• Show Date: 08/04/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lee Cox Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

West Lancs French Bulldog Club

West Lancs French Bulldog Club 

8th April 2018 

I would like to thank the West Lancs French Bulldog Club for the kind invitation to judge their club show and for such a good entry. The atmosphere throughout the day was exceptional and the Frenchie must be congratulated for their sportsmanship, it really added to my enjoyment. There is a huge variance in type in the breed at the moment and when judging them you find yourself having to make certain allowances and forgiving things, but soundness of movement in some left a lot to be desired, particularly in hind action and this certainly swayed some of my decisions today. Let’s hope that uniformity returns. However, all dogs showed that Frenchie charm and temperaments are to be commended. Thanks also to Robbie Wright, my steward for the day, on a sterling job. 



Minor puppy 

1: Davis & Wildman’s ROWENDALE HOBNOB WILDAX, 6 month fawn with huge potential. Superb head and expression and uses his ears really well. Fabulous front and topline. Strong and sturdy. Decent hind quarter and as sound as a bell on the move, even though still a baby. No doubt that we will see a lot more of him in future as it will be very rosy. Couldn’t get past him in males today and so awarded him BD, BBIS and BPIS. Super one to start the day with. 

2:  Fletcher’s CALAMAZOO JAMES DOAKES, 6 month old fawn pied. Pleasing ears and uses them well. Good topline and compact in shape. Moved with enthusiasm enjoying his day. 



1: Cassidy’s CHINASKYS TOBIAS, 11 month old fawn. Pleasing for size. Good topline and clear in colour. Moved well in profile, just a little erratic in front today coming towards me. 



1: Worrell’s MIAMOU MARVEL JW, 14 month. Brindle with a decent head and expression. Good ears and uses them well. Good for size, he is compact and sturdy. Liked his front and he has a decent neck into topline. Muscled behind but just a tad erratic going away. He pleases in profile.  

2: Omar’s COLTINGTON THE CENTURIAN, Fawn boy who is up to size. A little overdone in head for me. Good depth to chest and correct topline. Decent tail and in excellent condition. Moved with animation. 



1 Brearsley’s THE BOY DONE GOOD FOR KAUBULL, Fawn who won the class on a better shape. Pleasing head shape but would prefer a slightly darker eye. Good topline and tail. Moved on the right track and kept an outline in profile. 

2: Harry’s SPARTONS BARCE SPARTICUS, delightful temperament and really enjoying his day out. In super condition with the most fabulous clean teeth!  Sympathetically handled by his young owner. 


Post Grad 

1: Bryant’s ARCHNESS SIGN O’THE TIMES JW, smaller brindle lad but with a balanced outline and still sturdy. Liked his head and expression. Decent front and good topline. Reasonable hindquarters. Won the class on the out and back. 

2: Cook’s JAQUIETUS RUNNING BEAR, larger type and all male boy. Sturdy and full of power. He didn't quite match the winner on the out and back. Topline ok and a decent tail. Scores in hind angulation. 



1: Howarth’s GIZYJO STING LIKE A BEE, Brindle of really decent type. Liked his head and expression very much. Good front and depth of chest. Well sprung rinds, good topline and excellent hind angulation. He moves in the right track and uses himself well. Just will benefit from more confidence and he could go far. Was a little uneasy today, which was a shame. RBD 




1: Davis’ ROWANDALE TOM HANKS, Decent for type fawn boy with a very pleasing outline. Very compact and sturdy. Super topline and deep chest. Excellent shoulder and enough angulation behind. Moved out with animation and kept his outline in profile. 




1: Poulson’s BRANDOUX VALENTIONUX AT PATCHDOWN JW, nearly 9 fawn boy who is super for condition and size. Very pleasing head and expression. Sturdy with good topline and tail. Really uses his ears to advantage. 



Minor Puppy  

1:  Fletcher’s CALAMAZOO MARIA LAGUERTA, Really good class of some promising youngsters. This 7 month old brindle bitch really needs to be handled to be appreciated, she is so good to go over on the table. She has the most delightful head and expression and when she uses her ears it's delightful. She is so well made and is super for type. Super front assembly, good topline and superb hindquarters. Great for size she moves with such precision, keeping her outline. Really nice puppy who with experience should use herself more as she had a tendency to throw in the towel. BPB 

2: Davis’ ROWENDALE ISSEY MIYAKE, really liked this puppy too and she has a temperament to die for. A tiny bit erratic on the go away but this is a certain champion in the making. Super for size, compact and sturdy and already a very attentive show girl. 




1: Cheeseman’s THEAPAUL INDIAN SUMMER, very sweet 6 month brindle girl with a very pleasing head and expression. All of a piece and in super condition. Attentive little showgirl with lots of potential. Moved out well for one so young. 



1: Tilley’s KUREDEUX HITEY TITEY MOSSPORT, Pied girl who won the class on her sound movement on the out and back. Decent head and expression, good topline and well let down behind. Would possibly benefit from a tad more length of front leg for balance but scored on the move. 

2: Davies’ MILLAVENS LADY PENELOPE, pretty brindle girl with better balance of front leg. Moved well in profile, just a tad erratic going away today. 




1: Smith’s EASTONITE XMAS HOLLY, Pied girl who scored in this class for her compactness. Pleasing head and well used ears. Good topline and a decent tail. . Good depth to chest and ok. Behind 

2: Brearley’s KAYBULL IAMZONE, pied girl who is at that in between stage. Pleasing expression and in good condition. 


Post Grad 

1: Conway’s TIANA AMORE ANASHELL, Brindle girl who presents a very typical outline in profile. Very pleasing for head and expression. Compact and sturdy, yet retains femininity. In super condition. She moves on the right track and keeps an outline in profile. Good to go over on the table. In the challenge I thought she would go further but she lost her precision in front and so unfortunately had to pay the price. 

2: Omar’s WILDAX NEFERTITI FOR COLTINGTON, sweet headed brindle girl who is good in forehand. A little exaggerated in topline but her type placed her in this position. Moved ok. 




1: Cheeseman’s THEAPAUL SAVANNAH, very nice brindle girl who scores for type. Liked her head and expression, good for size and balance, compact and sturdy. Decent topline, attentive showgirl who uses her ears at all times. Good one. Close up today but had to settle for RBB 

2: Smith’s CHOCOLATE MISS DAISY, brindle girl who is good for size. In super condition, moved on the right track in profile, just a tad erratic going away today. 



1: Worrell’s KUREDEUX FLOWERBOMB AT MIAMOU, lovely brindle girl who scores highly in the type stakes although her topline could be a little flat. Her head and expression were simply delightful, she is superb for size and is compact. In superb condition, moved with typical action and completely sound. Super for angulation and not overdone in any way. For me she ticked the most boxes and so was delighted to award her BB and BIS 

2: Wall’s MAN ARK BEWITCHED, another typy brindle girl, liked her expression. In good condition, moved well just not the precision of the winner on the out and back. 

3: Tilley’s MOSSPORT MIA 



1: Howarth’s GIZYCO MISS FREDRIQUE, 9 year old brindle girl who was in excellent condition. Could show some of the youngsters how to do it. BVIS 


Lee A S Cox (Judge)