• Show Date: 07/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Marlborough & District Canine Society

Marlborough & DCS  7th May 2018  Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi)  Many thanks to the committee for the kind invitation to judge the Utility Group at this extremely well organised show.  Surprisingly for a Bank Holiday in the UK, we had an incredibly hot day and I’m sure many of the dogs were feeling the heat and not performing at their best. I must thank my wonderful stewards who happily agreed to miss lunch with me so the exhibitors and dogs weren’t left hanging around in the hot equestrian centre. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and found some fabulous dogs throughout the entry. 

Bulldog  Grad (2,1) 1. George’s Avaword Mollie. 17 month bitch. Compact frame with good bone and well muscled.  Enough neck, good topline, sloping shoulders, well rounded ribs and wide chest.  Large head with short muzzle, good turn up, strong jaw and large nose with open nostrils. Moved freely RBOB.  Open (2,1)  1. George’s Avaword Hector. 17 month litter brother to Mollie and obviously male.  Masculine head with good turnup, big black nose, good width to jaw, nicely rounded cheeks and correctly set small ears. Lovely substance and bone, good front assembly, deep chest, good ribbing, strong neck and muscular rear.  Moved out well maintaining his outline better in the challenge than his sister. BOB.  Dalmatian  Puppy (2)  1. Hajee &Tidcombe’s Castletop Summer Breeze.  11month black bitch, beautifully spotted and well balanced in outline.  Lovely head and expression with good width between high set ears, correct length of muzzle, strong jaw and dense pigment.  Long arched neck leads to a well constructed front, correct topline, good chest and ribbing, strong loin and nicely angulated rear. Lovely free mover with good length of stride. BP.     2. O’Connor’s Dalamanti Diamond Raider.  9 month black dog similar in size to 1 but wasn’t making the most of himself unfortunately. Nicely shaped head with good pigment and strong muzzle. Straight front with good bone, good depth of chest and correctly set and carried tail. Moved happily.  Junior (2)  1. Thorne’s Spotiray Billy Elliot of Castletop.   16 month nicely spotted black male with lovely pigmentation.  Masculine head with flat skull, moderate stop and good length of muzzle.  Long arched neck, good shoulders, correct bone and good feet.  Capacious chest, good topline and strong, well muscled rear.  Moved well covering the ground with ease. Lovely temperament.  2. O’Connor’s Dalamanti Diamond Raider.   Post Grad (5,2)  1. Thorne’s Spotiray Billy Elliot of Castletop.  2. O’Connor’s Dalamanti Diamond Raider.  3. Wareham’s Tamilanda Valentina Lilly at Dotsadaisy.  Open (6,2)  1.Wareham’s Tamilanda Blue Water Lilly at Dotsadaisy.  6 year beautiful quality black bitch with super defined spots on a pure white background.  Elegant, well balanced outline with super neck, lovely front assembly, correct bone and feet. Good chest and ribbing, strong loin and lovely rear angulation. Super topline and tail and correct length of body giving a super outline in profile. Lovely head and expression with high set ears, nice eyes, moderate stop, strong muzzle of the correct length and finished nicely.  Moved superbly with a long, even stride holding a typical outline.  Lovely attitude, if a little vocal! BOB.  2. Sampson’s Dalstorm Eternal Promise JW.  Another nice one who was unlucky to meet 1.  2 year liver bitch, lovely size and shape with good bone and feet.  Feminine head with nice eyes, flat skull, correctly set ears and lovely expression.  Nicely arched neck, good front and rear angulation, good depth of chest, well ribbed back, strong loin and well muscled rear. Moved freely with a smooth gait. RBOB.  3. Hajee & Tidcombe’s Rainbeau of Hope ShCM.  Kooikerhondje  Puppy (3)  1. Whitehead’s Gladsheim Helios. Well schooled 10 month dog with a lovely temperament presented in lovely coat and condition.  Nice size and shape with firm topline, nice front and rear angulation, hocks well let down and compact feet.  