• Show Date: 01/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Leila Tarabad Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

South Western Toy dog Club

South Western Toy Dog Club 1st July 2018 Judge: Miss L Tarabad (Khatibi) How ironic that after the show was forced to cancel because of the terrible snow in March, this new date was during a heat wave! Many thanks to the exhibitors for a lovely entry and a really enjoyable day. Bolognese Open (3,1) Thatcher’s Devonia’s Red Hot Summer. 4 year bitch in lovely coat of the correct texture. Square outline with correct angulation fore and aft, level topline cobby body and well sprung ribs. Sweet head and expression with dark eyes, short muzzle and ears set and carried well. Moved very happily. BOB Thatcher’s Gonni Torre-Delle Passere with Devonia (imp IT) Naughty 8 month puppy with coat coming nicely. Neat shape with good neck and topline, body developing well for age. Pretty face with broad flat skull, dense pigment and dark eyes. Smart, happy mover. RBOB, BP. English Toy Terrier Puppy (2) Dicker’s Neerodan Made To Make It. 6 month B who is more together than her brother at present. Lovely size and compact shape with good reach of neck, good topline and well angulated rear. Wedge shaped head with small dark eyes, strong jaw, good mouth and high set ears. Moved smartly, tail just a little high. RBOB, BP. Warren’s Neerodan Made To Sucseed. Litter brother to 1 and very raw. Masculine head with small eyes and strong jaw. Good reach of neck, depth of chest and spring of rib. Moved ok. Post Grad (1) Warren’s(no name given) 20 month D who was carrying a little more weight than ideal. Correctly shaped head with high set ears, eyes small but could be darker. Arched neck, good depth of chest and spring of rib, well turned stifles and parallel rear. Moved with a brisk action and decent reach and drive. Open (3) Snell’s Ch. Moretonia Kindle Fire. Quality 3yr old D who I’m not surprised to see has his title. Lovely shape and size with good reach of neck, correct topline, compact body with good spring of rib and depth of chest straight front and parallel rear. Lovely head qualities with high set candle flame ears, small eyes with good fill beneath, strong jaw and good mouth. Moved superbly displaying beautiful reach and drive, flowing effortlessly around the ring whilst holding his outline firm. Correctly marked with rich chestnut on a glossy, short coat. BOB. Cross & Sheppard’s Ch. Sulasky Please Don’t Go. Another champion this one 5yrs old and just starting to show his age. Compact, elegant shape with good chest and ribbing. Wedge shaped head with small eyes which could be darker, high set correctly shaped ears and neatly finished strong muzzle. Moved well. Dicker’s Neerodan Top Class. Griffon Bruxellois Junior (1) Suggitt’s Aptrick Liquorice Toffee.16 month b/s B who still has some maturing to do but is a lovely size and shape with good topline and tailset. Decent angulation fore and aft with correct length of leg to give a nicely balance outline. Pretty face with dark round eyes, good turn up and neat high set ears. RBOB. Open (2,1) Suggitt’s Aptrick Time For Elevenses. One that I have met a couple of times before and is maturing beautifully. 17 month r/r dog with a lovely attitude shown in super condition and lovely harsh jacket. Compact and cobby with good depth of chest and spring of rib, super topline and tail both standing and on the move. Gorgeous head, large and round with short, wide muzzle, well turned up and neatly finished all furnished perfectly to accentuate his cheeky expression! Moved accurately and effortlessly in all directions maintaining his well balanced outline at all times. Handled to an advantage and never stopped showing which won him BOB and later BIS3. Havanese Junior (2) Fitzgerald’s Immeleon Galactica For Beaugem. Super 10 month bitch who is a lovely size and already in beautiful coat. Loved her well balanced outline with head carried proudly, correct length of body and correct topline and tail carriage. Well laid shoulders, body developing nicely for age, good bone and substance. Pretty head and endearing expression with dark eyes, good mouth, nicely balanced length of muzzle and dark pigment. Moved with a typical, happy action looking particularly good in profile. Delightful baby who deservedly took RBOB, BP and later RBPIS. Wootton’s Jetandra Jazzstar. 