society

Wickford, Basildon & District Canine Society

19th May 2018 

Minor Puppy 3

1st Golder's Laurenley Vincent 

Very promising 6mth old well coated pale boy showing lovely balance for his age. Nicely proportioned head with super dark eye and pigment. Good length of neck and nicely angulated shoulders, super bone and tight feet. Good depth of chest and short coupled with well bent stifles and straight hocks. Very happy on the move with good head and tail carriage and super reach. Very impressive for one so young, will watch his future with interest. Delighted to award him BP 

2nd Simms' Messano Remember Me For StVincent

Another youngster enjoy her day. Very nice type with correct front angulation and shoulders well laid back. Straight well boned forelegs with tight feet. Ribs well sprung and short coupled body. Nice turn of stifle and quarters. Not quite together on the move as winner.

3rd Gray's Zenevieva Voyager To Villeas

Puppy 4 (2abs)

1st Golder's Laurenley Vincent

2nd Pounds-Longhurst's Rosgar Dolly O'Dare Among Mossburn

Darker coated bitch with appealing head. Good length of neck onto level topline and correct tailset. Nicely angulated front with good length of leg and ample bone. Ribs well sprung and short coupled. Well bent stifle and nicely conditioned all through. Moved out well.

Junior 11 (4abs)

1st Wells' Pearlbarn Peroni

Masculine mid gold male with good head and expression. Dark eyes and correct ear set. Strong reachy neck onto well laid shoulders. Well ribbed and short coupled body. Straight well boned legs on neat feet. Nicely angulated stifle matching front with good width to second thigh. Strong powerful mover with good reach and correct foot fall.

2nd Webb's Mitchnel Bear With Me By Hectson

Nicely constructed male of good type. Not a big boy but everything in the right place with good angulation at both ends and a lovely reach of neck. Nicely boned with good feet. Short in couplings and strong in loin. Well presented in good quality pale coat, moved and showed well.

3rd Furbank's Kayzaelle Karamel Kookie

Yearling 8 (4abs)

1st Webb's Mitchnel Bear With Me By Hectson

2nd Furbanks Kayzaelle Karamel Kookie

Pale well coated bitch. Lovely clean outline both standing and on the move. Feminine head with good amount of stop and width to muzzle. Reachy neck on nicely angulated shoulders with correct return of upper arm. Nice amount of bone and good feet. Good spring of rib and short coupled with a nice turn of stifle. Very easy on the move.

3rd Wedge's Riverscharm Devona Rose

Graduate 7 (3abs, 1w/d)

1st Furbank's Kayzaelle Karamel Kookie

2nd Petts' Lady In Red De Ambersckan Of Rumwood

Nicely made short coupled bitch with good bone and substance all through. Attractive head with kind dark eye and good pigment. Good length of neck onto level topline and tailset. Shoulders well angulated with mature deep and well ribbed body. Short strong loin with a nice bend to stifle and strong hocks. Nice front action with good reach when on the move.

3rd Steadman's Pearlbarn Prince Of The Glen

Post Graduate 8 (4abs)

1st Fanning & Roper's Catnnels Inside Story For Brensham

Lovely upstanding boy who excells on the move showing his easy and powerful gait off to full advantage. Rich golden in colour with coat of good quality and in nice muscular condition all through. Masculine in head with lovely soft expression and kindest of eyes. Good length of neck onto nicely angulated shoulders with lovely straight well boned forelegs on neat feet. Good width and depth to chest with ribs well sprung and short coupled body. Nicely angulated rear quarters with good width to second thigh and hocks strong and straight. Maturity is all that is needed, a super example of the breed. Delighted to award him BOB and later went on to win Gp 3.

2nd Golder's Summeramba Milady JW

Another lovely example of the breed however, today she was carrying a little too much weight which cost her 1st place. Well balanced all through with correct angulation at both ends. Nice body proportions with good length of leg. Deep well sprung ribs and short in couplings. Attractive feminine head with kind expression, eyes of good shape and ears well set. Strong, muscular neck onto level topline and tailset. Very nice mover with lovely reach from strong quarters.

3rd Rainbird's Nativegold Somos Novios

Open Dog 4 (2abs)

1st Wedge's Riverscharm Mr McGregor JW

Dark profusely coated male with pale feathering. Super clean outline with lovely level topline. Handsome masculine head of good type with lovely expression from dark eyes. Strong reachy neck of good length with correctly angulated shoulders. Straight forelegs of ample bone with tight elbows. Deep through the brisket with a mature well ribbed body and short strong loin. Nicely angulated stifle with good second thigh. Well conditioned all through allowing him to move out well with drive and reach.

2nd Wells' Pearlbarn Pot Of Gold

Pale coated nicely made boy, just preferred the front angulation of winner. Well boned and mature in body. With good head and expression. Straight front legs on good feet. Nice short coupled body with good bend of stifle with strong hocks and short rear pasterns. Positive on the move with good driving action.

Open Bitch 6

Very little to separate these two bitches, both i liked very much for their type but just felt today 1st had the edge on movement being a little more together and having more drive and reach.

1st Petts' Stormerick High Hopes At Rumwood

Mid golden in colour with coat of good quality, look a picture stood with lovely clean lines and symmetry. Very attractive head with sweet feminine expression from dark eyes. Clean neck of good length with good layback of shoulder. Mature chest with plenty of heart room. Legs well boned of good length with good feet. Short loin with good bend of stifle and width to second thigh. A very nice bitch. RBOB

2nd Wilson's Pearlbarn Pink Gin

Pale bitch of very nice type with the sweetest of heads showing good balance. Nicely proportioned all through with good front angulation and a lovely reach of neck. Mature in body with good bone and substance and lovely rear quarters.

3rd Hudson's Aymsbury Ashisha JW

Judge Lesley Layland (Applecote)