Attractive head of good proportions with correctly set and carried ears, nice eyes with good fill beneath, good pigment and correct mouth. Moved with a lovely free action. BP,RBOB.  2. Suiter’s Genetika Rumpelstiltskin.  Really lovely 11month male who was a little apprehensive and  ruined his chances. Such a shame as his quality was obvious, lovely balanced shape and lovely head, moved with a lovely flowing gait. Hopefully was just having an off day.  3. Suiter’s Genetika Wake Up Aurora.  Open (2)  1. Johnson’s Sensation Vom Tespelkooi of Valleyrise (Imp Deu). 3 year old bitch with lovely friendly temperament which won her the class.  Carrying a little more weight than ideal but overall a nicely balanced outline with firm topline, correctly carried tail, good spring of rib, tight elbows and moderately angulated rear. Pretty head and lovely alert expression, dark eyes, dense pigment, correctly set pendant ears and in lovely coat. Very attentive to her owner and moved out with an easy action covering the ground effortlessly.  BOB.  2. Suiter’s Chriskoois Octavius at Genetika (Imp Est). Another super example of the breed who just wasn’t enjoying himself and so didn’t make the best of himself rather disappointingly. Beautifully balanced outline and in super coat and condtion. Masculine head of correct proportions, dark pigment and alert expression.  Moved soundly.  Lhasa Apso   Puppy (2)  1. Baker Keeble’s Jadeish Fascination.  Gorgeous 11month g/w bitch who did her best to give her handler a hard time.  Lovely outline with good reach of neck, straight front, good spring of rib, well turned stifles and parallel rear.  Nicely proportioned head with dense pigment, dark eyes, correct length of muzzle and well furnished pendant ears. Moved beautifully (when she wanted to!), accurate coming and going and holding a lovely outline in profile.  In beautifully presented coat and super condition. Easy choice to top the breed and was very close to topping the puppy group . BOB, BP, Puppy Group 2.  2. Baker Keeble’s Zanamop Midnight Warrier.  10month b/t dog, another with an attractive outline shown in beautiful coat and condition. Soundly made all through with good reach of neck, topline and tail carriage. Moved happily but not as accurately as 1.  Grad (1)  1. Baker Keeble’s Zanamop Does Ya Mother Know.  20 month, well presented g/s dog in good coat. Good neck, decent shoulders, well sprung ribs and depth of chest, well angulated rear and correctly set and carried tail. Attractive head qualities with dense pigment, dark eyes and short muzzle. Moved well in all directions.  Open (1)  1. Barnett & Carter’s Alamiks Dare To Dream Shcm.  2 year gold dog presented and handled beautifully. Masculine head with dark eyes, dense pigment, moderate stop and well furnished pendant ears.  Nice size and substance with good reach of neck, well sprung ribs, short loin and well angulated rear. Moved with a free, easy gait and had a lovely friendly temperament. RBOB  Miniature Schnauzer  Puppy (3,1)  1. Ilott’s Leecurt Stole Our Heart. As soon as this little lady entered the ring she certainly stole my heart! Just 6 months old p/s bitch but what an accomplished performance, she simply owned the ring and showed like a seasoned pro! Lovely balanced outline with arched neck, firm topline, short loin and strong rear.  Attractive head qualities with neat ears, strong muzzle dark eyes and keen expression.  Moved with great accuracy in all directions reaching well in front and holding her outline firm at all times. Presented in good coat. BP, RBOB, Puppy Group 1.  2. Cary’s Carycares Luckyflorence. 10 month bitch who couldn’t match the outline of 1. Nice expression with dark eyes and high set ears. Moved well enough, in lovely harsh coat.  Open (3,1)  1. Woods’ Spirited Away Kinka for Pendro (Imp Pol).  Gorgeous 2 year old p/s bitch who was handled and groomed to absolute perfection. Squarely built with lovely arched neck, well laid shoulders, perfect topline, good chest and ribbing, short loin and high set tail. Well proportioned head with super expression, dark oval eyes, neat V shaped ears, strong muzzle and super furnishings.  