• Show Date: 27/01/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Lichfield Canine Society

Lichfield Canine Society 

27th January 2018 

BIS was the Dobermann Santoriello's KORIFEY AMULET JW, have judged him before as a raw and gangly youngster but he has matured into an impressive young male and has balanced out. handled to advantage by this talented young lady handler who got the very best out of him. Masculine all through he has length of front leg and not overdone in forechest. Good bone, well bodied and in firm condition. He presented a typical; outline and was foot perfect on the move. All in all the complete package today and he was a worthy BIS winner. RBIS went to the Pembroke Corgi, Irving's BORN TO BE YOUR SALTY DOG AT TWINAN, only young but certainly a champion in the making. Delightful head, ears and expression. Balanced in outline and shown in perfect condition. Liked his topline and he used himself on the move. A tad uncertain on the table and this cost him today, however his future is assured. 

BPIS went to the charming 6 month old Beagle, Hardisty's BLUNDERHALL MOONDOG, only a baby and has some growing to do. Delightful head and soft expression. Good neck and shoulders and superb topline and well carried tail. On the move he was extremely collected for such a baby and had an air about him that could not be ignored, so I didn't and it was his presence that took him all the way. Will watch his progress with interest. RBPIS went to the Bulldog, Saxon's BAGIBELI BILLY RAY. Decent for type and size. His head properties pleased and he has a correct topline. Moved with that typical Bully action and was sound. Another in super condition and delightful temperament 

BVIS was another Beagle, Cottrell's EARDLEY MERRY MAGDALANE. Old fashioned type with a pleasing head and expression. Super condition and moved with style. Kept her topline and covered the ground. 


Veteran Stakes: 

1: Wakefield's SH CH/ NED/ BEL CH JULIUS OF TONISPADA AT NORRISS,  Sussex who is an old favourite of mine. So very typical and belying his age. Delightful head and expression, strong topline and uses his tail all the time. On the move he is so sound and carries himself with that typical Sussex attitude that so endears you to the breed. 


3: Handley's TOP TALLULAH, Whippet 


Champion Stakes: 

1: Lindley's CH HYERDUNSCAR THE BIG TEASE IJCH CJW 16. Bullmastiff with a gorgeous head and expression. Good for size and type, strong in neck and front and super topline. On the move she was sound and precise and put on a show. 

2: Smith's CH HEADRA'S TRULY MAGHIC IS JUSTACHARMA, KCS who won the CC under me the last time I judged the breed and so it was no surprise that I still love him. Cobby and sturdy he has rib and bone. Compact dog, yet he uses himself so well on the move. Trucks on round the ring and carries himself with importance. Pushed the winner all the way and it was splitting hairs! 

3: 3: Wildig & Gingell's CH CAPRICHIO KELY KLEINE, Affenpinscher 




1: Kass' FOSTERBRIE VENCHI STAR, 6 month old fawn with decent head properties and a super expression. He is well grown and will be all male, which is pleasing. Coat of good colour for his age and the texture is coming through nicely. Decent neck into strong topline and well set tail of superb length. Has a joie de vive about him at the moment and this shows in his movement slightly, but he had moments where he showed that his feet were being put in the right place. Well handled and presented very well. 



1: Thorp's CHARSON WORTH THE WAIT. 15 month old black who is currently at that teenage stage. Beautifully presented, which I appreciate and in superb condition. He is masculine all through and is the size that I admire. His head is all male,  well proportioned and balanced. Decent ribbing but he just needs to drop into his frame in forechest but this will come. Super topline and well set tail although I would prefer it to have a little more length and better J. On the stack he presents a very typical and imposing outline with correct length of back, not being too short.  He has an excellent coat for both texture and break. His time will come no doubt as he is the type of dog that will be troubling the best in maturity, as it should be. On the move today his side action was pleasing, however his youthfulness showed on the out and back and he was more than a little erratic.... shame but as his name suggests, he will be worth the wait I'm sure! RBOB 



1 : Canty & Hall's HARSWELIN COUNTING STARS FOR BARGEMON SHCM.  Mature lady who pleases very much for shape and type stacked up. Not the biggest but she is feminine with pleasing head properties and super expression. Her front is delightful, good length to neck, firm topline and correct length for balance. Another who would benefit possibly from a slightly longer tail but she carries it correctly on the move. Very well presented and another in good condition. Coat texture ok and she has the desired break. It was on the move today where she scored as she was precise on the out and back and covered the ground in profile. Worthy BOB 


German Shorthaired Pointer 


1: Squire's TAFTAZINI HONOUR WYNNA. 9 month old and very feminine. Typical in outline with the most delightful head and expression which won her the class. Good for size and correct topline. Moved out with precision and held her outline. BOB & BP 

2: Stopworth's TAFTAZINI CESAR CHANCE, litter brother to the winner and a male version. Close up and similar remarks apply. A tad erratic on the out and back but he has a future I'm sure RBOB 

3: Hustler's AYTEE KATERINA 






1: Schoneville's BALVENIE BELLA JW. Won the class on topline and on the out and back. Her head and expression are ok, she is balanced in outline and covers the ground in profile when settled. Moved possibly just a little too fast. 

2: Whitehouse's KAZANPAUL CREME DE LA CREME. At first thought would be the winner but she seemed to lose concentration and lost it on the out and back. Decent for type and good for size. 


Gordon Setter 


1: Sandiford & Lewis' HERNWOOD APOLLO, 8 month old who on the stack is a little all over the place at the moment and just needs to drop into himself. But saying that everything is there for the making and when he moves, even at this early stage in his career, he makes you sit up and take notice. One I will most certainly watch with interest and if I'm not mistaken we will be hearing a lot more of this young man in the future years. BP 

2: Sandiford's HERNWOOD APHRODITE. Litter sister and a feminine version. Not quite the wow factor on the move but a very decent puppy 




1: Sandiford & Lewis' HERNWOOD APOLLO 




Post Graduate 

1: Crowther's HERNWOOD STELLA FIREWORK, very feminine with pretty head and expression. Balanced in outline and moved on the right track. Strong topline and well let down behind. 

2: Hudson's LONGROW BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY AT ROBVALE. At that in between stage at present and he just needs to balance out and gain confidence. Liked his head and expression and he has the odd flash on the move to show what he can do. 



1: Sandiford & Lewis' BLACK ANVIL SIGNEDSEALED DELIVERED TO HERNWOOD. Fully mature and in very good coat. Opens up on the move and looks good in profile. Strong topline and uses herself well. Pleasing expression, decent neck and balanced in angulation. BOB 

2: Burke's ECAMEADOW THE EXPLORER. masculine head and pleasing expression. Could benefit from a tad more depth of chest. Good for bone. Ok on the out and back but not the drive behind of the winner. RBOB 



Irish Red & White Setter 


1: Hart's GILLIEGRAE SWIFT N'CHIC. Good for size and feminine in outlook. Pleasing head and expression, balanced in outline and moved well particularly in profile. BOB 


AV IMPORT Register 


1: Cunningham's Yulyeong Warrior Princess. Jindo of decent type. Moved well on the out and back and kept an outline in profile. Just needs to drop into herself. 



1: Smee's BALTHAZAR PUMIDA AVEC SCHNAUBERN. Pumi of the correct type being square in outline with correctly set ears and well set and carried tail. Strong movement and correct footfall. BIR 

2: Edwards' CSERESZYESKERTI-CSAPLFA ZAJOS. Pumi a little lower set and longer than the winner. In good condition and moved out well. Pleasing ear carriage 


Lee A S Cox (Judge)