• Show Date: 11/02/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Jarrow & Hebburn Canine Society

One of the nicest shows I have had the privilege to judge at. Thank you to Michael Patrick and his team and my wonderful stewards on the day. 


Junior (1)

1st: Barrett’s Dalamanti Ruby Raider. A very promising young bitch. Head coming along nicely with flat skull and has decent breath. Good balance of skull to muzzle. Eyes good for shape and set and dark in colour. Ears set on high. Reasonable length to neck with nice arch. Well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. Topline firm. Chest developing well. Good turn of stifle. Body well proportioned. Tail tapers to end and is carried well on the move. Displays a nice free action. Should have a bright future. BOB & BP

Graduate (1)

1st: Barrett’s Dalamanti Ruby Raider. As above.

Open (2)

1st: Marley’s Bellili’s D’Amore De Lion. Strong male. Definitely masculine. Strong head with flat skull. Moderate stop. Eyes ok for set and shape. I felt ears were just a little low set. Neck a little short and shoulders a little upright. Good length of upper arm. Nice bone and slight slope to pasterns. A tad square in outline. Deep chest. Topline tends to slope o hindquarters. Good turn of stifle. Tail tapers to end. Moved soundly. RBOB

2nd: Barrett’s Dalamanti Ice Ruby. Liked this bitch for type. She has a good head with nice wide set eyes of good oval shape. Nice breadth to skull. Neck shows a good arch. Balanced angles fore and aft. Good underline. Moves soundly. Just wasn’t putting everything into her performance today and was slightly slack in her topline.

Shiba Inu

Junior (1)

1st: Adey’s Burwen I Am The Interceptor at Echezeaux. Young dog at his first show I believe. Very good wedge. Dark oriental eyes. Well set ears. For me, he could be a fraction higher in foreleg – but he’s only 6 months. Pasterns slightly sloping. Balanced angles fore and aft. Strong topline. Great tailset carried curled over the back. Moves out well. BP. RBOB

Open (2)

1st Heron’s Echezeaux Forever Young. A smart chap with lots of breed type. Very good head with nice wedge, oriental expression and well set and placed ears. Good neck. Well laid shoulders. Good upper arm, pasterns and feet. Topline firm. Enough daylight underneath. Good high tail set. Long upper thigh. Strong hocks. Moved with a quick light action. BOB


Open (5, 3)

1st: Collier’s Stoneyburn Banna. Quite nice type. Eyes good for shape and set. Skull broad enough. Would prefer slightly shorter muzzle. Foxy expression. Dark oval eyes. Good alert earset. Neck short with pretty good mane even though a little out of coat. Nice for bone. Cobby body. High tail set. Moved soundly. BOB

2nd: Reids’ Roshanna Jocasta. Skull for me is rather round and too much stop giving a rather foreign expression. Neck short. Cobby body. Nice bone. Balanced angles but would like more. High set tail. Real personality. Moves soundly. RBOB

Australian Shepherds

Junior (2,1)

1st: Ambler’s Enbell First Addition. Quite nice type. Basically a good head, though muzzle could be slightly shorter and eyes are just a tad full. Neck of correct length with slight arch. Well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm. Not quite so well angulated at the rear just yet. Standing slightly up behind at present. Moves out well. Needs to mature and come together. BP, RBOB

Open (2,1)

1st: Gibbons, Jones & Spencers Austrian Dream Cupcake To Go with Wispafete (Imp Aut). One I have judged and liked before. Well built lady with a pretty standard fitting head. Slightly arched neck. Good bone. Slightly longer than high in body. Strong firm topline. Certainly more workmanlike in type. Rather short on coat on the day. Moves out effortlessly covering lots of ground. BOB


Junior (1,0)

1st Matfin’s Tiksi Dancing Flame with Ashlantie. Lovely wedge head. Dark almond shaped eyes. Definitely a typical smiling expression with this one! Ears slightly rounded at tip and set well apart. Neck proudly arched. Well laid shoulder. Would prefer more angulation to upper arm. Perhaps just a tad long in body. Nice pasterns and feet. Good tail set and carriage which is profusely coated. Good turn of stifle. Hocks low to ground. Very sound mover in all directions. Very promising. Shall watch her career with interest. In lovely coat and condition and very well handled. BOB, BP.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

I was certainly spoilt here. Some lovely quality dogs on exhibition. Thank you.

Junior (3,0)

1st: Holmes’ Lisjovia Estevez. Powerful looking young dog who catches your eye for his overall correctness as soon as he enters the ring. I like the fact that he is strong in build without being overdone in head or body. Lovely head. Correct curve to skull with correct degree of stop for the breed (i.e not too much!). Lovely shape to eyes which were dark in colour. Ears are set very well and are good for size. Close fitting lips. Level bite. Lovely neck. Excellent shoulder placement and super angulation of upper arm. Chest developing well with enough depth and width for age. Strong, firm topline. Broad muscular loins. Moderate angulation of stifle and hocks. Double dewclaws present. Good tail set. Carriage could maybe just be a little higher on the move. In excellent condition. Very free and easy mover. Just loved him. Very pleased to see he went on to BIS after I gave him Group 1. A sure fire Champion of the future.

2nd: Cubello’s Night Owl. Very nice head with good width to skull. Eyes of correct shape and dark in colour. Ear set ok. Good length of neck. Balanced angles fore and aft, but not quite as good as 1st. Body of correct proportions. In good condition. Double dewclaws present. Moves out well.

