• Show Date: 19/05/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Redditch & District Canine Society

Redditch & District CS


Thank you to the Officers and Committee for a super show. Thanks too to my excellent stewards. My final thank you is to all those who entered their lovely dogs for my appraisal. I very much enjoyed my time with your dogs.

Canadian Eskimo Dog

A fantastic entry here today. I thought the overall quality was excellent. I really feel this breed would be worthy of CC status. Movement on the whole was excellent. Some were obviously blowing their coats, and some had lost body condition in line with this. A totally engaging breed and I enjoyed my time with them very much. Thank you to all exhibitors.

Puppy (3,2)

1st Croft & Bickerdike’s Akna Nymph at Koroyza. Head displaying typical wedge. Eyes obliquely set. Ears short, thick and set well. Shoulders well laid. Sufficient return of upper arm. Nice bone for age. Firm topline. Chest developing well. Well bent stifles. Tail set on high and carried over back on move. Displays good reach and drive when settled. Rightly lots of developing to do. BP.

Special Yearling Dog (4,1). I thought this was a good class, with all displaying very good type.

1st: Croft & Bickerdike’s Akna Ross at Koroyza. An upstanding, high quality young male. Good masculine wedge head. Eyes set obliquely and set widely spaced. Ears small, triangular and relatively well furred. Strong neck leading into excellent shoulders. Excellent return of upper arm. Well boned throughout. Good width and depth to chest which reaches to the elbows. Level back and firm muscular loins. Well bent stifles. Muscular thighs. Tail moderately high set and carried over the back. Firm hocks. Excellent on the move displaying great reach and drive. Very true out and back. Must have a great future. Expertly handled. RBOB

2nd: Bailey’s Akna Kraven. Very striking type. Love the head on this boy. Displays good wedge. Beautiful dark, oblique set eyes. Lovely small triangular ears which were very well furred. Short muscular neck. Well angulated fore and aft. Good bone. Deep chest. Slight tuck up. Tail carried over back. Topline for me appears a little roached and slopes away to the rear slightly too much. Moved well in profile, but not as good as 1st out and back. Naked on the day.

3rd: Logan's Qimugta Carmine from Miamilady. I very much admired this bitch who is both typey and well constructed all through. Moved well in all directions, but on the day she just lacked body and conditioning obviously due to a recent moult, and this went against her in this competition. I might add she was expertly handled.

Limit (3,0)

1st Atkins Akna Peechee. Clearly a bitch with great femininity. Naked on the day. Good wedge shaped head with lovely oblique set eyes. Triangular ears. Neck short enough leading into well laid shoulders. Good return of upper arm. Chest reaches to elbows and is just about wide enough for a bitch of her size. Strong straight back. Perhaps a little too much tuck up. Well turned stifles. Hocks low and perpendicular to the ground. Tail moderately high set and carried over the back. Excellent mover from all angles. Well handled.

2nd: Bailey's Akna Dale. A pretty bitch with good wedge shaped head. Lovely oblique set eyes. Ears are correct for set and shape. Neck short. Balanced angles. Ok for bone. Would prefer more width to chest. Firm , straight back. Strong loins. Tail set moderately high and carried over the back. Hocks low to ground and firm. Brisk action. Not as tidy as 1st out and back.

3rd: Byrne's Akna Carroz. Attractive white bog who was unsettled on the day and the two bitches out performed him here. Has many virtues, but not covering the ground as well as 1st and 2nd and a little untidy behind. Very well presented in pristine condition!

Open (2,0)

A super class with two high quality dogs that would grace any ring round the world.

1st: Bailey's Can Ch Arcticice Qimmiq G-Amarok Avec Akna (Imp Can). A star of a dog in my view. You judge some dogs and they always remain with you in your mind for ever through their presence and excellence. This is one of those dogs. Upstanding and masculine and the most beautiful temperament, which I believe is so important. Super wedge shaped head with the masculinity and expression I expect in this breed which clearly differentiates him from other sled dog breeds. Super eyes for shape, set and dark in colour. Strong muscular neck. Outstanding construction with well laid shoulders, return of upper arm and perfectly balanced at the rear with correct angles to upper and lower thighs. Good deep chest reaching to elbows and lots of heart and lung room without being too bulky. Great bone. Firm, straight topline. Tail set correctly and carried over the back on the move. Perfect movement displaying good reach and drive. Excellent out and back. In great coat and muscular condition. What a star. Looks every inch the powerful endurance dog without being overdone. Well handled. How nice it would be if this dog could win CC's in this country and gain a UK title. Super dog. BOB, my Working Group winner and absolutely thrilled to see him go on to win BIS under Christina Chapman. A first for the breed. Well done indeed.

