• Show Date: 15/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show Society

Gillingham & Shaftesbury Agricultural Society 


Working Breeds 


Post Graduate (2,1) 

1st:Vick’s Ava Von Der Alten Festung At Vickangels. Thought this one had the makings of a promising young Rott. Skull is broad enough between ears for age. Cheeks well boned and developed. Overall medium in length. Muzzle quite deep and correct for length. Eyes medium size and expressive. Ears set high and wide apart. Neck is long enough with slight arch. Well balanced fore and aft with moderate angles. Enough bone. Deep chest which is well ribbed. Tad longer in loin than ideal. Tail set well and carried ok on the move. Not as collected on the move as the BOB winner, hence having to give way, but close up and of good quality all through. BP 

Open (2,1) 

1st: Vick’s Miz Van Der Alten Festung JW ShCM. Admired this ones head. Strong with good balance to skull. Broad between ears. Muzzle deep and correct ratio in length to skull. Not overdone in flew. Well pigmented. Neck a tad short for me, but does show a slight arch. Shoulders moderate for angulation. Good forechest. Upper arm angles back well. Deep chest with good ribs. Excellent bone. Short loins. Toplines slopes rather too much for my preference. Very well angulated rear – a little too much for perfect balance with the front. Good form hocks. Moved soundly and strongly. BOB 



Post Graduate (2,2) 

None present 

Open (2,0) 

1st Pilgrims Woodbriar Fix Up Look Sharp JW ShCM. Loved the outline of this dog. Very shapely and impressive. Long head all through with correct blunt wedge shape. Skull broad enough and relatively flat. Slight stop and deep muzzle. Almond eyes. Alert expression. Small ears which are set well. Elegant neck. No dewlap. Nice square outline. Moderate shoulders. Good return of upper arm. Good bone. Chest ok for depth and width. Firm loins. Slight slope to topline. Tail set correct and carries it well on the move. Good feet, firm hocks. Could have more turn to stifles. Rick tan markings. Did crab slightly out and back , but very impressive going around. BOB 

2nd: Pilgrim’s Lateagain Satis Faction JW. Like 1st is good in head. Masculine. Dark expressive eyes of almond shape. Neck shorter than 1st and does not have a slight arch. Rather less angulation than 1st in shoulder and stifle. Upper arm is well angulated. Good bone and feet. Chest deep enough. Topline rather too flat. Square enough in proportions. Tail set and carriage good. Moved more erratic than 1st and didn’t cover as much ground  



Junior (2,0) 

1st: Robinson’s Chalards Love Is In The Air At Robinsteck. Raw young boxer but shows promise. Head pleases for proportion of skull to muzzle and is broad enough. Stop ok. Has enough chin for me. Shapely neck. Balanced angles fore and aft. Chest developing ok. Very erratic on the move today. Well presented. 

2nd: Myles’ Shake Maker Boxadore. Rather more elongated through the head than 1st. Good width. Eyes expressive and of good shape. Ears set well. More upright in angles than 1st all through at present. Square in outline. Moved rather erratically. 


Post Graduate (2,1) 

1st: Robonson & Morrison’s Robinstek The Revenent at Xandene JW. This dog tried to do everything bar walk in a straight line. Lucky for him that he pulled it all together in the challenge! Good skull to muzzle ratio. Enough width. Stop correct. Could benefit from a little more underjaw for me. Neck has nice arch and he has lovely angles fore and aft. Good chest for depth and width. Correct bone. Strong topline. Good body proportions. Tail set good. Moved erratically in the class, but really showed off his lovely constriction off in the challenge where he moved with style and soundness. BOB 


Open (2,2) 

1st Robinson’s Gravity Pulls To Robinstek. Good skull. Muzzle short. Good underjaw. A little too much lip for me. Arched neck, though a tad short. Shoulders rather upright. Upper arm angles back ok. Good bone. Correct body length and firm topline. Chest is deep and carried well back. Moderate turn of stifles Tail set correct. Moved soundly in all directions. 

