• Show Date: 19/07/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Lauran Wheaton Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Frecheville (Sheffield) & District Canine Society

Frecheville and District Canine Society

19th July 2018

Lauran Wheaton (Acinonyx)

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge at their show, also to my steward for being so helpful and, of course, to the exhibitors for bringing their dogs along.

Tibetan Terrier

Class 91 Junior (3/4)

1st 239 Fenton’s Layoli Golden Embers. Although the youngest in the class at just 8 months, her quality was clear. Feminine head with dark eye and excellent pigmentation. Strong muzzle with a reverse scissor bite and good under jaw. Strong neck into good shoulders and length of upper arm and straight fronts. Nice sized feet. Chest and ribs developing nicely. She had the best top line in the class, held whilst on the move. Good rear angulation and well muscled for her age. Correct tail set and carriage. Coat coming along nicely with good feathering on her legs and tail. She gave her handler a little bit of a hard time on the move but once settled she moved smoothly with a driving action. Best Puppy in Breed.

2nd 241 Iles’ Verony Simply Magic at Caljenta. 13 month old black and white bitch. Maturing pleasingly with a pretty head and dark eye. Good neck and well placed shoulders, straight fronts. Excellent, feathered feet. Good spring of rib, carried well back. Good turn of stifle and in hard condition. Good tail set and carriage. Absolutely gorgeous coat, really beautiful. Unfortunately she just lost her topline on the move today and lacked the enthusiasm of the first, this could be due to the heat.

Class 92 Postgraduate (2/2)

1st 235 Cooper’s Best Foot Forward Erbosedition (IMP). Gold sable bitch of almost 2 years old. Feminine head with such an endearing expression. Dark, sparkling eyes, strong muzzle and underjaw. One that used her ears to advantage. Good neck and shoulder placement. Straight front and good feet. Good spring of rib, carried well back. Topline level into short loin and good tail set. Excellent rear angulation with great musculature. Strong, low set hocks giving her a powerful driving action when moving. Beautiful coat condition. Won the class with her look at me attitude, coupled with her flowing movement.

2nd 240 Fenton’s Layoli Gold Dust. Another lovely bitch, gold and white with an outgoing temperament. Pretty head and dark eye, good length to muzzle. Good neck and shoulders, nice front angulation. Straight fronts and good feet. Well sprung ribs, good topline, tail set and carriage. Good rear angulation with strong hocks and well muscled thighs. Moved soundly but just lacked the drive of the first today.

Class 93 Open (4/4)

1st 243 Thomas’ Layoli Dazzled by Smoke Jun Ch. Stunning tri male with real ring presence. Up to size, making an impressive outline on the stand. Strong, masculine head with a cheeky expression. Dark eyes and good pigmentation. Good length to his strong muzzle and developed underjaw. Excellent, muscled neck, flowing into well laid shoulders. Good front angulation, straight legs and large, rounded feet. Good spring of rib, excellent topline and tail set. Short, arched loin. Well balanced rear angulation with strong hocks. Good, hard condition all through. Finished with a beautiful coat which looked striking when he moved. He did excel in movement, a smooth gait with excellent reach and drive, tracking up well fore and aft. Pleased to award him Best of Breed.

2nd 242 Moore’s Incalux Much Ado About Jaxtu ShCM. This 3 year old, gold sable bitch really pushed hard for the first place. Beautiful, feminine head with dark eye and good pigmentation. Great temperament and expression. Strong neck and shoulders, straight fronts and good feet. Well ribbed, level topline, correct tail set and carriage. Well balanced rear angulation with strong hocks and excellent musculature. Lovely coat. Moved soundly around the ring, just dropped her head a little, probably feeling the heat. RBOB.

Shih Tzu

Class 94 (1/4)

1st 245 Crossland’s Chaela Ralphish. 13 month old black and white male. Very outgoing and confident. Broad, masculine head, already nicely matured despite his young age. Large, brown, sparkling eyes. Good muzzle, short and square but in no way affecting his breathing. Good, open nostrils. Arched, well muscled neck into excellent shoulders and good front angles. Strong bone with chest well let down. Good, padded feet. Good ribs, level topline, tail set and carriage. Great rear angulation with excellent musculature. Moved strongly with a good rear action. Although he stood alone, he deserved his placing and RBOB.

