• Show Date: 30/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Reading & District Kennel Association

Reading and District KA 

30th May 2018 

What a super show this is! Lovely venue and seamless organisation by the Committee. Well done to the team. Sadly, no Smooth Collies were present today. Thank you to the Briard and Corgi exhibitors for their entries. All were shown is lovely condition.


Open (2.0)  1st: Chester’s Lysdenoire Le Roc JW ShCM. An impressive dog. Very eye catching outline. Certainly rugged in appearance. I would say his head is well proportioned with occiput to stop just longer than width at the cheekbones. Muzzle is square and strong with no snippiness. Stop is clearly defined. Dark eyes are large and set horizontal. Ears set on high with profuse hair. Good length to neck leading to well laid shoulders. Upper arm of ideal length and slope. Just off square in body and had decent length to ribcage. Good depth of brisket. Well angulated rear with hocks set just right and double dew class present and set low down. Stands on good legs of correct bone for size. Tail reaches to hock. Smooth and effortless mover from the side. BOB. I was told after that I had given him a BOB before and he has since gone on to win his 1st CC. Well done. 

2nd: Biddlecombe’s Stormfield Grace Jones at Chavell. Appealing bitch. Narrower through the skull, but acceptable. Nice shape to eyes and are well set. Neck appears a tad shorter than the ideal, and this leads into shoulders that are a little straighter than 1st’s. Rather long in back. Good bone for a bitch. Great coat texture. Stifles are moderately bent. Hocks well set and double dew claws are present. Good tail set and carriage. Coat of correct length and nice and dry. Well handled and presented. RBOB   

Pembroke Corgi’s 

Junior (3.0)  I love the type, make and shape of the 3rd place dog here, but he would just not move!  1st: Weedall & Bogue’s Bronabay Illuminations. This boy shows promise. Foxy enough in the head. Skull is wide and relatively flat. Moderate stop. Nice eyes for shape and colour. Longish neck. Shoulders well laid and upper arm returns well. Elbows close to sides. Enough prosternum and enough daylight underneath. I would say he is a little long in back, which was dipping slightly behind the withers on the day. Well angulated rear. Tail set on ok and carried fine. Moved very soundly and was very well presented. RBOB 

2nd: Warner’s Meitza Erik The King. Nice eyes of correct shape, colour and set. Skull flat enough between ears. Not such as good expression as 1st. Ears medium in size and set pretty well. Neck a little short for balance. Enough depth to chest and good straight forelegs. Moderate angulation compared to 1st. Rather short in rib. Topline firm. Tail set ok. Moves soundly but not with the scope of 1st. Well presented.  3rd: Nobles’ Pemcader Peregrin 

Open (3,2) 

1st: Ellwood’s Amberynlea Dark Desire with Ellhar (Imp LTV). A shapely bitch. Foxy enough in the head. I would prefer a slightly shorter muzzle, but it is refined enough for me. Moderate stop. Eyes good for colour and set. Earset ok. Neck ok for length. Well angulated front. Good straight legs. Nice forechest. Good daylight underneath. Just about enough length of body. Well angulated stifles. Hocks straight. Oval feet. Very sound mover in all directions. Very smart jacket. BOB 

2nd: Borman’s Cristaluna’s Athena Royal. Rather strong in skull for me with slightly too much stop. Eyes good for shape and set. Ears perhaps a little too large and set just about ok – can look bit low at times. Moderate angulation all through. Looking somewhat heavy in body today, but had a good spring in her step on the move. Sound. Topline firm. Tailset good. Sympathetically handled.   

Krystyan Greenland