• Show Date: 27/01/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Northern Dog Club

The Northern Dog Club   27th January 2017  Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi)  King Charles Spaniel  Graduate (1)  1. Penemma Raphael.  4 year blen dog with masculine head, dark eyes, well cushioned muzzle, pigment could be better.  Moderate reach of neck, well laid shoulders, good bone and feet, moved freely with tail carried correctly RBOB.  Open (2,1)  1. Maddison’s Celxo Charles Dickens.  Richly coloured Ruby dog with large, nicely cushioned head, dark eyes, defined stop, good width to jaw and short muzzle.  Compact frame with good bone and substance, level topline, correctly set tail, good ribbing and short loin. Moved with a free gait holding his outline well. BOB.  Italian Greyhound  Open (2)  1. Willcock’s Newill Good As Gold. Beautiful 9 month bitch who made a fantastic account of herself throughout the day. Elegant outline with lovely reach of neck, sound front assembly, good topline, strong rear with well turned stifles and hocks well let down. Long narrow head with lovely expressive eyes, fine ears and strong jaw.  In beautiful condition and glossy coat.  She moved out superbly never putting a foot wrong, accurate in all directions whilst holding her graceful outline firm. Really together for her age and couldn’t be denied BOB, BP, Group 4 and Puppy Group 1.  2. Willcock’s Newill Dancing Gold.  Litter sister to 1 and definitely the less mature at the moment and rather enjoying giving her handler a hard time! A little larger than 1, nice head with dark nose, bright eyes and good mouth. Fine coat and supple skin.  Couldn’t match the controlled gait of her sister. RBOB.  Lowchen  Graduate (1)  1. Bryan’s Teejay Struck Gold. 8 month dog presented beautifully. Attractive head with dark round eyes, short muzzle, defined stop and good mouth.  Lovely size and neat shape with good bone and substance, short level back, good ribbing and nice sweep of stifle. Moved happily with head help proudly and tail carried correctly. BOB, BP.  Open (1)  1. Bryan’s Bigglesmere In Private.  3 year old dog again of a nice size and shape.  Large dark eyes, short muzzle and appealing expression. Short body with good spring of rib, well muscled rear, good bone and feet, would like a touch more neck.  In good coat, moved freely. RBOB.  Griffon Bruxellois  Open (1)  1. Potts’ Adreeam Black Magic ShCM. 4 year bl/r dog with a lovely compact, square outline, deep chest and correct length of leg, level topline and lovely tail set and carriage.  Very nice head properties with dark expressive eyes, good turn up and width to jaw, short muzzle and neat high set ears.  Moved very well when viewed from all directions maintaining his outline perfectly at all times. Not in his best jacket on the day but a lovely quality dog. BOB.  Japanese Chin  Graduate (3,2)  1. Curtis’s Aleemai Walk This Way. Delightful 15 month b/w bitch with such a nicely balanced, compact and elegant outline. Attractive, correctly shaped head with the desired astonished look from her lovely eyes, short well cushioned muzzle and high set well feathered ears.  Soundly made all through with fine strong bone, cobby body, good reach of neck and super topline and tail. Moved with a typical action, accurate in all directions and looking particularly good in profile holding her head proudly and topline firm at all times.  In  plenty of silky, well presented coat and handled to an advantage.  Was close to topping the group but just seemed to lose interest at the crucial moment so had to settle for 2nd place! BOB, Toy Group 2.  Open (5,2)  1. Curtis’s Aleemai Walk This Way. (See Grad)  2. Potts’ Holmchin Out of the Blue to Adreeam. 2 year dog, not quite as compact as 1 but a nice size and type.  Nice eyes and expression, short muzzle with good cushioning.  Good neck, topline and tail, good spring of rib and rear angulation. Moved freely, in good coat and condition. RBOB.  3. Kinghorn’s Linjato Kaisho ShCM.  Havanese  Open (4)  1. Lemin’s Monsaraz Rosalyn De Cuba. Sweet 10 month old bitch with super head and expression, pretty eyes, correct length of muzzle, good pigment and moderate stop.  Enough neck, correctly balanced length of body with good topline and high set tail.  Obviously still a baby and underneath her lovely coat still needs to develop in body and a little more weight would be an advantage but  she outmoved everyone in this class circling the ring effortlessly with a lovely spring in her step.  Should mature well. BOB, BP, Puppy Group 3.  2. Rowell’s Sassena Perfect Harmony.  Another puppy, this one only 6 months.  Another who won her place on her movement holding a good topline and carrying her tail correctly.  Pretty head and expression with correctly set and carried ears.  Good ribbing for age, correct length of leg and nicely balanced length of body. In nice coat, moved freely and happily. RBOB.  3. Lemin’s Tynebears Favourite Son.  AVNSC Toy  Open (3,1)  1. Hicks’ Carmichan Heidi Hi. Nice Affenpinscher bitch who I judged as a baby and liked so was lovely to see how well she has matured. Great substance, sturdy and compact with good length of leg, short level back, well sprung ribs and correct angulation with legs set well under and good feet. Gorgeous head with the cheekiest expression, short muzzle with good turn up, good width of jaw, dark round eyes and small ears.  