• Show Date: 13/10/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Grantham & District Canine Society

Grantham & DCS 13th October 2018 Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) Many thanks to the society for the kind invitation to judge at their friendly, well supported show. Unfortunately most of the breeds I judged had club shows scheduled the same weekend so the entry was affected, nevertheless I had some lovely dogs to judge and finished the day with some quality handling classes. French Bulldog Junior (3,1) Maxwell’s Eastonite Page Three Girl. 14 month Fawn bitch. Small a compact with good spring of rib, good cut up, moderately angulated rear, good bone and substance. Nicely proportioned, square head with good ears, dark eyes, good width of jaw and neatly finished lips. Moved happily just not as positive going away as I’d like. Dawson-Payne's Eastonite Honey Man. 6 month dog who was a little overawed with the noise in the hall. Nice size and shape with cobby body, good bone and strong loin. Large, square head with nice bat ears and well cushioned muzzle. Moved ok. Post Grad (3) Ellis’s Eastonite Marko. Stunning 10 month brindle dog who was quite obviously the best here today. Gorgeous head qualities with high set bat ears, beautiful dark round eyes, broad muzzle with deep underjaw and good turn up. Stop well defined, open nostrils, good cushioning and nice finish to lips. Strong arched neck, good topline, well developed chest and rib, strong loin and super rear assembly. In beautiful lustrous coat and fabulous muscular condition, moving with a free, sound action as I would expect from his lovely conformation. Easy BOB, BP and was later Puppy Group 3. Maxwell’s E. Page Three Girl. (see J) Hook’s Rayvonley Oak. Open (1) Thomas’s Phoria’s Maleficent. 19 month fawn bitch, feminine but with good bone and substance. Good neck and topline, straight front with good depth of chest, good cut up and moderately angulated rear. Sweet head with good ears, round eyes, fine wrinkles and well padded muzzle. Handled to an advantage and moved freely and soundly winning her RBOB. Dalmatian Post Grad (1) Patrick’s Cohavrick Symphony. Stood alone in the breed due to a club show but was still a deserving winner. Feminine 2 year black bitch with elegant outline. Good length of head with moderate stop, correctly balanced length of muzzle, nice eyes, dense pigment and nicely broken ears. Long arched neck, level topline, strong loin, well sprung ribs and decent rear angulation. Moved with a lovely rhythmic gait striding out well. Handled well and shown in lovely coat and condition. BOB, Group 3. Miniature Schnauzer Junior (4,1) Parker & Mcdonald’s Violis Vixen. 8 month b/s bitch, a real little showgirl who’s harsh coat was groomed to perfection. Squarely built and sturdy with good reach of neck, straight front, correct topline and good sweep of stifle. Mature in body for age with lovely depth of chest and spring of rib, short strong loin and tail set and carried correctly. Attractive head qualities with good width between ears, dark eyes, strong muzzle, correct head planes and alert expression. Really moved out well holding her outline firm reaching well in front and driving strongly behind. Maturing well for her young age with her smart, nicely balanced shape and stylish gait clinching her BOB and BP, which seemed a popular choice if the clapping ringside was anything to go by! Beckson’s Tammux Blazing Simplicity. 6 month b/s dog who is big enough already. Nice head shape with dark eye, keen expression and neat ears. Arched neck, good spring of rib and nicely angulated rear. Moved happily. Beckson’s Tammux Promise of the Return. Post Grad (2) Parker & Mcdonald’s Risepark Shooting Star. 17 month p/s bitch who like her kennel mate was in superb coat which was presented beautifully. Very robust and sturdy with deep chest, well sprung ribs and well constructed rear. Good length of head with medium stop, dark eyes, neat high set ears and strong muzzle. Was a little lazy on the stack at times but held her outline well on the move covering the ground with good reach and drive. RBOB. Beckson’s Tracy Twister V D Blessewichof (Imp Ned) 2 yr b/s bitch a little larger than 1 with good topline, depth of chest and spring of rib. Dark eye, neat ears and