• Show Date: 02/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Dunstable & District Canine Society

Dunstable & DCS  2nd April 2018  Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi)  It’s always a pleasure to attend this well organised, friendly show both as an exhibitor and a judge. This time it was as a judge and I thoroughly enjoyed my day and had some lovely dogs entered under me.   GBGV  Junior (3)  1. Knowles & Metselaar-Williams’ Anya Hindmarch Avec Braillement. 16month bitch maturing nicely. Nicely balanced outline with good substance and bone, strong neck into well laid shoulders and straight front, good chest and ribbing and correctly angulated rear. Noble head with large eyes, long, low set ears, squarely finished muzzle of good length with defined stop and domed skull.  Moved out well with good reach and drive maintaining a firm topline and correctly carried tail at all times. Presented in good coat and condition and was handled to an advantage. Awarded her BOB and was delighted to see her take Group 4 in a well filled group, well done.  2. Knowles’s Reggaedog Frodo (Imp Svk) 9month old male of a good size with good body and bone.  Nice front assembly, deep chest, well ribbed up, decent topline and strong, moderately angulated rear with high set, long tail carried correctly.  Correctly shaped head with good length of muzzle, long, fine ears, large oval eyes and good mouth.  Moved freely with good reach and drive.  BP and later Puppy Group 4.    3. Knowles’s Reggaedog Flower Of Love (Imp Svk)  Open (1)  1. Knowles & Metselaar-Williams’ Stinton Au Contraire Avec Braillement.3 year male with plenty of substance and good bone. Noble head with big black nose, dark eyes, defined stop and good length of muzzle.  Good chest and ribbing, strong loin, lovely topline, tailset and correct front and rear angulation. In good coat of the correct texture, moving out well in all directions.  RBOB.  PBGV  Junior (3,2)  1. Wood’s Beaujons Velvet. Gorgeous little 6 month baby, lovely size and substance for her age and carrying a good rough jacket presented beautifully.  Would like a touch more neck and a little more angulation in front but held a lovely topline and has good rear angulation. Such a sweet face with lovely eyes, ears and mouth.  Moved very well in all directions and has a lovely happy attitude. BP.  Post Grad (3,1)  1. Eaton’s Linphil Kili. Nearly 2 years old beautifully presented male. Good reach of neck leads to well laid shoulders, perfect topline and correctly set and carried tail.  Good depth of chest, short loin and well angulated rear.  Nicely proportioned head with good pigment, strong jaw, defined stop and square muzzle. In super condition, moving effortlessly around the ring with good reach and drive. Pushed his sire all the way in the challenge. RBOB.  2. Wood’s Beaujons Whisper.  2 year bitch who didn’t quite have the neck or topline of 1 but is soundly made and has a pretty head with friendly expression, large dark eyes and correctly set ears. Moved happily with tail carried well.  Open (2)  1. Eaton’s Ch. Debucher Unique. Male nearing 5 years old with a lovely, well balanced outline. Ample neck, good front assembly, firm topline, strong loin and well angulated rear with hocks well let down. Masculine head with large oval eyes, correctly set supple ears, correct length of muzzle, strong jaw and big black nose. Great temperament and attitude, harsh, unexaggerated coat presented perfectly and handled to an advantage. Moved accurately with head carried proudly, topline firm, reaching well in front and with plenty of drive from the rear. BOB.  2. Bishop’s Jamar Angeliou. Sweet 4 year bitch who couldn’t match the balance or finish of 1. Feminine with nice eyes, slightly domed skull, defined stop and good muzzle length and finish. Compact shape with good topline and tail. Moved freely with proud head carriage, didn’t have the reach or drive of 1.   AVNSC Hound  Junior (6,1)  1. Collins & Dunhill-Hall’s Fantasa Dallas Maverick. (Pharoah) Beautiful exhibit who won with plenty to spare. Only 14months and such an accomplished showman, handled to great advantage to show off his many attributes.  Graceful outline with long muscular neck leading to strong shoulders, correct topline, well sprung ribs and parallel rear.  Well chiselled head of the correct shape with nice eye, mobile ears and strong jaw. In beautiful condition with gleaming, glossy coat.  Moved effortlessly around the ring covering the ground with ease. Easy winner here and Best AVNSC Hound, later shortlisted in the Group.  2. Weston’s Longmynd Zodiac. (Basset) Delightful 9 month old baby with the most endearing temperament. Nice outline with good substance, short legs, good clearance, nicely angulated front and rear with level topline and tail carried correctly. Domed head with long, low set ears, dark eyes and big black nose. Moved well when he wanted to, the smelly equestrian centre floor did tend to be rather distracting for a scent hound!! Best AVNSC Hound Puppy.  3. Fox’s Nebraska Ionmhain Norman at Newdigate (Imp Fra)  Post Grad (2,1)  1. Martin’s Canerikie Vivaldi for Stalwart. (Saluki)  Quality 19 month male with graceful outline, long muscular neck, straight front with long legs and well laid shoulders. Good topline, length of loin and moderately angulated rear with good depth of chest and cut up. Lovely head qualities with typical expression, dark eyes and long, nicely furnished ears.  Moved with a lovely, light gait, accurate in all directions and maintaining his outline well. Reserve Best AVNSC Hound.  Toy Group  1. Santoriello & Skelton’s Tubize Manhatten by Pinicio JW. (Min Pin)  Easy winner of this group. Lovely quality 2 yr b/t bitch  of a lovely size with a well balanced outline, correctly angulated front and rear, super topline and correctly set and carried tail.  Correctly shaped head with dark expressive eyes, high set ears, strong jaw and good mouth. Moved out with a typical action holding her outline firm at all times. Presented in beautiful condition with coat gleaming.   2. Brockhurst’s Sarabellew Troublemaker.(Pug) Nice little 3 yr old bitch who was a little unsettled with a change of handler but her nice breed type, sound movement and attractive head qualities deservedly won her this place.  3. Masters’ Esquimaux Skin Deep. ( Chinese Crested) 4 year old h/l dog with masculine head.  Nicely constructed with good bone and substance, well sprung ribs and good topline.  Moved freely around the ring.  4. Ciumakovaite’s Baltijos Triumfas Angela Crème Elite. (Pomeranian)  8 month old baby who gave a very good account of herself even though looked every bit the baby in this lineup. Very compact with short neck and back, high set tail and moderately angulated rear. Sweet head and expression with lovely dark eyes, small ears and neatly finished muzzle.  Moved with a brisk, accurate action and was handled to an advantage.  Toy Puppy Group  1. Maskell’s Kazkell Milo’s Dream. (Papillon) Sweet tri bitch who showed her socks off.  Small and dainty with pretty head and expression, correctly set mobile ears, dark eyes and fine muzzle. Good neck, shoulders, spring of rib and tail carriage. Moved soundly with a free, confident gait.   2. Santoriello’s Collypins Tell Tallulah for Pinicio. (Min Pin) 11month b/t bitch who was determined to play her handler up so really didn’t make the most of herself! Her sound construction and nice breed type was obvious and when she had her mind on the job she moved well.  3. Ciumakovaite’s Baltijos Triumfas Angela Crème Elite. (Pomeranian)   4. Collins’ Vivaprima Ferrari Black Star (Imp Lva). (Russian Toy)I believe this was the first of the breed to gain a group place in the country having only been able to compete for a couple of days! Small and square with fine bone, good length of leg, correct underline and moderately angulated rear. Pretty head with dark eyes, large ears, definite stop and short, pointed muzzle.  Unfortunately the cold equestrian centre didn’t really suit this sweet baby but once she got going she moved well with the correct tail carriage.