• Show Date: 15/08/2018
  • Show Type: Open/Limited/Sanction
  • Judged by: Krystyan Greenland Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 02/11/2020

Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show Society

Gillingham & Shaftesbury Agricultural Society Open Show 


Judge: Krystyan Greenland 

What a super, well run show this is. The rings were lovely and the atmosphere was great. Thank you to all who supported me here and accepted my decisions very sportingly. A very enjoyable day indeed. Thank you to the show Committee for being so welcoming and to my two great stewards.  

Norwegian Buhunds 

A very nice start to the day. 

Post Graduate (1)  1st: Hood, Glaholm & Wildig’s Sturtmoor Eeza Geeza. Really appreciated this young dogs head, which does look lean and light. Wide enough in skull with overall good wedge. Good tight lips and dark pigmentation. Lively expression enhanced by his dark eyes. High ear set, sharply pointed and taller than wide in shape. Medium length to neck. Shoulders are well laid and upper arm returns well to place legs under body. Chest deep enough. He really does present a square outline. Slight tuck up. Perhaps just a shade too arched over the loins at present and though tail has a decent curl, it could be set a little higher. Enough hind angulation. Good stride in profile. Could be cleaner coming towards. A promising young man. RBOB 

Open (8,4) 

1st: Hood & Collins’ Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr US Rex. This lad always demands your attention.  For me, a wonderful head. A true spitz type dog. Great wedge with good width to skull and lovely balance to skull and muzzle. Darkest of eyes, which are expressive. Lovely dark pigment. Correct length of neck leading into a really good front with good lay to shoulders and excellent return of upper arm. Correct bone and small feet. Topline is firm and level and doesn’t slope off. Good underline. Firm loins. Could be squarer in outline for absolute perfection. Good curl to tail which was held high over the back and not to the side. Well angulated rear with low, firm hocks. Super side gait and sound out and back. Excellent coat and condition and shown to perfection as usual. 

2nd: Cobb, Cobb & Kent’s Ch Trollheimen Elske To Knytshall. Nice to see after judging that this bitch was also a Champion. Obviously feminine and much finer all through than the boy in 1st. Equally as spitz like with lively expression. Ears are high set when she decides to show them off. Just about wide enough in skull and displays a good wedge overall. Ears taller than wide. Eyes dark and of correct shape. Neck long enough. Very good lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. Narrower in front but acceptable. Square in outline. Chest reaches to elbows. Bone sufficient. Topline firm and level. Tail high set over the back and with good curl. Feet not as neat as 1st. Good bend of stifle. Moves very efficiently in profile and extremely sound out and back. Not in such good coat as the winner.    

3rd: Cobb, Cobb & Kent's Knytshall Angel Delight      

BSD (Tervueren)  A lovely entry.

Shame so many were absent 

Post Graduate (6,4) 

1st: Ainsworth & Mackie’s Hawksflight Milady De Winta. Stood out here for me. Lovely long head with even skull to muzzle and not pinched like many. Excellent parallel head planes. Super dark eyes of correct shape. Lovely alert expression. Ears well set and correct shape and size. Dark mask to level of eyes. Black ears. Neck could arch slightly more. Shoulders well set and upper arm of equal length and angles back better than many setting the legs under her body. Good length to forelegs. Enough depth and width of chest. Ribs carried well back. Loins could be shorter and looks just a little longer than square which is ok for a bitch. Excellent tail set and carriage. Lovely rear with good length to upper and lower thigh and well turned stifles. Moves with a lovely sound, brisk stride. Close up to a place in the group, just needs maturity. BOB 

2nd: Banfield’s Cliffeast Bob The Builder. Like 1st, has a lovely headpiece. Very well balanced long head with even ratio of muzzle to skull and not pinched. Clean throughout. Good dark eyes of correct shape. Ears well set and good for shape. Dark mask to level of eyes and black ears. Shorter in neck than 1st and not such good angulation in front as the winner. Good even bone lengths. Rather long through the body, so not quite presenting the square outline I look for in a male. Chest deep enough and good length to foreleg. Tail set ok. Moves briskly.   