Really nice size and substance, strong bone and super muscle throughout. No surprise that she moved beautifully with super reach and drive maintaining her lovely outline perfectly.  Easy choice for BOB and later Group 3.  2. Ilott’s Leecurt Simply Dyna’Mite. Similar sized 2 year old bl bitch who is soundly constructed throughout, well balanced in outline and in nice harsh coat.  Correctly shaped head with dark expressive eyes and high set correctly shaped ears.  Moved well.  Poodle (Miniature)  Grad (1)  1. Grant’s Wolfzone Venture to Moorheath. 14 month dog with nice head, dark eyes, moderate stop and low set ears. Good reach of neck, short back and good rear angulation.  Moved well with proud head carriage and good drive from the rear. RBOB.  Open (2)  1. Cann’s Sunmarca Moonlight Shadow. Well presented 2yr bitch with attractive head of good length, dark correctly shaped eyes, strong jaw, tight lips, long ears and good mouth.  Head carried proudly on a good length of neck, short back,well sprung ribs, strong loin, well constructed rear with hocks well let down and tight feet. In good coat of the correct texture. Moved soundly with a free, effortless gait. BOB.  2. Bell’s Jusanin Glenister. Black dog nearing 8 yrs old looking good for his age but perhaps feeling the heat a little. Nice head of good length with nice expression. Good length of neck, well sprung ribs and well constructed rear. Moved with a very relaxed gait.   Schnauzer  Open (1)  1. Bawden & Brown’s Ch. Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM. Stood alone but made an immediate impression.  Stylish 6 year old p/s dog who’s quality was obvious. Sturdy and strongly built, almost square in outline with lovely reach of neck leading to well laid shoulders and straight front, straight back, deep chest and well sprung ribs.  Sound rear assembly with tail set and carried correctly. Strong, masculine head of good length with medium stop, strong muzzle and jaw and dark oval eyes.  On the move he couldn’t be ignored covering the ground with a powerful, effortless gait holding his outline firm, accurate in  all directions.  In super harsh jacket with good furnishings and lovely muscular condition, handled to an advantage.  Not surprising to later see he carried his title, I really liked him and was a real contender for the top spot in the group. BOB, Group 2.  Shih Tzu  Open (2,1)  1. Barnett & Carter’s Sistasu Silver Cloud Among Alamiks. 14 month old dog of a nice size with enough substance and decent coat for his age.  Correctly shaped head with dense pigment, large round eyes correctly placed, definite stop and short, wide muzzle. Good length of neck, well sprung ribs, deep chest, level back and high set tail carried nicely.  Moved happily and handled well. BOB.  Tibetan Spaniel  Puppy (1)  1. Quest & Kalske’s Chenrezi Back to Black. Gorgeous little 6 month bitch, small but with good substance and nicely balanced outline.  Prettiest of heads with dark, expressive eyes, high set ears, well cushioned muzzle and good width to chin. Strong neck, good layback of shoulder, topline needs to settle, parallel rear with hocks well let down.  Moved so positively for one so young, accurate in all directions carrying her tail perfectly. BP, Puppy Group 4.  Junior (3)  1. Quest’s Lilileian Louis Vuitton (Imp Fin). Gorgeous 17 month male in superb condition. Lovely size and balance with good substance and bone, presented in lovely coat and handled to an advantage. Masculine head but in no way coarse with beautiful eyes, blunt, well cushioned muzzle, correctly set and carried ears and appealing expression.  Lovely construction throughout with firm topline, well sprung ribs and correct angulation fore and aft. Moved with a lovely free, positive action covering the ground with ease. Lovely example of the breed. BOB.  2. Whitehead’s Rhubisk Neala Pure Magic.  Another nice exhibit who just needs a little more time to mature.  Pretty head and expression with dark oval eyes, defined stop, well cushioned muzzle and correctlty carried ears.  