keen expression. Moved ok, just a bit untidy in front. Open (1) Beckson’s Adore with Tammux (Imp Ltu) 3 year b/s bitch, nice size and squarely built with good topline, well constructed rear, good depth of chest and spring of rib. Nice head and expression with neat, high set ears, strong jaw, oval eyes and keen expression. Moved well holding her outline firm, just a touch close going away. In lovely coat of the correct texture, presented well. Tibetan Terrier Puppy (3) Cooper’s Han-Nu of Namco at Abeloth (Imp De) 7 month b/w dog who wasn’t always stood to an advantage but his sound construction and correct balance was obvious when he moved around the ring, head held high covering the ground with ease. Nice size, square in outline with good angulation, well sprung ribs and strong loin. Masculine head with typical resolute expression, nice eye, strong jaw and good mouth. Coat coming nicely for age, just needs a bit of attention to really make him look his best. Even though he was every bit the baby his lovely free action circling the ring clinched him BOB, BP and Puppy Group 3. Fenton’s Layoli Glowing Embers. Another lovely baby who, at nearly 11 months, was much more mature than 1 and in fabulous, perfectly presented coat. Super head and expression with lovely reverse scissor bite, strong jaw and dark eyes. Nicely constructed throughout with good spring of rib, level topline, high set tail and well muscled rear. Moved with an easy gait just didn’t hold her outline quite as well as 1, but on presentation she won hands down! RBOB. Thomas’s Pet Persuit Gathering Storm ( Imp Fin) Junior (1) Iles’s Verony Simply Magic at Caljenta. 16 month bl bitch who’s really come on since I last saw her. In good coat, squarely built and sturdy. Nice head properties with good length of muzzle, dark eyes and strong jaw. Soundly constructed and moving happily. Post Grad (1) Cooper’s Best Foot Forward Erbosedition (Imp Svk) Another who has really matured since I last saw her, now 2years old and in good coat. Nice and square in outline with decent front and rear angulation, good topline and tail carriage. Feminine head with nice eyes, lovely expression, well balanced length of muzzle and good mouth. Moved well particularly in profile, a touch close going away. Open (3) 3 very different types here with different qualities to admire. Cooper’s Araki Classy Chick. 5yr b/w bitch who’s balance and carriage on the move won her this class. Square in outline with good neck, perfect topline and tailset, good angulation fore and aft and well sprung ribs. Appealing head type with dark eyes, correct length of muzzle, dense pigment and super furnishings. In full coat of the correct texture, moving well around the ring whilst holding her outline firm. Thomas’s Layoli Dazzled By Smoke ShCM BE JR CH. 2year male of a bigger and heavier type whos full coat was groomed perfectly. Masculine head with strong jaw, dark eyes and resolute expression. Strong neck into good shoulders, firm topline, good turn of stifle and good feet. Moved well just preferred the squarer outline of the winner. Moore’s Incalux Much Ado about Jaxtzu ShCM. AVNSC Toy Puppy (4) The first three here were super babies. Welbourn’s Zumarnik Cheerleader. Most delightful 6 month Maltese on her first outing and certainly enjoying her day out! Full of quality and in beautiful pure white silky coat presented to perfection. Beautiful head with dense pigment, dark oval eyes, defined stop and short broad muzzle. Lovely construction all through giving a nicely balanced outline in profile with good neck, topline and tail carriage, lovely substance and cobby little body. Very exciteable on the move (not surprising as I later heard this was her first time on a lead!) but when she concentrated she displayed a lovely flowing gait holding her head high and outline firm. Really beautiful baby who will no doubt have a bright future. BP, Puppy Group 2. Mellor’s Bellapip Bilbo Baggins. Another quality baby, this one a 7 month old Bichon with lovely head properties, dense pigment and dark eyes with good haloes. Soundly constructed and a nice size with good spring of rib and well carried tail. Moved well. Johnson’s Carmichan Catcha Star. Junior (4,1) Mumby’s Carmichan Sassy Starlight. Quality 6 month Affenpinscher with great