Open (4, 2) 

1st: Harris’ Delator Dionysus at Tolnedra Sh CM. At 11 years, this boy could show many youngsters how to move. Absolutely sound as a pound from all angles. Long head with even skull to muzzle. Nice and clean. Head planes not quite as good as the BOB winner. Ears are set high and of correct size. Balanced angles fore and aft. Enough length to foreleg and chest reaches to elbows. Nice underline. Topline firm and he presents a nice square outline. Tail set correct and carried well on the move . 

2nd: Potters Niavana Jamaica. Thought this girl had a very nice head with many of the attributes required in the standard. Wasn’t concentrating on the job at hand. Balanced throughout. Has enough length of foreleg. Stands just off square. Ribs a little too rounded and carrying a few extra pounds. Too erratic on the move today.   

Lancashire Heelers 

Cracking quality here. 

1st: Merrill & Gray’s Ch Traqdean Midlops Movie Toto. I thought this dog to be of pretty outstanding quality. Loved his head. Flat skull which is wide between the ears and tapers to the eyes and onwards to the nose. Moderate stop and equal skull to muzzle ratio. Eyes are almond shape and dark in colour. Perfect ears for me. Super front with well laid shoulders and great return of upper arm. Good bone to forelegs which turn out very slightly. I felt his proportions of height to length to be spot on. Well turned stifles. Strong, firm hocks. Super mover. Covering lots of ground. Tail set on high and carried over the back in slight curve on the move. Super dog. Disappointed to not see him in the group. BOB 

2nd: Merrill & Gray’s Ch Jazz Mustang Sally Traqdean. A serene 11 year old who is in superfluous condition. Most of the same comments as 1st apply. Obviously more feminine, but equally as sturdy and quite outstanding movement for me. A little long in body, but ,mainly through the loins. So well handled. A joy to judge. Thank you.   

Bearded Collie 

Post Graduate (1)  1st :Webbs Megamaree Just Amazing. Coped really well with the wind. Good square, strong head. Good shape to eye. Good length to neck. Well-constructed through the body. Chest reaches to brisket. Enough width to the body without being overdone. Firm level topline. Tail set and carried well. Moved very soundly with an effortless stride. BOB   

Rough Collies

Post Graduate(2,1)

1st :Legge’s Lynmead Sent with Love to Kalzen. Basically good wedge shaped head from top and side with good parallel head planes. Head long with even length to skull and muzzle with slight stop. Almond eyes and sweet expression. Ears flying in the wind today. Neck ok for length. Moderate angles fore and aft. A tad long in body for length of leg. Chest deep enough and has good width but is perhaps a little short in rib. Bone ok for size. Topline firm. Moved soundly. Well presented.   

Open (5,2) 

1st: Legge’s Erjon Eleni at Kalzan. A very beautiful girl with wonderful expression. Super almond eyes of good colour. Nice balance to skull and muzzle and presents good parallel head planes. Flat skull with good width and overall displays a good wedge shape. Ears perhaps a tad overly wide set, but are held well with correct tip. Lovely neck and I particularly appreciate her construction with good shoulder, and upper arm all balanced at the rear. Enough depth to chest. Too much covering over her ribs for me which affected her movement a little. Nice flowing side gait, but could be tidier behind. Very well presented. BOB 

2nd: Broadhead’s Rhodabern Whisper and Kiss. Smaller type than 1st, but also quite well put together. Balanced wedge shaped head. Small almond shaped eyes. Ears set well but flying somewhat in the wind. Head planes not as good as 1st. Presents a slightly squarer outline than 1st. Slightly short in ribcage. Firm topline. Neat rear with good turn of stifle and firm hocks. Moves soundly from all angles. 

3rd: Thorne’s Triforce Dragon Heart ShCM.           

Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) 

Post Graduate (1) 

1st: Webb’s Corland Nighthawk NBT. A young dog who was certainly full of energy on the day. Head presents a nice foxy, but masculine picture. Wide set ears with which are not too big and have rounded tips. Expressive eyes. Skull fairly wide and flat. Sufficient tapering to muzzle. Neck of moderate length. Shoulders set well and upper arm is sufficient with elbows close to sides. Sufficient prosternum. Chest is well let down. Bone good and front legs are straight. Sufficient width throughout and slight waist. Topline firm. Moderate turn of stifle. Moves efficiently and soundly. BOB   

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

  A lovely entry of quality dogs. 

Post Graduate (3,1) 

1st: Stratton-Baldwin’s Kricarno Kinetic. The shape of this elegant dog caught my eye as he came in the ring and I wasn’t disappointed. Has a head that is not overdone. Wide enough in skull. Degree of stop is correct for the breed. Sides of head almost flat without the big cheeks you see in some. Dry throughout. Lovely dark pigment. Eyes were of a lovely almond shape. Ears are relatively small and set well. Strong neck. Well set shoulders and return of upper arm. Sufficient bone. Chest could perhaps be a tad deeper. Perceptible waist. Slightly rounded rump. Tail set and carried well. Double dew claws present. Really lovely free and easy side gait and very sound out and back.   

2nd: Thorne’s Kricarno Konstellation of Pyrajay. Another nice one. Wider in skull than 1st and rather more stop. Same lovely expression with lovely dark eyes which were not quite as good in shape as 1st. Ears of ok size, but set higher than 1st. Like 1st, very nicely constructed with good angles fore and aft. Has good bone. Straight legs and nice depth and breadth to chest. Topline has a tendency to slope when standing. Tail set and carriage ok. Another very good mover in profile. Very well presented.    

Open (1)  1st: Tadd’s Ch Jacko Du Haras De Chante Avec Kricarno JW ShCM. An upstanding, typical dog who I can imagine working. Has the degree of elegance I look for and is not cumbersome. Great head for shape and balance. Not overdone in anyway. Sides flat with no cheekiness. Muzzle is about equal to length of skull which had good width. Correct degree of stop for the breed. Lovely almond eyes which are dark in colour. Good pigment. Lips could be tighter. Ears of medium size and set low. Lovely expression. Neck medium in length and muscular with no dewlap leading into very well set shoulders. Good return to upper arm. Chest good for depth and width. Good bone. Correct length to back which is firm and broad enough. Good rear with correct turn of stifles. Tail set and carried as required for the breed. Super gait from all angles and coped well with the heat. Well handled. BOB

 Border Collies 

What a super entry. Thank you! 

Junior (6,1)  1st: Shatmatova’s Nashdom Putting on the Style. Headed a nice class and had serious competition from 2nd here. Well balanced masculine head that is still developing. Skull is fairly broad. Skull and foreface roughly equal in length, but maybe a fraction long overall. Sufficient stop. Charming, alert expression with oval, brown eyes which were set wide enough apart. Ears set well apart. Slightly arched neck which enhances his graceful outline. Very well set shoulders and return of upper arm, which could perhaps be a fraction longer. Sufficent depth and width to chest. Slightly longer than tall in proportions. Firm loins. Rear displays good turn of stifles and well set low hocks with good bone throughout. Tail set well and has typical upward swirl. Effortless side gait. Very promising indeed. 

2nd: Shatmatova’s Nashdom La Vie Est Belle. Utterly feminine and elegance personified, yet workmanlike and ready for action. Very attractive feminine head, but has enough width, and is well balanced in skull to muzzle. Wide set eyes of good shape. Ears well set. Alert expression. Graceful neck. Front not quite as well angulated as 1st, but still more than sufficient. Bone can develop on through maturity. Lovely firm topline. Good turn of stifles. Lovely athletic body. Correct tail set and carriage. Super mover from all angles. Certainly, two super dogs who should have wonderful careers. Very well handled.    