Class 95 (4/6)

1st 251 Moore’s Ashmakin Bodacious Smooth for Jaxtzu (IKC) JW ShCM. 22 month old gold, very stylish male. Broad head with well set ears, dark eye and mask. Good muzzle and nose. Arched neck into good shoulder placement. Good bone and rounded feet. Nice ribs and good depth of chest. Level topline with correct tail set and carriage. Short, muscular hinds, with good angulation. Smooth movement, carrying himself well.

2nd 255 Yeoman’s Kezang Golden Idol. Gold brindle and white male of 3 years old. Masculine head with dark eye, good muzzle and wide nostrils. Strong neck into well placed shoulders with good bone. Sturdy body with good ribs and level topline. Good tail set and carriage. Well muscled hinds with ample rear angulation. Movement was free flowing with good drive, he just lacked a bit of ring presence compared with the first.

Class 96 (3/3)

1st 249 Hutley’s Kainenables Diamond Geezer. What a diamond he is! A masculine gold and white with an attitude that just draws the eye. Happy and outgoing with an alert expression from his dark eyes. Strong head, good muzzle, wide mouth and open nostrils. Well proportioned neck into good lay of shoulders. Short, straight fronts and excellent feet. Broad chest, level topline, well coupled, good tail set and carriage. Excellent rear angulation with nicely rounded thighs. Hard condition throughout and just so balanced. Finished with a stunning, dense coat. Fantastic to watch on the move, free flowing and smooth with good reach and a powerful drive showing his full pads. Pleased to award him Best of Breed.

2nd 244 Brooks’ Lyndatzu Co-Co Chanel at Marbrux. Gold and white three year old bitch, who looked small compared to the males in this class but made up for it with her outgoing attitude. Pretty, feminine head with dark eyes and good pigmentation. Nice neck into well laid shoulders and good bone. Good chest and topline. Good muscling on her hinds but I would prefer just a touch more rear angulation to balance out her lovely front. Moved well with confidence.

Japanese Shiba Inu

Class 97 Junior (1/3)

1st 257 Broadhurst’s Hokkaido Okina Tsuyoi Yuki. Feminine 10 month old red bitch, who was just a bit overawed today. Very pretty head with dark eyes, well pigmented and nice depth of muzzle. Nice neck, into gently sloped shoulders and a good front. Close set elbows, straight fores and good cat feet. Good depth of chest, level topline and high tail set with a good carriage. Slight bend of stifle, well muscled. Everything is developing along the right lines. Moved well around the ring. Best Puppy in Breed.

Class 98 Postgraduate (2/5)

1st 258 Bryans’ Marilouvales Queen of Hearts. Black and tan 2 year old bitch who was very full of herself. Strong yet feminine head with the darkest of eyes. Small, high set ears that she used to give herself an alert expression. Strong neck, good shoulder placement and excellent forechest. Good bone with straight fores, being picky I would like tighter feet. Nice depth of chest and good spring of rib, level topline with short loin and good tuck up. Good tail set and carriage. Correct rear construction with excellent muscling all through. Fantastic, sprightly movement and working hard for her handler. Pleased to award her Best of Breed.

2nd 263 Nixon’s Hokkaido Kioshi Kei. 21 month old red sesame male. Masculine head with a keen expression. Dark eyes, good length of muzzle and good pigment. Strong neck into good shoulders and nice forechest. Good bone, straight fores and well knuckled cat feet. Good depth of chest and well ribbed. He just had a slight arch to his topline today which spoiled his outline. Moderate rear angles with nicely muscled thighs. Moved well but couldn’t match the energy of the bitch.

Class 99 Open (1/3)

1st 259 Marilouvales Queen Elsa. 3 year old red bitch who makes a very nice outline. Lovely head, with dark eye and bright expression. Good neck and shoulders and well developed forechest. Good bone and cat feet. Deep chest and well sprung ribs. Level topline into correct tail set and carriage. Nicely constructed at the rear and in hard condition. Side gait was very good however she was a bit untidy coming towards which meant she had to settle for RBOB today.