attitude. Squarely built and of good proportions giving a typical outline with good topline and tailset, straight front and parallel rear. Such a cheeky little face with correctly shaped head, dark sparkling eyes, good turnup and width to jaw. Great little mover strutting around as if she owned the place with good lift and tail carried correctly. In nice rough coat and handled to an advantage. A really lovely baby, just a shame so many nice puppies had to meet in these avnsc classes as they all deserved to take a place in the puppy group. Gallagher’s Rusmar Dezigner Kisses with Junanger. Ultra feminine Bichon just 12 months old , presented in lovely coat. Pretty face with dark round eyes, good haloes and pigment, correct length of muzzle and good mouth. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, well sprung ribs, nice sweep of stifle and good width behind. Moved well in all directions maintaining a lovely outline. Goldie’s Arranbrook Enchantress. Post Grad (6,1) Clifton-Plaice's Affentude Valentino at Courtureabull. 19 month Affenpinscher with an irresistible monkey like expression who was an easy winner here. Small and compact with good substance, sturdy and square with lovely topline and tailset, correct front and rear angulation with legs set well under body. Lovely head and expression with dark eyes and good turn up. Moved with great attitude and decent lift, accurate coming and going and holding her outline firm in profile. Lancaster-Crane's Dandaichi Cloud Number Nine. 2 yr l/c chi dog with nice head, flaring ears and nice expression. Good spring of rib and rear angulation, level topline and correctly carried tail. Moved well. Turner’s Myojo Royal Fern at Knari. Open (6,1) Turner’s Myojo Forrest Gump at Kinzie. Lovely 2yr s/c chi dog with bags of personality. Loved his nicely balanced outline, substance and size. Great head and saucy expression with nice eyes, correctly placed ears, good apple dome and nicely finished muzzle. Well constructed with good reach of neck, good angulation fore and aft, well sprung ribs, level topline and correctly set and carried tail. Moved with such a smart action circling the ring with confidence and style. Made a great account of himself to take Best Avnsc Toy but got rather distracted in the group and had to settle for Group 4. Mellor’s Avenir Breaking News at Bellapip ShCM. Beautifully presented 4 year Bichon dog who as always was handled to perfection. Masculine head of good proportions with beautiful pigment and haloes, big dark eyes, strong jaw and good mouth. Strong, arched neck, good lay of shoulder, perfect topline, well turned stifles, good bone and well sprung ribs. Moved with good drive from the rear holding his head high and topline level. In lovely coat and condition. Reserve best Avnsc Toy. Clifton-Plaice's Tonsarne Muiccia Prada at Courtureabull. AV Toy Veteran (3,1) Dowsett’s Ch. Doonbeg Bete Noir via Tteswood CW12 JW ShcM. Chinese crested just shy of his 9th birthday and still looking every inch the champion. Lovely head with strong muzzle, lean cheeks, dark eyes and large correctly set ears. Super reach of neck, long body with firm topline and correctly set and carried tail. In beautifully presented veil coat moving effortlessly around the ring with head held high and topline firm. Didn’t think I’d see him again but was pleasantly surprised when he turned up in the group where he outperformed all the younger exhibits to top the group. Maskell’s Kazkell Thyme to Dream JW ShCM. Another lovely veteran who was so unlucky to meet 1. Almost 8 years old but not showing his age at all. Nice head and expression with large mobile ears, dark eyes and finely finished muzzle. Well balanced shape giving typical outline and carrying a well presented coat to finish the picture. Moved accurately with a light flowing gait maintaining his outline well. AV IMP Reg Toy (2,1) Open (1) Vidler’s Dosia Z Garlicy Duchownej at Apailana (Imp Pol) 1yr Russian Toy who was a little nervous. Pretty head with dark eyes and neatly finished muzzle. A little apprehensive on the move so didn’t hold a firm outline. Toy Group Dowsett’s Ch. Doonbeg Bete Noir via Tteswood CW12 JW ShCM. (Chinese Crested) This super veteran didn’t put a foot wrong and thoroughly deserved to top this group. Welham’s Barryann Jonagold