• Show Date: 08/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lauran Wheaton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Poole Canine Club

Poole Canine Club – 8th July 2018

Lauran Wheaton (Acinonyx)

Thank you to the committee of Poole Canine Club for the invitation to judge the working breeds at your show. It was an extremely hot day so I was thrilled with the number of exhibitors that brought their dogs for me to go over and for taking my decisions sportingly. Also thank you to my lovely steward who was extremely efficient and kept me on track.

Alaskan Malamute

Class 1 Puppy (0/0)

Class 2 Post Graduate (3/3)

1st 6 Forsey’s Muzoku Voodoo Dolly. 15 month bitch with a gorgeous head. Dark brown eyes, with an alert and mischievous expression. Correct bite within a strong muzzle. Good neck into moderate shoulders. Good bone and straight legs with good forechest. Very nice compact, thick feet. Deep chested with good ribbing. Good topline, into a well muscled loin. Although young she already has well developed muscling on her hinds which were moderately angled with strong hocks. Excellent condition all through and moved with drive. RBOB.

2nd 1 Anderson’s Cherubini Atene Cinquale. 3 year old male, another with a great head. Masculine, with alert expression from kind eyes. Broad jaws with correct bite. Well muscled neck into moderate shoulders. Excellent bone with straight legs and good forechest. Just a little down on his pasterns today, probably feeling the heat. Good feet. Wide chest and nice ribs with good topline. Moderate rear angulation with good width of thigh. Rhythmic, driving movement.

Class 3 Open (3/3)

1st 4 Forsey’s Dark Diamond Snowflake of Engel at Muzoku JW SH.CM. Powerful, all male 4 year old who has a great presence. Masculine head with the darkest eyes. Broad skull with a slight stop, strong jaws with the correct bite and padded under jaw. Nicely muscled neck and excellent shoulders. Very good forechest with great bone, straight legs, short pasterns and compact feet. A strong chest and ribs with good topline and muscled loin into slight slope of croup. Good rear angulation with excellent width of thigh and very good hocks. Could just feel his strength and power under hand, he is very much in his prime. Finished with an excellent coat and well furred tail. Excellent driving motion, even in the heat of the day his movement was easy and a joy to watch. Pleased to award him Best of Breed.

2nd 5 Forsey’s Muzoku Let’s Go Crazy. 2 year old male who is the son of the class winner and very much of the same stamp. Masculine head with cheeky expression. Strong jaw and correct bite. Good neck and shoulders, excellent bone, straight legs and good feet. Chest not as deep as the first place dog, however this still has time to develop. Good ribs, topline and loin. Hind muscles well developed and moderate rear angles. Good coat and tail. Free flowing movement with drive, he simply lost out to a finished male but I suspect he has a bright future.


Class 7 Puppy (3/3)

Three super youngsters in this class, who I expect will change places throughout their careers.

1st 10 Aplin’s Merrybear Krystal for Alsden. 10 month old black bitch who really took my eye. Beautiful head, strong and large yet feminine. Beautiful dark brown eyes, with a melting expression. Short, clean muzzle with a good bite. Strong neck into good shoulders and good forechest. Excellent bone, straight legs, elbows well let down. Great feet. Deep chest and well ribbed with a strong topline. Well muscled already for her young age with good rear angulation and strong hocks. Good tail. Beautiful coat condition. She has a great freedom of movement with an impressive side gait. BP and RBOB.

2nd 13 Franklin’s Shinglebay I’ve Gotta Be Me. Another beautiful puppy, 9 month old bitch with a wonderful expression. Feminine head and good eye. Correct length of muzzle and good bite. Good neck and shoulders. Straight, strong forelegs and good feet. Chest developing well with good ribbing. Good topline which she held on the move. Rear angles and hocks coming along nicely. Great coat condition. Another with lovely movement, she is a bit leggy at the moment but the 1st bitch is a month older and we all know the difference a month can make in puppies, especially in the large breeds.

Class 8 Post Graduate (1/1)

1st 8 Canning’s Zentaur To Those Who Wait. Definitely the comedian of the day. 20 month old black male with a really endearing expression. Strong, masculine head and gorgeous dark eyes. Short, square muzzle with a soft mouth and good bite. Strong neck with good shoulders, excellent bone and straight legs with great feet. Excellent chest and ribs and broad well muscled back and loin. Good rear angulation with strong hocks. Finished with a beautiful coat. However he really blew me away with his movement, free flowing and agile with great reach, I could have watched him all day. Pleased to award him Best of Breed.

Class 9 Open (1/1)

1st 11 Canning’s Mermaid’s Pride Jello Shot Avec Zentaur (IMP FRA). 4 year old Landseer male. Masculine head with good, dark eye. Strong muzzle and good bite. Good neck and shoulders with strong bone and excellent large feet. Good chest and ribbing with a broad back and good topline. Good width of thigh and moderate rear angulation. Good coat quality. He moved well however he didn’t have the same freedom of movement as the younger competitors, probably feeling the heat.