11 month puppy who couldn’t match the balance of 1 but is a nice size and type. Still needs to mature in body but has good topline and tail. Lovely head and expression with dense pigment and dark eyes. Post Grad (2) Lane’s Starleisha Dazzling Dream ShCM. Beautifully presented 3yr B with well balanced head properties, correctly shaped eyes, moderate stop and nicely finished muzzle. Ample reach of neck, well laid shoulders, firm topline with slight rise over loin and tail set and carried correctly. Moved very well especially in profile. Cosford’s Jetandra J’Adore Junior. Nearly 2 years old and couldn’t match the presentation or movement of 1. Lovely temperament, decent shape in profile, masculine head with good mouth. Tended to pace on the move. Open (3) Lane’s Starleisha Heavens Secret ShCM. Another superbly presented exhibit from this kennel. Loved her shape and balance all enhanced by her perfectly groomed coat. Super front angulation, ample neck, correct topline, well sprung ribs and sound rear assembly. Beautiful head and expression with the prettiest dark eyes, dense pigment, correct length of muzzle and ears set and carried well. Moved with a spring in her step, totally accurate coming and going and looking a picture in profile. Really lovely bitch in fabulous condition. BOB. Wooton’s Newtonwood Stargazer For Jetandra. Great moving 6 yr old dog with a really smart outline, soundly constructed all through with an attractive head and expression. Not in the best coat. Fitzgerald’s Mybeards Valentina. Japanese Chin Puppy (3) White’s Palteemoor Prince Kamin. 11month b/w dog who I wouldn’t want any bigger. Soundly made with ample reach of neck, level topline, well sprung ribs, good rear assembly and high set tail carried perfectly over his back. Large head with dark eyes showing just a little white, short, well cushioned muzzle and high set ears. Moved well with good reach in front, parallel behind. Lovely attitude in the ring and in super coat for his age. RBOB, BP, BPIS4. White’s Palteemoor Princess Kasumi. Litter sister to 1 and still very much the baby in comparison. Not quite as confident as her brother but is a lovely small, neat shape with pretty head and typical expression. Moved ok. Gilson’s Sharlarna Bewitched. Post Grad (3,1) Wallhead’s Sleepyhollow Tikle My Fancy at Merida. 3 yr b/w B, small and dainty with a compact outline, ample reach of neck, level topline, fine bone, out of coat but nothing to hide. Feminine head with lovely eyes and expression, short muzzle and neat ears. Moved smartly and happily. White’s Palteemoor Prince Zazuki. 2 yr dog, up to size with broad, masculine head, well cushioned muzzle and large dark eyes. Moved happily with a good topline and tail carriage, very nicely presented. Open (3,1) Wallhead’s Sleepyhollow Lester at Merida. Profusely coated b/w male nearing 2 years. Masculine head with lovely eyes showing the desired white to give an astonished expression, short well filled muzzle finished neatly and small high set ears. Soundly constructed but would like him a fraction shorter in body to give a more compact outline. Cobby body with good chest and ribbing, fine bone, slender feet and ample reach of neck. Moved freely with good elevation. BOB. Wallhead’s Choya Carolina. Small, compact b/w bitch in good coat accentuating her nice shape. Broad, feminine head with large well spaced eyes and small ears . Moved with a lovely action. Pekingese Open (2,1) Lee’s Zhenzhu Ming Mei at Tuckenham. 2 yr bitch, small but picks up heavy, coat well presented and not overdone. Large head of good width, round eyes which could be a touch darker, short muzzle, dense pigment and defined chin. Good lay of shoulders, well sprung ribs and good chest, level topline and good rear assembly. Moved soundly. BOB. Pomeranian Junior (2,1) Lovell’s Shlarra Meet The Legend. 12 month D who was bigger than ideal and didn’t have the temperament I would hope for. Dark eyes and fine muzzle. Tail set and carried correctly. Moved briskly. Post Grad (1) Reid’s Pomirosa Dream Boy. Delightfully naughty male nearing 2 years. Small and compact with short neck, good barrel, straight front and parallel rear with tail set high. Nice head with dark, oval eyes, neat ears, dark pigment and nicely finished muzzle. Moved well with a happy, brisk gait. Super temperament and in good coat. RBOB. Open (1) Reid’s Ch. Miss World of Chiao Li Ya At Pomirosa. Bitch nearing 3 years of lovely quality. Lovely size and compact shape with short neck, level back with tail set high, good depth of chest, good barrel and fine bone. Pretty face with intelligent expression, beautiful dark eyes, small ears and neat muzzle. In profuse coat of the correct texture and moving with a typical buoyant gait, accurate and purposeful. She seemed to feel the heat in the bis challenge and didn’t make the most of herself which was a shame. BOB. AV MP (3,1) Grant’s Moretonia Passion Parade at Moorheath. Gorgeous 7 month h/l chinese crested bitch. Lovely size and shape with super skin and furnishings, good reach of neck, perfect topline and tail carriage, well sprung ribs, good bone and body condition. Nice head qualities with lovely ears, dark eyes, lean cheeks and strong jaw. Moved beautifully holding a super outline. Warren’s Neerodan Made to Sucseed. See ETT Pup. AV Pup (5,2) Player’s Granasil Piccolo at Anickily. Gorgeous ruby CKCS dog