JW. (Pug) One I’ve judged a couple of times before and doesn’t seem to be getting any better behaved!!! Lovely large head with good working, dark eyes that definitely have more than a hint of mischief in them! Soundly constructed throughout and a lovely size with super substance and bone. Moved with attitude, sound and accurate in all directions. Miller & Ryan’s Cavallibrook Celtic Kiss. (CKCS) Only a baby but performed like a seasoned pro and couldn’t be denied her place amongst the adults. Well marked blen bitch of a lovely size and shape, good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, firm topline and correctly carried tail. Pretty face with beautiful dark round eyes, correct length of muzzle which is well tapered and finished neatly. Moved so confidently around the ring, never losing her stride displaying plenty of reach and drive. Very promising baby. Turner’s Myojo Forrest Gump at Kinzie. (S/C Chi) Topped such a nice entry in the AVNSC classes and then seem to get a bit distracted and didn’t make the best of himself but still deserved a place in the top 4. Toy Puppy Group Miller & Ryan’s Cavallibrook Celtic Kiss. (CKCS) Put in another perfect performance to top this puppy group. Welbourn’s Zumarnik Cheerleader. (Maltese) Such a quality baby but just couldn’t match the more controlled performance of the slightly more mature cavalier. Miller & Ryan’s Feorlig Smart Cookie. (Papillon) Gorgeous raw baby with all the essentials to finish as a beautiful adult. Lovely proportions both in head and body, with super ears, dark expressive eyes and correct length of muzzle. Very soundly made, dainty and elegant with lovely reach of neck and super tail set and carriage. Moved well and was certainly enjoying herself. Will watch how she matures with interest. Slough’s Special Edition of Persimoone. (Pom) Expertly handled and presented and in lovely coat and condition. Sweet head with good pigment, dark eyes and lovely expression. Compact with short neck, level back and high set tail. Moved very smartly. Junior Handling 6-11years (5,2) Grace Rutherford (9yrs/Pug) Confident performance from this young handler who was showing a breed that is definitely not easy in handling classes. She moved at the correct pace, had lovely straight lines and always kept an eye on my position. Charlotte Wilson (6yrs/Schipperke) A nice attempt from this young handler moving her dog at the correct speed and completing the patterns I asked for. With practice should be a lovely handler. Evie Parkes (8 yrs/lab) 12 – 16 years (8,4) Paige Spencer (15yrs/ASD) One I’ve judged before and on this occasion her whole performance was perfection. Everything I asked was completed neatly and efficiently and they made a really smart partnership. Leah Scales (15yrs/Lhasa) Very close up to 1 just didn’t quite have her dog stood foot perfect a couple of times but other than that she was hard to fault. Willow Johnson (13yrs/Sheltie) Adult Handling 17 – 35 years (4,2) Fiona Mycroft (Whippet) Another I’ve judged previously (when she was still a junior!) and always admired her easy, effortless style. Today was no exception, everything I asked was completed with minimal fuss and total accuracy. I do prefer to see the lead neatly gathered up in the handlers’ hand but that was my only criticism. Lauren Perfitt (A. Malamute) A very good handler who was unlucky to meet 1. Didn’t quite have the polished performance but obviously knew how to get the best out of her dog. 36-60 years (7,3) Bev Manners (Schipperke) Very neat handler with good table work and neat lines. Has a lovely rapport with her dog and knows how to show the breed to the best advantage. Michelle Jones (Schipperke) Another good handler just needed to neaten up the presentation of the teeth on the table and wasn’t quite as accurate completing the patterns as 1. Shelley Skinner (R.Collie) 61+ years (3,1) Edwina Kennedy (Kooiker) Quite a good performance just getting a bit muddled when completing the patterns but soon corrected herself. Teeth were shown well enough and her dog was moved at the correct speed. Ali Hayes (Norwich Terrier) Got herself in a bit of a pickle in the class and didn’t compete the patterns correctly but had a lovely rapport with her dog and seemed to enjoy herself even when she knew she’d made a mistake!