Soundly made with correctly balanced length of body, good topline and high set tail carried correctly. Just needs a little more time.  RBOB.  3. Whitehead’s Rhubisk Nuala Sugar N’Spice.  Post Grad (4,1)  1. Whitehead’s Rhubisk Neala Pure Magic. Delighted to hear that this win gave her the final JW point she needed. Well done.  2. Quest’s Lobsang Fame’s Little Day at Chenrezi ( Imp Svn). More compact 2 ½ yr bitch in good coat. Nice head and expression.  Good spring of rib, moderate bone and good rear assembly.  Moved freely.  3. Whitehead’s Rhubisk Nuala Sugar N’Spice.  Open (6,4)  1. Whitehead’s Rhubisk Neala Pure Magic.  2. Whitehead’s Rhubisk Nuala Sugar N’Spice.  Litter sister to 1 and not quite as a together at present and needs to body up.  Pretty face with black nose, dark eyes and well cushioned muzzle. Gave her handler a hard time on the move.  Tibetan Terrier  Puppy (4)  1. Thurston’s Tetsimi Slave To The Rhythm.  7 month g/s/w bitch with lovely square outline, good bone and substance and quality coat.  Enough neck, good spring of rib, short loin, firm topline and high set tail carried correctly. Attractive head with dense pigment, lovely eyes, correctly set ears, good length of muzzle and strong jaw.  Moved well, especially in profile, holding her well balanced outline firm at all times. A lovely baby with lots of potential. BP, Puppy Group 3.  2. Meakin’s Layoli Firecracker. Very sweet 6 month bl dog with nice head qualities, dark eyes, strong muzzle and good mouth.  Square outline with body developing correctly for age, level topline and high set tail.  Moved freely holding a good outline. Very much the baby but a nice type.  3. Barnett & Carter’s Araki Wot Justa Black With Alamiks.  Graduate (2) 2 lovely girls.  1. Hadlow’s Quidditch A Touch of Sass.  13 month w/g bitch who I’ve often admired.  Lovely size, super substance and bone with good feet and plenty of coat for her age.  Good neck and shoulders, well ribbed back, level topline and high set, well feathered tail carried correctly. Feminine head with good pigment,  large round eyes,  correct length of muzzle and typical expression. Moved with a stylish gait, driving well from behind maintaining a typical outline at all times. RBOB.  2. Lawrence’s Tazique Totally Fabulush.   19 month b/w bitch who I judged and liked before but was unlucky to meet 1 on the day. Very square outline with good depth of chest, level topline and strong, short loin.  Lovely head with strong muzzle, good mouth, dark round eyes and lovely expression.  Moved accurately just didn’t quite have the rear drive or feet of 1.  Open (2)  1. Thurston’s Kipukyi Hot Ripper.  Glamourous 5 year old gold dog who was the most mature and finished of the entry.  Nicely balanced, square outline with lovely front and rear angulation, adequate neck, firm topline and well sprung ribs.  Nice head shape with pendant ears set correctly, lovely dark round eyes, correct length of muzzle that I’d like a bit stronger. Moved effortlessly around the ring, accurate in all directions holding his outline firm and head high.  In beautifully presented, quality coat. BOB.  2. Meakin’s Khados Over The Boundary at Miksang.  B/t dog nearly 8 years old with a masculine head, strong muzzle and nice eyes.  Squarely built with good body and bone, good feet, well sprung ribs and level topline.  Moved freely, tail carriage let him down.   AVNSC Utility  Puppy (4)  Nice class of puppies.  1. Marshall & Atkinson’s Winklestar Serendipity with Devonia (Keeshond). 7month B with an attractive, compact outline, correct front and rear angulation, good spring of rib and high set tail carried correctly. Wedge shaped head with definite stop and nicely finished muzzle, dark eyes and small erect ears.  In lovely coat for her age, moved with a brisk, accurate gait. Best AVNSC Utility Puppy.  2. Crocker’s Twoofus Love Is In The Air (Poodle(Standard)). 11month bitch who was a bit of a fidget but moved well once settled. Correctly textured coat presented well. Nice head with dark expressive eyes. Soundly made and maturing well.  3. Spencer & Burr’s Silmoralbions Eris (Eurasier).  Junior (2)  1. Newman’s Leazehond Prairie Flower (Keeshond).  