• Show Date: 01/09/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of Great Britain

Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of GB Open Show 

1st Sept 2018 

Judge: Mr Krystyan Greenland 

Stakes Classes 

It was a great honour to be invited to judge these classes at the CED Club of GB Club Show. This is such a wonderful breed that I have followed and admired since I first saw them in the early 80’s. There were some world class dogs on exhibition here today. Thank you to all the dogs and exhibitors. This breed is more than worthy of Champion status, and I hope this comes in the future. There were a number of dogs here I would very happily have awarded a CC! 


Shepheardsway Memorial Stakes (9,2) 

1st: Bailey & Atkin’s Ch HR Akna Asavakkit. A bitch I have judged before, and looking even better here today. Full of breed type combined with all the essentials required for a hard working freighting sled dog. Great wedge to head with short, well furred ears. Widley spaced eyes. Super construction comprising of well laid shoulders and correct return of upper arm. All evenly balanced at the rear. Deep chest without being overdone. Level back. Slight tuck up. Tail carried over the back on the move. Very powerful mover. So sound and very well presented. Superb bitch. 

2nd: Bailey’s Shepherdsway Eskimo Angel at Akna. Another very good bitch. Obviously more mature than 1st and looking in very good condition. Again, like 1st, typey and very representative of the breed. Good wedge shape head with correct balance to muzzle and skull. Obliquely set eyes. Well furred ears with rounded tips. Well laid shoulders and return of upper arm is good. Deep chest. Good bone. Strong topline. Well turned stifles. Tail set on well. Covered the ground well in profile. Not quite as precise up and and down as the winner. Well handled. 

3rd: Needham’s Akna Archangel with Innugati. A sound, attractive bitch. Well made all through and typical of the breed. Pleasing head overall with good balance through skull and foreface and lovely expression. Like most here, well constructed and displayed this in her sound side gait. Not as collected as 1st or 2nd in the ring on the day. 


AV Working Sled Dog (7,4) 

1st: Atkins’ Akna Peechee. Another bitch I have judged before. Finer in appearance than some and not as abundant in coat at present. Super feminine head but strong and showing a good wedge. Lovely oblique set eyes. Well furred ear. Enough length to neck. Shoulders well set and upper arm returns sufficiently. Deep chest with enough depth and carried well back. Strong firm topline. Stifles well turned. Tail set on high and carried over the back on the move. Not the fullest coat on the day. Super sound mover, covering lots of ground and lovely and precise out and back. So well handled. Lovely bitch overall. 

2nd: McIntyre’s Akna Courcheval,. A new one to me. Love his super expression. Head could perhaps be a touch stronger all through but is well balanced. Lovely dark eyes of correct shape and set. Neck a tad shorter than ideal and not quite the set of shoulders of 1st. Upper arm needs to be felt to ascertain return as colouring is deceptive. Good deep chest and string firm topline. Correct loins. Tail held up and set well. Enough turn to stifle. Hocks strong and well set. Moved a little more erratic than 1st, but displayed soundness all through.  

3rd: Needham’s ArticiceQimmiq Misskwa for Innugati. Didn’t really want to play ball on the day. Love her overall make and shape. Nice wedge shaped head. Feminine. Lovely oblique set eyes. Ears well furred and set correctly. Neck ok for length. Balanced in angulation. Tail set on high. Moved ok when she got going.  


AV Brace (4) – names not clear in schedule here, so have written critique on numbers given. 

1st: (56) A super black duo who took my eye immediately. Perfectly in tune on the stand and going around the ring. Looked a complete picture. Both had lovely heads and were in super condition. Well handled. Well done 

2nd (58) Another lovely pair of extremely typey CED’s. Again, perfectly in tune and in top form. Moved round the ring in unison. The winners just stole my heart today.  

3rd: (53) This pair, like 1st and 2nd, also looked great. In lovely condition and well matched. Not quite as collected going around the ring as 1st the winners. Well presented. 


AV Not Bred by Exhibitor  (7,2) – A lovely class. 

1st:Needham’s Can Ch Articice Qimmiq Jasper with Innugati. A dog I have not judged before and I loved him! Super attractive boy. Super balance to skull and muzzle. Could perhaps be a shade stronger through the head. Lovely expressive, oblique set eyes. Great ears for size, shape and set. Neck hidden by abundant coat. It is long enough. Well balanced fore and aft. Good bone. Deep chest. Tuck up perhaps a tad too steep and topline slopes a little too much for my preference. Tail set on high. Would like slightly more definition at the hock. Good feet. Super mover from all angles. Impressive. Well-handled and presented.  

2nd: Allen’s Akna Galatea. This is a big bitch with substantial bone. Perhaps head is a little stronger for a bitch than I prefer, but the proportions are all  absolutely fine. Skull to muzzle ok. Wedge shaped. Expressive eyes and well set ears. Neck of good length and lovely construction throughout. Deep chest. Better topline than 1st. Well turned stifles. Tail set in high. Rather sparse of coat on the day. Very well presented and a pleasure to go over. Great mover in profile. 

3rd: Blaney’s Viking Feniri Kin of Kiyara’s Wolf Pack.  (Malamute) An old friend of mine. Such a personality. Just a shade finer in muzzle than I prefer and ears are a little tall and pointed. Super eyes. Proportions are ok. Topline firm. Tail set excellent. Moves well. Handled to perfection as normal. 


Progeny (2,0) – What a lovely class this was to watch and judge. 

1st Bailey & Atkin’s Ch HR Akna Asavakkit. A truly lovely collection of progency. All typey, sound and well made. Impressive. All moved well and in perfect unison. You should be incredibly proud. 

2nd: Bailey’s Arcticice Qimmiq Jackson at Akna. A super trio, All very nice for type. Not quite as collected as the winner. Again, quality throughout 

Special Award Dog (2,0) 

1st McIntyre’s Akna Courcheval – report as above. Moved so much better here. Far more calm and really showed what he can do.  

2nd: Bailey’s Akna Ignorth. This is a well proportioned dog. Head stronger than 1st, which I preferred, but the overall expression and sum of all parts on 1st just edged it for me. Eyes of good shape and set. Ears in balance with head. Well constructed. Deep chest with good width. Strong topline. Perhaps a tad steep in underline compared to 1st. Good bend of stifles. Moved a little erratic behind, but displayed a strong profile gait. Well handled. 


Special Award Bitch (3,0) 

1st Atkins’ Akna Peechee – report as above. Quality bitch who is going to be hard to beat when she reaches full maturity for this breed. 

2nd: Allen’s Akna Galatea  - report as above 

3rd: Needham’s Articice Misskwa for Innugati. 


Judge: Mr Krystyan Greenland