2nd: Bailey & Atkins’ HR Ch Akna Asavakkit. Another top quality CED and unfortunate to be pitched against a male in his prime and the young stallion of a dog in special yearling. Feminine girl with excellent head without any weakness. Super expression. Lovely neck of correct length leading to a body that has excellent construction all through and this is conveyed in her super movement. She has correct bone for her size and is well developed through the chest. Straight, firm topline and strong loins. Tail set moderately high and carried over the back. Good feet , pasterns and hocks. Very true out and back. Exhibited in pristine condition. High class bitch indeed.

Alaskan Malamute

Super breed that I so admire and have followed since our rare breed days in the 80's.

Puppy (1,0)

1st Jelfs' Lapema Via Visto. Very attractive pup. Lovely dark eyes of correct shape. Skull developing well. Neck looking a little short at present and both shoulder and upper arm are rather upright at present. Chest developing nicely. A little bum high. Tail set on well and carried over back without being snapped. Steady mover in profile. Crabbed a little going away. In excellent coat and condition and sympathetically handled. Should mature on well. Exhibited in super condition. BP

Junior (3,0)

1st: Ballington- Graham's Noraisy Ring of Fire in Catua. Feminine with lovely eyes for shape and set. Ears well spaced and of correct shape. Neck of moderate length leading into well angulated shoulders. Upper arm angles back ok. Enough bone. Just about enough length of leg. Topline a little flat for my preference. Well angulated stifles. Tail set on well and carried over back, though not quite as a ‘waving plume’. Moved very soundly. BOB.

2nd: Brown's Skidooshooz Bohemian Soul of Cupun. A larger bitch all through. Broad skull, and square muzzle but perhaps just a tad masculine. Dark eyes which are ok for shape and set. Moderate angulation throughout. Deep chest reaching to elbows. Appearing too long in back. Was really feeling the heat today and consequently was moving rather sluggishly. Lovely temperament and well handled.

3rd: Jelfs' Lapema Via Visto

Open (1,0)

1st Blaney's Viking Fenrir Kin of Kiyara’s Wolf Pak (Imp De). Masculine boy with such a lovely outlook on proceedings. Almond shaped eyes which are of super set. Ears rather tall and pointed. Muzzle for me tapers rather too much to a more pointed end. Skull broad enough. Quite long in foreleg and tad square in body. Moderate angulation. Topline slopes slightly from withers to croup. Chest deep and broad enough. Moved out ok and was very true coming and going. Excellent condition in both body and coat. RBOB

St Bernards

What a lovely entry. Such a hot day for this breed, but all coped so well. Lovely entry to judge.

Puppy (2,0)

1st: Forrest & Thomas’ Tombears Who Dares Wins Over Philandros. Well grown boy. Head developing well. For me, eyes could be tighter. Ears ok for size and set. Angles balanced throughout. Body developing as one would expect. Chest reaches to elbows. Nice bone. Topline firm. Tail curls a little. Easy mover, and won here on overall soundness, particularly in front action. BP

2nd: Clarke’s Lazybears Adonis. Strong head for age. Muzzle could be slightly shorter. Good neck. More upright in angles than 1st. Nice body proportions. Chest good for depth and obviously still developing. Good bone. Up to size. Found his forehand movement a little unsound on the day.

Junior (2,1)

1st: Howard's Pippanabbey Adoration. Liked this bitch for overall shape. Basically a good head with enough size. Could perhaps have more length to skull. Correct stop. Muzzle correct shape and depth for a bitch. Arched neck. Shoulders well laid. Upper arm angles back enough. Firm topline. Enough breadth and depth to chest which reaches to the elbows. Correct proportions to body. Turn of stifles and definition of hocks is good. Tail set and carriage correct. Moves soundly and covers the ground well.

Post Graduate (3,2)

1st: Pippanabbey Filbert. I liked the shape and outline of this bitch. Typical through the head with enough size, defined stop, no wrinkle. Skull could perhaps be longer as compared to muzzle. Neck long with dewlap. Well laid shoulders. Upper arm of good length and angle. Straight legs with good bone. Chest deep enough and reaches elbows. Ok for breadth. Ribs carried well back. Topline firm. Stifles with moderate bend. Good definition at hocks. Moves very well with decent reach and drive. RBOB

2nd: Fisher’s Eyeobe Princess Cara. Head of good size. Muzzle turns up and appears undershot. Neck a tad short. Angles more open than 1st. Chest reaches to elbows. Decent width. Back long enough and firm. Good bone. Tail set good. Stifles well bent. Enough definition to hocks. Moves out ok.