3rd: Holmes’ Lisjovia Emillo

Graduate (4,0)

1st: Holmes’ Lisjovia Estevez

2nd: Holmes’ Lisjovia Takahashi. Another dog with a very good head and beautiful expression. Good balance of skull to muzzle and very slight stop. Eyes a shade lighter than the winner with good shape. Ears are set well. Good neck. Well balanced throughout in angles. A little shorter in ribcage than the winner. Strong topline. Good tail carriage on the stand and move. Very close up to 1st, just preferred the winners overall outline, ring presence and freedom of action. Two nice dogs.

3rd: Cubello’s Night Owl

Open (4,1)

1st Holmes’ Lisjovia Estevez. BOB

2nd: Holmes’ Lisjovia Takahashi

3rd: Holms’ Lisjovia Emillo

BSD Tervueren

Junior (2,0)

1st: Donaldson’s Fivannte Fashion parade. Loved this typy bitch but she was not showing to advantage. Love her head, so feminine with wonderful expression. Finely chiselled with good, but not excessive length. Parallel head planes. Flat cheeks. Dark brown eyes of nearly almond shape. Good neck. Distinct withers with correct angulation of the shoulder and upper arm. Short pasterns. Perhaps just off square. Good angulation behind. Displays a brisk free action when she gets going.

2nd: Donaldson’s Fivannte Fete Imperiale. Not quite so good in head as 1st. Good eyes for shape and set. Ears rather large. Balanced angles fore and aft. Square in outline. Good hind angulation. Topline firm. Moves soundly. Preferred overall type and expression of 1st.

Graduate (2,0)

1st: Donaldson’s Fivannte Fashion Parade

2nd: Smith’s Xanova Touch of Grey. For me, rather strong in muzzle and not such good expression as 1st. Neck good for length. Angulation balanced throughout. Square in outline. Moves out ok. Could do with a little more substance and muscle.

Open (1,0)

1st: Bird & Caden’s Ch Domburg Brown Sugar. Lovely typy head with excellent eyes and ear set. Good parallel head planes and lovely length through the head. Certainly up on his toes. Well defined withers with correct shoulder angulation. Correct length and return of upper arm. Gorgeous outline. Square in body proportions. Strong topline. Good rear angulation. Tail set on correctly and carried well on the moved. Moves very well when settled, but it took us quite a long time to reach this point! Very nice dog. BOB

BSD (Groenendael)

Some lovey dogs here!

Junior (1,0)

1st: Clarks’ Kehala Whispered Lyric. Pretty bitch with a basically good head. Good length through the head without being excessive. Good parallel head planes. Lovely dark eyes with typical Belgian expression. High alert ear set. Correct neck. Good shoulders and upper arm. High on leg. Topline level. Just off square in outline. Correct rear angulation. Tails set and carriage good. Moves with brisk action. Steady up and down. Promising. BP

Limit (1,0)

1st Lawless & Donaldson’s Revloch Love Me Do. A stunner. Just loved her. Exquisite head with good length but balance to skull and muzzle. Good parallel head planes. Lovely eyes for shape and set. Alert high ear set. Ears of correct shape. Moderate length to neck. Lovely angles fore and aft. Square in outline. Good depth of chest. Lovely bone. Strong form topline. Lovely tail set and carriage. Lovely feet and good pasterns. Superb mover with brisk and light action. Beautiful. Hope she gains her deserved crown. Easy BOB today for me.

Open (2,0)

1st: Lawless & Donaldson’s Ch & Ir Ch Revloch Celebrity Status. One I have judged and liked very much before. I still like her but wasn’t performing at her best here. She was looking just a little weighty and topline was not quite strong enough. Still super type with excellent head and lovely body proportions and angulation. Lovely tail set and carriage. Still a super Groenendael. Moves so soundly in all directions. RBOB.

2nd: Clark’s Kehala Ice Whisperer. Another of nice type but felt 1st was superior in all departments. Basically has a good head with nice expression. Lovely dark eyes of good shape and nice expression. On the large size for a bitch I would say. Not as well angulated as 1st and a little longer in body than the ideal. Moves out to advantage.

Hungarian Puli

Open (4,3)

1st McBeth’s Cariadus All For Love at Maclaurien. Quite nice for type. Small fine head. Good eyes for shape and colour. Neck of correct length. Didn’t think her angulation was as balanced as it could be and this showed in her movement. Square in outline and pretty nice for size. Tail set high. BOB

AVNSC Pastoral

Puppy (1)

1st Harcourt Brown’s Orora’s The Emperor. Charming 7 month baby. Looking typy. Broad skull which was flat and square in shape. Strong muzzle. Eyes set wide apart. Neck ok for length. Well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm. Just looking slightly overly long in the loin at present. Well turned stifles. Tail set and carriage was good. Moves very soundly from all angles. In lovely condition.

Pastoral Group Results – lovely quality group. All my winners are critiqued above.

Group 1: Holmes’ Lisjovia Estevez (Pyrenean). Commanded the group and never put a foot wrong.

Group 2: Lawless & Donaldson’s Revloch Love Me Do (BSD Groenendael).

Group 3: Gibbons’, Jones & Spencer’s Austrian Dream Cupcake to Go with Wispafete (Aussie)

Group 4: Matfin’s Tiksi Dancing Flame With Ashlantoe (Samoyed)

Pastoral Puppy Group – critiques as above

Puppy Group 1: Matfin’s Tiksi Dancing Flame With Ashlantoe (Samoyed)

Puppy Group 2: Clarks’ Kehala Whispered Lyric (BSD Groenendael)

Puppy Group 3: Harcourt Brown’s Orora’s The Emperor (Bearded Collie)

Puppy Group 4: Ambler’s Enbell First Addition (Aussie)

Krystyan Greenland