presented in gleaming condition. Lovely head type with beautiful dark round eyes, short well cushioned muzzle and high set ears used well. Gently crested neck, good front and rear angles, perfect topline, well sprung ribs and correctly set and carried tail. Moved superbly with an effortless gait, totally attentive to his handler. Olof’s Tarnock Romeo Romeo. Beautiful papillon baby unlucky to meet 1. Very soundly constructed with lovely reach of neck, level topline and super tail carriage. Lovey size and substance with plenty of coat for age. Delightful head and expression that will only improve with age, large mobile ears and nicely finished muzzle. Moved so well. Trickett’s Happy Paws Going Places. AV Jun (3,1) Olof’s Tarnock Rock N Roll Rene. 13 month r/s/w papillon of obvious quality just needs time to fully mature. Dainty and well balanced with great topline and tail, good front and rear angulation and fine bone. Well balanced head with large, correctly set ears, dark eyes and finely finished muzzle. Moved with plenty of reach and drive with head held high and tail carried correctly. Lovell’s Shlarra Meet The Legend. See Pom J AV Post Grad (2) Warren’s (no name given) See ETT PG. Fry’s Lazy Daze. Friendly Coton who’s nose pigment could be better but has dark eyes, correct mouth and sweet expression. Good reach of neck, decent topline with slight rise over loin, tail carried too tightly. AV Open (2,1) Player’s Anickily Pandora. 2 year b/t ckcs who is a real toy spaniel. Small but with good bone and substance, in lovely coat and condition. Ample neck into well laid shoulders, level topline with tail set and carried straight off back. Feminine head with short, well cushioned muzzle, stop just a touch too deep. Moved well. AV Veteran (4,2) Smith & Simon’s Ringlands Frosted Fern. Sweet r/s/w papillon nearing 8 years old in plenty of coat. Carrying a little too much weight but I can forgive that on a veteran! Nicely shaped head with large ears, dark eyes and alert expression with muzzle finished neatly. Moved freely and happily. BVIS Shorter’s Fiyero’s Devil In Disguise ShCM. Sweet Bichon looking lovely for his age. Nice head with round eyes, definite stop and correct length of muzzle. Nicely arched neck, firm topline, well sprung ribs and good rear angulation. In good coat and condition. RBVIS. Best In Show Bannister’s Angcherish Gussy Finkhotle ShCM. (S/C Chi) This 3 year old dog performed perfectly, moving absolutely accurately every time he was asked and demanding the top spot. Lovely size and substance with good angulation, good neck into a level topline and super tail carriage, well sprung ribs , straight front and parallel rear. Cheeky face with flaring ears, nice eyes and good dome. Handled to an advantage and totally attentive with a great temperament and attitude. Cox’s Tricianbri Tuppence A Kiss JW. (Pap) Such a pretty and dainty little 2year old bitch, just the size and type I like. Delightful head with dark eyes, correctly set well furnished ears, finely finished muzzle and good mouth. Neat little shape with good spring of rib, level topline and high set tail, enough neck and sound front and rear assembly. Moved with a free, easy gait. Suggitt’s Aptrick Time For Elevenses. (Griffon) Still showing well, I couldn’t resist his cheeky face! Baker’s Cofton Fairy Tale. (KCS) A beautiful example of the breed who couldn’t be denied a place in the top 4. Lovely headpiece with super dome, low set ears, beautiful large dark eyes and short well cushioned muzzle with good width to jaw and neatly finished lips. Short cobby body with short legs, good depth of chest and spring of rib, super topline and correctly carried tail. Moved so soundly and has a delightful temperament. Best Puppy In Show Bubb’s Wandris Evanly Legacy. (CKCS) Just 6 months old but no doubt a star in the making. Took everything in his stride showing like a seasoned pro to take the top spot very convincingly! Gorgeous head with the softest expression, beautiful dark eyes, plush muzzle and ears set and carried perfectly to enhance his expression. So well constructed with super angles, perfect topline and tailset, good bone and substance all finished with a perfectly marked coat. Moved with such an easy action displaying plenty of reach and drive. Will watch his progress with interest. Fitzgerald’s Immeleon Galactica for Beaugem. (Havanese) Unlucky to meet 1 but I’m sure this lovely puppy has a bright future. Stanbury’s Inixia Ever Ready Eddie. (Pap) Sound and friendly baby who is another that should mature well. Delightful head and alert expression with large mobile ears and lovely dark eyes. Lovely neck, topline and tail carriage giving a typical outline in profile and the start of a lovely coat accentuates his balanced shape. Moved happily and soundly. White’s Palteemoor Prince Zazuki. (Jap Chin) His sound movement won him this place after a long day.