Post Graduate (5,2) 

1st: Shatmatova’s Nashdom Putting on The Style 

2nd: Shatmatova’s Nashdom La Vie Est Belle

3rd: Warren-Sinclaire’s Meretrix Harley IDS   

Open (5,1) 

1st: Kerr’s Sheltysham Son of Swag for Borderclan JW.  A dog you just can’t overlook when you watch him eat up the ring on the move! A masculine head shorter in skull and muzzle than winners in previous classes. Muzzle short but in proportion to skull and he is masculine without being overdone. Wide set eyes of nice shape and dark in colour. Alert and intelligent expression. Ears set well. Neck long enough and has slight arch set well into the shoulders. Well laid shoulders and good upper arm with forelegs well under him. Good depth and width to ribcage. Longer than tall. Excellent turn of stifles and low set hocks with good bone and completely parallel when viewed from behind. Tail set and carried well on the move with upward swirl. Graceful, effortless yet workmanlike mover. Such an impressive dog from all angles. Superb handling shows off his virtues to advantage. Lovely. BOB. 

2nd: Snook & James’ Tonkory Quickstep With Pitcombe JW. Another lovey dog for head and expression. Very typical indeed. Well balanced skull and foreface. Wide set eyes of good colour and shape. Ears set well. Super neck. Angles more upright than 1st. Correct proportions all through. Rather sparse of coat on the day. Moved very well. Very sound out and back.  

3rd: Warren- Sinclaire’s Moshanta Movin On Out JW  

AVNSC Pastoral  

Post Grad (4,2) 

1st: Head’s Kilvroch Mystikos for Millermead JW. A Caridgan with nice outline. Head is foxy in shape and presents the correct proportions. Skull flat and broad between ears. Eyes medium in size. Ears set well back but could perhaps be slightly larger in size. They do have rounded tips. Could be slightly more feminine for my preference. Well constructed with good bone. Topline firm. Waist could be slightly more defined. Very good rear with good angulation and hocks. Tail set correct and nice fox brush. Very sound mover. 

2nd: Sorry, but no name in catalogue. Beauceron of very nice make and shape. Head in proportion to body. Parallel head planes. Ratio of skull to muzzle correct. Bite not her fortune. Good strong neck. Well angulated fore and aft. Body of correct proportions being slightly longer than tall. Good depth and width to chest. Double dew claws present. Very good, reachy, powerful side gait. Well handled.   

AVNSC Open (6,1)  A good class of quality. 

1st: Wyatt’s Khushalkhan Pixie. Impressive Puli. Small fine head with slightly domed skull as required. Muzzle of correct length compared to skull. Well defined arches above eyes. Dark eyes. Ears set below level of skull. Moderate angulation fore and aft. Withers slightly higher than level of back. Medium length to back. Short loins. Moderate tuck up. Stylish and moved very soundly, but could have had a little more verve and energy on the day. 

2nd: Green & O’Brien’s Taronakits Kall Me Kosmic  ShCM.  A real  showman. Very nice head overall with good wedge. Skull is relatively broad with flat skull. Muzzle medium in length. Typical smiley expression. Dark pigment. Almond shaped dark eyes. Ears are set well apart and have slightly rounded tips. Good neck for length and overall nice forehand with well set shoulders and upper arm. Moderate length to body with good width and depth to chest without being too overdone. Would prefer more turn of stifle/definition at the hocks. Moved very soundly with typical Sammy exuberance.    

Pastoral Group 

G1: Kerr’s Sheltysham Son of Swag for Borderclan JW, Border Collie- Report as above 

G2. Tadd’s Ch Jacko Du Haras De Chante Avec Kricarno JW ShCM, Pyrenean – Report as above 

G3: Dunn’s Neraklee Chardonnay at Shelleary. Sheltie. A very nice dog. Lovely head for shape and proportions. Parallel head planes. Enough length with equal skull to muzzle and slight stop. Good shape to eyes and ears are well set. Well constructed and very positive mover.  

G4: Hood & Collins’ Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr US Rex, Norwegian Buhund – report as above   

Pastoral Puppy Group 

PG1: Shatmatova’s Nashdom Putting On The Style, Border Collie. Report as above 

PG2: Webbs’ Corland Nighthawk NBT, Pembroke. Report as above.