In good coat and lovely condition, handled perfectly to get the best out of her.  Moved with a lovely action holding her head high and tail correctly.  Shortlisted in the group and narrowly missed out on a place. Best AVNSC Toy.  2. Harbron’s Bratilda Starman. Really nice Peke who was unlucky to meet 1.  Small with broad chest, short in body with level topline and high set tail.  Appealing expression with beautiful dark eyes, good width between ears, short muzzle with strong jaw, open nostrils and dense pigment. Soundly made and so moved with a typical action. In good coat. Reserve Best AVNSC Toy.  AV Toy  Junior (5,1)  1.Curtis’s Aleemai Walk This Way. (See Jap Chins)  2. Lemin’s Monsaraz Rosalyn De Cuba.(See Havanese)  3. Scott’s Blosscoton Mustard Seed at Cukoton.  Graduate (4,3)  1. Lemin’s Tynebears Favourite Son. 20 month Havanese dog with good pigment, correct length of muzzle and correctly set and carried ears. Good spring of rib, bone, small feet, topline level with slight rise over loin and tail set high and carried well. Moved happily and handled well.  Open (5)  1. Harbron’s Bratilda Starman. (See AVNSC Toy)  2. Chapman’s Carive Black is Back at Vickstock JW ShCM. 2yr b/t min pin with lovely outline, size, shape and substance.  Correctly shaped head with very dark eyes, strong muzzle with good mouth, flat skull and high set ears.  Arched neck, good front assembly, correct sloping topline and lovely sweep of stifle. Gleaming coat. Moved well with good hackney action.   3. Maddison’s Celxo Charles Dickens.  Toy Group  1. Murdoch & Hirst’s Cotonalbe Geary (Coton De Tulear) This 2 year old dog just never stopped showing and demanded the top spot! Lovely proportions both in head and body, typical topline, coat texture and dense black pigment all through. Soundly made and moved accordingly, accurate coming and going and holding his outline perfectly in profile.  Presented perfectly and with such a delightful temperament I couldn’t resist him.   2. Curtis’s Aleemai Walk This Way (Jap Chin) Pushed 1 all the way just lost her spark near the end!  3. Hindle’s Spindlepoint Donovan To Ellisiana (CKCS) This young blen dog rather surprised me. Having judged him as a raw puppy I was delighted to see that he is maturing so very well. Masculine but in no way coarse, very well made with lovely angulation fore and aft, super topline with tail set and carried straight off his back. Appealing head type that will improve even more as he matures, lovely large dark eyes and enough fill beneath them and to his muzzle. Moved with precision and style. Still only a youngster but shows a lot of promise.  4. Willcock’s Newill Good As Gold (It Greyhound) Only a baby but she couldn’t be denied a place in the adult group.  Toy Puppy Group  1. Willcock’s Newill Good As Gold (It Greyhound) The obvious choice here, simply a class act.  2. Huntley’s Jahneemahs Gift Of Gold (S/C Chi) Very sweet 10 month old bitch with good front and rear angulation, lovely spring of rib, depth of chest, level topline, super tail and great substance. Nicely domed head with short muzzle, dark eyes and saucy expression.  Moved really well in all directions.  3.Lemin’s Monsaraz Rosalyn De Cuba (Havanese) Looked very much the baby in the adult group but deserved her place in the puppy lineup.  4. Turnbull’s Somergemz Warrior Princess for Hurascalexi (L/C Chi) 9 month old bitch who was a little unsure at first but her lovely breed type, sound conformation and typical outline couldn’t be ignored here.  YKC Handling  I was a last minute replacement judge for these classes, thank you to the handlers for accepting my decisions so sportingly.  6-11 years (2,1)  1. Katie Read. Stood alone here but did a lovely job of handling her dog sympathetically and listening to my instructions. Moved at the correct speed and was dressed nicely to compliment her dog. Just needs to do a little practice now on table work and making sure her patterns are accurate.   12-16 years (7,3)  1. Charlotte Westerman. Charlotte is a very quiet, polite handler who gets the job done neatly and efficiently.  Table work was very good and teeth were shown perfectly, lead kept neatly in her hand and she noticed when I moved her dogs foot.  Moved her dog at the correct pace with good lines and displaying what a lovely rapport she obviously has with her dog.  Always had her dog stood correctly and was watching where I was stood in the ring.   2. Tamsin Blyton. Very close to 1 but just didn’t show the teeth as neatly and her dog stood with rear foot out of place a couple of times. I know how hard it is to show a free standing dog and Tamsin did a lovely job and as always was polite and courteous to her fellow exhibitors. These two certainly could have changed placed on a different day.  3. Eryn Louis Williams.  17 – 24 years (4,2)  1. Rachel Cumberland. A lovely calm, gentle handler who really got the best out of her dog. Table work was completed perfectly and patterns were correct and completed at the correct place for her small dog. Loved her unfussy style of handling, blending into the background to make the dog the focus of my attention.  2. Haley Jones. Unfortunately Haley’s dog wasn’t the most cooperative when standing for me to assess! Haley did a wonderful job of getting the best out of her dog that she could and obviously knows how to complete the patterns correctly but couldn’t match the polished performance of 1.