12 month B with nice neck and shoulders, well sprung ribs and good depth of chest.  Nice head with dark eyes, small correctly shaped ears, well balanced length of muzzle and black nose. Moved with typical action.  2. Crocker’s Twoofus Love Is In The Air.  Post Grad (2)  1. Bull & Warren’s Starferry Beyond Belief ShCM (Shar Pei). B nearing 6 years with correct pigmentation, good head shape with moderate wrinkles, well padded muzzle  and dark eyes and very small, correctly set ears. Nicely made throughout with good substance and bone, strong neck into well laid shoulders, correct topline and moderately angulated rear. Moved very well.  2. Newman’s Wolfswinkel Maria Ogren at Leazehond (Keeshond). Naughty 13 month B who was rather distracted by the smelly equestrian centre floor and ruined her chance at winning the class! Nice head shape and expression, Soundly made and in nice coat.  Open (2)  1. Bull & Warren’s Zaralee Hussell and Bussell with Starferry (imp Ire). (Shar Pei)  Just beautiful 19 month B who pulled out all the stops never putting a foot wrong each time she returned to the ring. Lovely balanced outline, unexaggerated and in fabulous condition. Super head properties with broad skull, correct length of muzzle with good width to underjaw, lovely eyes and neat ears.  Very soundly put together with lovely reach of neck, super front, typical topline and tail and correct rear assembly. She couldn’t be ignored on the move, circling the ring effortlessly maintaining her lovely outline at all times.  Couldn’t deny her the top spot in the Group in some lovely company. I understand she’s already a CC winner and certainly deserves to carry her title. Best AVNSC Utility, Group 1.  2. Marshall’s Torrikees Made In Heaven at Devonia. (Keeshond) Another nice example of the breed this one a fully mature 2 year old B in good coat, handled to an advantage.   Compact body with good ribbing and deep brisket, good substance and bone, straight front and parallel rear.  Foxy head with alert expression, correctly shaped eyes, small, well placed ears and good pigment throughout.  Moved happily. Reserve Best AVNSC Utility.  A.V Import Reg Utility  Open (2)  1. Gordon’s NL/Bel Ch Local Hero’s King of Hearts (imp Nor) (Xolo) Standard 3yr dog athletically built and in lovely condition.  Masculine head of the correct shape with well tapered muzzle, strong jaw, nice eyes and fine ears.  Long arched neck, nice front assembly, level topline, strong loin, good ribbing and tuck up.  Moved with such a graceful action, covering the ground easily whilst holding his topline firm.  In muscular condition with lovely skin.  His sound, accurate movement earned him a well deserved group place. Best Import Utility.  2. Kirk & Turley’s Angelcrest Shadow Master (Xolo) Min 4 year Dog with masculine head, nice eyes and expression.  Good spring of rib and depth of chest, good bone and substance.  Moved happily, couldn’t match the performance of 1.   AV Utility Veteran (4,1)  1. Sampson’s Stocklore Wizard of the Forest ShCM. (Dalmatian) Very fit, well muscled 7 ½ yr dog in nicely spotted glossy coat. Lovely elegant outline with capacious chest, straight front, firm topline, strong loin and well angulated rear with tail set and carried correctly. Masculine head with flat skull, moderate stop, strong muzzle, lovely eyes and high set ears used well.  Moved with a lovely action circling the ring effortlessly with an even, rhythmic gait. Best Utility Veteran.  2. Meakin’s Khados Over The Boundary at Miksang.  (TT)  3. Bell’s Jusanin Glenister. (Min Poodle)  Utility Group  I was spoilt for choice in the group and I’m sure in different conditions placings will change.  1. Bull & Warren’s Starferry Beyond Belief ShCM (Shar Pei).  2. Bawden & Brown’s Ch. Khanate Gin Fizz ShCM.  3. Woods’ Spirited Away Kinka for Pendro (Imp Pol).  4.  Gordon’s NL/Bel Ch Local Hero’s King of Hearts (imp Nor) (Xolo)  Utility Puppy Group  1. Ilott’s Leecurt Stole Our Heart (Min Schnauzer).  2. Baker Keeble’s Jadeish Fascination (Lhasa).  3. Thurston’s Tetsimi Slave To The Rhythm (TT).  4. Quest & Kalske’s Chenrezi Back to Black (Tib Span).