Giant Schnauzer

Class 10 Open (1/1)

1st 15 Aylett’s Molly Vom Schwarzen Ritter at Rillaton (IMP DEU) (AU4). Just a year old, this pepper and salt bitch stood alone but she deserved her placing. Feminine yet strong head with a dark mask and lovely dark eyes giving an intelligent expression. Head well proportioned with the rest of her body, well developed cheeks and powerful muzzle and correct bite. Good pigmentation throughout. Neat ears which she used to her advantage. Long, arched neck and clean throat. Well laid shoulders with close set elbows, straight fores and compact feet. Forechest developing well. Good topline and strong back with good spring of rib for her age. Well angulated hinds and muscles developing nicely. Finished with a harsh coat. Her movement was superb, free flowing yet powerful for one so young. Best of Breed.


Class 12 Graduate (3/3)

1st 19 Everley’s Manzart Vogue. What a cracking young bitch. Ideal for size with a feminine head and a proud, intelligent expression. Long and well filled under her dark eyes. Good depth of muzzle with tight fitting lips and correct bite. Small ears which she really used well. Long, lean neck with clean throat. Excellent, muscular shoulders into well balanced front angulation. Straight fronts, strong round bone and great cat feet. Well developed forechest, good ribs and strong, short back with good croup. Well defined tuck up. Parallel hinds with great turn of stifle, strong hocks and smooth muscles. She felt powerful and agile underhand. Excelled on the move with wonderful driving action. Best of Breed.

2nd 23 Plummer’s Aritaur Ginerosity. This bitch is just a baby at 7 months but showing lots of potential. Beautiful head with dark eye, finer than the first but in proportion. Good length of muzzle with correct bite. Elegant but strong neck and good shoulders. Straight fronts with good bone and nice, tight feet. Chest and ribs developing nicely, short back and good croup. Lacking a little definition on her underline but this should come as she grows. Good rear angulation and strong hocks. Muscling up well, she has plenty of time to mature. Moved very well with good reach and drive, working hard to please her handler. Best Puppy in Breed.

Class 13 Open (2/2)

1st 21 Massey’s Jojavik Kissy Suzuki SH.CM. 2 year old bitch, smaller in build than the previous class winner. Pretty head with dark eye and intelligent expression. Nice length and depth of muzzle with correct bite. Elegant neck into well laid shoulders and balanced front construction. Good bone, with straight fronts and excellent cat feet. Strong chest and ribs with the correct topline and nice tuck underneath. Good turn of stifle and well muscled hinds. A balanced bitch who moved well with reach and drive. RBOB.

2nd 22 Plummer’s Grafmax Alfie Boe. Powerful, masculine 2 year old who made a fantastic outline when standing. Strong head with a long, deep muzzle and correct bite. Darkest of eyes with a proud expression. Well muscled neck into good shoulders with good front angulation. Excellent forechest, good bone, straight fores with great feet. Deep, capacious chest and good ribs with a strong back. Good turn of stifle with well developed muscles. Unfortunately he was just not enjoying the heat of the day which meant he was outmoved by the bitch.


Class 14 Puppy (0/0)

Class 15 Post Graduate (2/3)

I think this pair were my favourite to judge, both dogs and handlers had a great energy about them and seemed to really enjoy their day.

1st 28 Trim & Bishop’s Royceprides Calypso. 12 month old bitch with a pretty head. Large and square yet still feminine. Short, square muzzle with good underjaw and moderate flews. Dark eyes, high set ears giving her an alert expression. Well arched, muscular neck into good shoulders. Liked her chest, deep and capacious, well let down between her fores. Excellent bone with straight fronts, would prefer tighter feet but this may come with age. Straight back into a well muscled loin. Good rear angulation with second thighs developing. Strong hocks which gave her a powerful driving action. Best of Breed.

2nd 25 Trim’s Royceprides Barbosa. Brother to the class winner and I really was splitting hairs between the two. Loved his head, masculine and strong with dark eyes and a very cheeky expression. Strong neck, good shoulders but I preferred the forechest of the bitch. Great bone and fantastic, well arched cat feet. Short, strong back and well muscled. Rear angulation was good and he also moved well with good hind thrust. RBOB.

Class 16 Open (0/2)

Great Dane

Class 17 Puppy (0/2)

Class 18 Post Graduate (1/1)

1st 30 Newton’s Shlarra Smooth Mover. 10 month old fawn male who was extremely impressive. Masculine, balanced head with a broad, strong jaw with correct bite. Flat skull and good brow. Wide, blunt nose with large nostrils and good fitting lips. Dark eyes and mask giving him an intelligent, gentle expression. Long, well arched neck into muscular, well laid shoulders. Superb, flat bone with straight fronts into fabulous cat feet. Excellent forechest and deep brisket with well sprung ribs. Strong back, slightly arched loin and correct tailset, with a good tuck up. Good hard condition all through, second thigh already well developed, good turn of stifle and strong hocks. His movement was exceptional, so agile and flowing covering the ground with ease. Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed and then I was thrilled to hear that he won Best Puppy in Show and Reserve Best in Show.

Class 19 Open (1/1)

1st 31 Newton’s Bycosdycos Summer Time at Shlarra SH.CM. 4 year old fawn bitch with a feminine head. Well balanced with a good jaw and correct bite. Dark eyes with a kind expression, using her high set ears well. Strong neck and well muscled shoulders. Good forechest, strong bone and straight legs. Good feet but I would prefer her nails to be shorter. Strong topline and a good tuck up. Good turn of stifle and strong hocks, well muscled throughout. An honest bitch who moved well with reach and drive. RBOB.