2nd: Myle’s Boxadore Hoedown Throwdown. Well-presented boxer. Head quite typey. Has a nice boxer expression. Arched neck. Balanced in angles fore and aft. Topline firm. Square in outline. Moved rather erratically out and back. Sound going around. 


AVNSC Working Post Graduate (6,3) 

1st: Bird & Head’s Cullumbern Roman Toga With Millermead JW. A very typical Bernese indeed. Strong head with flat skull. Slight furrow, Stop defined. Not too lippy. Dark eyes which are almond in shape. Medium size, triangular ears are set high. Lovely neck, flowing into well laid shoulders. Super return of upper arm.  Lovely body for proportions. Chest reaches to elbow and is deep enough and ribs are carried well back. Firm topline. Excellent turn to stifles. Rump smooth. Tail set good. Super mover from all angles. Lovely markings. Was really blowing her coat, but looked great here to win this string class, but couldn’t get past the super Malamute for best on the day. 

2nd: Forsey’s Libertia Platinum Princess at Musoku. A veteran girl who looked in lovely condition here. Very typical head with wide set ears, if a little large,  and lovely dark almond eye. Good angulation fore and aft. Good bone. Deep chest, just a little too broad now. Tail set on correctly and displays a waving plume. Very good mover from all angles and well presented. 

AVNSC Working Open (2,1) 

1st: Forsey’s Dark Diamond Snow Flake Of Engel At Muzoku. Malamute with a classic head. Wonderful expression. Lovely dark, almond shaped eyes. Ears well furred and set well apart. Good width to skull, tapering slightly to muzzle. Muzzle is large enough compared to skull and has good depth. Good strong neck. Well angulated shoulders. Excellent return of upper arm. Good depth and width to chest. Chest reaches to elbows. Loins firm. Topline strong with slight fall from withers to croup. Stifles bent enough to balance the front, Good firm, straight hocks. Excellent feet. Tail set on correct, and nice to see a Malamute without a snap tail. Coat just holding, though little sparse on tail. Displays excellent movement from all angles. Very pleased to award him Best here and then Working Group 1. Thrilled to watch him go on to win BIS. Congratualtions. 


Working Group 

Group 1 : Forsey’s Dark Diamond Snow Flake Of Engel At Muzoku. Malamute. Report as above. 

Group 2: Morris’ Cwnhapus Svargaloka JW ShCM. Siberian Husky. A standard fitting Siberian with foxy expression. Lovely almond shaped eyes. Ears are well furred and set high with inner edges parallel. Lovely arch to neck. Balanced angulation fore and aft. Firm topline. Enough bone for size. Good depth to chest and ribs are carried back enough. Croup ok. Well furred fox brush. Lightfooted mover in profile covering enough ground. Not quite so positive in hocks behind which is where he gave ground to the winner. Very well presented. 

Group 3: Pilgrim’s Woodbriar Fix Up Look Sharp JW ShCM. Report as above 

Group 4: Vick’s Miz Van Der Alten Festung JW ShCM. Report as above. 


Working Puppy Group 

Group 1: Wicker’s and Munday’s Jacalous Catch Me If You Can.  An easy, impressive winner here. Stood out from the start. Has the prettiest of heads. Lovely almond shaped eyes. High set, well furred ears. Foxy enough. Tight lips. Neck ok for length. Well angulated fore and aft. Needs to go up on foreleg a tad as she matures to balance depth of chest for ideal ratios. Excellent pasterns. Strong topline and loins. Excellent croup and tail set. Good foxbrush. Nice low set hocks. Really great mover, cutting the daisies as she went. Very well handled and so pleased to see her go to win BPIS. Well done. 

Group 2: Vick’s Ava Von Der Alten Festung At Vickangels. Report as above. 

Group 3: Hughes’ Showbull Country Gent. A typey Tibetan Mastiff. Good head overall. Well constructed and with good firm body. Moved sound enough and was very well presented. 

Group 4: Myles’ Shake Maker Boxadore. Report as above.  


Krystyan Greenland