Open (4,0)

1st: Lyons, Grubb & Wright’s Penelope Van't Hot Ten Eynder at Snowfordhill. Bitch of nice overall size. Head of good size. Skull broad and slightly rounded on top. Defined stop. Muzzle could be shorter for my preference. Lips deep. Medium size eyes without excessive haw. Good length to neck leading into good shoulders. Upper arm angles back a tad too steeply. Good depth and width to chest . Ribs carried well back. Excellent turn of stifles and definition at hocks. Tail set and carried well. Enough bone for size. Compact feet. Moves out well with very fluid action and this took her to the top today. BOB

2nd: Howard's Pippanabbey Hazel Nut. Felt this bitch was of quite nice type and ok for size. Head of good size and shape. Muzzle short enough. Neck a tad short. Shoulders a little more upright than 1st. Upper arm of good length and angles back ok. Topline firm. Croup slightly sloping. Good depth to brisket. Stifles well angulated. Not the movement of 1st on the day.

Rough Collie

Junior (1,0)

1st: Hanson's Ambartr Plancee at Jards NL JW. Immature young bitch, but, for me, the best for overall type here today. A very nice head with good parallel lines. Long enough in muzzle and flat skull. Wedge shaped overall. Almond shaped eyes set obliquely. Ear set good. Neck long enough. Angulation good and well balanced all through. Topline firm. Enough depth to chest which is still developing. Moves well in profile but crabs going away, and this ultimately cost her BOB.

Post Graduate (2,0)

1st: Skinner's Samhaven Time Is Money with Nikal. Perhaps a bit on the smaller end of the standard. Pretty, standard fitting head with good parallel lines, wedge shape, and correct shape and set to eyes. Neck is long enough with arch. Shoulders of moderate angulation. Upper arm of correct length and angulation to bring foreleg back under body. Chest deep enough, but ribcage could be longer. Stifles well bent. Tail set ok. Tad short in length. Does enough on the move, but not that expansive. BOB.

2nd: Wright’s Aqualita Rosetta. Out of coat on the day, but we’ll presented. Skull flat, but for me muzzle doesn’t follow the correct planes. Eyes almond in shape and set obliquely. Ears tend to fly. Rather more upright in angles than 1st, but balanced both ends. Topline firm. Enough bone. Moves soundly.

Open (4,2)

1st: Wright’s Pelido David Weir. Head ok with good skull and overall length through the muzzle. Head planes ok. Eyes of almond shape and obliquely set. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Good depth of chest reaching to elbows. Width sufficient. Rather short through the ribcage. Slightly cow hocked. Tail too short. Moves with moderate strides. Light on feet.

2nd: Skinner’s Nikal It’s Gud To Be Black. Head has good wedge shape and has correct parallel lines for the breed. Neck of moderate length. Angles rather more upright than the winner. Chest good for depth, width and ribs carried well back. Tail a little high set and short in length. Moves soundly.


Small entry but quality dogs here.

Limit (1

1st: Dean’s Asterel Baloo. What an attractive colour this dog is. Thought his head was pretty standard fitting with good length and breadth. Skull slightly rounded. Moderate stop. Occiput not too defined. Eyes medium in size. Ears small and well set. Short neck set into moderately angulated shoulders. Chest deep and reaches elbows. Pasterns appear a little too sloping. Straight topline. Moderate rise in underline. Moderate turn to stifles. Tail set on low and reaches hock. Moves very well in profile showing good reach and drive. Rather untidy going away. RBOB

Open (3,1)

1st: Dean’s Drika Da Costa Oeste at Asterel (Imp Pt). No doubting this ones good type. Clearly ‘Estrela’ in my opinion. Head is long with slightly rounded skull. Ratio of skull to muzzle equal with moderate stop. Muzzle tapers slightly and was not too ‘pointed’. Oval eyes. Ears small and well set. Shoulders of moderate angulation. Upper arm returns well to set legs under the body. Pasterns a little too sloping. Deep chest reaching elbow. Like her body proportions. Back short. Moderate turn of stifle. Can stand with her rear legs a little tucked under her body. Good croup and tail set. Excellent mover. Lots to like. BOB

2nd: Bermingham’s Milgre Got A Feelin at Estjak. Head is long enough and displays good width. Eyes nice for shape and set. Ears a tad large. Neck short. More open angles than 1st and was dipping noticeably in the back – standing very bum high. Pasterns too sloping. Chest deep. Nice bone for size. Rear pasterns vertical. Tail set ok and carried ok on the move. Moves soundly but without scope or preciseness of 1st.

AVNSC Working

Junior (4,2)

1st Roe & Stewart’s Echodream Athena. G. Schnauzer. Head strong. Skull flat. Thought head could be longer. Dark eyes. Neck is ok for length. Moderate angles fore and aft. Square in shape. Front legs could be straighter – tends to turn out from pasterns. Topline firm and level. Moves soundly.

2nd: Griffin & Grierson’s Griffindane Athos. Great Dane. Good through the head. Elegant enough. Well angulated front. Good depth of chest. Body proportion ok. Straight in stifles. Unbalanced on the move.

Post Graduate (1,0)

1st Cole’s Quen Star Sagitta Isla Bonita Jamaica Sunrise (Imp Pol) Leonberger. Felt this bitch was very typey. Head is strong but not heavy. Equal length of muzzle to skull. Moderate stop. Very slight roman nose as required. Oval eyes. Ears set on high. Neck flows into lovely shoulders. Upper arm angles back correctly. Deep chest that reaches the elbows and is about the required 50% of height at withers Body not overly long. Moderate slope to croup. Tail well set and carried on the move. Pasterns too sloping. Nice turn to stifles. Suffered in the heat today and didn’t put everything into moving today.

Open (1,0)

1st: Cole’s Simden Guardian angel. Liked this bitch a lot. Balanced head with equal lengths of skull and muzzle. Nice eyes for shape and set. Neck of moderate length. Very well laid shoulders. Upper arm well angulated. Good depth and width of chest. Ideal proportions of length and height. Topline firm. Gently sloping croup. Broad rump. Well angulated stifles. Tail set well and of correct length. Tail slightly curved on the move. Very ground covering side movement and very tidy out and back. In lovely condition and handled very well. Best AVNSC Working.

AV Working Veteran

What a nice class of quality dogs.

1st: Truman and Brown ridge’s Ch Jezeve Shubert JW ShCM. Caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring. Bang on for type. Lovely, typical head with good width. Strong underjaw. Good eyes for shape and set. Lovely muscular neck. Excellent angulation fore and aft. Straight front with good bone. Strong, firm topline. Excellent underline. Perfect tailset and carriage. Excellent turn of stifles and firm hocks. Super on the move. Top class dog who shone today. Pleased to see him win BVIS..

2nd: Bailey’s Shepherdsway Eskimo Angel at Akna. CED. What quality there was in this breed today, and here was another. Mature in years, but looking as fit as ever. Beautiful head with nice strength and typical wedge shape. Good muscular neck. Excellent angulation fore and aft. Firm topline. Good bone. Excellent mover. In super coat and condition. Well handled.

Working Group

G1: Bailey’s Can Ch Arcticice Qimmiq G-Amarok Avec Akna (Imp Can). CED. Critique as in the breed. Looked super in this strong group. Just exuded confidence, quality and style. A top class dog, who, if anyone has the confidence to do so, should be winning groups at championship level. Never put a foot wrong. Commanded the ring and the Group was his. So pleased to see him go on to win BIS. Breed history for the CED. Very well done.

G2: Blaney’s Ir Ch. Sledog Brutte Coffea Del Fenrirkin. Greenland Dog. Put through to the group by Joe Smith and I can see why he liked him. Excellent boy of super type who is upstanding and confident in attitude. Very good breed type with excellent construction. Great bone and condition. Firm in muscle. Excellent side gait. Could be a little tidier behind. Rather out of coat which gave ground to the winner, but, it did show off his many qualities and was a very worthy G2 for me here. Well handled. Pleasure to judge.

G3: Grove & Lafford’s Lateagain Heart of Gold. Put through to the group by Sue Thorn. A standard fitting Dobe who shows good breed type. Square in outline and has quite nice flowing lines. Lean head of good length. Neck could be a tad longer for my taste. Enough forechest. Shoulders moderately angulated. Topline slopes gently from withers to croup. Tailset good. Nice underline. Well turned stifles. Nice feet. Moved out extremely well. Well handled.

G4: Cole’s Simden Guardian Angel. Leonberger. Critique as above.

Working Puppy Group

PG1: Perks’ Dromnagus Mother of Dragons. RBT. Put through to the group by John Purnell. This little star really took my eye as soon as she first went round, Displaying very good type in my opinion and has very good construction all through. Coat coming along nicely. Great mover in all directions. Shall watch her progress with great interest.

PG2: Trueman & Brownridge’s Jaegerot Billie Jean. Bred in the purple and this young lady shows great quality. Head is developing nicely. Typical expression. Well angulated. Nice shapely body already. Tailset good. Excellent mover. Very promising.

PG3: Johns’ Azgard Kapma for Alepenkye. Siberian Husky. Put through by Jennifer Sturch. Very foxy head with lovely shape and set to eyes. Nicely arched neck. Angulation balanced fore and aft. Topline firm. Well proportioned. Tailset ok. Width will come with age. Managed to contain herself on the move to show a nice stride. Again, promising.

PG4: Forrest & Thomas’ Tombears Who Darees Wins Over Philandros. St Bernard. Critique as above. Moved confidently and still showing off his best despite the heat. Well handled.

Krystyan Greenland